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THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman Movie HD
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Comments • 7 943

  • O'NeillVols
    O'NeillVols Hour ago

    Just remember D-Day,who saved your country from the Nazi!

  • Gladys Maddumba
    Gladys Maddumba 6 hours ago

    Do you really need to do this?? A remake?? The “Intouchable” CAN. NEVER.BE.REPLACED!!!
    Other self: oh fvck, i’m still gonna watch this anyway...

    • Marna Anthoniussen
      Marna Anthoniussen 3 hours ago

      and tell me, is the ''tom&jerry'' note in there ? if not, im not watching

  • MedusasKimono
    MedusasKimono 12 hours ago

    The intouchables one of my favourite movies... and then I saw this trailer...

  • Harry Goldberg
    Harry Goldberg 20 hours ago

    Nicole Kidman etal should be embarrassed that they made this movie. How about showing a little style/ethics? A blatant abuse of the Untouchables. Is this what America has become?

  • phanindher jpgen
    phanindher jpgen 21 hour ago


  • Jennifer Orellana
    Jennifer Orellana 21 hour ago

    Why wasn’t this film an Oscar winner ? It’s the best movie ,also Christopher Robin should have won too

  • Adrien Leblanc
    Adrien Leblanc Day ago

    Hey guys, it's not a plagarism, but just a remake.
    There are a lot of movies that have been done and redone. Me who am French, I see it as an honor that this film is open to the international public. So just calm down it's just a remake.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    Hey, atleast this version has its own Heisenberg.

  • sailesh ram
    sailesh ram Day ago

    Indian version is 30x better even than the original one. More insightful

  • Joseph Corcoran
    Joseph Corcoran 2 days ago

    What a rip off the intouchables - just why??

  • Matthieu Hoarau
    Matthieu Hoarau 2 days ago

    When Intouchables came out, americans criticized the movie because they said seeing a black man in the service of a white man was offensive. They said it was a racist movie. And now they made a remake --____--
    Bitch seriously ?

  • ImagoMagus
    ImagoMagus 2 days ago

    I really gave this one a chance. Couldn't get past 30 minutes. It was boring and humorless. Unlike Omar Sy, Hart has absolutely no charm or carisma.

  • sx SALTZ
    sx SALTZ 2 days ago

    the french movie is amazing why did they do this? and with kevin hart...

  • p sjeweet
    p sjeweet 3 days ago

    They fucked up one off the greatest movies

  • ibaxmamamy
    ibaxmamamy 3 days ago

    the original one (french one) of OMAR SY and François Cluzet is muuuch mooooorrreee better..... "Intouchable" !!!!

  • Edina Caso
    Edina Caso 3 days ago

    This movie is not necessary, nothing beats the original... sorry it's a no from me...

  • Femi Oladosu
    Femi Oladosu 3 days ago

    Walk The Moon

  • SrananKing
    SrananKing 4 days ago

    Why tf is Kevin Hart in every movie. Should've cast Michael B. Jordan.

  • camila rabia
    camila rabia 4 days ago

    Guys everyone’s saying Untouchable is better but come they try to remake it a little better and if y’all don’t like it don’t watch it simple

  • Stampson Junior
    Stampson Junior 4 days ago

    Man, I don't know... The world probably doesn't need exactly the same movie, but maaaan, Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston - such a duo, god
    And I'm not even american to defend this movie.. And yeah, I LOOOved original Intouchable

  • ashishmehra5143
    ashishmehra5143 4 days ago

    Feels like I have already seena French version.

  • Razz
    Razz 4 days ago +1

    alot of people are being negative about this movie. its not the movie you should look at. its the story they are trying to tell. its not an improvement of the movie intouchables. its another movie created from the same story.

  • josh noneyo
    josh noneyo 4 days ago +4

    Screw the original one, this was an awesome movie.

  • antoine gh
    antoine gh 4 days ago

    Hi amercans, im french. Just one thing dont watch this movie and go watch ' intouchables' in American langage if you can

  • Xeno
    Xeno 5 days ago

    Why did the make this?

