Trump speaks at World Economic Forum in Davos - as it happened

  • US president Donald Trump gives the first keynote speech on day one of the 50th World Economic Forum in Davos.

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  • Maya *
    Maya * Month ago

    Is any of what he says True?

  • William Morris
    William Morris Month ago

    President Trump loves everyone

  • The End
    The End Month ago

    I love this opening song!!!

  • Manik Roy
    Manik Roy 2 months ago

    40 mins of door! What an effective video / stream!

  • jhgjhgj hgjhgdj
    jhgjhgj hgjhgdj 2 months ago +1

    Trump 2020 👍

  • Jason Hedrick
    Jason Hedrick 2 months ago

    P.O.S. Trump!

  • Christina Sinclair
    Christina Sinclair 2 months ago +1

    I LOVE this man!!!!

  • James Bomd
    James Bomd 2 months ago


  • EaZzyy 007
    EaZzyy 007 2 months ago

    what people with bad hair cut they forgot to go to the hairdresser

  • 강주효
    강주효 2 months ago

    Oppa order ok

  • 강주효
    강주효 2 months ago

    50~25 woo ri bank ok

  • Max Merki
    Max Merki 2 months ago +2

    A miracle he ever found in Davos, probably 7-year-old children helped him
    The main thing is the hairstyle.

  • Kazimation
    Kazimation 2 months ago +3

    41:19 "Well, I'm a big believer in err, the environment. The environment to me is very important."
    ....okaaaay, have a lovely day everyone.

  • Honesty Fenix
    Honesty Fenix 2 months ago +2

    Leave your car running while you're inside your closed garage: you're dead. CO! Now picture in your mind Millions of Vehicles pouring CO into the atmosphere DAILY! How much longer can the planet stand that level of toxicity? Global Warming or not we are intoxifying our planet with the damn OIL. I was impressed by Prince Charles speech. Trump loves OIL! EVerytime you get a spill, millions of fish and birds die. Read "Deep Horizon Oil Spill" in Gulf of Mexico.

    • Honesty Fenix
      Honesty Fenix 2 months ago +1

      @David Joyce Wikipedia: CO lasts from one to two months in atmosphere, not just days. Please see Wikip.., Carbon Monoxide, Urban Pollution. No doubt concentration is dangerous only in some cities, SO FAR. However with the increase of vehicles' use and industrial output, its atomospheric concentration will also increase becoming more dangerous. It's a matter of time. The planet's atmosphere cannot deal with increasing CO amounts forever.

    • Honesty Fenix
      Honesty Fenix 2 months ago

      @David Joyce I invite people reading this comment to do the research and see who is The Ignorant here. DON'T check what individuals say, but check what Scientific American, Wikipedia or other reliable sources say.

    • David Joyce
      David Joyce 2 months ago

      @Honesty Fenix CO is in the low ppb in the atmosphere, and lasts just days before being oxidized to CO2. CO is a trivial percentage of the carbon oxidation products. Why even bring it up - you just display your ignorance.

    • Honesty Fenix
      Honesty Fenix 2 months ago

      @Kevin Nienhuis Where is the "2" in my comment? CO is Carbon Monoxide.

    • Kevin Nienhuis
      Kevin Nienhuis 2 months ago +1

      Wrong! Leaving your car running produces carbon monoxide, NOT carbon dioxide ... CO2 emissions aren't killing anyone, no matter these Climate Hoaxers try to tell you ... you exhale it, and plants need it ... sorry!

  • Dr Claudio M Bikich
    Dr Claudio M Bikich 2 months ago +2

    Delusional, megalomaniac. He is the most dangerous ruler after Mao, Stalin and Hitler.

  • Violy Velarde
    Violy Velarde 2 months ago +1


  • arik lewis canada banker

    mr donal trump mereprensi for musa rajeksa studi in usa she rich and kill in usa city medan gubernur medan city indonesia

  • Richard Padilla
    Richard Padilla 2 months ago

    YANG GANG 2020 !!!

