Top 10 Movie Genres That Died Out

  • Published on Jan 8, 2018
  • Top 10 Movie Genres That Died Out
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    Some genres have become staples of filmmaking and the moviegoing experience as a whole, but not all of them last! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Movie Genres that Died Out! But what will take the top spot on our list? Will it be it be Film Noir, Parody, or the Western? Watch to find out!
    #10. Musicals
    #9. Hood Films
    #8. Torture Porn
    #7. Romantic Comedies
    #6. YA Adaptations
    #5. Slasher Films
    #4. Found Footage
    #3, #2, #1 ?
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Comments • 1 197

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones 5 days ago

    Animation 2d animation needs to come back big time after all animation is the greatest movie genre of all time

  • geboinzki .Iman28
    geboinzki .Iman28 25 days ago

    In the Philippines Romantic Comedy is popular

  • Brett McGrigg
    Brett McGrigg Month ago

    There’s hope for every genre

  • Hamza Abid
    Hamza Abid Month ago

    A bit disappointed that you didn't mention Quentin Tarantino's amazing tribute to the Western genre with Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight 😞😞😞

    NEWTON GAMING 2 months ago

    Ahemmm...... What about Mary Poppins Remake ain't that a Musical

  • Joshua Selvig
    Joshua Selvig 2 months ago

    Please, Hollywood. No more YA Adaptations. No more Hunger Games movies. No more musicals.
    Bring back numbers 3 and 5

  • Margo Channing
    Margo Channing 2 months ago

    What about sci-fi/fantasy comedies? You know, movies like Weird Science, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, The Witches of Eastwick, and Death Becomes Her?

  • Will G. Forrest
    Will G. Forrest 2 months ago

    You forgot teen comedies

  • Blockt
    Blockt 3 months ago

    Okay this video is BS

  • Blockt
    Blockt 3 months ago


  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones 3 months ago

    Animation is the greatest movie genre ever I love live adaptions I do big time but man animation is just so beautiful & majestic as for slasher movies good riddence they ruined horror movies I want traditional horror movies not some stupid slasher movie with the slame plot as all the rest even it is a different movie .

  • Rodolfo Cortez
    Rodolfo Cortez 6 months ago

    What about zombie movies?

  • Gloomybih
    Gloomybih 6 months ago

    I feel like I'm the only one that likes found fottage

  • Just tryna smash
    Just tryna smash 6 months ago

    I was gonna watch La La Land but then I saw it was a musical so I changed my mind

  • Emilio Manuel De Pedro
    Emilio Manuel De Pedro 10 months ago

    If i'd made a Spoof film, it would be very succesful.
    And if i'd made a Western film, it would be starred by Scott Eastwood, with his father Clint Eastwood in a secondary role.

  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
    311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖 10 months ago

    I love 80s and 90s parody films

  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
    311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖 10 months ago

    I’m glad young adult adaptations died

  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
    311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖 10 months ago


  • 311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖
    311 Jazzy 🌸🎀💖 10 months ago

    I need hood films to come back that’s one of my favorite kind of movie

  • Robert Ofenloch
    Robert Ofenloch 10 months ago

    Musicals died out? Lucky if we get one a year? Just within the past year and a half we've had Beauty and the Beast, Mamma Mia 2, Moana, Jungle Book, Greatest Showman, and La La Land. Les Mis, Frozen, and Into the Woods weren't too long ago. Wicked, Dumbo, Aladdin, Lion King, Pocahontas, and Mulan are all coming out soon enough.
    But you don't have Biblical films, which really ARE one every few years (and a good one even more infrequently), or epics? Titanic is the last time there was an epic film released. What about gangster films?

  • J Rogan
    J Rogan 10 months ago

    Which SciFi subgenres would b some examples?

  • Olli Lehtonen
    Olli Lehtonen 11 months ago

    Western dead? It is said that it died 1960s but they made some of the best films back then. I think it will never die but it can go under the radar. People should watch more westerns since they are genuine with a little GCI mostly.

  • Frank Vendetta
    Frank Vendetta Year ago

    *The Strangers* is a 2018 Slasher movie

  • Brayan Argandona Florentino

    I really miss the 3 hour movies

  • So So
    So So Year ago

    Forzen was a musical, actually all princess movies from Disney are musicals,

  • javiel villa
    javiel villa Year ago

    Were only interested in cars, apocalypse, and super heroes!