  • The Sim Sinner
    The Sim Sinner 5 days ago


  • Mark Quinn
    Mark Quinn 5 days ago

    Terrible trailer. For v v bored people. See original or don't bother.

  • Sillieres Baptiste
    Sillieres Baptiste 6 days ago

    I am french and at the opposite of you guys, i am glad that such a good actors are acting in a american version, and the trailer looks good, they did some new interesting scenes too.

  • Geroolt of Roovia
    Geroolt of Roovia 6 days ago +1

    I'm French and this looks fine tbh, why are you all hating on it so much. Calm down

  • Andrade Anita
    Andrade Anita 6 days ago +5

    No! Never remake intouchable! Ever!

  • 311Hanel
    311Hanel 6 days ago

    Kevin Hart did this movie already, it was called Get Hard with Will Ferrell... He's basically helping white guys with disabilities this one is quadriplegic and the other was stupid

  • jamPrinny11
    jamPrinny11 6 days ago +8

    The reason why hollywood does this is because not everyone watches foreign films

  • Rick Kille
    Rick Kille 7 days ago +1

    Original movie (Intouchables)was hellacious
    This look awful

  • nilou akbarzada
    nilou akbarzada 7 days ago

    French one is much more betterrrrrrr....

  • MultiDesignGuy
    MultiDesignGuy 7 days ago a thousand times no...🙄🙄🙄

  • mr.nachoman96
    mr.nachoman96 7 days ago

    America remaking another European film
    Death at a funeral the US version wasn’t fun...
    Now this film would not be as charming as the original.

    GDR JUV 7 days ago +1

    it's 2017 not 2019

  • Pyro Jaeger
    Pyro Jaeger 8 days ago

    Pretty cheap.....

  • Prabha Karan
    Prabha Karan 9 days ago

    There you go! Indians remade this in all 300 languages and now it is American’s term to touch the intouchable.

  • Steve Jarvis
    Steve Jarvis 9 days ago

    I watched this movie and loved it. I know there was a better version out there from all the comments but if not for this one or the comments, I would not have found out about it or the original. The story is amazing and being based on a true to life story it gives hope for many.

  • DarkPe dobear
    DarkPe dobear 10 days ago +1

    Wtf are those transitions was it edited on windows movie maker or what
    this movie looks like a ripoff

  • Shocker_Tuning Reviews

    The French version sucks an is gay move on cry baby’s this ones better

  • soso free
    soso free 10 days ago

    the french movie intouchable i bet is way better than this one ,,,mimicerssssss

  • mig san
    mig san 11 days ago

    Wtf no, not Kevin heart

  • Benjamin Bonnet
    Benjamin Bonnet 12 days ago

    Intouchable is better this remake are bulshit

  • hiphoprocks0403
    hiphoprocks0403 12 days ago

    okay everyone...we get it's taken from a different country...same movie....tell the world something new...can't you still enjoy it?....maybe not...

  • Emre Cakir
    Emre Cakir 12 days ago

    Blatant intouchable 101...

  • Haider alaa
    Haider alaa 12 days ago


  • SoleDontPanik tinifu
    SoleDontPanik tinifu 12 days ago +1

    Good movie... wasn't expecting it to be

  • Butterfly Massacre
    Butterfly Massacre 12 days ago

    the original much better movie

  • Luce pg
    Luce pg 12 days ago

    This Shit is incredible. Only Hollywood can Copy of a Film, make it bad and earn Credits dir that. You ciddin me? I have noch words to describe how fucking stupid this is. Just watch the original. Thats a really good Film compared to this Shit. I really liked Kevin Heart and Bryan cranston but they are Just shitheads running after Money. If the original was really old, I would Unserstand the Remake nur they can only make it worse. Its Just dumb

  • Magyar Hungarian -
    Magyar Hungarian - 13 days ago

    what a shit story !

