Bascom Lamar Lunsford / Mountain Dew

  • Bascom Larmar Lunsford '' Mountain Dew'' (1928)

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  • Tyler Basho Brandon
    Tyler Basho Brandon 9 months ago

    Turn subtitles on !lol

  • Cocteauowl
    Cocteauowl 11 months ago +4

    He is my son.

  • Peter Emmert
    Peter Emmert Year ago +3

    This could be the FIRST RECORDING OF "Mountain Dew", long before the Grandpa Jones version!

    • TheRecordNut
      TheRecordNut 9 months ago

      It is. If I'm not mistaken, Bascom wrote it, or at least is given credit for it

  • Freezepark
    Freezepark Year ago

    ..this is the song Ween covered?

  • holcroft1969
    holcroft1969 Year ago +2

    Such a joy to hear this.

  • Frank James Bonarrigo
    Frank James Bonarrigo 2 years ago

    good ole Pepsi from old town poughkeepsie. doo doo

  • Adam moss moss
    Adam moss moss 3 years ago

    i still got his best pair of Sunday boots

  • Adam moss moss
    Adam moss moss 3 years ago

    he was my 57 th cousin 3 times removed

  • jmilesweb97
    jmilesweb97 3 years ago +1

    All you Lunsfords are coming out of the woodworks here. Lucky you, being related to this guy! The best I've got is that I'm a distant cousin of a low-level senator.

    • Aniyunwiya Ageya
      Aniyunwiya Ageya 3 years ago

      @jmilesweb97 Too many of us. Must be millions...LOL

    • jmilesweb97
      jmilesweb97 3 years ago

      +john Hegarty you guys ought to organize a family reunion on this comment section

  • Eli Jackson
    Eli Jackson 4 years ago +2

    Mighty fine. - Even if he is singing about liquor.

    • Mercmad
      Mercmad 10 months ago

      Or that fizzy Drink that Cleetus Mc Farland drinks all the time.

  • Sarah Lawrie
    Sarah Lawrie 4 years ago


  • Eian Hoots
    Eian Hoots 5 years ago +18

    he is my great great grandfather

    • Billy Scribbles
      Billy Scribbles 10 months ago

      I was always curious, whatever happened to Bascom's banjo? Is it on display anywhere near Asheville or South Turkey Creek?

    • Jim Wheeler
      Jim Wheeler Year ago

      @TheValvefan Thank you.

    • TheValvefan
      TheValvefan Year ago +1

      He's my great great great uncle. No seriously

    • Jim Wheeler
      Jim Wheeler Year ago

      I was just this minute reading an old Jerry Bledsoe article from 1972 in which he interviewed Mr. Lunsford.
      I am so glad I was able to find this version. I think this was the first song I heard my father singing, many years ago. Other than that, I have only heard the versions by Grandpa Jones and the like.

  • Eian Hoots
    Eian Hoots 5 years ago +11

    my grandfather claybourn lunsford is bascoms great grandson so i am a direct descendant of him my moms dad is claybourn and i cant remember my grandfathers dads name but his father is bascom

    • Koda Rodriguez
      Koda Rodriguez 2 years ago +1

      Eian Hoots hey get ahold of me, i am a distant cousin Bascom lunsford and the lunsford family lives in Texas now. It would be awesome to hear from some distant relative's. You can look me up on Facebook with Koda Rodriguez directly

    • Koda Rodriguez
      Koda Rodriguez 2 years ago

      Aniyunwiya Ageya hey you guys need to get ahold of me he is a distant cousin of him and we have a big family of lunsford's that live in Texas

    • n_hotts
      n_hotts 2 years ago +1

      Aniyunwiya Ageya and bascoms grandson is also Allen Lunsford

    • Jake/Ben Sylvia
      Jake/Ben Sylvia 2 years ago +1

      Eian Hoots he's my great great grandfather and he's related to my mom who is related to someone else but it's confusing

    • Aniyunwiya Ageya
      Aniyunwiya Ageya 3 years ago +1

      Bascom's dad is John Bassett Lunsford, whose dad is Allen Lunsford, whose dad is also Allen Lunsford.

  • BlissfulPride
    BlissfulPride 6 years ago +4

    Victoria, I'm his cousin :-) We must be related!

  • Victoria Lunsford
    Victoria Lunsford 6 years ago +3

    He was my husband's grandfather.

  • WBOS72
    WBOS72 6 years ago

    Was he a relative pf Jimmie Dickens??

  • Scott Lunsford
    Scott Lunsford 7 years ago

    same here, but it was my great grandfather that made the whiskey.

  • Shane Richards
    Shane Richards 7 years ago

    I am trying to go back to the original roots of this song, thanks for posting. Did you record it off of a 78?

  • Shelia Lunsford
    Shelia Lunsford 7 years ago +3

    Bascom is my husband's great grandfather, just returned from Asheville's NC this past weekend. The bronze statue in front of the Civic Center where there are folk dancers and
    and bluegrass band, the banjo player is suppose to be Bascom Lunsford.

  • ThePgray57
    ThePgray57 7 years ago

    great song!

  • Aniyunwiya Ageya
    Aniyunwiya Ageya 8 years ago

    Bascom is an ancestor of mine, and even looks a lot like my dad.

  • Max Liberatori
    Max Liberatori 8 years ago

    @kokomotoysonline agreed

  • trancentralovertone
    trancentralovertone 8 years ago

    on my first day in court i wish to report

  • Wyatt Kunzelman
    Wyatt Kunzelman 9 years ago

    1945 actually

  • kokomotoysonline
    kokomotoysonline 9 years ago +1

    They should use this song for a commerical for the drink.

    • Matthew Govig
      Matthew Govig 2 months ago

      kokomotoysonline when they say Mountain Dew there talkin about moonshine not a dope

  • iiskoalii
    iiskoalii 9 years ago

    @Master100Mind yea

  • Master100Mind
    Master100Mind 9 years ago

    @McGrenzer Oh did grandpa jopones rewrite it?

  • AshtonMWilson
    AshtonMWilson 9 years ago +1

    naw this is the original

  • Master100Mind
    Master100Mind 10 years ago

    isnt the second vers Is"my uncle nort he was sawed off and short measured bout 4'2 but he felt like a giant when he got him a pint of that good ole mountain dew"

  • dbadagna
    dbadagna 10 years ago

    How would one call this banjo style? It doesn't sound exactly like drop-thumb clawhammer style in that it has these clear roll-type patterns. Maybe it's related to the turn-of-the-century "classical"/parlor banjo style?

  • dbadagna
    dbadagna 10 years ago

    I love the way he always slides his voice up to the third. I wonder if this slide is something original to the British Isles or whether it was picked up from African American music in the Appalachian region.