DO TEENS KNOW 1980s TECHNOLOGY? | React: Do They Know It?

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • Brought to you by new series #BlackMonday, Sundays beginning Jan 20 at 10/9c, #OnlyOnShowtime
    Teens react to 1980s technology, but do they know how it works?
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    DO TEENS KNOW 1980s TECHNOLOGY? | React: Do They Know It?
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Comments • 2 758

    REACT  5 months ago +152

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    • Axel Torres
      Axel Torres 3 months ago

      React to the dirt movie trailer by motley crue!!

    • Stefan Unson
      Stefan Unson 4 months ago

      It would be more interesting to do this with their parents so they can show them. Just get more of a conversation.

    • Seth Corn
      Seth Corn 5 months ago

      REACT Can you do 1970s or 1990s technology please?

    • Smallie Biggs
      Smallie Biggs 5 months ago

      REACT where do you find such low IQ teens?

  • Fitri Aini
    Fitri Aini 11 hours ago

    i use to lovee thosee gadget speak and spell when i was a kid...omg time flies

  • Daniel Cheong
    Daniel Cheong 23 hours ago +1

    2:15 😂

  • beastdude
    beastdude 2 days ago

    portable mp3 player. that one got me because all mp3 players are portable :P

  • novadhd
    novadhd 3 days ago +2

    They showed the ORIGINAL tech so no wonder they are surprised. That stuff cost top dollar back in the day lol

  • shannkaray
    shannkaray 7 days ago


  • Graestra
    Graestra 9 days ago +1

    To be fair, it’s not like they really need to know what these things are.

  • Zoey Is1234
    Zoey Is1234 9 days ago

    Ik alot of the stuff on here and how to make it work. But I was born in '06

  • son
    son 9 days ago

    I had those stuf when i was young

  • Liz C
    Liz C 10 days ago +1

    Hit me up on my brick! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Hahahaha!! Zack Morris had one in saved by the Bell

  • Life'saBeach
    Life'saBeach 11 days ago +1

    I still have my Walkman and it works

    • Varmax Projects
      Varmax Projects 4 days ago

      lol 15 yo here and i want one cassetes and vinyl sound way better than digital

    • christopher pearce
      christopher pearce 11 days ago

      you my friend are living proof of GOTG logic working like with quills walkman still working

  • sprayarm
    sprayarm 11 days ago +2


  • Parengthony Castillo
    Parengthony Castillo 12 days ago

    And I thought my era was primitive. I guess I was wrong

  • AYulianna Rivera
    AYulianna Rivera 12 days ago

    Why does Troy look like tefu?????

  • Gog GaGo
    Gog GaGo 12 days ago


  • Dax Bradley
    Dax Bradley 13 days ago

    (Reads cover, which actually says, SPEAK N SPELL)
    "Is this a calculator?"

    • son
      son 9 days ago +1

      She thought we where half blind

  • Dax Bradley
    Dax Bradley 13 days ago

    (Sees actual tape inside tape player)
    "Oh, this is an MP3 Player!"

  • kopec82
    kopec82 13 days ago +1

    It’s sad they haven’t watch E.T. Smh

  • Alfie Roberts Simms
    Alfie Roberts Simms 13 days ago +1

    Come on people, I’m 13 and know about all of the tech in This video(kinda want it too)

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      Isnt it sad

  • Netoloco Mejia
    Netoloco Mejia 14 days ago +1

    Realidad las personas de este milenio terminará con la existencia humana son egoístas solo les importa su ego perdón si los lastimo con la verdad

    • Netoloco Mejia
      Netoloco Mejia 4 days ago

      Sorry jaja existe muchos idiomas en este mundo no solo Inglés jaja

    • lili chavez
      lili chavez 4 days ago +1

      What? A spanish comment in a English video?

