I Bought a TOTALED FERRARI at Salvage Auction with MYSTERY Undercarriage Damage SIGHT UNSEEN!

  • Published on May 26, 2019
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    I took a big gamble on a cheap wrecked Ferrari 360 Spyder at the Salvage Auction. It had undercarriage damage that was not shown in the photos. It's a big risk, but it could lead to a bigger reward.
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  • Andrew Padgett
    Andrew Padgett 6 hours ago

    Dude did you just dump super tech oil in a Ferrari.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Chris Melia
    Chris Melia 13 hours ago

    Super tech oil I guess that's fitting with the rest of the video.

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez 15 hours ago

    What auction page you use..?

  • Persida Peric
    Persida Peric 16 hours ago


  • Zane Dulaney
    Zane Dulaney 18 hours ago

    good video to be ruined by the last second smh

  • joseph medina
    joseph medina 18 hours ago

    Wow, so he refilled it with super tech conventional oil, not even super tech synthetic. He was also was the last person to add oil before the mystery aluminum cover showed up in his pan looking brand new

  • Michael Hrinda
    Michael Hrinda 23 hours ago

    I love honey

  • Alan Blanes
    Alan Blanes Day ago

    This is the best video I've seen that shows the utter stupidity of setting a car too low.

  • speedy4.6
    speedy4.6 Day ago

    Nice to hear your voice, Cleetus 🤣

  • Anonomous
    Anonomous Day ago

    I swear if i see another o Reilly auto part ad

  • Jeff Spangler
    Jeff Spangler Day ago

    Nothing like putting Walmart oil in Ferrari

  • xReconnaissancex
    xReconnaissancex 2 days ago

    Dude clean yo Audi before getting another car haha!

  • Mariz one off
    Mariz one off 2 days ago

    Dry sump 😱💥🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Branden Edwards
    Branden Edwards 3 days ago

    Thanks for the Shoutout on my RX-8!! I really enjoy your videos, keep up the great content!!

  • Caffeinated Frostbite

    honey is one of those services i actually use quite a bit

  • Caffeinated Frostbite

    i am 19. i am just now discovering my love for cars....

  • Caffeinated Frostbite

    your titles feel a little clickbaity but the actual videos are pretty good.

  • John Comiskey
    John Comiskey 3 days ago

    When are you going to update us on the ferrari ?

  • Dickorydock
    Dickorydock 3 days ago

    An oil leak in a totalled car?? No!! No way!!!
    You must be joking

  • Dickorydock
    Dickorydock 3 days ago

    Make sure you get the right washer fluid in, FFS this thing will run leet with a bit of TLC washer fluid is No.1!

  • Dickorydock
    Dickorydock 3 days ago

    2:08 the brakes in the R8 are amazing !! 😄

  • michael bernier
    michael bernier 4 days ago

    LAME. YOU LOST ME AS A VIEWER FOR WASTING TIME AND BEING A DOUCHE FAG. Keep pulling that shit and your youtube career will be done in a year as people get tired of you

  • Cris5598
    Cris5598 4 days ago


  • Rachael Athens
    Rachael Athens 4 days ago


  • Badboy official
    Badboy official 5 days ago

    Gush!! Why you doing us like that?? Wasting my time for no reason!! Im demanding you to upload part 2 and let us hear the sound after all that changes. Its not funny at all what you did, they are so.e dudes that really want to fix something not like you but for real got dammit!!

  • pizzaman2003
    pizzaman2003 5 days ago

    Fuk u

  • Exhilaration, Acceleration, Power and Efficiency

    What came first FIAT or FERRARI, who Made who? Which one is Better?!! Since FIAT Means, Fix It Again Tony, What does FERRARI really mean?!! Oh and Check the Oil with the Engine running!

  • david moyer
    david moyer 6 days ago

    Hey man, I THOROUGHLY ENJOY your channel! I love what you do with these cars! If ever up for apprentice help and teaching id love to come and learn from you! I have always been interested in this!

  • RBAZ
    RBAZ 6 days ago

    Are you fucking kidding me

  • TheRedMenace 1199R
    TheRedMenace 1199R 6 days ago

    damn.... I almost subscribed. Guess its a good thing I waited till the end

  • Go- Mavic-Pro
    Go- Mavic-Pro 7 days ago

    What car transport shipping company do you use? I’m moving from Baltimore to Boca Raton and am currently shopping different companies.

  • Josh Gray
    Josh Gray 7 days ago

    Promote apps. Faggg

  • Schecky
    Schecky 7 days ago

    What a complete moron. When you pull out a piece of metal foil from the oil pan drain, it means it ran through the entire engine from fill location through every path to the pan and could have damaged any cylinder wall and more. But you act as if it’s a dead mouse on the carpet. I could go on longer than your episode but it’s not worth my effort. Besides, who cuts a segment like this anyway? Do you think you’re the filmmaker for the Sopranos?
    So the car cost you next to nothing? What’s nothing if you’re making a documentary? In your case it’s about what you have between your ears... nothing.