  • roger le phoque
    roger le phoque 2 months ago +1

    42:55 Harmony at last at Davos

  • pink fat rabbit
    pink fat rabbit 2 months ago +1

    go home, your not welcome in Switzerland

  • Erik johnson
    Erik johnson 2 months ago

    Trump speaks - as it happened... Then nothing happens for about an hour. Great video

  • Zoor khodesh manteghe
    Zoor khodesh manteghe 2 months ago

    انچه نقص ژنتیکیست بیشعوریست در. هر. جای دنیا و بی نهایت مسری پس یقین بدان. اگر کسی طاعون داشت کشته شود بهتر از ان است که همه بگیرند

  • Michael Rapson
    Michael Rapson 2 months ago

    People don't understand how this works. Trump is speaking only to a domestic audience. He doesn't care about the rest of the world. He didn't even know there were so many countries. These other countries are destroying their own ecology with population explosions and crude development, largely egged on by the Western powers, who seek cheap labour and consumables. They think they can catch up with the US by following their method. They've been conned.

    GIVEMEUSERNAME PLEASE 2 months ago +7

    asked about climate .. he said he’s a big believer in environment.. 😂😂😂

    GIVEMEUSERNAME PLEASE 2 months ago +2

    40:28 the big guy came.

  • Patrick Ho
    Patrick Ho 2 months ago +3

    President Trump 2020!

  • Alicia Boris
    Alicia Boris 2 months ago +2

    Unbelievably optimistic concept for long term success which is much needed in this pessimistic atmosphere. Thank you for capturing this!

  • Sergio Hernandez
    Sergio Hernandez 2 months ago +13

    An excellent speech based on FACTS, not on the empty words of failed ideologies.

  • How Did you know
    How Did you know 2 months ago +3

    Images of boiling oceans belong in Milton, not serious policy discussions. It ain't the end of the world folks, and there are lots of environmental challenges. As a person who lives in a cold climate, try global cooling. I dare you to try to set the thermostat of the globe. If you could - which you can't - we would outperform you in the new ice age.

  • Nan Matau
    Nan Matau 2 months ago

    Ivanka is at the forum to change daddy's Depends when he soils himself.

  • Rigid Wing
    Rigid Wing 2 months ago +10

    Dec 7, 1941 America was attacked by Japan and did lots of damage. Dec 7, 2019 the Democrats attacked America and the best President America ever had by trying to impeach him. We took care of Japan and now we must take care of the Democrats. We must turn every state RED by voting R on every thing. You must vote R if you have to craw to the polls to save America again. The Democrats have been trying to impeach Trump starting 19 minutes after he took office. They hate Trump and America and are using a pack of lies by the crooked left and the lying media to do it. Every one has benefited by Trump's policies,even those who hate him. Vote R no matter what. Thank you, Keep America Great.

  • Rick Rude
    Rick Rude 2 months ago +2

    👏 BRAVO

  • Michael Rapson
    Michael Rapson 2 months ago

    China, Russia and India are worse emitters than the United States, and have the more primitive power plants. It's a fact, though not a popular one. Apparently, "developing" economies were given the green light to pollute all they wanted to "catch" up to the developed economies. Huh? How is this helping the planet? So these "developing" "super" economies can send their emission clouds around the world and impact on places like Australia, which is having its worst ever fire season, and where India is building coal mines, with the blessing of a compliant local government.

  • Richard Alan Naggar
    Richard Alan Naggar 2 months ago +11

    There isn't a country that wouldn't hire Trump to turn their homeland around...We are lucky to have him

  • Bob Stevens
    Bob Stevens 2 months ago +4

    He's for China , I'm for the USA but other than that we love each other!!! The Greatest President ever!!

  • MaddPeanut
    MaddPeanut 2 months ago +5

    Wasn't China supposed to be the largest economy in the world by now? WTF happened to that?

