$h!tty Thumbnails on Linus Tech Tips - Honest Answers Ep. 5

  • Published on Apr 19, 2017
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    Alright... it's time we addressed the thumbnails issue. No punches pulled in this episode of Honest Answers!
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Comments • 18 707

  • superzekethegreat

    I have always loved your channel, I'm a student in college right now and I watch/listen to your videos in the background while I code both home and school projects. Guys keep up the awesome work!

  • beezle1976
    beezle1976 7 days ago

    Speaking of thumbnails, whoever is in this one looks a heck of a lot like a guy I used to work with. This bloke looked that way without pulling faces, or being "photoshopped" or whatever though. Poor bastard.

  • Leo
    Leo 8 days ago +5

    So much respect for this. I know how scathing the internet can be and you're handling this better and braver than I could ever hope to in your position.

  • Mike Mayaka
    Mike Mayaka 9 days ago

    I'm surprised anyone could think Linus isn't passionate about tech, it just seems obvious to me from his videos. The fact that he built his own server room, is testament to that, and gives me comfort that it is possible to run a tech company the way you want to, and personally get involved in all the behind-the-scenes infrastructure, and not just to have to do it the way the majority does it - paying people to do things the could do themselves. Not that someone can do everything alone, of course a team can get more done than an individual, but so many people leave control and day to day running of their businesses to 3rd parties, then wonder why if things go wrong, when it's better to be directly involved as Linus is, which only someone passionate could do.

  • Sir Osis
    Sir Osis 9 days ago

    Love the videos, keep it up guys!

  • Barry
    Barry 12 days ago

    Wtf! I was in tears by the end of this!
    Eff you Linus... Eff you! :)
    You are doing great. Please do not stop producing content.
    Also thank you for taking responsibility for what ever this was. You are a good man.

  • ThorsIceQueen
    ThorsIceQueen 18 days ago

    Hey Linus, I have been watching you since NCIX. You have always been fun and informative. I like your quirky style, so don't change a thing. BTW...I am older than you and your demographic and still watch regularly and now watch you with my nephew who is emerging into computer gaming. Thanks for your content. Keep up the good work.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 20 days ago

    I may be in the other room but I've started letting all the ads go all the way through, and I hear them. AND I PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS.

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones 20 days ago

    that motherboard wall is pretty neat

  • Tommy Two Tones
    Tommy Two Tones 20 days ago


  • James Roggy
    James Roggy 21 day ago

    good points well made. keep at it.

  • Matt Rowland
    Matt Rowland 26 days ago

    The funny thing is, people bash Linus for turning YouTubing into a business, and yet PewDiePie is one of the highest earners ever, and all he's EVER DONE is react to other people's stuff for 10 minutes. He has the smallest staff possible, he does the least work possible, and makes the most money possible. THAT'S what a shill looks like.

  • bsedhs
    bsedhs 26 days ago

    *shrug* I dunno... I never had a problem with the thumbnails...your passion was always there, regardless of click-bait. I appreciate Linus Tech Tips, but I also understand where others are coming from.
    Having click-bait is disrespectful of your audience because the subscribers like you for the content...not the thumbnail....so it does feel a bit insulting when you feel as they you need to click-bait things. We love you for what LMG is, not what it looks like.

  • Rami Emad
    Rami Emad Month ago +1

    I am coming back to watch this video again (From the Vertasuim video) ... And I really needed to comment and tell you that putting such a video shows the amount of respect you have for your viewers! I wouldn't mind the clickbaity thumbnail as long as I won't regret the content, and your content is Gold. I have my own Educational Channel: AstroGate بوابة الفضاء. And I know I should use more clickbaity thumbnails and titles but I feel that I can't! It runs totally against the soul of my channel ... and I am torn apart IDK what to do.

  • Rishab jain
    Rishab jain Month ago +1

    James Charles : *Hold my beer*

  • Thomas Conrow
    Thomas Conrow Month ago

    Honest answers, even if not to my liking, are always preferred.

