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  • Published on Jun 5, 2017
  • In the digital age, Emotional Fitness will be more critical than ever to the quality of our lives. It remains the most accurate predictor of success and happiness. This is because we experience the world emotionally - not cognitively. We make most major decisions based on how we feel - not what we think. And it is these feelings that guide the actions we take. Therefore our emotions determine the entire experience of our lives. The 3 emotions that drive and motivate us in life more than any other are: Love, Hate, and Fear. Being Emotionally Fit is to know what motivates you and to be in charge of how you feel. No matter what your challenges are it is the key to overcoming them, reaching your highest potential, and controlling the quality of your own life.
    Natasha Sharma is a Psychotherapist, TV/Media Personality, and “Doctor of Psychology” Candidate. She is also the author of The Kindness Journal, owner of NKS Therapy, and a Co-Founder of Rule Your Emotions.

    In 2007 Natasha walked away from her 6-figure salary job that "a million girls would kill for" to study psychology at Johns Hopkins. Since then, she has been devoted to inspiring and helping others to master emotional fitness, learn how to be happier, and live their most fulfilling lives, counselling thousands of individuals and couples.

    Natasha’s expert advice been featured frequently in the Media including The Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, The Huffington Post, Elle, Global News, and Breakfast Television.

    She is a regular contributor to the globally renowned Yummy Mummy Club, and frequently lends her expertise through collaborations with her other Alma Mater, McMaster University.

    As a seasoned Speaker, Natasha enjoys integrating her clinical knowledge with personal and meaningful stories that help people connect to the importance of mastering their emotions…and how to do it.

    For more information visit: www.thekindnessjournal.com, www.nkstherapy.com, and www.ruleyouremotions.com
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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  • Sue's Journey
    Sue's Journey 9 days ago +1

    Feeling unloved is soul crushing.. can we really feel happy without it? My gut says no.

    • CC's World AUSTRALIA
      CC's World AUSTRALIA 4 days ago

      Sue's Journey, i so agree, to be loved is primordial for our well being and health. take care xx

    • Natasha Keerti
      Natasha Keerti 7 days ago +1

      Sue's Journey - if you mean without love from yourself - to yourself, without conditions - then I agree. Feeling unloved is something every person has the power to avoid experiencing because no matter the circumstances, you can always choose to love yourself.

  • David Steele
    David Steele 2 months ago

    Great talk thanks Natasha

  • Julika7
    Julika7 2 months ago

    So, "negative emotions" aren't negativ, they are unpleasant but very valuable.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 2 months ago

      Julika7 yes and no. Healthy negative emotions are necessary and part of our growth process, therefore of value. Unhealthy negative emotions are not, in that they do not help our personal development and growth as humans - in fact they hinder it. Both types are usually unpleasant to experience. How to determine "healthy" versus "unhealthy" negative emotions (and minimize/control the latter) - could be another great TEDx topic if I am invited again.

  • Halar Ali
    Halar Ali 3 months ago

    Best One👍

  • Laura Brooks
    Laura Brooks 4 months ago +1

    Did I miss something? All this talk about not being ruled by your emotions and just saying Be Brave. Honey, I think its a little more complicated than that. Not everyone has mommy and daddy to go home to. How about some suggestions for the rest of us in your next talk. Maybe you already have done this and I just haven't seen it. Anyways these are just my musings.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 2 months ago

      +rell man Absolutely. I couldn't agree more with your first few statements. What I mean is that we don't require romantic love in order to be happy. Just love. That being said, we are strongly hardwired to seek out romantic love (for a plethora of obvious reasons!). Being in a romantic relationship (a healthy one) can add a tremendous benefit to our lives, including increasing our immune functioning and even prolonging life (as well as making it much more enjoyable). My point is to encourage those who pressure themselves to "find someone" and feverishly try to do so (and there are a LOT who do this) to question themselves as to their reasons. Many believe that being in a romantic relationship will "make them happy." My point in the talk is that nothing external (including a spouse/partner) can make us happy - only we can do that for ourselves. Doing the loving (not being loved by others) is one thing in life that definitely gives us Confidence. But I believe it's the act of DOING the loving unto others... that is what brings about all of those positive emotions and the 'good life.' We can then choose to share our happiness with another happy content person. And most of us (myself included - married for nearly 8 years, and with 2 children) will. But it is better to be single, or to even distance oneself from a birth family, instead of being part of a dysfunctional relationships. An abusive, codependent relationship or family will not make us strong and confident, or bring stability. It will weaken us, and create instability. We need to have the patience, consciousness, and intention to choose the people in our lives carefully, and from the right mindset. Cheers! :)

