Top 10 Actors and Directors Who Hated the Remakes of Their Movies

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Top 10 Actors and Directors Who Hated the Remakes of Their Movies
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    You can't please everyone. From Brendan Fraser to Michael Caine, WatchMojo is counting down the actors and directors who were none too pleased with their movies’ remakes.
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    #10. Brendan Fraser
    #9. Alan Parker
    #8. Christopher Lee & Robin Hardy
    #7. Robert Englund
    #6. Angela Lansbury
    #5. Michael Caine
    #4. Nancy Allen & Paul Verhoeven
    #3, #2 & #1???
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Comments • 1 192

  • Rivers_of_Blood Marshal

    People, listen to Christopher Lee- remakes are ridiculous and stupid, almost always way inferior to the original.

  • lill ibe
    lill ibe 15 days ago

    Well to be fair most of these remakes did suck. It's insulting.😕

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 17 days ago

    I don't know about the beauty amd the beast for me it's a masterpeice emma watson did an amazing job

  • corturia
    corturia Month ago

    no 1 pick is intresting,i liked the movie but it is noteworthy that roald dalh never liked gene wilder as willy wonka or a good portion of that movie either and he wrote the book!

  • CG Account
    CG Account Month ago

    Eventually movies can be remade if they're old enough that most people have forgotten the original. But it would be better if they were continuations and actually tried to be better than the original. These money grab remakes are quite often awful. The Tim Burton planet of the apes for example. But in the end if you don't like remakes then just don't watch it.

  • Joshua Reiss
    Joshua Reiss Month ago

    Jackie's Freddy Krueger was awesome but the movie itself sucked.

  • Tiana Pyre
    Tiana Pyre Month ago

    Jerry Lewis is an old crusty hater. Most likely his real pain is the fact that a black man ended up outperforming him.

  • Benny Moonwalker
    Benny Moonwalker Month ago

    And people say the Disney remakes are hatred

    SLIM SHADY FAN 2 months ago


  • Darkside8062
    Darkside8062 2 months ago

    It was not called 'Kinda ok looking gal and the Beast and the gay guy that added nothing' but 'Beauty and the Beast'! Just saying.

  • Angelsgirl1621
    Angelsgirl1621 2 months ago +1

    Angela will always be my Mrs Potts i LOVE the 1991 beauty and the beast the only thing i do like about 2017 is the backdrop the clothing how every time a petal falls a piece of the castle falls and the twist i like it for the visual effects but it was too long and there was stuff that was in there that didn't need to be like gaston talking about the war him being a caption i like it better when he was a self obsessed hunter and the enchanted object although good just are not up to snuff for my original faves when belle and the beast finish their dance in the 2017 one i always say as it not in the movie "off to the cupboard now chip past your bed time goodnight love" and belle being from pairs in the 2017 clears up that along with the villages having their memories wiped on how she never knew of the castle
    1991 belle arrives outside the castle
    Belle: what is this place

  • Angelsgirl1621
    Angelsgirl1621 2 months ago

    a 4th mummy with Brandon could have continued where the 3rd left off eve's brother heads to peru and the caption says soon mummy's were found in peru

  • Stealthmailman
    Stealthmailman 2 months ago +2

    Jackie Earle Haley was a better Freddy Krueger than Robert Englund.
    Fight me nostalgists.

  • André Tavares
    André Tavares 2 months ago +1

    I like remakes. Fight me

  • Paola Rodriguez Calvimontes

    Well yes, all of these were awful remakes there was no need to do them

  • scrubl0rd
    scrubl0rd 2 months ago

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gave Gene Wilder Alzheimer's and killed him.

  • Mario A'Keen
    Mario A'Keen 2 months ago

    Nutty Professor isn't really a remake.

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 4 months ago

    Any movie can be remade or even made better than the original if done right I don’t honestly agree with the idea that only bad movies should be remade but that’s my two sense

  • Ginger Kubicz
    Ginger Kubicz 4 months ago

    I have no issues with remakes.

  • Reece Thomas
    Reece Thomas 4 months ago

    everything was right
    except dawn of the dead
    dawn of the dead was good

  • Erin Reed
    Erin Reed 4 months ago

    I Agree With Most Of These! YES! Especially "ROBOCOP" (and "NIGHTMARE")!!! They Should NEVER Have Touched Them! Or "THE MUMMY"!!! Which (To Me) Belongs To Brendan Fraser - and the cast of "1999"!
    As For The Ones I Haven't Seen...All I Can Is This: ALWAYS SEE/WATCH THE ORIGINAL BEFORE THE REMAKE!!!