  • Sean C.
    Sean C. Month ago

    Actually people who die will still be subbed indefinitely unless Google closes the account. How many 👍 can you get from beyond the grave?

  • Malcolm Hughes
    Malcolm Hughes Month ago

    i really couldn't care less

  • Jm_ Richert
    Jm_ Richert Month ago

    Good talk.

  • Cupid
    Cupid Month ago

    When you said "It's awful" in that ugly keyboard video I couldn't stop laughing. I had to watch it like 5 times.

  • Buddah XD
    Buddah XD Month ago +4

    #$%^ the haters been watching you for years keep going bro!

  • Marc Edgley
    Marc Edgley Month ago

    Hahahaha, loving this. Love the thumbnails, makes the videos stand out from your older ones, not been following you for that long and from watching the older videos I can see the change and advances you have made, keep up the good work. I would like to see some more of your team doing solo/team videos like when you went on holiday a few weeks back..... anyways love your content keep it up and keep it real.

  • Sean S. Lally
    Sean S. Lally Month ago

    Just stop using caps lock linus.

  • Jeremy Mann
    Jeremy Mann 2 months ago

    Keep doing your thing Linus! I hardly ever hit the like button, but I'm subscribed and watch your videos as soon as they come out! Watching this video has made me realize that it is important to show you guys some love, so I will be hitting that like button from now on! You guys rock, haters will be haters and karma is a bi@tch!

  • Mike Gold
    Mike Gold 2 months ago

    Can you please make boobs thumbnail for tech video? I bet you can do a lot of things but wouldn't manage to do that. HA! BOOB CHALLENGE!

  • Shaun Duggan
    Shaun Duggan 2 months ago

    That was a cool video

  • ExecutorQ3
    ExecutorQ3 2 months ago

    well, i find those thumbnails silly (flashback: mpfc ministry of silly walks or cheese shop :) ), but i don't really care what kind of thumbnail you use, i'm honestly interested in the content... actually this vid finally convinced me to sub to you, so there you go, thumbnail whinners

  • Michael Call-Kirkendoll
    Michael Call-Kirkendoll 2 months ago +5

    I honestly used to hate those click bait thumbnails. It was a flashing neon sign that said "zero actual quality if they're advertising their content to appeal to the dumb people that fall for the email virus scams that use the same approach to draw people in". It felt like anything actually educational would be a bit more laid-back.
    This video puts things into perspective. You gotta do what you gotta do to keep your business growing. Old fans will understand and new fans will (eventually like me) find out that you actually have good content. Bravo you guys, keep it up.
    (I know this video is nearly three years old but it's relevant to me so blah)

    WEASELS 2 months ago

    i can agree on the kids part with linus. i found this channel when i was younger, and it got me VERY passionate about tech.

  • TitasPlayz Here
    TitasPlayz Here 2 months ago

    Just saying but that mother board wall looks freaking awesome.
    Also good video.

  • Yun Bi
    Yun Bi 2 months ago

    Sometimes I just watch these videos and say "holy$h!t this is gonna take a long time" because you won't do it unless you really love it. Good job LTT. Also wanna say that sandals with socks really gives other people cancers but I will surely miss them when they are really gone.

  • UltraPrimal
    UltraPrimal 2 months ago

    3:07 Wait. Is that not how all RU-clip video analytics look? The most interest is when it's first uploaded and then it quickly peters out. That's how mine look, minus all the zeros.

  • Teja vyku
    Teja vyku 2 months ago +2

    OMG Linus haters hate don't mind them. What your'e doing is good stuff. Keep rocking. Love from India.

  • Teja vyku
    Teja vyku 2 months ago

    Linus Rocks. LTT rocks. LMG rocks. Sue me if I'm wrong.

  • Oscorge Marsding
    Oscorge Marsding 2 months ago +1

    Very good video, very honest, and stripping away those obviously poor arguments people come to you with,
    Oh, and hello, Linus (or whoever is reading) you said you read all comments...
    Could you possibly reply to this one...please.