  • MyFree2run
    MyFree2run 7 days ago +1

    When you realise you bought a fake Ferrari 😂 I work on Ferraris all day especially 360s they don't sound like that it's a knockoff

    • MyFree2run
      MyFree2run 7 days ago

      @Steven Hickman I work at GaryPaul Birmingham Ferrari service centre so yeah I do

    • Steven Hickman
      Steven Hickman 7 days ago

      Yh of course you do lol

  • Barry Bartlett
    Barry Bartlett 7 days ago

    I bought some fruit and veg but didn't need to tell every dick in town

  • JUPITER 12
    JUPITER 12 7 days ago

    how much do you pay for it???????????????????

  • effyou128
    effyou128 7 days ago

    there is a mint one on ebay for $40 buy it now Mint condition! There not that nice of a car Very common!

    JOHN DAVIES 8 days ago +1

    Use a hair dryer on warm to remove your headlight cover or any vinyl.

  • Luis G
    Luis G 8 days ago

    UF 🐊

  • I__Bear__I
    I__Bear__I 8 days ago

    Srsly Dude ? .... welcome to igno!

  • Captain S.
    Captain S. 8 days ago

    To many ad's!

  • Glazed Guava
    Glazed Guava 8 days ago +10

    I thumbs down just for the end.

  • househansa
    househansa 8 days ago +1

    Change title to : "I bought a SuperCar Fail"

  • Lane Sellers
    Lane Sellers 8 days ago


  • Lancelot Xavier
    Lancelot Xavier 8 days ago

    Tesla has made sport cars obsolete.

  • Pain_Is_Good
    Pain_Is_Good 8 days ago

    He should be a used car salesman.

  • Zachry Steele
    Zachry Steele 8 days ago

    Really cool commercial for Honey

  • Roscoe Corbett
    Roscoe Corbett 8 days ago +5

    Why is he using generic oil in a Ferrari didn’t that say Duratec??

    • joseph medina
      joseph medina 18 hours ago

      Roscoe Corbett he used super tech conventional oil, not even super tech synthetic. It’s Walmart brand oil, he also was the last person to add oil before the mystery aluminum cover showed up in his pan looking brand new

  • MrSpike13
    MrSpike13 8 days ago

    Not a fan of the black wheels

  • jagsfan97
    jagsfan97 8 days ago

    Whoever owned that Ferrari before him was an (It's about to get real here:) Rich-Bitch Idiot..

  • Elliot Binder
    Elliot Binder 8 days ago

    Jeez! That is a cleeeaaaaan car!

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson 9 days ago

    Great video I subscribed bro

  • Marlo Patterson
    Marlo Patterson 9 days ago

    what auction

  • Andrew Poole
    Andrew Poole 9 days ago

    All of you crying about him not starting the car😂😂 you know you can hear it being started when it's taken off the trailer 🤦‍♂️

    • Great Lakes Reefing
      Great Lakes Reefing 9 days ago

      Got some swampland in Florida you will just adore

    • Great Lakes Reefing
      Great Lakes Reefing 9 days ago

      Andrew Poole we know jack and shit unless we see HIM drive it and a climax cut does nothing for confidence

  • yavin99
    yavin99 9 days ago

    Were you saving money for the Ferrari by not washing your Audi?

  • Lotusdriver
    Lotusdriver 9 days ago +1

    Great result getting that Ferrari.
    Huge chance you took when you look at parts prices.
    Shame about the bit of extra damage done to the front bumper trying to reverse off the delivery truck ☹️

    • The Bear Den
      The Bear Den 7 days ago

      Thanks Lotus. Now I don’t have to waist 20 minutes to watch this vid. Lol

  • X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG 9 days ago

    Nice car cleaning video. Congrats on your auction car cleaning experience. Hope it was worth it. Oh, and honey is good on burritos. Otherwise I don't care for it much.

  • X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG 9 days ago

    Why did you have to bring the Sara Lee truck..? Now I'm hungry :(

  • tony Godsey
    tony Godsey 10 days ago +8

    Buys salvaged car doesn't check oil and fluids right away

  • Darren Bolger
    Darren Bolger 10 days ago +1

    "Lucked out" generally means ran out of luck.. ie. bad.

    • Cryptabix Signals
      Cryptabix Signals 8 days ago

      No it doesn't, it will be defined as 'to be lucky' in every major dictionary

    • darren ramsay
      darren ramsay 9 days ago

      Yeah, I noticed that too. Should be saying "lucked in".

  • TheBananamanrulz
    TheBananamanrulz 10 days ago +7

    Read a few comments first and save 20 minutes you'll never get back. The vid cuts just as he turns the key. Waste of time.

  • Justin Wörsham
    Justin Wörsham 10 days ago

    Moment of truth... engine, fucked.

  • Justin Wörsham
    Justin Wörsham 10 days ago

    Who the fuck starts a Ferrari sight unseen without checking the oil?

  • Mark Hallewell
    Mark Hallewell 10 days ago

    OK so where is part two???

  • northshorenolan
    northshorenolan 10 days ago

    "A ridiculously low price" ......yeah whatev

  • briana campos
    briana campos 11 days ago +2

    I bidded on this vehicle. Glad it was a great buy for u.