  • Caleb Locke
    Caleb Locke 4 months ago

    Dawn of the dead is my all time favorite zombie movie

  • Zifendel
    Zifendel 4 months ago

    I also did not like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. However, as bad as it was, it was more accurate compared to the book. Which is strange, because the book is amazing, but the movie is terrible

  • Joe Dickinson
    Joe Dickinson 4 months ago

    agree with all your opinions except 1 Willy wonka but its for a different reason, I think both movies failed and didn't capture Roald Dahl choclate imagination but then I never liked movies based on his books because they have a great blueprint but then they just seem to go ways that where not needed case point: fantastic Mr Fox, Read the magic of the book then go see the movie I left angry at the insult the director and company did to such a beautiful work of writing and they pissed on it, PISSED ON IT!!! It just so insulting and what's worse is that's what little kids are going to think that's how the book goes so when they read the original they will be upset at the book

  • Roffa 5311
    Roffa 5311 4 months ago

    I actually feel the same way with Jumanji.
    I hated Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle

  • Jennifer D. Lewis -DHS- SSC

    Eddie Murphy's remake of The Nutty Professor was hilarious! Loved it

  • Curtis Potter
    Curtis Potter 4 months ago

    Notice how actors don’t criticize other actors? Just the director and the studio

  • R Gracia
    R Gracia 4 months ago

    I liked the Dawn of the Dead remake.

  • KelStUDiOS s
    KelStUDiOS s 4 months ago

    I could agree with the majority of the entries but the remake of the nutty professor was very good that actually made them make more of it

  • Ruben Dominguez
    Ruben Dominguez 4 months ago

    Eddie Murphy was better than the jerry Lewis one

  • AdamWayneone
    AdamWayneone 4 months ago

    *Stairway to Heaven didn't need a remake and neither did "The Nutty Professor"!*

  • cassy blog
    cassy blog 5 months ago

    I don't like the 2005 Charlie and the chocolate factory
    That gave me nights mares

  • cassy blog
    cassy blog 5 months ago

    What wrong with live action beauty and the beast

  • joseph gamble
    joseph gamble 5 months ago +1


  • Sam Veigh
    Sam Veigh 5 months ago

    Brendon Fraser is awesome in all that he does

  • gingerDoctorwho
    gingerDoctorwho 5 months ago

    also the Mummy itself is a remake of the 1932 film. Remakes is also nothing new in cinema.

  • gingerDoctorwho
    gingerDoctorwho 5 months ago

    do people not realize that if its a book first its not a remake?

  • Emanuel Cordeiro
    Emanuel Cordeiro 5 months ago

    Can we get a Green Lantern remake?
    Or like Ryan Reynolds we going to pretended that never happened?

  • civilwildman
    civilwildman 5 months ago

    R.I.P., Gene Wilder. That was one of your best performances, if not THE BEST.

  • May J
    May J 5 months ago

    that mummy movie is not the same movie ,'The Mummy', its a different movie

  • Joshua Chassereau
    Joshua Chassereau 5 months ago

    I really am the only person who enjoyed the Elm St remake

  • ArtofMore
    ArtofMore 5 months ago +2

    Uhh...Dan Ackroyd's reaction to Ghostbusters 2016?

  • Joseph Howard
    Joseph Howard 5 months ago

    Gene Wilder will always be Willy Wonka.

  • Rude Mothafucking Boy
    Rude Mothafucking Boy 5 months ago

    Evil Dead. One of the best remakes.

  • francisco magana
    francisco magana 5 months ago

    I agree totally with the actor's and director's opinion on remakes.....if it ain't broke don't fix it. But, then again, when you lack imagination....if you don't steal other people's can no longer produce anything. Case and point.... Hollywood is loosing whatever little imagination it has left. Probably why now, artificial intelligence is being embraced by those without minds of their own.

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams 5 months ago +1

    Can there be a spoiler alert before seeing our nostalgic movie stars looking so old 👀

  • Mortimer Fort
    Mortimer Fort 5 months ago

    Ronald Dahl would have loved the original he hated the original movie

  • muskatDR
    muskatDR 5 months ago

    Most of these movies seems to range from universally hated to meh so no surprise there

  • codzydee
    codzydee 5 months ago

    yes they should of left nutty proffesor alone classic movie love eddie murphy but..........naaah i didnt like it

  • Kris Freouf
    Kris Freouf 5 months ago

    The funny thing is Brendan Fraiser's The Mummy is a remake lol

  • Sarah Mervine
    Sarah Mervine 5 months ago

    If john Wayne was still alive im sure he would have a few chose words about the remake of true grit

  • Mr.native 2033
    Mr.native 2033 5 months ago

    And here comes Lion king 2019 and everybody pray for god don’t make that movie suck as

  • Megan Savage
    Megan Savage 5 months ago


  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 5 months ago

    Alot of remakes suck

  • Ashlei Paginton
    Ashlei Paginton 5 months ago

    No offence to Wilder but Burton's adaptation was truer to the books even if it did leave no room for the sequel.

