EXTINCT Human Species!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • From ancient Hominid ancestors … to Neanderthals and Denisovans … Here are 13 extinct human species
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Comments • 77

    JOHN GORDON 29 days ago

    So, they still don't know what the fuck was going on in human evolution! :-)

  • liza bello's
    liza bello's Month ago +1

    look if you want to believe you are from primates go right on ahead, I'm from God so I'm completely human! There is no connection between man and primate none whatsoever you lying your misdirecting people and you're going to pay for it by God in Jesus name amen

  • Karla Kirkpatrick
    Karla Kirkpatrick Month ago

    one favors AOC esp when they snap a photo of her screaming at some little small thing she over reacts too go ahead I'm ready and one is obama's kin the one from kenya

  • Caesarillion Aurelius

    Stunning Asian "Neanderthal" cutie at pool party last saturday. First siting.

  • Floordford
    Floordford Month ago

    Kind of odd though that we have 3 main colors of skin that have in a way a pure lineage. And that have only recently began to mix. Very dark, strong tan and white. White in the European areas, very dark in the African continent and few islands. And strong tan migration towards the east, as in, the Korea's, India, China, Japan, over the Russian bridge into Alaska and down the west coast to become native Americans then lower to become Myans, incans, South Americans and various Hispanics.

  • Jo Momma
    Jo Momma Month ago +2

    Just the tone of your voice I won’t do you the favor and kill my precious time ...

  • Rubbe
    Rubbe Month ago +2

    I still see some of these around

  • BlueFire2712
    BlueFire2712 Month ago +1

    What if there was co existing species of human today

  • Dr Dildo
    Dr Dildo Month ago

    What about the Homo Erotica?

  • JayVolatileOfficial
    JayVolatileOfficial Month ago +1


  • Christy Woods
    Christy Woods Month ago +2

    Gee,Bigfoot anyone?

  • Au/Ag 999
    Au/Ag 999 Month ago +2

    NO Missing Link!

  • Zhero Zhero
    Zhero Zhero Month ago +3

    The Homo Yomamais

  • Armando Mejia Takara
    Armando Mejia Takara Month ago +6

    Yeah, I've seen more than a few Neanderthals strolling about....

  • Fugazity
    Fugazity Month ago +5

    where the nephilims? the giant humans?

  • Tom Laber
    Tom Laber Month ago +3

    It is a very poor depiction of Australian Aboriginals, really the stock photo's you are using are poor, a true blood Australian native has far more distinctive characteristic's, poor job do better

  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards Month ago +3

    OK, so we should either believe science or The Bible.
    One of the them is a lying. Take your pick.

  • MZ J
    MZ J Month ago

    The evolution of homosexuals. Cool

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony Month ago +5

    A ha. Life didn't begin in Africa.

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony Month ago +5

    Adam was a primate?

    • Nashmann Jango
      Nashmann Jango 17 days ago

      Yeah, Neanderthal obviously, but Eve was still stupid BITC# like whamens of today are !!! Bwahahahahha

  • Edward Anthony
    Edward Anthony Month ago +4

    No matter what, we're here and doing more damage than our ancestors!

  • Desert Vox
    Desert Vox Month ago +8

    ALL LIES. Because CGIs & life-size puppets don't PROVE anything. There should be 1,000.000,000,000s of extinct species of every kind, if the evolution THEORY is to be consistent with itself. How do you ONLY recover the remains of species that are at various stages seperated by 1,000,000s of years, and not the in-between stages of their development? This is BS.

    • MX Yes
      MX Yes Month ago +1

      Evolution is not a theory, it is a commonly accepted scientific fact with evidence even in today’s living creatures.
      And how does undiscovered fossils debunk evolution? We don’t have to discover every stage of a species evolutionary path because not all fossils can withstand the test of time. Besides the fossils, the fact that traits from 2 parents gets passed down onto the offspring is evidence for evolution, traits that gets passed down from thousands of generations will eventually start to alter the characteristics of a species because of natural selection and evolution.
      It’s very disappointing to see that idiots like you still exist.

  • Stephen Keefer
    Stephen Keefer Month ago

    Does Alexa have any other channels that can be subscribed to?

  • Fun Donut
    Fun Donut Month ago +2

    1:50 nice

  • Angael Tartar Rose
    Angael Tartar Rose Month ago +4

    Dating after 50.

  • Fahim Fahim
    Fahim Fahim Month ago +4

    any homo sapiens here

  • FlowerLady
    FlowerLady Month ago +4

    What if they are really all different species of bigfoot and the government is hiding the “evidence” by claiming they are “sub” species of humans. 🤔 lol

    IFY0USEEKAY Month ago +5

    Soprano man?? I always thought Tony was a neanderthal !

  • Vaithy M
    Vaithy M Month ago +3

    Hey talltanic happy sunday

  • holoholo haole no ka oi

    bull shit

  • xaviersxmen
    xaviersxmen Month ago +1

    Number 5 is the divide between Africa and the rest of the world. Which is why they are so far behind in mental evolution.