    • Maya *
      Maya * Month ago

      Corona virus

    • Smile Mor-phony
      Smile Mor-phony Month ago +1

      Did America just do an economic hit on China (for Israel). Coronavirus anyone? 'Confessions of an economic hit man' - John Perkins. The U.S. has already done this to countless other countries as everyone knows.

    • Ferengi profiteer
      Ferengi profiteer 2 months ago

      Folks that knew better voted Trump into office.

  • 沈紹光
    沈紹光 2 months ago

    you have to wait for rich man talks,
    because he won't wait you

  • Out spoken Fah-q all
    Out spoken Fah-q all 2 months ago

    Love u potus but pls, stop reading from the Teleprompter

  • rich ernest
    rich ernest 2 months ago

    Door number 6 Monty!Devil w/ a dictatorship fetish.

  • Dan Floros
    Dan Floros 2 months ago +4

    A big believer in the environment - what a joke

  • kim warburton
    kim warburton 2 months ago

    Trumps right abt 1 thing...
    On chinese news they were showcasing a new strain of salt tolerant high yielding rice in last few days. This would mean vast tracts o land could be reclaimed n brought back into production

    • kim warburton
      kim warburton 2 months ago

      @MaddPeanut it would mean theyd buy less if ur correct n become more self sufficient.
      Theres plenty o other lands beyond china this strain of rice would help become productive too.
      I dont see ur point im afraid

    • MaddPeanut
      MaddPeanut 2 months ago

      kim warburton China buys rice from the US. Think about it.

  • rosbifaprague
    rosbifaprague 2 months ago

    Is he reading this? I can’t tell

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      @Sammy Scotch Do you always have screwing on your mind

    • Sammy Scotch
      Sammy Scotch 2 months ago

      Yes ivanka wrote it b4 they had sex

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago +1

      WHo cares ... its his sentiment

  • ladyjillian12
    ladyjillian12 2 months ago +2

    Thank you President Trump!

  • scott turnbull
    scott turnbull 2 months ago +4

    They can't call him out for the magic wand numbers lol

  • sara richardson
    sara richardson 2 months ago


  • Stefan
    Stefan 2 months ago +1

    Anti environment POS....This is what corporate greed sounds like

    • How Did you know
      How Did you know 2 months ago

      @Stefan So do regulations, give unfair leverage. On the 1:2 ratio, there must obviously be an economy of regulation otherwise you get the regulation economy (aka corruption.)

    • Stefan
      Stefan 2 months ago

      Deregulation invites every joker motivated by a few bucks to go out and despoil, ravage, pollute and desecrate what is left of our wild places, and foul up the air and water for the rest of us.. the result is that each successive generation leaves the earth uglier, more barren and less diverse for the next...The only thing that can stop this is strong regulations which trump opposes in favor of his corporate friends..

    • How Did you know
      How Did you know 2 months ago

      There's no such thing as being anti-environment. Developing an environment for our flourishing is what you call anti-environmentalism. Hemp growers for carbon dioxide unite!

  • Mervin Sivanathan
    Mervin Sivanathan 2 months ago +2

    nothing happend for 30min
    video editor : i'm a joke to you

  • Rudy Colludi
    Rudy Colludi 2 months ago +5

    Occupant 45 is nausea inducing. He has turned the swamp into a cesspool.🤮🤮🤮

    • Daniel Palmeri
      Daniel Palmeri 2 months ago +2

      Orange man bad...

    • William Calhoun
      William Calhoun 2 months ago

      Wassamattu chu speek? He maka chu get a job? Packa ju bag.

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago +1

      WHen you have only personal attacks ..well thats all you have ...and a severe case of TDS, not curable except from within

  • gobravo123
    gobravo123 2 months ago +10

    Victory of the light

  • Edu Nmoh
    Edu Nmoh 2 months ago +17

    Can everyone here please listen to this economic speech, you too will wish your president achieved half of what trump achieved in just 3 years amidst establishment attacks

    • Nathan McMonagle
      Nathan McMonagle 2 months ago +1

      @Paul Gooddy just because you're too weak minded to get past what the media tells you, doesn't mean that it isn't true. You, like the rest, are so blinded by your hate for Trump that you would never even think about complimenting any of the many great accomplishments he's had since becoming president. You just go looking for ways to make him look like a racist, or bigoted crazy person, and in turn make yourselves look like even more incompetent fools.

