10 7.62x51 Rifles 2018

  • Published on Jun 12, 2018
  • 7.62x51 NATO round is a powerful cartridge, especially when it's fired from a decent rifle. Here is my 10 propositions of Rifles chambered in .308 Winchester Round. Let me know in the comment section what do you think about it.

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  • Ivan Isailović
    Ivan Isailović 11 days ago +1


    JJSINISTER91 Month ago

    Pof p308 is God.

    JJSINISTER91 Month ago +1

    Kac sr-25 is not piston it's a di rifle.

  • Malazgirt 1071
    Malazgirt 1071 Month ago +2

    MPT 76 is the hardiest, light 7.62 & works in all weather conditions, I used it, very accurate hardly any bump back, matter of fact i fired it underwater with no problem, all train rifle, love to own one but not available....Good job Turks, excellence in manufacture

  • Ultimate Channel
    Ultimate Channel 2 months ago +1

    Great 👍👍😉

  • Brent Copeland
    Brent Copeland 2 months ago

    How could you NOT mention the bren 805

  • S S
    S S 2 months ago +2

    G3 a3❤️

  • dominic coscarelli
    dominic coscarelli 2 months ago

    So tou guys got it wrong the g3 was made by h&k it was based off the fn fal. H&k sold the right's to the spanish to manufacture the g3 /91 in spain for the Spanish military. Not the other way around.

  • Serkan Kara
    Serkan Kara 3 months ago

    why mpt 76 world best watch this

  • Whomagoose long ago soldier

    Although not accepted as a military rifle anywhere. The Robinson Arms XCR-M, 7.62x51 NATO, has advantages in that it has fewer parts, easier to clean, fully ambidextrous, adjustable stock that folds. Full length monolithic rail on 12:00 position and now made with M-lock rail attachments. Currently on the market and available.

    • Whomagoose long ago soldier
      Whomagoose long ago soldier Month ago

      @Smunstu Stinkymonster : To each his own as far as weapons go. I have never had any issues. No failures to feed, fire or eject. Fire controls are placed so there arebvery fast mag changes.
      One thing is to put low level iron sights on this rifle, like goes into the MP-5. If you use AR height irons you will never get a zero. They are more expensive than an AR-10 option. About $2100 now. Being a multcaliber system you can easily change calibers.
      Opinions vary, but, I would use this rifle system in any demanding and harsh environment. Robinson Arms is working on a more precision type XCR-M. So may need to say the XCR is more of a combat accurate rifle. Just like the M-14 or the FN FAL.

    • Smunstu Stinkymonster
      Smunstu Stinkymonster Month ago

      I heard they suck though.

  • Faruk Sancar
    Faruk Sancar 3 months ago +1

    05:24 terrorists win

  • Chris Indermuehle
    Chris Indermuehle 4 months ago +1

    M14 is garbage compared to these modern rifles. In fact, it was pretty much outdated the day it was adopted.

  • o.
    o. 4 months ago +8

    MPT76 is the only rifle in the world which passed all 41 nato tests with full success.

  • A Duck
    A Duck 4 months ago

    I’ll have a 20 inch 7.62 x51mm ar 15 semi auto rifle.

  • Cem şahin
    Cem şahin 4 months ago +8

    1-) MPT 76

  • Atını Siken Kovboy
    Atını Siken Kovboy 4 months ago

    1. MPT- 76 2 FN SCAR. 3 FN FAL

    • christian smith
      christian smith Month ago

      I would just go with a light weight, reliable, ar 10. Either by making it yourself or getting a smith and wesson 10 or psa 10 and upgrading it. Still would be cheaper then most of those rifles

  • raydawg silas
    raydawg silas 5 months ago

    i guess its time to junk my ruger 762 lol

    IMA FRIEND 5 months ago +5

    M1A Springfield is the only one that has won a war so far

    • Lats Niebling
      Lats Niebling Month ago

      @Quentin Smith From Vietnam with the Australians, Rhodesian's in their bush war, Israelis in the desert, British in the Falklands and Northern Ireland and a few other places... right arm of the free world alright. ;-)

    • christian smith
      christian smith Month ago +1

      The "m1a Springfield" if your talking about the modern Springfield company. This rifle has been in 0 wars

    • Quentin Smith
      Quentin Smith Month ago +2

      Captain Obvious the FAL

    • Captain Obvious
      Captain Obvious 3 months ago

      and litterly the only one that has been in a war so your comment is invalid

  • ramazan tanbi
    ramazan tanbi 5 months ago +3

    mpt 76 only rifle to pass all 42 tests

  • Amol Gawalkar
    Amol Gawalkar 5 months ago

    SIG 716 g2 Range ?

    • christian smith
      christian smith Month ago

      What do u mean by range? All these rifles would be able to shoot to about the sane distance depending on barrel length. However accuracy would be different. The Sig could shoot under 1moa (as seen in different youtubes videos) with proper ammo. Most 308s will shoot to about 1000 yards before drop the bullet just is dropping to much. You could push this a little more but not by much.

  • The Golf Life
    The Golf Life 5 months ago +7

    The SCAR 17 and HK 762 are the best but damn the HK is even more expensive than the FN!