  • Yung Mike_
    Yung Mike_ 13 days ago

    I haven’t even seen the movie yet n I could tell Kevin was tired of tht “PUSHIN SHIT.”

  • Poffo
    Poffo 13 days ago +1


  • Splendid Cookie
    Splendid Cookie 13 days ago

    French did it better

  • Dora Kertesz
    Dora Kertesz 14 days ago

    What the f*cking hell was that???? WHY? Who the hell had that great idea “oh, here is a good story, let’s mess it up, make some kind of sh*t...” okay, there was no sign, but DO NOT TOUCH!!!!

    DIZZY HIPPY 14 days ago

    wtf did i just look at. erase this movie from existance and lets all forget it even exists

  • Otho & Compagnie
    Otho & Compagnie 15 days ago

    WHY ?????????????????????????????????????? THIS IS BULLSHIT

  • Victory compulsory
    Victory compulsory 15 days ago

    There is a Tamil remake to this... 'Thoza'. It will make you cry. I swear, I know

  • Young Explorer
    Young Explorer 16 days ago +3

    The French did it better. This time ;-)

  • Yazmin Aquino
    Yazmin Aquino 16 days ago

    Como siempre holywood cagando las mejores películas

  • Don Workinson
    Don Workinson 16 days ago

    The Intouchables (2012) is one of my favorite movies. When I saw the Americans made a remake I wanted to hate it. But since Bryan Cranston is in it I thought I'll give it a shot. Didn't like seeing Kevin Hart in it but he did an amazing job. I thought he would basically be Kevin in it. But little Kev did great. Patrice would be proud. I mean after 2 min trashing even if he didn't say anything I feel like he would be proud of Kev. btw Original is still better but I like that they didnt just copy pasted it all

  • CrystallizeJelly
    CrystallizeJelly 16 days ago

    Feel good movie in a Feel bad time.

  • Earl Kyat
    Earl Kyat 16 days ago

    The movie was so good I was so concerned about the book after he told him the background of it but returning it back he took a cool calm collected and I was so impressed this time he did not judge a black person by the book .. good ass movie Kevin Hart need a Oscar for this one I'm serious

  • Aicha Tamerni
    Aicha Tamerni 17 days ago

    Here’s a dislike

  • Kostuch
    Kostuch 17 days ago

    copy of Intouchables.. bad copy..

  • Kimberley Suarez Orozco

    Mais massseee Intouchable est beaucoup mieux, aucune originalité ces gens pfff.
    Go watch the movie Intouchable if you want see a good movie

  • murphye
    murphye 17 days ago

    Calm down people, It’s all about money. As usual.

  • Alejandro Solano
    Alejandro Solano 17 days ago +3

    Intouchables has the best performance, Sorry but France did a better version and it was perfect!!

  • Emma Ryry
    Emma Ryry 18 days ago +1

    Vous n’êtes même pas à la hauteur du vrai intouchable!!! Et surtout moins marrant

  • truepersian405
    truepersian405 18 days ago

    Stupid Americans stealing shit again, thinking that they can make it better.

  • rafaela almeida
    rafaela almeida 18 days ago

    why am i embarassed by this? the original is sssssssssssssoooo much better

  • Abas Zaf
    Abas Zaf 18 days ago

    A strong pass from me even though I like both actors. Sorry but the french original one is and a billion times better

  • José Gómez R
    José Gómez R 19 days ago

    Ches Gringos cagando películas

  • Pauline
    Pauline 19 days ago +18

    when your friend gives you his homework but tells you to change it a little

    • You’rejustafreaklikeme
      You’rejustafreaklikeme 16 days ago

      Pauline Funny thing is that this is nothing like the french original, no beautiful music, shit acting, no emotional connection to the characters, just shitty slapstick comedy to make the dumb kids laugh at.

  • J
    J 19 days ago

    Intouchables is still much better even when i have to read the subtitle

  • Anja Williams
    Anja Williams 19 days ago

    why make a remake of one of the best movies ever made is beyond me! somethings just need to be left alone and this is one of those times Kevin heart or not!

