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  • Hol Holla
    Hol Holla Год назад

    SCAM' Do not invest

  • M Stewart
    M Stewart Год назад

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  • Lilith
    Lilith Год назад +1

    Is there any idea of when the masternodes come out

    • Bitcoin Babys
      Bitcoin Babys  Год назад

      not sure but when I find out I will let everyone know

  • Edwin Flans
    Edwin Flans Год назад

    Bitcoin Baby in da house! Great video friend. Doubter's going to miss out. Love me some B3

  • licorne69800
    licorne69800 Год назад +2

    the people who talk will regret in a while but I bet that it's people have to bet some coins
    i love b3

  • Yoto Yosiama
    Yoto Yosiama Год назад

    Never ever buy this Bullshit coin. It is a big scam. NO B3 ever there are so many other coins. It went down from 50000 to 1 Satoshi !!!!!!!

    • Gerald guinto
      Gerald guinto Год назад +1

      Yoto Yosiama chill.. did you get burn?XD

    • Yoto Yosiama
      Yoto Yosiama Год назад +1

      They just talk shit. No idea who the dev are and a few days ago they announced a REVOLUTION ? What ? And what is this AMBASSADOR shit ? What the hell is this guy going to do ? Community ? Give me a break.

    • Bitcoin Babys
      Bitcoin Babys  Год назад +2

      thats what im talking about!!!! just let them be the ones to miss out!!!

    • David H
      David H Год назад +3

      B3 is under high inflation which is pushing price down. Inflation lowers by 9900% in 10 days.

    • Bitcoin Babys
      Bitcoin Babys  Год назад +3

      Yoto Yosiama you'll miss out it's ok!lol

  • Almightyron
    Almightyron Год назад +3

    Exactly, the masternodes are def gonna deplete circulating supply. I'm in it for the long term. Great video.

  • Onn Moore
    Onn Moore Год назад +3

    We gotta stress that the wallets need to stay OPEN in order for the syncing and consensus to work. Thx for the video #B3FAM