    • Paul Gooddy
      Paul Gooddy 2 months ago +6

      HAHAHAHA, and they say Americans don’t have a sense of humour.

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago +2

      So right you are Edu..perhaps he will inspire other leaders to do the same

  • suoquainen
    suoquainen 2 months ago +1

    When / where everyone just talks.

  • Vir Quisque Vir
    Vir Quisque Vir 2 months ago +11

    Some people like Trump. Some don't. Say what you will, the economy is up. Instead of whining, release your own creativity, energy, enthusiasm, innovation, inspiration. It's not up to Trump, it's up to you.

    • cupoftestosterone
      cupoftestosterone 2 months ago +2

      Yeah, the economy is doing so well that serious people are warning of a coming collapse. It's nothing but a mirage and a sugar high, and you bought it.

    • Mads Herluf
      Mads Herluf 2 months ago +1

      Hitler was super popular for building roads, creating jobs and so on. According to your wisdom, he was a real chap?

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 2 months ago +1

    Trump is campaigning in his speech and does not give a damn about climate change

    • Daniel Palmeri
      Daniel Palmeri 2 months ago

      I’m surprised you found this normally people like you are glued to you television watching your favorite paid programming at 6am or 6pm to be educated on how to view the man bad...
      The subject at hand is finance not climate and he said I believe in climate think about the reply....please think for yourself

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago +1

      @The American Pretty incredible than one living a milisecond of geologic time can look at the air and declare earth is changing..Its like me going to Alaska less than 1 minute in August and telling the world ... Alaska has 70 degree days...Yup

    • The American
      The American 2 months ago +4

      What climate change? We've been hearing about it for 40 years. The oceans did not rise, polar bears didn't die, no increase in hurricanes, and Antarctica has more ice now than in the last 100 years.

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago +1

      Like he can stop what started 15,000 years ago .. and we are at the tail end of it ...ever hear of the continental shelf ????? how did that get there?

  • Dominic Straiton
    Dominic Straiton 2 months ago +4

    When will the guardian of nothing be reporting on today's John Wilkes aka Tommy Robinson on his prize for journalism. The guardian and everyone working there should be ashamed of themselves.

  • gabi rolland
    gabi rolland 2 months ago

    trump opponent is a child ^^ show me your opponent i say you who are you^^

  • Flash Strike
    Flash Strike 2 months ago +1


  • Avid Gamester
    Avid Gamester 2 months ago +2

    Hopefully this Facist will be out of office soon

  • retractedwan
    retractedwan 2 months ago

    Tourette's in the back of an ambulance if you don't feed the starving

  • gacj2010
    gacj2010 2 months ago +1

    Does anyone ever get the feeling that the inhabitants of this place called EU are drone like people living in a La-de- Da world of idealism ..only possible from not spending 50% of their GDP on defense as does USA to keep the free world from tyranny....It's like they are not real and without their big brother , they would spin into a downward reality.

    • legrate
      legrate 2 months ago

      Hahaahaha oh boy

    • L B
      L B 2 months ago

      oh boy

  • M Asad Maqsood
    M Asad Maqsood 2 months ago +6

    What a nice door to see for 1st 40 minutes 😀😀😀

    • Imran Khan
      Imran Khan 2 months ago +1

      Where is patwar khan🐪

  • Vasco Joao
    Vasco Joao 2 months ago +2

    this man is seriously ill, we all are endangered by this psycho, please, people of the USA remove this thing from Washington before he kill us all

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago +1

      You are hopelessly poisoned by things you have heard (2nd hand information -hearsay) from those with TDS...Trump deranged Syndrome

    • aki si
      aki si 2 months ago +2

      Please u leave. Looking at you ur nothing but lonely person all throughout ur life. U wasted ur life looser. Just look at ur life ur past. What have u gained. Complaining about everything. Don't wry about our president. He is strong and more confident than u can ever be.
      In fact ur ill ur very ill. I'm sure u can see that fact abt urself.