  • Floated artist
    Floated artist 14 days ago

    I had a speak and spell when I was younger and I loved it

  • Brett Bloody Hell
    Brett Bloody Hell 15 days ago +5

    i had a walkman when i was a teenager in the 80s

  • Hexiryy
    Hexiryy 18 days ago +7

    Teens in 2100 being told to react in a Windows 10 pc: What is this square logo thing?! Its the logo of Windows 10 and our grand parents used to have this back then. OMG this is so f***ing slow i cant even play such games here. WTH that Cortana thing is creeping me out with that voice

  • gentarofourze
    gentarofourze 19 days ago +7

    Funny how things that "scream 80's" Many families couldn't afford in the 90's!!!

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      There where nok offs out there sheaper and worked just as good.

  • Bill Bailey
    Bill Bailey 19 days ago +5

    Should be do teens know anything outside of a cell phone or computer.

  • Vivek Krishnan
    Vivek Krishnan 19 days ago +1

    That kid Troy I have seen him
    He plays football for Tottenham Hot spurs and is the captain of England football team 1:11

  • Jen6374
    Jen6374 20 days ago +2

    I still have my VCR my walkman

  • Munchkin Cat
    Munchkin Cat 21 day ago +2

    I want them all

  • EpicMelons
    EpicMelons 21 day ago +4

    Hard to believe that all this technology has been compacted into the tiny phones we use now

    • big swole nigga
      big swole nigga 13 days ago

      it hasnt, we just choose to use the smallest thing to watch something on which is just dumb

  • mwtrolle
    mwtrolle 21 day ago +7

    It's the 3,5" that is used as the save icon not the 5,25" they got there.

    • mwtrolle
      mwtrolle 9 days ago

      @son But MS dos were on one disk, but it really made it so much easier when I got a 6 megabytes, or so HD.

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      Dont remember how many disc´s i needed to load the windows in my first pc but it was alot.

  • Colleen Dancy
    Colleen Dancy 22 days ago +5

    They don't even know what a Speak and Spell is!!! Have they never seen E.T.???

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      I never had that but then i am not from americat.

  • Colleen Dancy
    Colleen Dancy 22 days ago +7

    I am scared for our future!

    • nawfal effendi
      nawfal effendi 12 days ago

      @Truth Finder i was born 1980

    • Truth Finder
      Truth Finder 21 day ago +2

      Colleen Dancy why? This stuff is before their time, just like there is most likely old technology before your time that you have no clue how it works and/or what it is. The thing is as time has gone on there has been more and more products to learn about. Another several generations into the future, kids will not hear about any of these 80s things and vaguely know what an iPhone is and they will say the same as you about the younger kids. Then someone like myself will have to correct that person for their lack of logic and critical thinking

  • Topher S
    Topher S 23 days ago +6

    People buy their kids iPhone Xs? Kids today are dang spoiled.

    • son
      son 9 days ago +1

      I dont even have it today and i am older than most here.

    • nawfal effendi
      nawfal effendi 12 days ago

      too spoiled..

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt 21 day ago +2

      So that's why they feel so entitled. I had to do chores for pretty much everything.

  • Eddy Madison
    Eddy Madison 26 days ago +7

    "There's a little sun emoji thing" hahaha

  • Stonecones
    Stonecones 26 days ago +6

    9:30 how dumb are you that you don't know about cd''s or CD players..........

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      @Stonecones eh not many new cars have it, you got to pay extra if you want a cd player today.

    • Stonecones
      Stonecones 22 days ago +3

      @Orange Guy yes, she list off the tech in order from past to now, and doesn't mention cds which came out 20 years ago and are still used today cars have CD okayers

    • Orange Guy
      Orange Guy 22 days ago +1

      But it's not a cd player lol it's a casette player. I think haha

  • M Simpson
    M Simpson 26 days ago +7

    I can't with this generation's stupid lingo.

  • emanandchill
    emanandchill 27 days ago +2

    Never even heard of black monday series but looks cool.

