Top 10 Banned TV Episodes [EPILEPSY WARNING @ 3:20]

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
    Top 10 Banned TV Episodes
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    We’ll be looking at controversial television episodes that were banned from airing for various reasons. We’re considering those that have either been banned outright from airing at all and those banned from re-airing due to backlash and/or controversy. Our list includes episodes from The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, South Park, Seinfeld, Boy Meets World, The Simpsons, and more. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Banned TV Episodes.
    List Rank and Entries:
    #10. “The Encounter”
    #9. “Oeuf”
    #8. “Bored, She Hung Herself”
    #7. “Electric Soldier Porygon”
    #6. “Promises, Promises”
    #5. “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”
    #4. “Partial Terms of Endearment”
    #3, 2, 1: ???
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  •  9 months ago +509

    ATTENTION!!!!! BE CAREFUL!!!! If you're prone to having epileptic seizures and SKIP entry #7, between 3:20 and 4:16

    • roxasxiii380
      roxasxiii380 Month ago +1

      Fox being sensitive? About abortion? Oh makes sense. Bitches

    • vanilla kush
      vanilla kush 3 months ago

      I ve got epileptic seizures...but nothing happend but thx.

    • Paul Robson
      Paul Robson 4 months ago

      To late lol

    • Dak Lamerbusch
      Dak Lamerbusch 5 months ago

      @schindlerteejay94 Same! Seizure-causing lights give me a slight headache, but never a seizure! (I have epilepsy natch.)

    • Aaron
      Aaron 5 months ago

      I don’t know if I’m prone. Time to find out.

  • baby bendy lorst
    baby bendy lorst 2 days ago

    Ok (°◇°)

  • InvaderTif13
    InvaderTif13 4 days ago

    So parents teach kids to never have sex in regards to you meets world?

  • robert brunelle
    robert brunelle 5 days ago

    Buffalo come out tonight

  • Thor
    Thor 11 days ago

    People are fucking too sensitive ever hear of changing the channel

  • MrAmc1291
    MrAmc1291 12 days ago

    Guess the PC world wants everyone to forget about 9/11.

  • specialunit 042
    specialunit 042 13 days ago

    The City of New York vs Homer Simpson being banned is almost as bad as youtube banning any video or history video about the second world war because it had a swastika somewhere in it.

  • MyXxx77
    MyXxx77 14 days ago

    The X-Files "Home" was most certainly the most disturbing thing they ever did.

  • MyXxx77
    MyXxx77 14 days ago +7

    "Political correctness is Fascism pretending to be manners." ~ George Carlin.

  • Nicholas Bateman
    Nicholas Bateman 15 days ago

    #Elizabeth EmopwermentPimpMySenate PimpMyPresident2020 ToysRUs BiffCo SheriffID

  • Ronda Kelly
    Ronda Kelly 16 days ago

    Glad Aurther Toco Munro is a homo. Glad he did not get payed.

  • TJZSwagger
    TJZSwagger 16 days ago

    What about all the 3 Mr. Skinnylegs Episodes Peppa pig they were banned from Australia because of Spiders

  • Airaoje 45
    Airaoje 45 17 days ago


  • AGS 15
    AGS 15 18 days ago +3

    Honestly the City of New York vs homer getting banned simply because the towers were in it is pretty ridiculous

  • Etrax
    Etrax 19 days ago

    I see Pokémon here trying to seizure them epileptic kids

  • Kerry Deaton
    Kerry Deaton 19 days ago

    There are too many snowflakes in this world. Can you say, “butthurt”?

  • Zeus 1455
    Zeus 1455 21 day ago

    So your telling me that again you bent to the will of terrorists for south fucking park? In the end your just cowards

  • Zeus 1455
    Zeus 1455 21 day ago

    So your telling me they removed the episode just because the towers were in it? Are trying to say we should forget? That's fucked up

  • Mikey Vengenz
    Mikey Vengenz 21 day ago

    Home was a pretty fucked up episode lol.