  • jutswheezie
    jutswheezie 2 months ago +2

    he swamped the swamp - he is lying deliberately facist style and here as I thought he is not holding a speech but reading it off a teleprompter almost without fault. The american dream is alive lol --- what damage he has already done - in my opinion. He is only "entertaining" when he can go off script and bully and insult - when reading speeches not so much. I bet the audiences ears are bleeding having to listen to this b....s

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      Your hate is blinding ... you had none with Obama and cared little about a teleprompter then ...sad

  • Captain Kennedy
    Captain Kennedy 2 months ago +5

    Voting trump in November

    • Cajun Wolf
      Cajun Wolf 2 months ago +1

      Trump 2020! Dang @Palaven, it's already three to one against you.

    • Captain Kennedy
      Captain Kennedy 2 months ago +1

      Palaven lmfao poor and pathetic, you only hurt yourself but you’re to uneducated to see it keep watching CNN you 🤡

    • Palaven
      Palaven 2 months ago +1

      Voting BLUE in november, no matter the candidate. Everyone else is a better option than low I.Q Trump.

  • Robert Mortensen
    Robert Mortensen 2 months ago +3

    What a splendid thing power is, when we find it insufficient even for its own preservation

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      YA but we haven't

  • jasegas
    jasegas 2 months ago +1

    He's a low rent John Wayne.

  • Davnar Ragnar
    Davnar Ragnar 2 months ago +5

    Lol, I've just done the maths. Congrats all you Magats! You are now all millionaires. You can quit yer jerb tomorrow.

  • Dr Morcoch
    Dr Morcoch 2 months ago +5

    ivanka is a sight for sore eyes

    • Cajun Wolf
      Cajun Wolf 2 months ago +1

      @Davnar Ragnar If all one has are personal attacks it you have nothing.

    • Davnar Ragnar
      Davnar Ragnar 2 months ago +1

      Yep, you have to have glaucoma to see her as anything but a repulsive monster.

  • Archibald Tuttle
    Archibald Tuttle 2 months ago +8

    Take this orange lying hair piece back to the USA! There is still the chance of an avalanche in the Swiss Alps. Of course the environment is very important because he supports everything that destroys it.
    Edit: Never heard of an informal Swiss National Anthem! What a cringe worthy experience.

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      Trump Derangement Syndrome

    • Archibald Tuttle
      Archibald Tuttle 2 months ago

      OG Kennedy I agree! We should have sacked him in November already!

    • Captain Kennedy
      Captain Kennedy 2 months ago +1

      Archibald Tuttle trump in November

  • brotherjoeradosti
    brotherjoeradosti 2 months ago +9

    Thank you, Mr. President!

    • Harry Lime
      Harry Lime 2 months ago

      brotherjoeradosti - 🍊💩

  • Dr Morcoch
    Dr Morcoch 2 months ago +7

    trump is the MAN. in just 3 years, who would have thought what he achieved was possible.

  • Leslie Fieger
    Leslie Fieger 2 months ago +9

    Great speech. Hopefully, people will pay heed. Optimism and human creativity will produce a better future.

    • Vir Quisque Vir
      Vir Quisque Vir 2 months ago

      Leslie Fieger - Some people like Trump. Some don't. Say what you will, the economy is up. Release your own creativity, energy, enthusiasm, innovation, inspiration. It's not up to Trump, it's up to each and every one of us.

  • rjhw99
    rjhw99 2 months ago +4

    Boast, boast, brag, brag, lie, lie.....the end

    • Harry Lime
      Harry Lime 2 months ago

      gacj2010 - you still here Trumptard?