  • Cindy Gleason
    Cindy Gleason 29 days ago +3

    These kids have no idea what they missed out on by not being alive during the BEST DECADE EVER! The 80's were totally awesome! We didn't have today's technology but actually that was a good thing!

    • novadhd
      novadhd 3 days ago +1

      I agree but tech was evolving. I remember the first Mac!

  • Marika M
    Marika M 29 days ago +4

    Lmaoooo “hit me up on my brick”

  • Que Pasza Figueroa
    Que Pasza Figueroa Month ago +1

    Trivia Question - How would you record something over another VHS tape?

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt 21 day ago +4

      Scotch Tape over the tab :)

  • Que Pasza Figueroa
    Que Pasza Figueroa Month ago +1

    I used to have a walkman with a bunch of NWA and Geto Boys tapes with stickers all over it. Lol 90s baby

  • Edmonchuck
    Edmonchuck Month ago +3

    Does anyone absolutely love the fact the VCR is flashing 12:00 just like 99% of them did in the day?

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      that was easy

    • Cindy Gleason
      Cindy Gleason 29 days ago +2

      Yep because no one could figure out how to set the damn things!

  • Vladis Hunt
    Vladis Hunt Month ago +1

    I used it almost everything when I was a kid

  • Diamond White
    Diamond White Month ago +1

    I don’t get why people are surprised they didn’t know what most of these were 😕 I know I didn’t. I’ve never seen that type of vcr but my great grandmother had one that looked more modern. It was a slim silver one that was easier to carry around.

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      that vcr was even before my time and im 55

  • emilia handy
    emilia handy Month ago +7

    how did they not know what any of these were??!?!?!?! ughhhhh lol

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      that vcr was even before my time

  • 2A Forever
    2A Forever Month ago +2

    This is just SAD.

  • Elizabeth Dahl
    Elizabeth Dahl Month ago +4

    You know I’m 14 and when I was 8 I was watching a VCR 😂 😂

  • The Otp Sailor
    The Otp Sailor Month ago +8

    I was born in 2002 and I knew all of these

    • Linda Layla
      Linda Layla 4 days ago

      kian wallace Ok lol would you like a cookie? 😂

    • kian wallace
      kian wallace 5 days ago

      @Linda Layla i'm a big fan of the 70's, 80's and 90's so.

    • Linda Layla
      Linda Layla 6 days ago

      Sometimes I feel like y’all are telling a huge lie when some of you make comments like these 😂😂 hell some of this stuff I can’t even remember and I’m way older than you lol

    • son
      son 9 days ago

      Im born 1964 and that vcr was old alredy then

    • kian wallace
      kian wallace 15 days ago

      Me too

  • Jenna Pearson
    Jenna Pearson Month ago +2


  • Metal Videos
    Metal Videos Month ago +5

    i am really flabbergasted that they dont know that that is a computer and a floppy disc. bet if it was a 3 and a half inch floppy disc they all would have said that it was a save icon lol.

  • georgina wildschut
    georgina wildschut Month ago +4

    A brick were once the cutting edge of technology😂

  • Ashraf Anam
    Ashraf Anam Month ago +1

    Jordan knew nothing. Silly girl.

  • Kiddos Knierim
    Kiddos Knierim Month ago +6

    I'm younger than them (2003) and I knew like all these...

    • Isabella Perez
      Isabella Perez 21 day ago

      @The Hype my sister is 8 we were watching this . We knew every single one of them . It's because are parents wanted to make sure we knew what they were so we know every single movie

    • The Hype
      The Hype Month ago


    • Maddie
      Maddie Month ago +1

      Kiddos Knierim honestly same here

  • Maria P
    Maria P Month ago +9

    Did these kids grow up under rocks or something? My kids are 19, 21 and 22 and know what most of these things are and how to use them. SMH.