  • Denny FatKid
    Denny FatKid 2 months ago

    This is why your guys are my favorite channel and im not even a tech nerd

  • Luffy
    Luffy 2 months ago +3

    Thumbnail kind of looks like Casey nicetat

  • Champ Not Chicken
    Champ Not Chicken 2 months ago

    I like the honesty

  • Rarzwon
    Rarzwon 2 months ago

    Unsubbed a while back just because I was burnt out from watching so many "TechTubers", not because there was anything wrong with the content itself. Recently I hear about you getting all kinds of ridiculous and petty hate over the Amazon Store episode so I watched it and got a kick out of it. Can't imagine why people would seriously make so much negative noise over a personable guy making a lighthearted and informative video about a place I myself can't go try out.
    Now I find you're getting hate over something even pettier? Thumbnails? Really? What has the internet come to when people like you are catching flack for anything? Screw that noise.
    Resubbed, and I'll happily like and try to leave a positive comment on every video I get something out of in the hopes that it offsets the morons even a little bit.
    Keep doing exactly what you're doing, which is to say keep changing and adapting, so I can experience all this neat tech vicariously through your videos.

  • Leo Galante
    Leo Galante 2 months ago

    Thanks for explaining! I was also confused by the newer videos thumbnails but after hearing your explanation I understand 100% and can look past it. Your contents are still great anyway. Cheers!

  • Serge_B
    Serge_B 2 months ago

    And how exactly would *dead people* unsubscribe???? They'd ask god as their final wish to remove any trace of their existence on the internet?
    Makes sense to some, I suppose.

  • nachiketa kashyap
    nachiketa kashyap 2 months ago

    Simple fact: there’s no way to please EVERYONE. Never going to happen. Do all that you can and need to grow, no change is worst then death(closing out).

  • teemofie
    teemofie 2 months ago

    I've just found this video after 2 years, and to be positive on a Linus video, I really like orange.

  • Damian Bailey
    Damian Bailey 2 months ago

    While I love.. Seriously love.. Your tech content, these series of videos is exceptional. The real talk coming from such a successful video production team is unlike much of what's seen around much of RU-clip. Thanks.

  • Mike Pisano
    Mike Pisano 2 months ago

    This is a really good video. The thumbnails are always fun and yes they do tease. But we know because we watch TV, read newspapers and listen to radio. They lead in with a tease to get us to tune in or buy. They pique our curiosity. And that's good! In all the LTT and Techquickie videos I've seen, the thumbnails seem to be very close to the point of the subject matter. The exaggerated thumbnail draws us in for a closer look. The way media has worked since - always!
    What you do and how you do it, is great. As far as passion goes, never, ever have you shown any less than total commitment to your mission. The fact that all of your people have continued their own journeys since the beginning and are still smiling, says so much of who you and your people are.
    Keep doing what you do the way you have been doing it. Let the empty barrels make noise because that is what they do. What they don't do is create or try to improve them selves.
    And by the way - your productions are every bit as good as any broadcast or premium cable channel.

  • Estew91
    Estew91 2 months ago +4

    Yeah I don’t really see a problem with this. Good marketing and business approach

  • José Ruy Sá Ribeiro
    José Ruy Sá Ribeiro 2 months ago

    Thank you for this. Keep up the good work!

  • John Alexander Garzón Londoño

    100% agree with @Hardware Unboxed

  • Ginger Vs Gaming
    Ginger Vs Gaming 3 months ago

    I dont mind you using hyperbole

  • Frank Beckschulte
    Frank Beckschulte 3 months ago

    i have seen a lot of your (linuses) videos and i am absolutely apreciating your work and how you present it. always very informative, as i can determine, honest (not hesitating to criticize - even though its a sponsored video by the manufacturer), and nice presented (looking at the used vocabulary as also in the type of speaking of the acting persons and behaviour and the surroundings in which are filmed). i could write a lot more, but space is short. So just wantet to tell you Linus: Keep on what you are doing, its is absolutely great!! - but channel super fun would need an update :-)