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      TDS and hate causes one to see nothing but more hate

  • Jose Mendoza
    Jose Mendoza 2 months ago +6

    Mr. Donald Trump is already known as the most TRANSFORMATIVE President ever.
    A man with courage and integrity that leads Freedom, Progress and World Peace; meanwhile, he is standing tall and winning against Corruption, Terrorism and Socialism.
    ...Trump 2020 - KAG...

    • Harry Lime
      Harry Lime 2 months ago

      Jose Mendoza - can you send me some of those opioids that you are clearly using? 🤪

  • gert strydom
    gert strydom 2 months ago +10

    Impressive...very positive message!!

  • No Fear!
    No Fear! 2 months ago +5

    Impeached 2020👌

    • Daniel Palmeri
      Daniel Palmeri 2 months ago

      Orange man bad...

    • Harry Lime
      Harry Lime 2 months ago +1

      gacj2010 - you are a deluded little Trumpanzee aren’t you? 🤪

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      Welcomed as a guarantee win in Nov. with both houses...Nice feeling for you but short term ... Its the end game that means it all;

    • pickle fork N wiggles
      pickle fork N wiggles 2 months ago +4

      Do you understand that if he is is fact found guilty, he can run for a 3rd term. hhahahahahahahaha TRUMP 2020 2024 Fear that! lol hahahaha

  • E W
    E W 2 months ago +4

    So we paid to have Ivanka and Jared tag along? For what exactly?

    • E W
      E W 2 months ago

      @John Moore No, she is not. ;)

    • John Moore
      John Moore 2 months ago

      Because Ivanka is going to be our first woman president!

    • E W
      E W 2 months ago +1

      @gacj2010 She insisted on doing her own laundry, and taught the girls how to do theirs. The WH domestic staff loved her so much that they visit her whenever they are in Chicago.

    • Harry Lime
      Harry Lime 2 months ago +2

      To increase the Drumpf carbon footprint as it’s all lies isn’t it?

    • E W
      E W 2 months ago +3

      @gacj2010 She was there as a free caretaker of her granddaughters.

  • Planete2025
    Planete2025 2 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren 2020.

    • Daniel Palmeri
      Daniel Palmeri 2 months ago

      I’m surprised you found this normally people like you are glued to you television watching your favorite paid programming at 6am or 6pm to be educated on how to view the man bad...

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      POKAHAUNTAS is causing a Bernie Bros revolt

  • Pat the Revenge
    Pat the Revenge 2 months ago +1

    this Mr. Trump (master of lies and a looser in all of his activities) he is a global problem, hope it get solved very soon!

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      You said nothing but your hatred .... so I believe more in his facts

  • Gra Phix
    Gra Phix 2 months ago +6

    I like Trump's optimism.He has reprimanded pessimistic people

    • gacj2010
      gacj2010 2 months ago

      He has always been that way .... the haters have been deranged by a hateful media which has interest in a socialist take over of US

    • Palaven
      Palaven 2 months ago

      The most despicable, unpresidential president ever in the history of the U.S.

  • Chicken Bones
    Chicken Bones 2 months ago +12

    Where is this place he speaks of...I would love to live in this utopia!

    • Chicken Bones
      Chicken Bones 2 months ago

      @MaddPeanut tell, what is really going on?

    • MaddPeanut
      MaddPeanut 2 months ago

      @eat the r*ch I was born here, my great-great-grandparents were born here, the 'First Americans' migrated here. If you believe Darwin then everyone outside of central Africa is an immigrant. Your point is pointless.

    • MaddPeanut
      MaddPeanut 2 months ago

      @Chicken Bones Open your eyes, it's here. If you only watch Madcow , Cenk, Lemon et al, you'll never be informed about what is truly happening.

    • eat the r*ch
      eat the r*ch 2 months ago

      @William Calhoun america is a countfy of immigrants. go home ur drunk

    • William Calhoun
      William Calhoun 2 months ago

      You’re not welcome. Stay home.