    • Ashraf Anam
      Ashraf Anam Month ago +3

      Probably because you people are example of rare good parenting

    • Sean Hart
      Sean Hart Month ago +2

      My kids are 7 and 8 and know what all this is. It is pretty obvious if you can read and have common sense lol these kids are faking or really dumb

  • Amanda Green
    Amanda Green Month ago +5

    I am so old I grew up with all of these 1984 baby

  • Santana Vanrooyen
    Santana Vanrooyen Month ago +10

    In South Africa we don't call it a VHS and vcr we say we're going to put the video in the video machine lol

    • Ashraf Anam
      Ashraf Anam Month ago +1

      LOL, that's funny. In Bangladesh, we knew the VCR and VCP but never called the tape a VHS. It's just video cassettes just like the smaller musical ones are audio cassettes.

  • Anthony the ROBLOX noob

    That was my teacher's first phone 4:00

  • Jeff Snelling
    Jeff Snelling Month ago +5

    The floppy disk that they had is not the icon for save. The icon is of the 3 inch hard disk that came out much later.

  • daisuke910
    daisuke910 Month ago

    Science, technology and globalisation. Looking back, we come so far now!

  • Lily
    Lily Month ago +1

    I can’t believe that some of them didn’t know what some of them where! As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what they where and how to use them! I’m kinda disappointed in my generation XD

  • rachel penny
    rachel penny Month ago +2

    Brings back memories as I grew up in the 80s. My sister had a Speak and Spell and I had a Speak and Maths. I even remember the computers and had a spectrum where the games were on cassette. The school had a BBC micro computer where I learnt some simple programming. I still have some of my VHS video tapes and a portable cassette player and cd player.

  • Beth Michael
    Beth Michael Month ago +4

    >.< I'm old

    • Teresa Ellis
      Teresa Ellis Month ago

      You are in good company :D

    • Tommy Drozdowski
      Tommy Drozdowski Month ago +1

      Ya, so am I !!!

    • Charley Patterson
      Charley Patterson Month ago +4

      @Beth Michael ... and sooo much easier!! You didn't have to check your mobile device every two seconds because back then, you actually talked to, to their face!! Life was awesome.

    • Beth Michael
      Beth Michael Month ago +1

      @Charley Patterson lol and it was so cool

    • Charley Patterson
      Charley Patterson Month ago +2

      Beth Michael I know, me too! I grew up in the 80s and 90s (graduated high school in '94) so I had all that stuff. ^_^

  • Oldmanfunky
    Oldmanfunky Month ago +1

    I remember when cell phones first came on the scene and they were CAR phones before the brick phones. Back then the problem was not enough cellular towers.

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt 21 day ago

      My dad had a car phone, I thought it was the coolest thing.

  • cassie friedman
    cassie friedman Month ago +2

    I remember similar technology in the 1990s

  • ピンク101
    ピンク101 Month ago

    Sigh stupid stupid teenagers lol just kidding I wouldn’t know how to use those 80s gadgets either lol

  • Sarah North
    Sarah North Month ago +4

    *Brick phone comes on screen*
    Me: Hello Zack Morris and his brick phone of schemes, how are ya?

  • Joel Baldwin
    Joel Baldwin Month ago +4

    Do teens know 80s technology? "Of course not--don't be ridiculous!"

  • Major woody
    Major woody Month ago +8

    I played Oregon Trail on floppy disk on a computer just like that back in 1986 when I was 8🤣

    • Charley Patterson
      Charley Patterson Month ago +1

      Major woody I played some kind of Dracula game in the early 90's from a floppy disk! *high five*

  • fanman71
    fanman71 Month ago +1

    This was an awesome episode.

  • ApL DapL
    ApL DapL Month ago +5

    I'm still young and I know how to use most all of this stuff. Sad how people dont know how the old computers work. There rly not that old 😋

  • Ezequiel Fernando Javier Garzón Noguera


  • Maryse Bowen
    Maryse Bowen Month ago +5

    Only a few years off from them and I knew everything how are they so dumb get your face out of your phone and live life

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna Month ago +2

    I couldn't afford a Sony Walkman. I had to buy my own gadgets. I had a Walkmate. 😂😂😂

  • Nigerian Prince
    Nigerian Prince Month ago +7

    In the 60's you could walk thru a computer..