    • Hudda Rudda
      Hudda Rudda Day ago

      how much did you bid? can you answer the question everyone is so upset that he didn't reveal? How much did he gert he car for ? what was dirt cheap to him?

  • Nikolas Carmichael
    Nikolas Carmichael 11 days ago

    Between me and you and the rest of youtubers, i would have backed it my self

  • eagleeye1975
    eagleeye1975 11 days ago

    I think I cried a little when that front bumper caught on the truck... and then I had about 4 heart attacks when that guy was backing it down off the truck.

  • Greaser Gamer
    Greaser Gamer 11 days ago

    this quality gave me a headache

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 12 days ago +1

    This has been in my recommended section for about one and a half months. I skipped to the end and yep wasn´t even worth clicking on it

  • angus matheson
    angus matheson 12 days ago

    What kind of spazz puts tint on the headlights of a beauty like this?!

  • COLA Nick
    COLA Nick 12 days ago

    Hello, what site do you purchase from?

  • Marty Marcum
    Marty Marcum 12 days ago

    That's the dirtiest Audi R8 I've ever seen lol

  • Paul Rodriguez
    Paul Rodriguez 12 days ago

    It flat lined..

  • Oisin Alexander
    Oisin Alexander 13 days ago

    At 11 minutes 12 seconds it looks like theres a body in the car

  • Charlie Bay
    Charlie Bay 13 days ago

    Then the car blew up and he died. The end.

  • TheRumbles13
    TheRumbles13 14 days ago

    I hope you actually checked the suspension vs just eyeballing it lolol

  • Ay Star
    Ay Star 14 days ago

    The end edit makes me more aggravated that it does excited to look for the next part.

  • acester86
    acester86 14 days ago

    Fuck that ending. Save your time guys it ain't worth it.

  • Mrakmelt
    Mrakmelt 14 days ago

    You didn't buy shit.

  • BR25x
    BR25x 14 days ago

    I wish I had more thumbs, so I could give this bitch 4 thumbs down.

  • Nutshell1282
    Nutshell1282 14 days ago +7

    I like how you say they were careless when the seal from a oil bottle came out of the pan, and then you fill it with Walmart Super Tech oil.

    • All Things 11
      All Things 11 9 days ago +1

      Nutshell1282 you do know that there are only a couple oil plants and the different brands are the same oil just put in different bottles?

  • Jbux 1
    Jbux 1 14 days ago

    So come on how much did ya steal it for

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 14 days ago


  • ostabof
    ostabof 15 days ago

    Why on earth they tint the lights🤔

  • HazzaAllAFL 09
    HazzaAllAFL 09 15 days ago

    How much was it?

  • john smith
    john smith 15 days ago

    Okay Sam I joined honey

  • Deutschland403 O
    Deutschland403 O 15 days ago


  • peter s
    peter s 15 days ago

    as a person starting detailing im not sure why i but i feel this should be mentioned because im a guy who likes others thinking " outside the box " maybe a good detailing tip i have for you and other viewers as a step to clean the erm manifold or whatever? the red shit from aftermarker air filters , put some aluiminum paper like you would to grill and a vacuum to the little red peices if they do get in from vacuum knocking it off the aluimium foil will catch it instead just in case my theory of this is because the shards dont weigh as much and as for aluiminom foil its easy to shape to your needs to catch any particals that may have tryed to fall down inside

  • Me And mine
    Me And mine 15 days ago

    waste of time. moving on.

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    10:30. easy. just keep hitting it with a hammer until its straight. doesnt really look bent enough to affect wheel handling. just tyre air seal. so just roughly straightening it should be fine. thats what i would do. but then again. i would never be able to afford even 1% of a Ferrari...

    • wotever99ninynine Hamilton
      wotever99ninynine Hamilton 15 days ago

      also.. wtf dude. those wheels look fine to me (other than the damage) you are waaay too picky dude. "cheesy look"??? wtf man. you just scored an awesome out of this world deal on a Ferrari with nice looking wheels and you think they look cheesy....? oh well whatever. sorry. that just insulted me. those things are probably worth $5000 for a set and you call them "cheesy" those wheels are worth more than my car by a magnitude of at least 2.

  • William Piotrowski
    William Piotrowski 15 days ago


  • speedy Thunder
    speedy Thunder 15 days ago

    Waste of my time I hope you loose all of your subscribers

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez 15 days ago +3

    Duped by a deuchbag. What a waste. Of time

  • Ismael Orrostieta
    Ismael Orrostieta 15 days ago +7

    Douchbag . Who ends it like that.
    Lucky for me I skipped till the last 2min

  • Chad Syracuse
    Chad Syracuse 15 days ago +12

    Maybe I missed it, but how much did you pay for this Ferrari?

  • JonniesMusica
    JonniesMusica 16 days ago

    Ur wack

  • Marc-Antoine Ruel
    Marc-Antoine Ruel 16 days ago

    fuck you fuck your channel fuck everything you ever made

  • Alex Facciotti
    Alex Facciotti 16 days ago

    youre a piece of shit for letting see the start of the car

  • KandT-Venture
    KandT-Venture 16 days ago +13

    I just skipped to the ending, to see what everyone was talking about. Time to move on.