  • Roberto Torres
    Roberto Torres 5 months ago


  • Pat X
    Pat X 5 months ago

    Beauty and the beast from Christophe Gans , in 2014. i would never imagine myself liking it , i was wrong it was adapted not from Disney version but from the first modern adaptation of the story from Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve . for me it was de best BatB ever .

    • aj pat
      aj pat 5 months ago

      @Pat X Good that you got the point, mate.

    • Pat X
      Pat X 5 months ago

      ok ok you win i wont argue on youtube about if a movie is better than an other , since it s all about the viewer taste . now il go talk to my tea cup and a candle about this.....

    • aj pat
      aj pat 5 months ago

      The 2014 French version was terrible. The 2017 Disney live-action version was remarkably much better.

  • AJTheWizard
    AJTheWizard 5 months ago

    It is a tradgedy, because remakes, as an idea are not bad. What IS bad, is that money drives the system and whether you like it or not, you're going to watch it, just to be sure. THAT is the problem :D

  • Antonio Botello
    Antonio Botello 5 months ago

    I like OCEAN'S 11, I saw the original and the remake.
    The 1960's didn't make a whole lot of sense compared to 2001's remake, well it made plenty of sense in all directions.

  • JP
    JP 5 months ago

    I grew up to willie Wonka and the chocolate factory one of my favorite movies as a kid then watched the remake and since I was older I found it very boring and dry and I almost felt it was like watching a horror movie for little kids in my opinion the only good thing was johnny depps characters his acting was good, but terrible story, terrible lines, terrible characters making all the oompa loompa's the same actor bad idea, just an awful movie

  • Kit E. Katz
    Kit E. Katz 5 months ago

    I had no idea there were remakes to most of these movies, except Beauty and The Beast which was awful, the animated version was so much better.
    Oh yeah, The Nutty Professor and Willy Wonka. These should NEVER have been remade.

  • MastaSmack
    MastaSmack 5 months ago

    Perhaps this is all some sort of lesson, that history repeats itself or something.

  • Ryan Nu
    Ryan Nu 5 months ago

    The Robocop reboot was decent but yeah very depressing

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 5 months ago

    Robocop and Nightmare on Elm Street should be as untouchable as ET, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones and Jaws as far as remakes go.

  • Mateusz Marciniak
    Mateusz Marciniak 5 months ago

    You know, maybe you should include actually good remakes on this list?

  • abartons2
    abartons2 5 months ago

    Why didn’t they compare The Day the Earth Stood Still?

  • Adam Lemus
    Adam Lemus 5 months ago

    I know this isn’t a popular opinion but I never bout the anti-consumerism crap from The Dawn on the Dead.
    It always seemed like it thought it was a lot smarter then it actually was. So when Zack Snyder remade it into a dumb action movie I didn’t mind it because it wasn’t trying to be something it isn’t.

  • nintendo1980
    nintendo1980 5 months ago

    On number #6 you can add Paige O'Hara to that too, I asked her at Comic-Con if she though Emma Watson was garbage and tarnished her role as Belle and she agreed.

  • Mayloni Minchew
    Mayloni Minchew 5 months ago

    I agree with Brendan Fraser and Christopher Lee and Gene Wilder... their movies are perfect...They should have never been touched.. Only admired.

  • jrbisc99
    jrbisc99 5 months ago

    The new nutty professor makes the old one irrelevant.

  • jrbisc99
    jrbisc99 5 months ago

    RoboCop wasn't exactly a masterpiece haha who cares if they remake it

  • Debo4735 X
    Debo4735 X 5 months ago

    I love both Nutty Professors, but Murphy's made me laugh my ass off. Lewis's have me a cooler Buddy Love.

  • rocknroller1986
    rocknroller1986 5 months ago +1

    Footloose and Ghostbusters remake are awful.

  • Benjamin Churcher
    Benjamin Churcher 5 months ago

    Who the hell is Brendan Frasier? How hard is it to say the name "Fraser"? Arent you a trained voice over person? It's all of two syllables.

  • jfliguy
    jfliguy 5 months ago

    I honestly forgot there was a remake of Fame. It must have really sucked

  • LostDutchman
    LostDutchman 5 months ago

    Wait, wasn't Michael Caine in a Batman remake?

  • LostDutchman
    LostDutchman 5 months ago

    Jackie Earl Haley is a terrific actor. he was wasted portraying Freddie Kruger. He could have easily been given a new killer and made a franchise out of it with the right writers.

  • bryan allan abian
    bryan allan abian 5 months ago

    There's only one Rick for me. Brendan come BACK!

  • Nebby Scumbold
    Nebby Scumbold 5 months ago

    This is how it is: ALL remakes bomb.