    • rell man
      rell man 2 months ago

      Natasha Sharma You do need love. It makes life easier. Being bitter doesn’t help. That’s obvious. But to say you don’t need love doesn’t make sense. Life is hard. No excuses. But society needs to promote love and nurture from everyone. We’re not all powerful. We’re human. Humans built society. Together. Family creates stability. Love gives confidence. Can you do these things alone. Of course. But be careful you might be promoting more selfishness and division instead of order and unity which brings out human happiness.

    • Peggy Harris
      Peggy Harris 3 months ago

      +Natasha Sharma ...thanks girlfriend!

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 3 months ago +2

      +Peggy Harris Thank you for your thoughtful reply. It seems as though you may have been dealt a tough hand with respect to family support. And so having that is your idea of luxury. That makes total sense to me. People we can count on, if we have them, is one of life's greatest assets. The thing is, I think there are things in life that don't look the way we hoped they would/think they are supposed to for all of us. Believe me... I have my share too, and although it doesn't involve my parents (who are pretty great), it involves other members within our family. Family is a difficult thing - we don't choose them. Nothing is promised to us in life; there is nothing we are "entitled" to. I encourage you to let go of the things you "didn't or won't have" in life, and instead, shift your focus to whatever it is that is good in your life. Even if it's one small thing each day. Be well.

    • Peggy Harris
      Peggy Harris 3 months ago +1

      +Natasha Sharma it's a good thing that I replied in the manner I did; it's a reflection of what others were thinking also.
      So many of us had talents, skills, hope...and no one cared. We were not cultivated or nurtured; a burden really.
      And so our envy bubbles up when we hear of 'saftey net'
      stories. I'm glad you expanded on your history...I'm still jealous of your parental backing and support. I enjoyed your reply and am encouraged that there are still loving, supportive parents in the world. Best to you and your mom and dad.
      (Its not about who paid for what: rent, tuition, food, etc.
      It's about having a place of sanctuary. A place of peace and loving familiarity to get through a storm. THAT'S A LUXURY)

  • Jasmin Willis
    Jasmin Willis 4 months ago

    Wow this was phenomenal ❤️

  • Peter Troy Macero
    Peter Troy Macero 5 months ago

    I am afraid of love and i hate it

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 4 months ago

      Hi Peter Troy Macero - How so? (if you don't mind sharing)

  • IVFChic
    IVFChic 5 months ago

    It's a fantastic talk... But where is the 'how'? Help!

  • Dominique Raymond
    Dominique Raymond 5 months ago

    Thank you. I am trying!

  • Andi Fern
    Andi Fern 6 months ago

    Wow amazing

  • Lilith LeVay Kjeldahl
    Lilith LeVay Kjeldahl 6 months ago

    Thanks Natasha. A very thought-provoking and highly relevant topic. Emotional intelligence is not something we are taught but I I wish I had been in the same way I was taught math and English.

  • Елена Сватковская

    Very impressive and very true! Thank you a lot! :)

  • Lizzie CB
    Lizzie CB 6 months ago

    When I lisend to this I had chills. Why because I realized a lot of things I was doing wrong. I’m probably still doing wrong but I at least know why I’m doing the things I do.

  • jolene weiss
    jolene weiss 6 months ago

    left after 31/2 minutes. When are you going to get to the point?