  • Toronto Collector
    Toronto Collector Month ago +6

    Jordan's reactions are so cute

  • Edy Turtoi
    Edy Turtoi Month ago +7

    i'm 13 almost 14 and i know all of those, i was born im the generation

  • abelucious
    abelucious Month ago +4

    I witnessed fights in the 90s where men hit each other with that big mobile phone ,

  • Hollea Beck
    Hollea Beck Month ago


  • Andrew Griffin
    Andrew Griffin Month ago +7

    I feel old and im only 24

    • Knowtheledge Thelastdayz
      Knowtheledge Thelastdayz Month ago +2

      @Andrew Griffin Ok you should of said nostalgic instead of old

    • Ashraf Anam
      Ashraf Anam Month ago +3

      @Knowtheledge Thelastdayz All these stuff were used well into the '90s too. Someone born around '95 should usually be familiar with all these.

    • Andrew Griffin
      Andrew Griffin Month ago +1

      What i mean is the stuff they use in the video i use and have fun memory using at my grandfather's place. Also my mother's had a walkmam i used as well. So thats why i feel old

    • Knowtheledge Thelastdayz
      Knowtheledge Thelastdayz Month ago +2

      So why would you feel old the 80's was long before you were born to

  • Danger less
    Danger less Month ago +6

    Jordan is adorable

  • StoneTitan
    StoneTitan Month ago +1

    Hmm... that mobile doen't look that big for the 80's, I recall seeing one that had a weight of a couple of Kg i don't recall the exact amount but should be somewhere between 5 and 15 kg(it was mobile in the way you could drive with it, not walk with it)

    • Analogue
      Analogue Month ago

      That design did go into the 90s, so it could be a 90s phone

  • kristhoper luke mcfadden

    Hey Carson I saw your video.. creamy

    GTA GAMER BOY Month ago +5

    I have almost all of these

    • FodderRev
      FodderRev Month ago +1

      Meanwhile we gave away our old Pentium 3 PC away last year. It was functional when last I checked. Some audio cassettes were thrown away too. Sad.

  • MrNice1966
    MrNice1966 Month ago +4

    Mikaela summed up the evolution of the Walkman to modern day listening on ur phone perfectly. I remember all of those, I go as far back as Beta Videotapes. My parents bought the first Beta VCR for $1500 and blank tapes $30 each. How far we have come...good idea for a segment.

    • Charley Patterson
      Charley Patterson Month ago +1

      @Ashraf Anam ... I totally understand that. Here in the States, you can still get DVDs and CDs at any music store...but there's really not as many music stores like there were 25 to 30 years ago. Records (vinyl) are making a comeback in the last 5 years or so, but I'm not sure how long they'll last. Digital media seems to be the favorite among the kids nowadays, but people my age (mid 40s) still want the analogue stuff.

    • Ashraf Anam
      Ashraf Anam Month ago

      @Charley Patterson They're already kinda extinct where piracy laws or torrents aren't that strict, like here in Bangladesh. You're made fun of if you're still trying to buy disks here.

    • MrNice1966
      MrNice1966 Month ago

      I have pawn shops near me that still sell VCRs and retailers like Canadian tire who still sell RW and RDVD's. You can also check online too...EBAY or Kijiji or Craigslist

    • Charley Patterson
      Charley Patterson Month ago

      And now it's super hard to get a VCR, even more so if you gotta get tapes to put in it. I wonder when DVDs and CDs will become extinct? I do have some stuff on digital, but a lot of mine is still on hard copies.

    • FodderRev
      FodderRev Month ago +1

      Wow! Rich folk! We could only get a VCR on rent back in the early-mid 1990s.