  • Aubrianne Marie
    Aubrianne Marie 22 days ago +1

    Family Guy another lame show

  • Aubrianne Marie
    Aubrianne Marie 22 days ago +1

    Pokemon stupid evil.and strange

  • roka game info
    roka game info 23 days ago

    The reason the Hawaii five-0 episode was banned was because of some idiot who tried to do the this they saw someone die doing

  • CartoonFan 18
    CartoonFan 18 25 days ago +1

    Number 1: Mr Ratburn and the Special Someone (in Alabama)

  • bsherder
    bsherder 27 days ago

    #10. You can watch that episode on Netflix. They don't have season 4 which sucks but oh well.

  • warhammernerd52
    warhammernerd52 28 days ago +3

    3:24-3:41 *you forgot The Famous Master Ball Beachball*

  • Symbol Guy
    Symbol Guy 28 days ago

    We all came here because of the epilepsy warning

  • Marcus Blue Wolf
    Marcus Blue Wolf Month ago

    I’m amazed most of these aren’t simply South Park episodes

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams Month ago +1

    "Sorry pal, they stick all the jerks in the other tower!"

  • Maggie Fenton Kuzawa

    I saw that episode in 2018, Twilight Zone that is, and found nothing wrong with the episode. People you have to remember it was a different era and things were different and in World War two there were spies, not particularly the background of the Takamori character but there were spies. Anyways, the war veteran in that episode was portrayed by real life war hero of World War two Neville Brand. Thank you for your service Mr. Brand and may you R.I.P. Sir.

  • KingDouchebag Prodution’s

    I Saw 200 & 201 And i thoght is was Funny

  • Horsie
    Horsie Month ago

    Wow nice thumbnail

  • iLL aL
    iLL aL Month ago

    Y'all forgot family guy Rode to Rhode Island wen stewie goes to plam spring n he's at the airport n said I hope them Osama bin laden don't no any show tunes n it shows stuwie luggage with gun n missile launcher, then it show Osama bin laden dancing n his luggage has bombs n missile launcher.

  • Ashley Harris
    Ashley Harris Month ago

    What’s EPILEPSY?

  • Sports Reports and more

    6:07 Its still on Netflix

  • Tim Gaynor
    Tim Gaynor Month ago

    i bet you do wish to ban everything... I bet it didn't get any criticism until now

  • s j
    s j Month ago

    5:07 for the thumbnail

  • roxasxiii380
    roxasxiii380 Month ago

    *title tells viewers to be cautious for epilepsy scene at certain time* *my dumb curious ass goes to that time to see it directly in full bright screen in a dark room*

  • David Rapant
    David Rapant Month ago

    Awesome. Terrorism wins.

  • Cam Bryan
    Cam Bryan Month ago

    Yes I will continue to joke about: Jesus,the Bible,911, abortion and what ever else the hell I want to thanks America I love ya

  • flipnotrab
    flipnotrab Month ago +3

    TV shows that are banned yet NOT banned.. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
    Not available yet available... I WANT 10:27 OF MY LIFE BACK PLEASE!!

  • LogoAttitude
    LogoAttitude Month ago

    If Pokemon's 2-part Kalos League final had been banned, it would easily be #1

  • Tina Aoro
    Tina Aoro Month ago

    Is just
    One more
    From ...

  • Milky Joe
    Milky Joe Month ago

    The 911 Simpsons episode. A warning or a foresight.

  • David Hoj
    David Hoj Month ago

    Saw the Sulu episode on new years

  • Raymond Clifford
    Raymond Clifford Month ago


  • Brandon Hofmann
    Brandon Hofmann Month ago

    There are plenty of family Guy episodes that have been way more offensive. Wish upon a Wienstien is nothing compared to some of these newer episodes that just openly and blatantly racially insult people. At least when family Guy used to make racist jokes they were more subtle and clever. Family Guy sucks my bolas

  • That'sWhatSheSaid
    That'sWhatSheSaid Month ago

    The religion of peace strikes again.