  • Brianna &Emoni
    Brianna &Emoni 7 months ago

    Zombie Anna good job making it with a real gentleman and I feel a slap on my video and I do and I feel yeah I know that's the sound on my drum all birthday

  • wim lammens
    wim lammens 7 months ago

    wonderfull talk, but I disagree when she says when don't need to be connected(solitude kills) especially connections with our parents and children are VERY important and very few people will be happy if these connections are very poor or unfullfilling. 35.000 decisions per day, 36.000 seconds = 10 hours

  • Faust & Talos
    Faust & Talos 7 months ago

    And where is the advice on how to do that?

  • hella kawaii
    hella kawaii 7 months ago

    i originally clicked on this, because i thought it was going to emphasize the importance of intuition in decision making

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 7 months ago

      You're welcome! :)

    • hella kawaii
      hella kawaii 7 months ago

      thank you, also, for your enlightening response

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 7 months ago +1

      Hi tmi 420. Intuition is, in fact, largely an emotional experience. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary: "Knowledge from an ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts. Views, understandings, judgements, or beliefs that we cannot in every case empirically verify or rationally justify." Intuition is a very important and meaningful concept in making some of our decisions. Thank you for integrating it into the dialogue!

  • QTee
    QTee 7 months ago

    and for such a thing.... why does so much about me matter?

  • ShenkelMcDoo
    ShenkelMcDoo 7 months ago

    Wow this is eerie....Everything she talked about at 11:50-13:06 happened to me! I wrote in my journal about this a few days ago exactly the way she explained it and now I'm seeing it here! After college I hit my ultimate low. Growing up I was taught that emotions are a sign of weakness and we never got to talk about them. Anything I ever felt I would suppress. During my low point, I was severely depressed and crying all the time. I was so confused because I never felt so much emotion and I had no idea why this was happening or what to do about it.
    After about 2-3 years of feeling that I FINALLY, a few days ago, found out about who I am and what my needs are. Just like she said, I wrote down in my journal how I suddenly felt confident, hopeful, and excited about my future. Guys I am a new person. Seriously just take time for yourself and feel things out. For me, it was music and films that helped me really zero in on myself. I listened to sad music and watched artsy movies and then I was able to understand what I was feeling and what it said about me. I was honest with myself and finally accepted my emotions as NORMAL and OKAY. When I was able to do that, everything suddenly became clear!
    Okay that's enough with my testimonial. I really hope you guys can learn from your emotions and let them guide you towards a better future!

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 7 months ago

      ShenkelMcDoo thanks so much for sharing your personal story. I think it is the story for many, at one point or more in their lives, one so many can relate to. I'm so glad that you did! :)

  • Eileen Welzel
    Eileen Welzel 7 months ago

    these talks save me

  • zak edelman
    zak edelman 7 months ago

    Amazing thank you lots

  • Micka Datwist
    Micka Datwist 7 months ago +2

    no...as I get older my life gets simpler and more problem free. Never been happier

  • Protectobot
    Protectobot 8 months ago

    I agree COMPLETELY. Although I often distrust my own instincts, I will often err on the side of a basic survival instinct when it comes to work and earning money. It's easier for me to change my thoughts than my feelings. When I receive a new piece of information about a situation, even supposed 'facts' don't always seem believable to me: especially if they're based on probability. They can counter my current feelings about something that scares me in life, but I often hold out for more evidence to support the most recent information I have received. I try to be practical as much as possible, in terms of self-awareness when it comes to my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. I HATE taking risks a lot of the time, and not just because I worry about making huge mistakes that I feel should have been easily avoided--that could hurt me as well as others--but because I feel that, by taking one risk, I'm missing out on another opportunity, such as a job that fits me better. I try to minimize the roles of 'good luck' and 'good timing' in my professional life.