    • MX Yes
      MX Yes Month ago

      xaviersxmen Africans are not mentally retarded, In fact, living in rural tribes made them use their brains more than humans developed nations.

  • Dwight Gilman
    Dwight Gilman Month ago

    Propaganda for evolution theory. Go check out Kent Hovind official channel for info on how so much of this has been disproven. Check out both sides of the argument. Get educated, not indoctrinated 😉. There is no proof of evolution.

  • Zenia Manalo
    Zenia Manalo Month ago +1


  • Canadian Man
    Canadian Man Month ago

    The Neanderthals simply killed the more advanced males and fucked their women, that’s why we still are barbarians.

  • Лю Милич
    Лю Милич Month ago +2

    Russians now look like these people

    • IG: ohhitznene
      IG: ohhitznene Month ago +1

      @Лю Милич I'm Mexican American but damn I did not know that dayum.

    • Лю Милич
      Лю Милич Month ago +1

      Russian women drink vodka and other alcohol and they have poor genetics and many genital infections. This is Russia.

    • IG: ohhitznene
      IG: ohhitznene Month ago +1

      Like that one family guy episode said 😂😂

    • dsemt54
      dsemt54 Month ago +2

      Лю Милич no. russian women are beautiful

  • TheFallen Gacha2009
    TheFallen Gacha2009 Month ago +5

    Really good information also good video! 👍

    JUSTACHIPN Month ago

    Look at Maxine Waters... she's got a lot of Neanderthal in her... big flat nose big lips jaw sticks way out big thick bones over her eyeballs and a small brain !!! Am I wrong ?

  • Whiteowl
    Whiteowl Month ago +4

    It's Hominid not Homonym.

    • Oldenweery
      Oldenweery Month ago

      I thought it was only me, but she actually said "Hominids" twice---maybe three times?---but the rest was homonym. Maybe she knows their real names and they rhyme with someone else's. lol

      IFY0USEEKAY Month ago

      Their, they're, there...Are yew shore it's knot?

  • Sean Matheney
    Sean Matheney Month ago +18

    Ive met plenty of neanderthals...theyre everywhere

  • Coffsup
    Coffsup Month ago +2


  • Bonnie Siefert
    Bonnie Siefert Month ago +7

    I love this video, guess I like learning about our history!

    • MX Yes
      MX Yes Month ago +1

      H̵̜̕ā̵̱c̵̩͛ķ̸̛e̸̖͛r̵̡̿ You probably attended an actual school and not ignore scientific facts or listen to the words of schizophrenics.

    • Armando Mejia Takara
      Armando Mejia Takara Month ago +1

      But do you like neanderthals, Bonnie? THAT'S what l want to know...

    • H̵̜̕ā̵̱c̵̩͛ķ̸̛e̸̖͛r̵̡̿
      H̵̜̕ā̵̱c̵̩͛ķ̸̛e̸̖͛r̵̡̿ Month ago +1

      It's all fake 😂😂😂😂

  • Joy B
    Joy B Month ago +7

    There is no such thing as a monkey man and it has been proven and climate change in air change can make body change I'm no scientist but even I can know that the weather and the different areas of the world can make a different shape person and we can still find people who look exactly like this today and they're not monkeys

    • MX Yes
      MX Yes Month ago +1

      “There’s no such thing as a monkey man”
      You’re right about that because none of the species mentioned in the video are Monkeys,
      They are technically different human species. Perhaps you should go back to elementary(if you’re American) school and learn real science instead of reading first century fairy tales.

    • H̵̜̕ā̵̱c̵̩͛ķ̸̛e̸̖͛r̵̡̿
      H̵̜̕ā̵̱c̵̩͛ķ̸̛e̸̖͛r̵̡̿ Month ago +3

      You're right, evolution is fake. All these people are saying million of years ago, but they never know for sure all they do is speculate

    • Screamingeagle1200
      Screamingeagle1200 Month ago

      Joy B " im no scientist" 👌

  • Rubber Dub
    Rubber Dub Month ago +4

    I know at least two species that need extinction both come from the middle east...

  • IG: ohhitznene
    IG: ohhitznene Month ago +8

    Damn we was ugly asfuuhh back then.

    • IG: ohhitznene
      IG: ohhitznene Month ago +2

      @IFY0USEEKAY true .. sadly that's the majoridy of people these days

      IFY0USEEKAY Month ago +2

      We still plenty ugly, just better lookin' on da outside ! 😉

  • Oscar Neri
    Oscar Neri Month ago +4

    Damn i thought i was first

  • TropicalCcrib2960
    TropicalCcrib2960 Month ago +3


  • Dangerous to man
    Dangerous to man Month ago +23

    Looks alot like Bigfoot to me.

  • Hasni Atef
    Hasni Atef Month ago +3

    Extincted for better

  • MrMaypoke YT
    MrMaypoke YT Month ago

    Ever just nut?

  • Juve Plays
    Juve Plays Month ago +1