  • hanna fox
    hanna fox Month ago +1

    I have that speak and spell toy except mines yellow

  • JToasty 97
    JToasty 97 2 months ago +3

    She legit called a VHS a cassette!!!! What!? I’m not much older than these guys (21) and I used a VCR until I was like 11! Because my mom gave mine to my cousin lol

    • Ashraf Anam
      Ashraf Anam Month ago

      They are also called video cassettes just like we have the smaller audio cassettes you listen to music with.

    • Knowtheledge Thelastdayz
      Knowtheledge Thelastdayz Month ago +1

      It is a cassette a video casette tape

    • FodderRev
      FodderRev Month ago

      @La page mobile I did not know cassette was French for tape. Are you sure, though? I am sure I have heard of a cassette style gearbox, though I do not know how it works.

    • La page mobile
      La page mobile Month ago +7

      well, i'm 31 and in the 90s, we also called VHS tapes "cassette" or "video-cassette" because...VHS is a type of cassette. "Cassette" is laterally just the french word for "tape". Its like DVDs or Blue-rays are two type of (before DVDs, we also had video-CDs or VCDs, it was just video put in a regular CD-ROM but they did last long because DVD hold 7x more data so DVD replaced VCDs very quickly).

  • Rıza Ertuğrul
    Rıza Ertuğrul 2 months ago +3

    Please do "Teens react to C64, Amiga 500" etc. And may it be "Jailbaits react to" only? Pleaseeeee!

  • deja nixon
    deja nixon 2 months ago +10

    All the old people getting mad at them for not knowing how the things work are the same people who need help sending a text lol.

    • Ashraf Anam
      Ashraf Anam Month ago

      @Kévin PHO same

    • J Suedoym
      J Suedoym Month ago

      I personally recommend the Technology Connections RU-clip channel as a great place to learn about old tech.

    • Jack dull
      Jack dull Month ago +1

      Don't forget the technology you use today, a lot of it came from the 80's. So it very important to know how the technology of today evolved from. It's a part of our history and our culture.

    • J Suedoym
      J Suedoym Month ago

      @deja nixon The issue isn't that they don't know how to use these devices (that's just sad), it's that they don't know how every day tech works, nor show any interest in knowing. As a 90s kid, I used to take apart and reassembly those devices (old radios, CD players, modems, telephones, calculators, etc.) as a 10 year old. And I definitely wasn't special, 90s kids like me were 'normal'. If you don't know how any tech works, old or new, how do you expect create new tech or learn from the past. How do you expect to compete in an ever-changing tech dominated world?

  • Tyo Channel
    Tyo Channel 2 months ago +5

    Sun emoji 😁😁😁

  • Mykel Mods Nerf
    Mykel Mods Nerf 2 months ago +8

    Welp I'm a nerd but this is sad. I at least know most if not all of what this is. That and I have a shred of common sense. 15 btw.

    • FodderRev
      FodderRev Month ago

      Would common sense include knowing how to turn on an old computer? I would bet it does.

    • Mykel Mods Nerf
      Mykel Mods Nerf Month ago

      @Mew Twaila welcome to the shred of common sense club!

    • Mew Twaila
      Mew Twaila 2 months ago

      Same, I'm 15 aswell

  • Kaiyugi
    Kaiyugi 2 months ago +2

    Yeah in the past people made a lot of crap to get to what we have today.

  • cazybunny
    cazybunny 2 months ago +12

    Why is everyone so upset that they don't know about these too well?
    It's pretty normal if you don't see or use it in everyday life that you won't know about it. That's all.
    There is nothing really sad about it to be honest. Unless they get taught these things how are they supposed to just randomly decide "oh what's the first portable device for playing music?" and search it up? That's not what people do most of the time if there is no reason for it. Well that's just how I see it. I hope I was able to put it into words well enough cause english isn't my mother tounge. Anyways I enjoyed the video! :)

    • Teresa Ellis
      Teresa Ellis Month ago +1

      People are silly, I guess. I loved their reactions to this stuff. It is fun seeing them explore the technology I grew up with.