    • Protectobot
      Protectobot 7 months ago

      Well lol, I guess the obvious mistakes would be the ones we're not aware we did until perhaps a later time (I'm trying to remember what I was thinking about when I posted that comment, btw! HAHA). I know what you mean about trying to learn and grow from our mistakes. It's too bad we can't have a 'do-over' every time there is an unfortunate outcome from making a mistake, but that's risk for ya. Cheers from a self-aware U.S. American :)

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 7 months ago

      Thanks for sharing Protectobot! It's insightful of you to self-reflect in this way, no matter your strengths AND weakness (we all have both). I believe that by definition there are no actual 'mistakes' , at least not the way we define it. Mistakes are simply choices, either to achieve a certain purpose or goal, or on account of acting out due to emotional weakness or ego. We all make them, and will until the end of time. Don't be afraid of them: Many of the best opportunities for personal growth occur within our "mistakes." :) Cheers, and have a wonderful day.

  • Marangelli Ramos
    Marangelli Ramos 8 months ago

    Excellent! ❤️

  • Jane Flynn
    Jane Flynn 8 months ago


  • Fienie Vidi Vici
    Fienie Vidi Vici 8 months ago

    Loved this talk! ❤

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 7 months ago

      So glad you did Fienie Vidi Vici! :-) Thank you for giving me your precious time.

  • 花梧栢
    花梧栢 8 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Jai Lane
    Jai Lane 9 months ago

    "emotional fit"
    "you cant think your way out of fear, you have to act your way out" ...

  • Shameem Bunsie
    Shameem Bunsie 9 months ago


  • Rick James
    Rick James 9 months ago

    she thick, i like, but her face is like a dog

  • Curtis King
    Curtis King 10 months ago

    1/Be mindful that there are people who are driven,not by the need to be loved,but by love!
    2/Fear is an emotion that drives reaction
    3/Linking fear with hate is too general a statement.
    People may hate the fact that they have an irrational fear,what is called a phobias.
    Refusing to admit or face that fear, usually leads to the rationalisation of that emotion as hate.
    "I hate flying" does not really mean that fear of flying has morphed into hatred of flying!

  • Mahrukh D
    Mahrukh D Year ago

    Thank you Natasha this was great!

  • Kaylynn Clarke
    Kaylynn Clarke Year ago +1

    Great though, but humans are social creatures and we literally do need someone to love us

  • Maria Bowles
    Maria Bowles Year ago +11

    Everyone needs love and connection. No matter how hard it may be to accept. And the world would be a better place if we have the courage to be vulnerable enough to accept it. Many times if we have been hurt it's hard to open up to people, but it's worth it.

  • InDenise Mind
    InDenise Mind Year ago

    Sitting alone with my thoughts is dangerous

  • pnovaone
    pnovaone Year ago

    I think what she says is important, but I believe we're here to learn to experience greater joy. And becoming emotionally adept is supposed to aid us in that.

  • Ronda S
    Ronda S Year ago

    I’m never going to wish I had cuddled a snake to get over the fear.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma 6 months ago

      Ronda S lol! But you don't need to cuddle (or even be near) snakes or have the desire to do so, I am guessing. You only need to ACT on things you wish to integrate into your life or start doing, but where fear is holding you back. Cheers! :)

  • ThisIsRusko
    ThisIsRusko Year ago

    this is amazing!!!

  • Rebecca de Gail
    Rebecca de Gail Year ago +1

    Brilliant watch though I would adapt her 3 emotions theory to say that there is really only 2, as I have always believed that hate comes from fear so, really only 2 emotions, love and fear. Dr Gerald Jampolsky Love is letting go of fear

  • Alina Befu
    Alina Befu Year ago +2

    She contradicts herself everytime when she says: “We have this idea on our mind...”, “I think...”, “I believe...”, “ If we understand that...”, “ Let go of the idea...”.
    All this are thoughts/beliefs. Thoughts are connected to emotions/feelings.

    • Alina Befu
      Alina Befu Year ago +1

      Hi Natasha, thank you for answering! I will have to disagree with you because when it comes to choices and actions not everyone does that based on there emotions, some people do that according to there rational thinking.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +1

      Hi Alina Befu - you're quite right. Emotions are (in part) created by how we interpret things. We are usually less skilled, however, at being aware of our thought process (on all levels), and more skillful in identifying what we feel. In addition, at times what we feel may be in contradiction to conscious thoughts. In the end, our emotions (however they are created) will determine our choices and course of action. So it's best we ensure those emotions are created rationally, strongly, and with confidence (this is the main point of my talk). Thanks for watching!

