Which decks will Andrew delete forever??

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • Andrew Mahone streams new decks on PTCGO and shows off new meta decks like the powerful Pikachu and Zekrom Tag Team GX! Check out the best standard pokemon trading card game decks in action in this exciting morning stream! Andrew also gives multiple meme decks the axe this morning, forever exiling them from stream and deleting them from his account! Which decks will Andrew delete today?
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Comments • 20

  • Miguel Rosa
    Miguel Rosa 9 months ago

    As someone who plays a Gyarados deck, I am glad you got your butt whooped after being so cocky in the beginning.

  • 4PackPokemon
    4PackPokemon 9 months ago

    I skipped to Shining genesect👍😂

  • 4PackPokemon
    4PackPokemon 9 months ago

    You should get Azulsaur

  • Aqua Fox
    Aqua Fox 9 months ago

    Eric’s hospitality Switch out for bill’s analysis??

  • Nick C
    Nick C 9 months ago

    damn, RIP Donaldsaur

  • kusanaginico
    kusanaginico 9 months ago

    donnald did not invent that deck i used a simmilar deck before but the mine is sligthly different i use other cards like the fairy stadium(just won me games where i was loosing 1-6) one marshadow gx with 2 energy just erase all the zoroarks pikaroms etc.
    sorry for my bad eng. greetings from chile.

  • Nasubi
    Nasubi 9 months ago

    AHAHAHAHAHA love this title

  • NotAPolarBear
    NotAPolarBear 9 months ago

    Apparently if you order pad for order pad for order pad for order pad you auto win

  • Jesse Parker
    Jesse Parker 9 months ago

    The list I played was the 2nd list featured on that article. Its much more consistent and streamlined without the lycanroc and with acro bikes/judge whistle.

  • Clinton Matos
    Clinton Matos 9 months ago +3

    RIP Donaldsaur. Taken from us too soon. Hopefully Milktank can redeem us.

  • ArtyFarts
    ArtyFarts 9 months ago

    It was so funny when you said PLUS FIFTY HITPOINTS!! Like your eyes bulged out of your head XD

  • Mitchell Ellis
    Mitchell Ellis 9 months ago +2

    Dont sleep on gyrados he can hit hard for 1 prize 1 energy

  • Randy Rodriguez
    Randy Rodriguez 9 months ago

    You just can't go wrong with TrickyRom

  • Irving Chavez
    Irving Chavez 9 months ago

    Order pad for order pad = busted play

  • jamashawalker1
    jamashawalker1 9 months ago +1

    Do you wanna build a zygarde? I want it to come out in play. I don't see it anymore... It's like it's gone away

  • dag dag
    dag dag 9 months ago

    Yeetus Deletus

    • dag dag
      dag dag 9 months ago

      @Quil Nation you mean the meme? or when does andrew say it in the video?

    • Quil Nation
      Quil Nation 9 months ago

      Where's that from, heard it before?

  • Marijn Westerbeek
    Marijn Westerbeek 9 months ago

    Why don't you use the fullart zygarde GX?

  • Wimpo Squirl
    Wimpo Squirl 9 months ago +5

    Z-money 😍