  • Diggin' InTheCrates

    Boyz In The Hood alone is better than 7 Genres on this list.

  • Kuroki Boi
    Kuroki Boi Year ago

    So to bring back these genres all at once, picture this!
    A Parody
    Found footage
    Creature feature
    Film Noir of a
    Romantic comedy
    Torture porn
    YA adaptation
    In da Hood

  • bbysadgirl.
    bbysadgirl. Year ago

    the film genre from the 90’s and the early 00’s that’s a kids movie where the bad guys always end up with cake on their face or in a lake, etc
    i legit don’t know the name for it, but that

  • Victoria S
    Victoria S Year ago

    I think YA is far from dying out, maybe they don't get the attention things like THG or divergent got but there is a line up of films coming out.
    This year: Love, Simon (adaptation of Simons vs. the homosapiens agenda), Everyday came out a few weeks ago I believe, The Darkest Minds comes out in september, Anthem (adaptation of Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet), The miseducation of Cameron Post came out on Sundance this year. The hate you give adaptation is supposed to come out this year.
    i'm sure there are more that I'm missing.

  • Jimbo Animations
    Jimbo Animations Year ago

    If they spent some time thinking of ideas, their videos would probably be alot better.

  • Remco F. Gerritsen

    10. Only like a few of them, know a few of them. But actually don't really like them. To long, to much music, just do know it's not there anymore.
    9. Don't know these ones. Don't care about them\
    8. I LOVE SAW! I cannot wait for a new one. Some copycats are good to, but only SAW is the master in this genre.
    7. I only like these in certain moods. Not now. A lot of good movies have come out. And still on the Dutch tv each week there is a special day for these kinds of movies. Won't miss them however.
    6. Not sure about this one.
    5. I love slashers. Thought this was fitting for Saw to?
    4. Only Cloverfield is GOOD. All other movies I didn't see.
    3. I WANT MORE PARODY FILMS. I really love them!
    2. Never seen this ones.
    1. Don't like these ones, never did.
    Lucky disaster movies haven't died out yet xD Or car movies.

  • mark merzweiler
    mark merzweiler Year ago

    Great writing will bring back any just can't rely on a formula.

  • Gnomelotte Whatsername

    The Giallo.

  • jeimu Vivero
    jeimu Vivero Year ago

    and the nicolis cage genres

  • Nuntius O
    Nuntius O Year ago

    I thank Allegiant for helping filmmakers to realize they should stop splitting single books into more movies. Gosh that movie boring.

  • vincentx915
    vincentx915 Year ago

    If you don't care about making money.
    A lot of these genres can be very memorable.
    Not successful, but memorable.
    That's better, right?

  • D. G.
    D. G. Year ago

    First of all fuck torture porn,second of all nobody gives a fuck about musicals,last but not least 3 billion dollars.

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson Year ago

    the documentaries about celebrities... like the JB movie... i wish those would die out


    Some recent westerns.. The Salvation, Jane got a gun. I don't think westerns should be number one. Other genres mentioned are less represented

  • Barney Jeffries
    Barney Jeffries Year ago

    disney still makes films based off books

  • Barney Jeffries
    Barney Jeffries Year ago

    disney films are musicals

  • Tzeff NL
    Tzeff NL Year ago

    6:51 Geezzz...So NOT funny! At ALL! :-\
    But LAME as Hell!

  • Ivan Scolari
    Ivan Scolari Year ago

    “All rom... no cum”

  • eduardo alfonso
    eduardo alfonso Year ago

    I want parodies back and action movies extinted. And superheroes. I can't take seriously those actors pretending to say serious or even impressive lines, wearing such ridiculous pyjamas. Well, it has an easy solution : I won't watch them and let others do.

  • rocknrallsoul94 Rockero

    Most American westerns are boring but spaghetti westerns are dope

  • Finnegan
    Finnegan Year ago +1

    make "Titanic" movies a Genre
    2200 Titanic sequels, in each sequel a different passenger is the protagonist and the story told from his or her point of view

    • Jonathan Shuman
      Jonathan Shuman 4 months ago

      Ever seen the 1997 movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, and Kathy Bates?