  • Putra
    Putra 20 days ago


  • Anthony White
    Anthony White 20 days ago +11

    Intouchables is the best... CAN'T BEAT THE ORIGINAL .... Kevin Hart can't play it like Omar Sy !

  • Esskeetitt t
    Esskeetitt t 20 days ago +4

    There is a movie like this in tamil , named "thozha"

    • Louis That
      Louis That 16 days ago

      The french movie came out in 2011 so you know which one is original.

  • F dL
    F dL 20 days ago +1

    I enjoyed the French film, and this also made me laugh.
    FYI, it is the fourth remake of The Intouchables after the Indian films Beautiful and Oopiri, and the Argentinian film Inseparables.

    • Louis That
      Louis That 16 days ago

      There's one Tamil film called "thozha"

  • Ef Lee
    Ef Lee 20 days ago

    The actual movie wasn’t bad at all, I actually enjoyed it and it was heartwarming. This trailer makes it seem like such a shitty comedy. need to give credit to Bryan Cranston’s acting and the dynamic with Kevin hart.

  • UyLpO
    UyLpO 20 days ago +9

    A complete rip off of "Intouchables". Outraging.

  • Pablito
    Pablito 20 days ago

    Even though the French variant was better, I still believe this one got potential.......Who am I kidding, Intouchables ftw. Oh btw, It's a no from me.

  • NightKids2k
    NightKids2k 21 day ago

    kevin hart is one of the worst actors ever, you always feel that his "acting" is just fake.....

  • Lazar Velimirovic
    Lazar Velimirovic 21 day ago

    Heisenberg afterlife

  • GeEKsQUad123
    GeEKsQUad123 21 day ago

    Man....the the first one is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better! I love Kevin hart but he was just so bad at this one

  • mehdi kharbichi
    mehdi kharbichi 21 day ago

    intouchable is that youu emmmmm

  • Fuert Neigt
    Fuert Neigt 22 days ago

    This movie looks really stupid. The trailer was pure garbage. What is wrong with people who gave this a thumbsup.

  • davidtheguitarman
    davidtheguitarman 23 days ago

    This is just an awful mock. Sorry. They turn it into the classic american comedy.

  • SOAP
    SOAP 24 days ago

    Why is there a ferarri in this movie. I liked the grand tourismo in the other one

  • sazzy at6749
    sazzy at6749 24 days ago

    Another pathetic attempt of remaking incredible masterpieces...this does not even compare to intouchables

  • Marie Pinel
    Marie Pinel 24 days ago

    honnêtement... je sais pas si je dois être déçue que quelqu'un aie copié le concept d'un film français ou si je dois rire de la stupidité de ladite personne qui a pensé à cette idée.

  • TheToadley
    TheToadley 24 days ago

    Kevin Hart just should've taken the job.

  • Rana Alh
    Rana Alh 24 days ago

    The Intouchables is WAY BETTER. This is cheaply done.

  • Insta Feed
    Insta Feed 24 days ago +1

    I saw this same type of movie in tamil Thozha

  • Lulama Mkhize
    Lulama Mkhize 24 days ago

    This movie is more like "Me before you" for some reason...🤔

  • The Monkey
    The Monkey 24 days ago

    If you want to enjoy this beautiful real story please watch the original French version. But if you decided to watch a remake try with the Argentinian version, Rodrigo de la Serna made a wonderful job

  • Octavio Arreguin
    Octavio Arreguin 24 days ago

    I liked the movie it was pretty fun! But I love the original. It has a lot of heart.

  • Salah Eddine Ghamri
    Salah Eddine Ghamri 25 days ago

    I am just amazed to see a true story about an Algerian (arab) and a french handicaped man turned to be a black / White man story in America and France. Instead of paying tribute to Arabs and Muslims who need that the most we keep pushing them outside. Just for your info the black guy is originally an Algerian.