  • Musa Deo
    Musa Deo Year ago


  • Jacob Rhodes
    Jacob Rhodes Year ago +7

    I know what many people don't realize and that is intelligence is linked to
    emotional intensity. The more intelligent someone is, in general the
    more emotional they are. Not always, but a lot of the time.

    • Eyeless Jack
      Eyeless Jack Month ago

      +Елена Сватковская I assume what Jacob thought is that the more intelligent (including your reasoning skills; not your studying degrees) one is, all the more easier it can be for him or her to see what's really important for the human world.. and that, more often than not, will be emotions. Emotions are the reason for *everything* around us.

    • Елена Сватковская
      Елена Сватковская 6 months ago +1

      Hmm, how did you come to that decision?

  • winnie kemunto
    winnie kemunto Year ago

    great sentiments..

  • Jason Owens
    Jason Owens Year ago +1

    Natasha, I think that rosieposy8 makes a great point. You've just given the perfect opener for a 3-week Emotional Fitness Bootcamp! Where can I sign up? :)

  • Ann Smith
    Ann Smith Year ago

    Yeah I don't want my emotions. I basically cry almost every week because of them and the problems aren't that big but I still cry.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago

      Hi Ann Smith. Pretty hard not to have 'em though, am I right? Especially when they're unwanted - it's when we notice them even more. I'm sorry you're going through a difficult time if this is the case. Wishing you peace.

  • afemzy
    afemzy Year ago +4

    Great talk. One question: it's easy to tell people to let go of stuff but how do people get closure? Look at what happens when someone is convicted of a crime, people feel the need to expose them as a wrongdoer to the world and it helps when justice is served. If people wrong you all the time and makes you worse of, it's probably better to advice them to forgive but never put themselves in a position be hurt again. It always helps if you can become better rather bitter but you need to take practical steps to achieve that, it's not easy to just say let go. Fantastic insight in this talk, more of it please.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +2

      Forgiveness and deciding to stay close with someone are two separate choices afemzy. You can forgive, and decide to stay in a relationship with the person, but in other cases decide you no longer want a relationship with the person who caused you hurt. Just because you forgive something, doesn't mean you have to stay close with someone - or in a relationship with them at all. You can forgive (i.e. accept that you were hurt and no longer feel angry) and at the same time decide to stop knowing someone IF that's best for you.

    • afemzy
      afemzy Year ago +1

      Natasha Sharma Thanks for the in-depth reply, judging by the comments here, people want a Part Two. Again, it shows you're worth your salt as a professional and you know what you are talking about. Thanks for explaining further about forgiveness, letting go and moving on. It is true that most times in looking for closure, we want the perpetrator to acknowledge the wrongdoing and offer a worthwhile apology. I however feel like if we're letting go and forgiving the situation but remain closely attached to the same person without letting go of them, we remain susceptible to painful flashbacks and possibly more hurt because it is business as usual for the person doing the hurting. It is probably easier to move on with the benefit of time and distance. Thanks again for replying, I wouldn't expect a thread developing from this but I just thought to comment. Thank you.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +4

      Thanks for your comment afemzy - you raise a very important subject: That of Closure. So many look for it following events that are unpleasant (i.e. breakups, being treated a certain way, etc.) What exactly does it mean to you? To anyone? Most often and in my experience, it usually looks like 1) Seeking to understand WHY something happened, or somebody did something; 2) Seeking someone to recognize and acknowledge their behavior; or 3) Seeking an outright apology from someone. I think the concept of Closure is an unhealthy one - the idea is to be able to not REQUIRE closure. This is because we may never get those things I mention above. It's nice if we do... certainly. But in many (if not most cases) we don't. So we have to teach ourselves to not NEED them - i.e. to not need Closure - in order to accept and move on. If at all, Closure lies within you through the process of forgiving the situation and letting it go. That doesn't mean you're ok with what happened - it just means you are through being angry. If people frequently treat you badly, you may need to examine why that is, and what role you may play in that. Through no fault of our own we all get hurt/treated badly once in awhile in life - it's part of the experience. But if it's happening all the time, you may be making some poor decisions about who you hang around with, the quality of the boundaries you set with others, and how you continue to let others treat you. I hope this is helpful. Thank you for watching and your kind words!!