    TURKOMANIAC V2.0 6 months ago +18

    MPT 76 is the only rifle that meets all NATO standard criteria. Scar did not !

  • Patrick Goetzke
    Patrick Goetzke 7 months ago +1

    Lmt is the best

  • D Peters
    D Peters 7 months ago

    You really went off on those prices. Springfield m1a scout squad 1,600$ PTR-91fs 1,400$ however the MR762a1 is hard to ever find under 5000$ and the scar-h is typically over 4k

    • crimson productions
      crimson productions 3 months ago

      The scar is $2,700 to $3,100. You can find the standard mr762 for 3,100 to 3,700.

  • Rabbids Airsoft
    Rabbids Airsoft 7 months ago

    So...Why M39 EBR&HK G28 not in list?

  • badweetabix
    badweetabix 7 months ago

    The SCAR-H is #1?!? Yeah, and pigs have wings.

  • boatsnhoes 762
    boatsnhoes 762 7 months ago +3

    Take that Turkish pos HK copy off of here it should not be on this list and where is the lmt mws larue obr the new cz

    • Whomagoose long ago soldier
      Whomagoose long ago soldier 29 days ago

      @dean yilmaz : The Maxim, made in 1884, machine gun predates anything the Russians have made. Consider the Colt-Browning M-1859 machine gun. The Colt M-1859 was used during the Spanish-American of 1898. Both guns are auto loading. Both of these guns were in use prior to 1900. And are American by the way. The Imperial Russian army and the Soviet Red army used the Maxim. Funny thing is Hiram Maxim never sold his machine gun to the American government. Every European country wanted one in whatever caliber desired. The Maxim was in use up to and beyond WW-2. There may be some Maxims in Afghanistan even today.
      Even though Wikipedia states that Hiram Maxim was a British national, Maxim was born American to American parents. Other American inventers "envouraged" Hiram to go to Europe to sell his gun. They suggested that Hiram go to Europe so all the Europeans can just kill each other.
      See also, Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher. The self loading Mannlicher rifle was invented on 1895. Yet another rifle predating the Russians.

    • boatsnhoes 762
      boatsnhoes 762 6 months ago

      @dean yilmaz not true if you take apart the mp76 the bcg is nearly Identical and so is the gas system. With that being said yes some of these rifles are based off the same ar10 type weapon system but the mp76 is a blatant RIP off of the" HK 417. Also the lmt differs from other ar 10 TYPes in that it hat has a monolithic upper receivee

    • dean yilmaz
      dean yilmaz 7 months ago +5

      Shut the fuck up dickhead, the MPT-76 is not a copy, infact, if we're going by that logic, then muricans, brits, germans, & everyone else copied the automatic self loading rifles from the Russians. The MPT-76 is literally the only rifle to have passed *ALL* 47 NATO tests, not any other gun in the history of NATO tests idiot.

      AHMET KEREM 7 months ago +3

      Many of them are already copy of hk and AR15 idiot..

  • Stephen Averbuck
    Stephen Averbuck 7 months ago

    The original galil, although heavy was famed for being as reliable as an ak47. It also was more durable. With a plastic lower receiver the "ace" is decidedly less so though cheaper. Like many great products it got marginalized by giving the IDF free m16s.

  • egedenizi
    egedenizi 7 months ago

    which is the weapon that passes NATO's 42 tests

  • Brandon Alexander
    Brandon Alexander 7 months ago +1

    POF Revolution

  • The Juice
    The Juice 8 months ago

    #2Hk Mr762 #1Fnh scar17 #4Lwrc repr mk2 #3Lmt Mws #5Pof 308edge

  • Enes gürsoy
    Enes gürsoy 8 months ago +1

    ver iz g3 😂

  • Mynona Resu
    Mynona Resu 8 months ago

    Don't forget the OA-10 DMR-E and the even more accurate, but also more exotic BR-10 from Burk...

  • Craig Van As
    Craig Van As 8 months ago +27

    The best rifle in the world is the one in your hand when trouble comes your way.

  • Furkan IŞIK
    Furkan IŞIK 8 months ago +1


  • Furkan IŞIK
    Furkan IŞIK 8 months ago +6


      ÇOMAR SAVAR Month ago

      bizim piyade tüfeği olan MPT76 yı Amerikada sivilleremi satıyorlar.

    • moviefanperson
      moviefanperson 3 months ago

      Eyaletten eyalete değişiyor teksasta eğer belgelrin tamsa 50 kalibrelik makineli bile alırsın ama califroniada bir çakı bile satın alamazsın

    • türkiye Azerbaycan
      türkiye Azerbaycan 6 months ago

      @saltanat1981 var rmiyolar

    • Furkan IŞIK
      Furkan IŞIK 7 months ago

      Git bi bak bakalım amrikada veriyorlarmi eline bu silahı.