    • FodderRev
      FodderRev Month ago +1

      We were taught in high school about the history of computers in computer classes. Maybe the education system today does not focus much on technology.

  • Shaun W
    Shaun W 2 months ago +10

    These young people are so surprised at everything ,it's scary !

    • Charley Patterson
      Charley Patterson Month ago

      I've had the best of both worlds...I was an 80s kid, went to high school in the early 90's so there was no smartphones or Google...and now I'm on my phone for just about everything. *facepalm*

    • Herta Schneider
      Herta Schneider Month ago

      Shaun W well they haven’t had any experience with it. At least they’ve learnt something.

  • Tom Tit
    Tom Tit 2 months ago +9

    Kids are morons

    • Tom Tit
      Tom Tit Month ago

      @Herta Schneider no

    • Tom Tit
      Tom Tit Month ago

      @Why Not? OUCH

    • deja nixon
      deja nixon Month ago

      FodderRev it took them a second to figure it out but they did end up turning it on anyways.

    • deja nixon
      deja nixon Month ago +1

      FodderRev dawg... that’s the joke.

  • J Suedoym
    J Suedoym 2 months ago +11

    "This is a Walkman.... like a portable MP3 player." No no no! MP3 what? That's analog not digital, kid!
    It's kinda sad that this new generation has no concept of analog versus digital, and don't know how any of the technology they use every day actually works. We did when we were kids in the 90s and before. Say the Internet, it's not just tap an app or open a browser and done--you're on the Internet; there's modems that convert from digital to analog signals so your devices can talk to the routers, switches and gateways (the network), and they need to communicate through some medium, over-the-air (radio waves) or through a wire (like DSL or dial-up (a telephone line), broadband (coaxial cable), Ethernet (twisted pair cable) or fibre optics).

    • Charley Patterson
      Charley Patterson Month ago +1

      Omigod, they couldn't handle an 8 track player...much less if they were thrown out of the house to go "play outside" which meant riding around on bikes with other kids, with no cell phones, always listening for Dad's whistle telling you it was time for supper... ^_^

    • Beth Shadid
      Beth Shadid Month ago +1

      Could you imagine them seeing an old cassette player, answering machine or even a boom box, or an 8 track?

    • FodderRev
      FodderRev Month ago +1

      Most of that was taught to us in high school. I think it is the education system that is failing them.

  • Kelly Hatton
    Kelly Hatton 2 months ago +13

    i was born in 2005 and when i was little we used vcrs

    • Seeger Family
      Seeger Family Month ago


    • Mohmmad Ashayn
      Mohmmad Ashayn 2 months ago +3

      Kelly Hatton same thing I was born in 2000 and I loved my vhs loved I tell you

    • Tom Tit
      Tom Tit 2 months ago +2

      When I was little ! lol
      now you're an old man of 14.

  • Laurie Kearney
    Laurie Kearney 2 months ago +5

    2:15 - Probably one of the best reactions. I laugh every time.

  • flamingpie herman
    flamingpie herman 2 months ago +2

    Back in the day the phone cost was $1000...on the first friend bought one...

    • Herta Schneider
      Herta Schneider Month ago

      flamingpie herman technically they still do if you don’t get a contract

  • Joseph Murray
    Joseph Murray 2 months ago +4

    Holy cow! That VCR is like 1st generation from like 1979.

  • Karol Jarnuszkiewicz
    Karol Jarnuszkiewicz 2 months ago +8

    7:48 wrong - the "save" icon features the 3,5" disc, this one here is 5"

    • ImpendingJoker
      ImpendingJoker 2 months ago +2

      @J Suedoym You are correct. 5 1/4" holding a whopping 1.2Mb of data.

    • J Suedoym
      J Suedoym 2 months ago +2

      5 and a quarter inches (133mm)