  • Bill Carson
    Bill Carson Year ago +2

    i don't think love and hate are emotions but states of being. Anger and blaming rage can be associated with hate and joy could be associated with love.

  • MOBK
    MOBK Year ago +11

    Even if you fall flat on your face its better to try and see if it will work out than to live in fear and with the weighty regret of not even trying.... Don't let fear stifle your dreams, let love propel them into your reality. Thank you Natasha

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago

      Wonderful sentiment MOBK. Thank YOU and be great!

  • Just Rose
    Just Rose Year ago +1

    loved it

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago

      Thanks Just Rose! So glad you connected with it!

  • Ian Lambert
    Ian Lambert Year ago +1

    Wow loved it

  • Joceline Diaz
    Joceline Diaz Year ago +1

    Thank you Natasha Sharma! This was such a beautiful, brilliant, and necessary lesson to learn!
    With appreciation,
    Joceline J. Diaz

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago

      Wow, thank you Joceline Diaz! I'm so glad you connected to it. It's really just the tip of the iceberg. Be great!

  • Chandrika Kambalur
    Chandrika Kambalur Year ago +7

    Beautiful talk. This was amazing. Please come up with more of these kind. This was really short.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago

      Thank you Chandrika Kambalur, so glad you enjoyed it. If you head over to my Channel you'll see many more of these, now and more to come soon. Stay tuned, and stay awesome! :-)

  • Violet Moon
    Violet Moon Year ago +2

    this is the best talk ever! thank you so much. I'm in my 40's &soul searching this really helped :)

    • Violet Moon
      Violet Moon Year ago +1

      Natasha Sharma thank you this made my day:) sending positive vibes from Australia

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +2

      Thanks Huey St Claire - so glad you enjoyed it! Stay awesome! :-)

  • Luna L
    Luna L Year ago +25

    "love, hate and fear will drive your decisions more than any other emotion"

  • Lady Rosalune
    Lady Rosalune Year ago +5

    Thank you for this video. I've been working hard for around six months now to try to take control of my emotional health. Mandy Saligari also has a really good video about this topic that I could relate to more than I wanted. I know I have trouble advocating for myself and even recognizing that my feelings have value. I've been trying to learn to take care of myself, but it's a difficult thing to learn after two decades of intentionally sacrificing my own emotions to try to cater to others'. Anyway, thank you again for the video and I look forward to the follow-up.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +2

      You're so welcome Lady Rosalune! It's very true what you say. I can understand why self-care and self-advocation has been tough for you, because we are taught to be either Selfless or Selfish in this world. Both are unhealthy states of being: In the 1st all you do is Take, and in the 2nd all you do is Give. What we really need to be taught is how to be Self-Interested, a balance between the two. I'm glad you enjoyed this talk. Feel free to head over to my channel, where we are doing a rebrand and relaunch. Follow up videos to come very soon, on these very topics. Thanks for watching and be great! :-)

  • Dan Elleson
    Dan Elleson Year ago +1

    Bang on point

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago

      Thank you Dan Elleson. So glad you enjoyed this! Have a great weekend! :-)

  • Charles Davidson
    Charles Davidson Year ago +6

    the question imho was never answered as per the talk title. it seems to me that emotions are a result of what we think. and our values cause what we think. e.g., if you are a pessimist. you may experience fear. an optimist would see opportunities. if you know your own worth, you'll know that mature love that includes self-worth, caring , responsibility, understanding, respect, will enable you to appreciate who you are and your life. and, the relationships with yourself and others that ensue, are what is value.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +2

