SIDE CHICK PART2: Mr. Wale Carpenter

  • Published on Apr 17, 2018
  • When your best friend doubles as your husband's side-chick, what do you do? The adventure of Mr. Wale Carpenter.
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Comments • 755

  • Reneisha Rose
    Reneisha Rose 17 days ago


  • Alamu Wahab
    Alamu Wahab Month ago

    Beat up the girl with a bat

  • Careese Williams
    Careese Williams Month ago

    Throw the phone at him and start packing

  • Oreoluwa Akadiri
    Oreoluwa Akadiri 2 months ago +4

    The other friend is wicked sleeping with her best friend's husband

  • dieno buchati
    dieno buchati 2 months ago

    Divorce him

  • Alexios Jones-Thomas
    Alexios Jones-Thomas 3 months ago


  • Alexios Jones-Thomas
    Alexios Jones-Thomas 3 months ago

    beat him in the head with a metal rod

  • Hajia Rahina Musa
    Hajia Rahina Musa 3 months ago

    I tap dis out of my future husband in de name of Allah

  • Darsheen White
    Darsheen White 3 months ago

    Everyone that smiles in your face, is not your friend. It’s best to keep your circle very limited.

  • queen Amokeade
    queen Amokeade 3 months ago


  • Ruth Frank
    Ruth Frank 3 months ago

    Shot him a box first then pack his bags for him then it's time for him to kick rocks lol

  • Siphe mngoe
    Siphe mngoe 4 months ago +1


  • Kanye Msimang
    Kanye Msimang 4 months ago +1

    Bury him, you’re officially a widow 🤞🏾

  • kayanna salmon
    kayanna salmon 4 months ago

    She simply need
    to leave him

  • Cuttie Buhle Ndhlovu
    Cuttie Buhle Ndhlovu 5 months ago +1

    Don't trust a friend

  • Happiness Assah
    Happiness Assah 5 months ago

    just shut up

  • Élodie Tonies
    Élodie Tonies 5 months ago

    What's this song name💋❤

  • Dj Mavis
    Dj Mavis 5 months ago


  • Nampa Grace
    Nampa Grace 5 months ago +1

    I still stand not trust a man

  • Kerry Matthews
    Kerry Matthews 5 months ago

    I suggest that she kill him

  • Taylor Metoyer
    Taylor Metoyer 5 months ago +1

    See this is why I cut my best friend. I had my intuition this confirm so much

  • Adam eben
    Adam eben 5 months ago +2

    Pliz this ayele who sang it?

  • Tashanna Hinds
    Tashanna Hinds 5 months ago +1

    But why didnt she notice it before....i mean he obviously set his mom as my love to make his wife think hes not cheating and the wale carpenter thing is she answered the phone when his mom but she didnt answer the phone when the girl called wow AND SHE HER FRIEND

  • Dishenelle Burke
    Dishenelle Burke 5 months ago +1

    I would wave him

  • Aphine Mubita
    Aphine Mubita 5 months ago

    Never trust a man

  • Busisiwe Jaxa
    Busisiwe Jaxa 5 months ago

    Give him food full of laxatives

  • CoCo Lun
    CoCo Lun 5 months ago

    This is why I can’t trust bitches they are wicked🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Udeji Anthonia
    Udeji Anthonia 5 months ago


  • Mercy Mveree
    Mercy Mveree 5 months ago


  • SILAS Mk
    SILAS Mk 6 months ago

    The wife is smart

  • Celia Rolle
    Celia Rolle 6 months ago

    I said kill him

  • Jahime Alexander
    Jahime Alexander 6 months ago

    Bet he ass

  • Charicia Archibald
    Charicia Archibald 6 months ago +1

    Kill him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Sosa Ruhinda
    Sosa Ruhinda 6 months ago

    Hey how bout u get the sidechick a wig or something 😂

  • Neron boi55
    Neron boi55 6 months ago

    Shot him a hard earsers

  • Themba Hlongwane
    Themba Hlongwane 7 months ago

    me hate ungamuyeki

  • ansaneque Facey
    ansaneque Facey 7 months ago

    Ask him and then u listen for the response and then u talk action

  • Jody-Ann Wilson
    Jody-Ann Wilson 7 months ago

    The wife shud give her husband bk bun unfair game play twice a suh mi c it

  • Tina Saka
    Tina Saka 7 months ago

    Rub yellow pepper in his eyes so he can know the real fire & pain that’s coming out of her 😂

  • Sidumisile Zikhali
    Sidumisile Zikhali 7 months ago

    i think she should go to her friends house to find out

  • Miss T A
    Miss T A 7 months ago

    Kill him

  • Edwin Wamigongo
    Edwin Wamigongo 7 months ago

    friends are worse than relatives

  • frank izuorah
    frank izuorah 7 months ago +7

    Lady's be carful whom u called ur friend,, men love ur wife

  • Efie Johnson
    Efie Johnson 7 months ago

    Lord Nigerian accent is like listening to a dog 🐕 barking 💀🙄

  • Attouo Bile
    Attouo Bile 7 months ago

    Beat him because he is cheating on you

  • Ikechukwu Dazzling
    Ikechukwu Dazzling 7 months ago


  • Carla Lawrence
    Carla Lawrence 7 months ago

    Ask him about it and hear what he is going to say

  • karosi Creative DIY
    karosi Creative DIY 7 months ago

    All men are cheat just get dat

  • Claire tebid
    Claire tebid 7 months ago

    Same to you mrs home breaker. Specialfirewood in hell 🔥🔥🔥. Is she trying to prove a point?

  • Tracy _pettyworld
    Tracy _pettyworld 7 months ago +4

    cut he's d off oh wait that's to harsh take a pic of them sleeping and i guess show it and post it.
    what u think u gonna believe the excuses or play the game.

  • ሳምራዊት ሃይለ
    ሳምራዊት ሃይለ 7 months ago +2

    Hey girls we must be take care our self from bad men

  • Khadeja Henry
    Khadeja Henry 7 months ago

    To kill the man

  • Melinda Everett
    Melinda Everett 7 months ago

    Kick him out

  • jah percival
    jah percival 7 months ago +2

    I think the wife should slap him

  • Owusua Boateng-Ama
    Owusua Boateng-Ama 7 months ago +1

    I suggest the wife should tactfully confront her husband.

  • Richard Hikel
    Richard Hikel 7 months ago +2

    Get a next boyfriend without him knowing and then fight the best friend and reveal to the man that she knows everything..

  • Edwin Niles
    Edwin Niles 7 months ago

    What a friend she is

  • Jastasia Marshall
    Jastasia Marshall 8 months ago +1

    Wait and try to catch them red handedly

  • Sataryah Williams
    Sataryah Williams 8 months ago

    I suggest she let him alone

  • Mariam Traore
    Mariam Traore 8 months ago

    Guess best friends can not be trusted either