  • Arik Hoveland
    Arik Hoveland Month ago

    Not surprised

    FRAAANKY SUUUPER!! Month ago

    Could we not just constantly show the prophet Muhammad in other media so they just get used to it??

  • ItsJake95
    ItsJake95 Month ago

    I was wondering about South Park, thought it would be no.1 😂

  • Brian Francis
    Brian Francis Month ago


  • Willie Hartle
    Willie Hartle Month ago

    nintendo banned the pokemon episode?

  • St-Dan
    St-Dan Month ago +1

    Devil cow and chicken

  • Cilan Steele
    Cilan Steele 2 months ago

    Just a hint here, Nintendo has nothing to do with the Pokemon anime.

  • Victor Mezynski
    Victor Mezynski 2 months ago

    They could've put a warning for the Pokemon one instead of banning it seriously

  • Tuls Tenebrose
    Tuls Tenebrose 2 months ago

    200 and 201 of South Park are available to stream though..?

  • Fuck off cunt
    Fuck off cunt 2 months ago

    X-Files home The sewed was beyond gross🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Tamao
    Tamao 2 months ago

    before i watched the video i knew #7 was on there because of the title

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander 2 months ago

    Watched the Pokemon bit despite a history of seizures #fearless
    (no, I did not seizure btw)

  • Chemical_35
    Chemical_35 2 months ago

    im having an epileptic fit , and i could totally beat up liam neeson

  • Ulysses`s Scripts
    Ulysses`s Scripts 2 months ago +1

    Im whiter than Sour Cream

  • Lionel James
    Lionel James 2 months ago

    All these 'controversials' and not one banned episode of SVU

  • سجاد - Sejad
    سجاد - Sejad 2 months ago +2

    I Didn't Expect Warning is A Pokemon Episode.

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon 2 months ago

    What if I told you that they pulled the episode b/c people might think, hey, maybe that kid was in some kind of brainwashing program... oh and the simpson's episode was banned b/c it revealed predictive programming.

  • mr minecraft
    mr minecraft 2 months ago

    3:20 Jeremy Wendell from DALLAS!

  • Tony Romo 8882
    Tony Romo 8882 2 months ago

    That version of the pokemon episode is one where the flashing lights are edited for more comfortable for eyes, the original one is lost.

  • SadieCat
    SadieCat 2 months ago +3

    "You don't often hear about children's TV episodes being banned"
    *dozens of videos counting down exactly that*

  • The Midnight Monks
    The Midnight Monks 2 months ago

    Ah pokemon. I miss the days when cartoons could straight up kill you

  • Theoretical Hybrid
    Theoretical Hybrid 2 months ago

    I don't get why they didn't just edit the explosion effects to something less harsh on the eyes and re-air it

  • Bakugou_ Katsuki
    Bakugou_ Katsuki 2 months ago


  • Fatalizer808
    Fatalizer808 2 months ago

    WatchMojo: The episode has never been released out of Japan

  • Fatalizer808
    Fatalizer808 2 months ago

    If they’re banned, how did you get the scenes

  • Wilford Brimley
    Wilford Brimley 2 months ago +1

    half the comments: omg no warning.. hey there's a warning now
    also, of course Kramer burns the flag 😂😂😂

  • Logicdiary317
    Logicdiary317 2 months ago

    Thank you for the epilepsy warning. I appreciate when people do that.

    SUPA SKILTZ 2 months ago

    Okay im seeing alot of people argue about the simpsons episode and just so people know i dont live or had family involved in the accident so i cant understand the pain but with that said its rant time
    To the peoole who are calling 9/11 funny and calling the people "snowflakes" thats just mean and there is no need to do that, but i do agree with what some of you have said even if you went about it all wrong, i do believe that we shouldnt just forget what happened and sadly its always going to be a talking topic (not a joking topic) and as time goes on this will just be talked about more and more as the tragedy it is, but to the more touchy people, no this whole episode shouldnt be banned for featuring the twin towers, its a histirorical landmark and regardless of how we look at it the simpsons never had these towers here as a bad thing, they featured it because they knew it was a fun location to place homer, just think about all the people who seen the episode and got so happy to see the location, before and after the accident, imagine seeing that episode now, it would bring happiness to so many people as it shows the twin towers in a great, non offensive and silly way rather than just showing doom and gloom of it and even if it is hard for many people to still see, the episode is many years old now and it would be fairly easy to avoid seeing the episode by reading the guide of the episode before viewing, its not like you didnt see it coming you can find out what episode it is fairly easily and avoid it so you dont get hurt while others can still enjoy the episode