    • aj pat
      aj pat 5 months ago

      Not every remakes bombed. Some succeeded such as A Star is Born and True Grit.

  • sallyjosie
    sallyjosie 5 months ago +1

    And sadly Hollow-weird doesn't get it! While there are a few morons who like any old crap coming out of the rear-ends of pathetic, talentless hack writers, MOST OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC CAN'T STAND THE SJW CRAP! It's an automatic turn-off for the majority of people outside the far-left imbeciles in NY & CA! Yet those half-wits in the movie business are such megalomaniacs that they actually think their shitty little movies are actually going to change people's minds. They don't! The majority are just a waste of film! And the box office receipts back my opinion up.

  • sallyjosie
    sallyjosie 5 months ago +1

    I don't bother watching the remakes because 99% of them suck shit! They're stupidly made and there's usually crappy acting and a horseshit storyline.
    The originals are usually three times better.
    And as far as 'The Nutty Professor" is concerned maybe Nicki Swift should do more research.
    (cutting and pasting from The Nutty Professor IMDB:
    Jerry Lewis ... executive producer
    So I think generally he was okay with the movie.

  • schizoidboy
    schizoidboy 5 months ago

    I see a trend here and I think a lot of people see it too. Hollywood is remaking things far more then they should and so nothing is fresh, innovative, or groundbreaking. I agree with the people in this video, if something was good the first time around why remake it. Remake something that was not so good, give that a new coat of paint if not an overhaul; don't take a classic or something that was good in the first place. In many cases they just make things worse.

  • winston smith
    winston smith 5 months ago

    Remake the Watermelon Man and get Robert Downey Jr. to play the lead role.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 5 months ago

    Lol Jerry Lewis produce the remake He was all for it in the beginning

  • Amanda Huginkiss
    Amanda Huginkiss 5 months ago

    Johnny Depp is the most over-rated actor in the world. Lets ad the Lone Ranger to the list even though it was a remake of the TV series. One of the worst movies ever and mostly because Depp was so horrible in it.
    If Depp could just try and act normally instead of trying one of his stupid over the top characters he would be better.

  • Sean Smith
    Sean Smith 5 months ago

    Robocop remake was complete trash, it was unnecessary. While I am on that subject Footloose remake sucked as well. Also, you forgot Miami Vice, the Tv show should have never been remade into a movie.

  • Diesel Tha Phoenix
    Diesel Tha Phoenix 5 months ago

    Gene Wilder said it perfectly. Love Johnny Depp, hate the remake

  • Pernection
    Pernection 5 months ago

    Wild Wild West tv show actor didn't like the idea of Will Smith playing his role

  • Dyteria Swinson
    Dyteria Swinson 5 months ago

    Im on record i didn't hate Freddy Kruger's new actor just the film feel to captured.

  • Jonathan Dimmick
    Jonathan Dimmick 5 months ago

    If they ever got stupid and remade jaws or the godfather id stop watching movies all together dont touch a classic

  • KT Bon
    KT Bon 5 months ago

    Angela Lansbury was fantastic in The Manchurian Candidate. The remake with Schreiber, Streep, and Washington was bad. The new Beauty and the Beast was also bad.

  • Bill Allmon
    Bill Allmon 5 months ago

    Why make a remake in the first place

  • Bill Allmon
    Bill Allmon 5 months ago

    I want to see the original nutty professor the day the earth stood still and war of the world you never see em anymore

  • MrPleers
    MrPleers 5 months ago +3

    The original The nutty professor is still the best. I used to watch that movie every newyears eve when I was a kid. Never gets old.

  • jermed2001
    jermed2001 5 months ago

    I was rewatching original "The Mummy" marathon on Christmas Eve (only the two though I like). What a great thrill ride! I love those movies, I hope they leave the series alone. For good this time.

  • mark Moynihan
    mark Moynihan 5 months ago

    I met Alex Vincent and Christine Elise and they said they hated the remake of Child's Play

  • Robert J. Williamson
    Robert J. Williamson 5 months ago

    There is a great difference between a 'remake,' and a new adaptation of a novel. Both 'The Manchurian Candidate' and 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' are adaptations so should not be in the list.

  • M ....
    M .... 5 months ago +1

    Cool, I thought I was the only one who didn't care for the dawn of the dead remake.

  • jason adams
    jason adams 5 months ago +1

    all the movies in this did not need to be remade they were perfect in every way

  • Danny R
    Danny R 5 months ago

    There is room for remakes in Hollywood, with some better or iconic than their originals. Look at Steven Soderbergh's _'Ocean Eleven'_ John Carpenter's _'The Thing'_ Brian De Palmer's _'Scarface'_ or Michael Mann remake of _'L.A Takedown'_ with Pacino and De Niro renamed _'Heat'_