  • Kanato'sDoll
    Kanato'sDoll Year ago

    giallo films will always be king

  • Mahmuang
    Mahmuang Year ago +1

    I pray for Superhero movies to die out as well.

  • GoodFunVideos
    GoodFunVideos Year ago

    YA Adaptations and Slasher films are quickly making a comeback though. . .

  • Cherokee proud95
    Cherokee proud95 Year ago

    I grew up watching westerns. They are my favorite genre of movie.

  • jayakrishnan r
    jayakrishnan r Year ago

    Western films could be considered to have a minor renaissance. More westerns are being produced these days and their number (and quality) outmatch all the other genres in the list.

  • jayakrishnan r
    jayakrishnan r Year ago

    Number 1 should be court room dramas. With the passing of legendary director Sidney Lumet, the genre just died. The last good court room drama films were Find me guilty (2006)by Lumet and The Lincoln lawyer (2011). I would also include Psychological thrillers and Gangster films in the list.

  • Mizuki Genshou
    Mizuki Genshou Year ago

    Vampire films never die!

  • fliplife67
    fliplife67 Year ago

    What about gangster films?

  • daiyoukai01
    daiyoukai01 Year ago

    Sad thing about YA genre in books is that it's possible to find good stories there... But basic ones are the ones that get a movie done :(
    My problem with found footage movies is that I can't believe for a second that you can run for your life and still get such a clear footage. When people in real life is running and recording at the same time, they always get a lot of senseless images. Sorry, I just can't.
    PD: Why is everybody so easily upset, complaining angrily about anything? D: That's not healthy. D: No need to get so mad, people :P

  • trinity wilson
    trinity wilson Year ago

    So-called where land healthy otherwise stock greet injure.

  • DonaDrake
    DonaDrake Year ago +4

    Murder Mysteries and Film Noir need to make a comeback asap!!!

  • Ted Sava
    Ted Sava Year ago +1

    goodbye, westerns. i will not miss you

  • CJ Laity
    CJ Laity Year ago +1

    This list is sad but true. It pretty much lists just about every genre out there. All that is left is the super hero movie or the big summer block buster.

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez Year ago

    I'm guessing Supernatural movie like The Conjuring is still in style.

  • Johnzel Jeric Berania

    Disaster Movies should've made the list and also creature feature films is not dead. There's Godzilla and Kong skull island actually they're making a franchise about different creatures. Not to mention the Cloverfield "Franchise" (I hope it is) and the upcoming Rampage Movie starring Dwayne Johnson. :-D

  • Lying Dutchman
    Lying Dutchman Year ago +1

    Romantic comedies still get made all the time!

    • musicaltheatergeek79
      musicaltheatergeek79 Year ago

      They're not the box office blockbusters they were in the '90s, when rom-coms like PRETTY WOMAN and SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE often made the list of Top Ten highest-grossing films of the year. Nowadays, that list is populated by superhero/CGI extravaganzas and 3D animation. Thus, the big studios don't invest in rom-coms anymore.

  • Mac TonyMicMac
    Mac TonyMicMac Year ago

    6:50 Hahaha, I'm officially DEAD (and hungry) LMMFAO! ; )

  • Compucles
    Compucles Year ago

    Hey, animated musicals are still popular (or live-action adaptations of animated musicals like "Beauty and the Beast")!

  • Zachriel
    Zachriel Year ago

    War depictions will soon be here

  • Sarah Renova
    Sarah Renova Year ago

    Let’s bring slasher films back!

  • Incendiary Lover
    Incendiary Lover Year ago

    this is the most innacurate list Mojo just stop

  • Tim Poston
    Tim Poston Year ago +1

    Martial Arts film have sadly died. With the new Kickboxer films though I'm hoping it comes back.

  • Owen Anderson
    Owen Anderson Year ago

    Of course watch mojo cites Halloween as the first Slasher film.

    • musicaltheatergeek79
      musicaltheatergeek79 Year ago

      Because its unexpected success inspired the big studios to begin investing in slasher films. It was one of the Top Ten highest-grossing films of 1978. No slasher film had ever achieved that before then.

  • MegaMysteryGames
    MegaMysteryGames Year ago

    Project x was really good

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper Year ago

    What about the 'psycho thriller' genre with hits like Unlawful Entry and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle to the classic that kicked it off Play Misty For Me died out towards the mid 90s

  • Darth Trump
    Darth Trump Year ago

    Hateful 8 modern western amazing movie #ThankyouQuentin

  • Kevin Castillo Rendon

    What about Slapsticks?