      Thanks for your comments CharlesDavidson! I agree, our core beliefs and values shape our perception and 'lens' of the world, which in turn determine many of our emotional experiences. But it is the emotions we are most in touch with and aware of, and the ones which we remember when we reflect back on our lives - how we felt/feel, not what we thought/think. We tend to believe that we go through a rational process when we make decisions, but in fact most major decisions are not based on rational thinking, but on how we feel. A perfect example of this would be a typical decision-making process for where to live. I'm glad this Talk was stimulating for you! :-)

  • MayaTheColdplayer
    MayaTheColdplayer Year ago +2

    Great talk. Thanks for the insight.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +1

      Thanks MayaTheColdplayer; I'm so glad you found it informative! :-)

  • macaloow
    macaloow Year ago +7

    This is educational. Why so short?!

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +6

      Thanks macaloow - I'm glad you enjoyed it. TED Talks are limited to 12-18 minutes in duration. The response has been so positive to the talk however that I'll be creating a follow-up video. Stay tuned, and thanks for watching!

  • Nika Johnson
    Nika Johnson Year ago +1

  • Stephen Treanor
    Stephen Treanor Year ago +7

    This is such a fucking a great video especially when you speak about how fear or how scared I am rules my/yours/our life's. Thank you so much for this. Xx

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +1

      You're so welcome Stephen Treanor! I'm glad my Talk could be of some help in understanding our motivations in life, and how to gain more control over personal freedom. :-)

  • Stephen Treanor
    Stephen Treanor Year ago +23

    I'm feeling so much fucking hatred and anger at the moment towards so many people because of what they've done and how they've abused me, however Im going to get through this I know I am I know I can do this!!! Xxx 😊

    • Kamel Guedd
      Kamel Guedd 3 months ago

      Are you ok now, hope you are.

    • pnovaone
      pnovaone Year ago

      Have you read the book 'A Boy Called It'?

  • Stephen Treanor
    Stephen Treanor Year ago

    There was alot of meditations on what not to do in the adverts.

  • Olamilekan Nuru
    Olamilekan Nuru Year ago +26

    Very timely video. I have been so depressed lately. Thanks.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +3

      Loving the love here. :) Interesting rlabarbera. I agree; thoughts are valuable, but can be fleeting and unreliable at times. Thanks for watching! :)

    • Olamilekan Nuru
      Olamilekan Nuru Year ago

      rlabarbera no, you made mine! We reflect who we are, so don't mention it! (:

    • Rita Labarbera
      Rita Labarbera Year ago +1

      Thanks Olamilekan!! You're so sweet and you made my day! ;)

    • Olamilekan Nuru
      Olamilekan Nuru Year ago

      rlabarbera thank you so much for your positivity! I wish you the best as well and that all your goodness is reciprocated, always! Especially whenever you need it the most! Thanks again (:

  • rosieposy8
    rosieposy8 Year ago +55

    This fascinating- but where is part two where we learn how to do this?

    • Shay Levy
      Shay Levy 8 days ago

      rosieposy8 self discovery

    • E Y
      E Y 17 days ago

      Very insightful. It is important to learn our emotion so they don’t control us. I believe it is also important to find a balance between your logical and emotional self.

    • Antny Holden
      Antny Holden 10 months ago

      Turn that frown upside down. Each victory is a step forward

  • ahmed saed
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    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago

      Thanks for watching clr filho. I'm grateful you enjoyed my talk!

  • Craig Zimmer
    Craig Zimmer Year ago +13

    Such a great talk.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +1

      Aw, thank YOU Bea M! So excited that my Talk sparked something in you! Be great! :-)

    • Bea M
      Bea M Year ago +2

      Natasha Sharma your talk has inspired me to stive for being emotionally lean 💜. Bravo! I really needed to hear this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Natasha Sharma
      Natasha Sharma Year ago +4

      Thank you! :) I'm so glad it's resonating. Would LOVE to hear from viewers - welcome all constructive feedback! :-)