  • Adrian Heffernan
    Adrian Heffernan 3 months ago

    Really don't know how you keep putting out such great content - Keep it up, I kind of like the thumbnails

  • Sanil Khurana
    Sanil Khurana 3 months ago +2

    Yes, it is good for you economically to have clickbait tiles and thumbnails. It's obiovus and everyone knows that.
    What your viewers probably wanted is for you to focus on content to get viewers rather than clickbait titiles. They wanted you to be better than your competitors, not by having a better video quality or a better studio but by better content.

    AAK ANKIN SKYWALKER 3 months ago

    And ready take this RU-clip stuff as my full time job too

    AAK ANKIN SKYWALKER 3 months ago

    Bro u rock and I am willing to work for you

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds 3 months ago +1

    I have zero investment in this topic, but Linus, you're a good guy. Keep up the good work

  • Jano Naude
    Jano Naude 3 months ago

    5.1k dislikes... What in the actual fk made 5.1k people click that god damn button. Are they just asshols and do it for fun, giggling by themselves and stroking their erect egos? Wtf? There is nothing logically wrong with this video. And who cares about click bait so much that they feel the need to get angry about it? How meaningless is your life? Faaaaak.

    Love you LTT

  • Priyanshu Pansari
    Priyanshu Pansari 3 months ago

    Yeah people unsubscribe before dying

  • Aljaž Božičko
    Aljaž Božičko 3 months ago

    How do you unsubscribe after you die?

  • AceofTunes
    AceofTunes 3 months ago

    Follow up, because you asked for positive feedback, finishing the video, you touch on all the things that I think these bitchy moany people are whining about

  • AceofTunes
    AceofTunes 3 months ago +2

    I hate the clickbait crap, but I also love the content , so I stay, also I must say that as a general, general!!, rule I find that yall are pretty good at not flat out clickbaiting, unlike some videos out there that you click on and are left feeling disappointed that you got nothing out of it

  • countofcounts
    countofcounts 3 months ago

    6:20 so.. people unsubscribe after dying?

  • Trevor Romney
    Trevor Romney 3 months ago

    I personally find the thumbnails hilarious. I'm a newer subscriber though, for less than 6 months.

  • Tristian Bangert
    Tristian Bangert 3 months ago

    This was excellent, Linus. Transparency always rubs the sensitive bits a little better.

  • Mayukh Haldar
    Mayukh Haldar 3 months ago

    1.5 k dislike..!!!!

    Don't know why😢😢

  • Ujwal Ghodeswar
    Ujwal Ghodeswar 3 months ago

    Hey Linus! dont worry buddy..these are just pimply ass teenagers pretending to be smart and high class and telling everyone how intelligent they are

  • J J
    J J 3 months ago

    Thanks for the thoughtful and thorough explanation of your reasoning. Made sense to me!

  • Revan
    Revan 3 months ago +2

    Wow. I don't get why this kind of video was made.
    I cannot agree on that passion thing.
    That is such a nonsense.
    Even today, LTT is still very passionate just like always.
    Person who said about it, that guy really should try making a benchmark video.
    It is surely Fxxxing a lot of work even a single benchmark.
    How about those many projects?
    Just.. just no need to say.
    I might not be that good old subscriber, but hey..I'm trying to watch every video in this channel including old ones.
    They are that good, interesting and I can feel all that passion.
    I just want to see these awesome works for a long long time.