  • The Diamond Knight


  • Arizona Husky
    Arizona Husky Year ago

    Silent movies???

    • * * 666**
      * * 666** Year ago

      Arizona Husky died out over 100 years ago been gone for a while

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Year ago

    Which genres will likely die out soon?

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Year ago +2

    Many romcoms are still released every year - it's just that very few are good or popular.

  • Interstellar Lapis & the CCCP

    I wish comic book movies would die...

  • Margaret Zahn
    Margaret Zahn Year ago

    I will ALWAYS love westerns and film noir.

  • FloschiX
    FloschiX Year ago

    Silent Films?

  • Carlos Ochoa
    Carlos Ochoa Year ago

    I miss hood films

  • 777Albatross
    777Albatross Year ago

    Slasher no, Hood not really, Musicals fuck no, romantic comedies kinda, ya adaptations unfortunately no, film noir yes, torture porn yes, creature features no

  • Dan Cole
    Dan Cole Year ago

    (SPOILER WARNING for a 74 year old film)
    I love TO HAVE & HAVE NOT. It's one of my favorite films. But, strictly speaking, I'm not sure it counts as a film noir.
    Better Bogart examples would be THE MALTESE FALCON, THE BIG SLEEP, etc.TH&HN is more of a war time action/adventure story with a fairly happy ending.

  • Olorin Elior
    Olorin Elior Year ago

    Fantasy. To be fair though, aside from LotR, Narnia and some ripoffs, its not even really a genre in film. In books and games though, it still reigns strong

  • Olorin Elior
    Olorin Elior Year ago

    I really don't get how you classify the young adult genre. It's like saying "these movies/books are now randomly for a certain age group" or something. It totally undermines the importants of some of those works, and might just scare off older viewers. It's just so darn sad to see humanity always wanting to group stuff together bacause they're faintly related. I get stuff like "horror" or "romance", even though genres aren't set in ston and can be interpreted differently by each peron. "Crimson Peak" might be a horror film with romance in it, for instance, but some might see it as a romantic film with horror elements.

  • costamesaresident

    You left out Giallo films, which is unfortunate because I love Giallo films. I am glad, however, that hood films, torture porn films and YA adaption films are a thing of the past.

  • brokechanic
    brokechanic Year ago +1

    So a genre gets a good movie in, and the studios blow it up and drain ever last penny. No wonder they're dying out

  • Michelle
    Michelle Year ago +1

    Kinda thought zombie movies would be on here. 5 or so years ago, there were new zombie movies left and right

  • japhygato
    japhygato Year ago

    Only a couple of these are genre by definition. This is the third Mojo video I've watched over the past few days where the answer is 'nope that's not true'.

    • * * 666**
      * * 666** Year ago

      japhygato what ones aren't smarty?

  • Audrey
    Audrey Year ago

    Not completely correct...

  • Richard Hall
    Richard Hall Year ago

    Ouch. I do like the whole found footage genre. TBWP wasn't very good though.

  • Adagio Breeze
    Adagio Breeze Year ago +1

    If the Wayne’s Brothers parodied it, it’s dead.

  • ChucksterOLove
    ChucksterOLove Year ago

    What about the found footage torture porn rom com kung fu musical genre? I found it mysteriously absent from this list... 🤔

  • wyatt waggener
    wyatt waggener Year ago

    musicals haven't died out if you count most of Disney's latest movies

  • Larry Wolf
    Larry Wolf Year ago

    And guess who's time is almost up according to statistic trends? ... Superhero films, thank fuck.
    Soon we'll be getting movies with actual storytelling again instead of the same damned story with characters in different spandex told to idiots who can't tell the difference.

  • Richard Putorti Jr.

    Musicals are a dead genre? I don't think so! Chicago won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2002, Disney musicals are a staple of human life, what more do you need?

  • Red Neex
    Red Neex Year ago

    Is it me or the guys voice different

  • 25taylor91
    25taylor91 Year ago +1

    Noir was an era. Anything made in the style these days is Neo-Noir.

  • jai lyricz
    jai lyricz Year ago

    They still make hood movies tho 😂🙄