    • saltanat1981
      saltanat1981 7 months ago

      Amerikada alirsin paran varsa

  • SpringTrap TR
    SpringTrap TR 8 months ago +4

    Thank you added MPT-76 This pro turkish gun

  • Chris Gray
    Chris Gray 9 months ago +3

    FN Scar-H wins cause it shoots the .308 accurate than some semi automatic Sniper rifles that should inherit the quality of being more accurate... And though it don't use a short stroke gas impingement piston like the HK417 or MPT-76 it still operates after burying in mud.. No problem! Scar MK17 is beast

    • dean yilmaz
      dean yilmaz 7 months ago +1

      Uh-no, that really isn't true, and not to mention that the Turkish MPT-76 battle rifle is the only rifle to have passed all 47 NATO tests, not the m16, L82, nor any variants of the scar.

    • Chris Gray
      Chris Gray 9 months ago

      And what is their point that they wouldn't rely on Scar H with their life on stake? Its obviously not an Assault Rifle or uses light ammo like 5.56x45mm neither like the bullets it use has suppressive fire... Its a 7.62x51mm and they inherit the quality of being accurate and retaining energy even at 500 meters... Its just plain simple a "Sniper round"... Why would someone use battle rifles like MK14 EBR or use other heavy, big, loud .308 guns for close quarters anyways ?? So just as that they should never compare it with M4 and other Close Quarters Battle weapons...

    • Chris Gray
      Chris Gray 9 months ago

      @jdd4592 between Idk what kinda Scar 17S they shot though... But ones I've seen guys doing mud test with it don't get jammed... And in that video they had malfunction in feeding after shooting 40 rounds? I think that Scar was not in good condition... It can never happen to the Scars I seen as they performed well easily through mud test

    • Chris Gray
      Chris Gray 9 months ago

      See it jams less than an AK-47 but often when AK's chamber is filled with mud you gotta operate the charging handle to shoot manually ... m.ru-clip.com/video/uS4uR_7ym6c/video.html

    • jdd4592
      jdd4592 9 months ago +2

      I don't own one, but if it has failure to feed and failure to extract as often as these guys have experienced it might not be so beast... ru-clip.com/video/5CCp5g4Zki8/video.html

  • christopher Manning
    christopher Manning 9 months ago

    Win a new gen 2 DRD Tactical Paratus .308 rifle. Click the link to enter. wn.nr/6skXUs

  • Muddybagclean
    Muddybagclean 10 months ago +4

    Jesus Loves You

    • ramazan tanbi
      ramazan tanbi 5 months ago +1

      we do not worship a man ,we worship the God he worshipped ALLAH

  • Reggie Kanan
    Reggie Kanan 10 months ago +5

    WHAT NO LMT...! British Army L-129A1

  • Lexus •
    Lexus • 10 months ago +16

    Mpt 76 scar h ❤️🇹🇷
    Bol bol pkk yı sikcez

    • Faruk Sancar
      Faruk Sancar 3 months ago

      scar ne alaka

    • alaaddin Gökmen
      alaaddin Gökmen 8 months ago +2


  • Sagittariustoo
    Sagittariustoo 10 months ago +10

    No LMT ! smh.
    Far superior to the DPMS, for one !

  • 1.999.999.999 görüntüleme
    1.999.999.999 görüntüleme 11 months ago +29

    Very god mpt 76

  • jeff ouellette
    jeff ouellette 11 months ago +6

    Pof revolution

    JOHN ROACH 11 months ago +2

    Dont fuck with scar-h

  • diamonddog257
    diamonddog257 Year ago +1

    Do a show on Galils' crazy .308 pistol .......

  • dmitriy zakharin
    dmitriy zakharin Year ago +2

    no lwrc ??

  • typen3k0
    typen3k0 Year ago +2

    The better question is what is the better rifle for what circumstance and in what configuration.

  • AstrraTV
    AstrraTV  Year ago +4

    In your opinion what 7.62x51 rifle is the best? (Every TUESDAY new VIDEO)
    What Top 10 VIDEO or MILITARY POWER COMPARISON VIDEO would you want to see next time?
    Check out my friend's channel with very interesting quizzes ru-clip.com/channel/UCAIXDQIkdMWmb5gxUt2PNGQ

    • Chris Indermuehle
      Chris Indermuehle 4 months ago

      @D Peters RELIABLITY???? M1A is so unreliable compared to modern rifles it's not even funny. It cant handle the slightest bit of blowing sand or very little mud. It costs $$$ to accurize it to the point where people use it for match shooting and has to be rebedded not long after. It was obsolete the day it was adopted and, other than a fun gun, has no place in modern warfare.

    • D Peters
      D Peters 7 months ago

      If I had the coin I'd buy a mk2 LWRC REPR. But money aside I'd give it up to the REPR. But if SHTF I guess the M1A for reliability and great iron sights in case you cracked your glass or the red dot runs out of batteries.

    • king bibibear
      king bibibear 7 months ago


    • Slytiger
      Slytiger 7 months ago

      AsstraTV the Bren BR 308, the SCAR, and the G3KA4

    • saltanat1981
      saltanat1981 7 months ago +3

      MPT-76 is the best rifle Its passed all 42 NATO tests while others failed. So no need to talk. After the MPT-76 I like the HK-417 and as third the FN SCAR-H