  • allan heward
    allan heward 3 months ago

    I liked comment because you taught me how to build a computer with the cheapest stuff that I could afford it was all free from recycling computers I think you guys are doing an awesome job keep up the good work I'm not rich I'm on disability but I made my own computers two of them I learned so much from your videos since I discover you keep up the good work guys

  • Neil Evans
    Neil Evans 3 months ago

    Loved it personally it doesn’t bother me if a video is misnamed every now and then there are bigger things to worry about. I do like the fact that you felt the need to do this video when there are so many out there that wouldn’t bother. You clearly care about your content and it shows in every video I’ve watched keep up the good work man 👍🏼

    DANCERMACHINE 3 months ago

    I'm seeing this video for the second or third time and you still are right about what you say
    Man, I wish I could work with you!! I've been watching this channel for a couple of years now and I love it.
    Even when I am partially deaf and English is my second language I understand pretty much everything you or anyone of the Linus Media Group says (except for some off camera chatting)
    Thanks for the great content and if you can, bring Channel Super Fun back, I laughed my a** off.

  • Cory Halvorson
    Cory Halvorson 3 months ago

    No one is perfect, but you guys at LMG really do show your effort. While the titles aren't always clear as to the content, they aren't far off or misleading. You guys keep it fresh, consistent, and not to mention funny! Also shooting in 8k is something every tech channel needs to do. I'm sure most of us appreciate all the work you all put into these videos. BTW that painted motherboard wall is badass.

  • David Templarios
    David Templarios 3 months ago

    I am funny - how am I funny... | Glad I found this vid those thumbnails is probably why I found your channel and I wish I found it earlier.

  • todd scholefield
    todd scholefield 3 months ago

    You should have more boobs in your videos

  • todd scholefield
    todd scholefield 3 months ago

    Cars with boobs are great hahaha

  • David
    David 3 months ago +1

    Change or die, it's that simple. Personally, I couldn't care less about what a thumbnail looks like as long as the content is quality.
    Obviously I'm writing this several years after this video was posted but YT don't give a sh!t how old a video that it recommends me to watch.

  • Wong Elfski
    Wong Elfski 3 months ago

    Im a caca mouthed dickhole meany but i dig this show

  • Jackol83
    Jackol83 3 months ago


  • Adam T. Weakland 1992
    Adam T. Weakland 1992 3 months ago

    Keep a positive head bro. Nothing but love for everyone there. It seems people that don't have what you got are even jealous. And saddend with themselves because they haven't found what they truly want in life yet. Everything you've done is amazing. I love the content. And can't thank you enough for allll the tips over the videos I've watched. I've learned a shit ton from you about modern tech and will continue to always do so

  • Mehrunes86
    Mehrunes86 3 months ago

    Love your videos and your epic bad humour.

  • Matthew Hillstead
    Matthew Hillstead 3 months ago

    I’ve been watching since you started Linus, not sure if I have ever commented before but I love all your videos and really liked the honesty on this video. Keep up the good work :)

  • Pidgeon
    Pidgeon 3 months ago

    10:13 OooOo a Doctor Who watch, I'm dying (?

  • nic sosa
    nic sosa 3 months ago

    in spite of the 5k+ dislikes, this is a good video. it is a business. factoring in youtube algorithms and occasional controversy, one does what needs to be (legitimately) done in order to maintain their youtube business model. and outrageous/colorful/goofy graphic thumbnails seem to be a factor that works with the algorithms. why? because of people. they get people's attention, clicks, and watches. if people never responded to these kinds of thumbnails in the first place way back when, the today's algorithms would be using other factors and this wouldn't be a topic of discussion.

  • Gayashan Wagachchi
    Gayashan Wagachchi 3 months ago

    Linus, you are a genius of making audience connections. ;)

  • Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips 3 months ago

    The level of transparency and honestly you show in this is impressive and will change how I react to videos.

  • dan75
    dan75 3 months ago

    Lack of passion is the RU-clip comment section. Except for the anti-Semites. They are ridiculously passionate, and delusional.