  • Gamer Bro
    Gamer Bro 3 months ago

    Number 9 is one letter off from being called "Egg"
    (WatchMojo should know, they were supposedly created in Quebec)

  • Tina Aoro
    Tina Aoro 3 months ago


  • Spikester HD
    Spikester HD 3 months ago

    You son of a ***** u made me barf almost and be dizzy the Pokémon one

  • Saltaisious
    Saltaisious 3 months ago

    I actually respect Watchmojo for telling us that an epileptic scene is in this, I don’t have any problem with epilepsy but it’s still nice of them.

  • Henry Westphal
    Henry Westphal 3 months ago +5

    who else is here for the epilepsy warning

  • Ken Marchlenski
    Ken Marchlenski 3 months ago

    Boo-hoo! My WIDDLE feelings are hurt!

  • Allison Mintz
    Allison Mintz 3 months ago

    How about people stop being butthurt and switch the channel if you don't like something. It's called discussion and free choice. Snowflake should shut up and stop running things for those who have to understand it's a freaking TV show.

  • Night Streak
    Night Streak 3 months ago

    Man I loved and still love married with children

  • Bailey Crawly
    Bailey Crawly 3 months ago +1

    Add Stark Raving Dad from The Simpsons to this list 😂 although the reason is beyond STUPID. Overreaction of the decade 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

    • Kizzy
      Kizzy 3 months ago +1

      Bailey Crawly YESSS!!! “Banned because execs concluded that Michael Jackson can groom children via a Simpsons episode” 🙄

  • SyCo Knight
    SyCo Knight 3 months ago +3

    Me:Undertood u want me to skip to 3:20
    Me again: Why did I do this?

  • awab ibrahim
    awab ibrahim 3 months ago

    he burned puerto rican flag and they broke his car,they got revenge so why do they have to remove the episode

  • MsTheCommentator
    MsTheCommentator 3 months ago

    As much as Fox leaves a bad taste in my mouth, something tells me I wouldn't wanna see an episode of Family Guy where they tackle abortion, either.

  • Hu La
    Hu La 3 months ago

    american has become so sensitive that its killed good comedy. anything w a slight hint of racial or gender joke u gonna hear an outcry about it on social media. this is why no talents hack like amy schumer n kevin hart get to be on movies doing the same jokes over n over again just rephrase them differently

  • LaikaLycanthrope
    LaikaLycanthrope 3 months ago

    It's a flipping shame Beauty and the Beach (Pokemon) was banned for some stupid reason (images of girls in bikinis or something like that, or a scene with a lost bikini top?) because it's a pretty good episode that shows Pokemon interacting with one another with no humans around.

  • Jared Ortiz
    Jared Ortiz 3 months ago

    Had to turn my brightness all the way down

  • -_Blackbird 13_-
    -_Blackbird 13_- 3 months ago

    I just got and ad that said
    “That throws away the oof”


    Cracking a cold one with little chungus

  • si kitty
    si kitty 3 months ago

    Goes to 3:20

  • Jason Brooks
    Jason Brooks 4 months ago

    What Happened To The Winston Jerome Boondocks Episode 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • bunnycraft 974
    bunnycraft 974 4 months ago


  • Colin Wilcox
    Colin Wilcox 4 months ago

    Um those South park episodes most certainly HAVE been reaired since then. SEVERAL times

  • Abstract
    Abstract 4 months ago +2

    Who watched for the seizure?

  • Strxmmz _
    Strxmmz _ 4 months ago +2

    I saw the the Simpsons episode once at 10:30pm