  • Jerkamie
    Jerkamie 3 months ago

    i hate u linus

  • Daz
    Daz 3 months ago

    I appreciate your honesty but these are pretty terrible reasons you're giving. I'm not saying you should or need to change, i'm just commenting on your response. "Do i look like the kind of person that needs material things to be happy". Um... have you never watched your videos before? Do you black out when you make your videos? I get what you mean, you don't need possessions, but as you say in the video, this is your passion and your passion happens to involve thousands of dollars worth of material things designed to make people happy.
    You have a good point that in general people are pretty simple and are attracted to shiny objects and bright lights... but i would hope that would inspire people to change, so it doesn't have to be that way rather then give in and accept it. After awhile, anything can and most likely will be dumbed down for the masses.
    On the positive side i do enjoy alot of the ideas your videos have and you most of the time are pretty entertaining to watch. Its great when you have that "aha!" moment that we can read on your face. I never really cared about the thumbnails but some of the titles you chose can be odd. They certainly aren't bad and nowhere near the worst you can find on youtube.

  • Steve Stone
    Steve Stone 3 months ago

    But what if i do believe that

  • Arne-Kristian Nerleir Søtorp

    Thanks for the video. I hope this has cleared up some stuff for the people who are (a bit simple) maybe.
    Have loved this channel for maybe over five years now. And seeing you guys grow and evolve has been a pleasure.
    Here is to many more years of great videos, and hope you still love your job as much as you do today in 10 more years :)
    Also, I know this video is a year old, but I still had to comment.

  • Jay
    Jay 3 months ago

    Maybe hyperbolic comments get your attention the same way your hyperbolic thumbnails get ours. We'll stop if you do.

  • Tony Boling
    Tony Boling 3 months ago

    I like the orange color coordination!

  • Sivan Sharma
    Sivan Sharma 3 months ago

    Brilliant video! I actually feel inspired after having watched this, and I've learned several things I thought I knew, but didn't realise the extent to which they played a role. i.e the like to dislike ratio and the impact on a video's exposure to viewers.

  • David Hart
    David Hart 3 months ago

    Well done Linus. Thank you for everything you have done to inspire me. I have recently begun upgrading the storage and ram on my laptop and give it new life. I ordered my first case for my first PC I am building mySELF because of YOU and the stellar LMG team. You have changed my life and I am sure you have other as well. You guys at LMG are all amazing and inspiring, even if a bit silly sometimes. I love every minute of every video please keep doing what you are doing. Please keep inspiring me and shaping the person i am because in my heart i know I am in good hands. And most of all, keep showing everyone what accountability and self-awareness looks like on this platform (RU-clip) . We love you Linus and I myself have so much love for everyone at LMG. This is from the bottom of my heart, thank you for eveything Linus and every beautiful face at LMG. Even Taryn. Just kidding i love him too even if it can be taxing at times😘

  • Alexander Stachowski
    Alexander Stachowski 3 months ago

    I just recently discovered your channel. Frankly, I am not only impressed, I am encouraged! I have been learning a lot from you and have been able to understand a lot of the hardware that I have been poking at for a while now. The Thumbnails are... admittedly a little distracting but they also were the reason that at least a few of your videos were clicked by me... so I guess they are doing their job. Which is all that can really be expected.

  • Little House Of Big
    Little House Of Big 3 months ago

    The numbers of people who consume free content and then feel they have some over the top right to b**** about how it's created and or marketed absolutely astonished me. It's free. You didn't pay to consume it. If you don't like it don't watch it. Put on your big girl or boy panties and get over it. A big thank you to Linus and team for sharing your wisdom and understanding of a complicated topic and delivering and such an entertaining way.

  • johnny40000
    johnny40000 3 months ago +1

    funny thing is i never have to subscribe cause youtube force feeds me your shit any way and i like it.

  • Fred Clark
    Fred Clark 3 months ago

    I love these videos, and I love the style and the humor. If people don't get it there's not much you can do. Just keep doing what you're doing, as it's obviously working :-)

  • XEdzel
    XEdzel 4 months ago

    Long time fan, I dont care what your thumb nails are I'm watching anything you post that i care about. Thanks for the content

  • Captn Crunch
    Captn Crunch 4 months ago

    Any one else get the idea of "Giant motherboard giant Pc" from the wall decor over his shoulder

  • johannes
    johannes 4 months ago

    couldnt have been more honest...thumbs up