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12 Players Who Really HATE Lionel Messi ||HD||

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • Footballers That Hate Messi || Even The Best Football Player Ever is Hated by Some Culprits Who Call Themselves Professional Players ||
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  • Messi Magic™
    Messi Magic™  6 months ago +2383

    *Some Sore Losers*
    *And at **8:44** , Two Special Kind of Jealous Sore Losers.*

    • Born Yesterday
      Born Yesterday Day ago

      @LM 10 think youve got that the wrong way round. Messi a great club player, but very very lacklustre for his country....however maradonna was exceptional for both club and country. When messi does it on both counts you can say hes better.

    • emanuel mendez
      emanuel mendez Day ago

      Christiano es muy crybaby

    • Movie Buzzer
      Movie Buzzer 2 days ago

      Messi and Ronaldo both will be out.. Because theoritocally it is 100% proven here..
      Poor motivation styles in the field..

    • Horror Gamer
      Horror Gamer 2 days ago

      @Elwood 11 YES. Messi is the best.
      Ramos and Lopez suuck.

    • MsMcbob12
      MsMcbob12 4 days ago

      In their time there was no offside lol messi is better than pele and Maradona

  • Rolando Estrada
    Rolando Estrada 2 minutes ago

    Sergio Ramos y Pepe el antifutbol en persona mediocres, ahora con el VAR están cagados.

  • Peixoto Henrique
    Peixoto Henrique 21 minute ago

    É inadmissível um jogador ser agredido desta forma apenas por ser um grande jogador.
    Esta zaga do Real sempre foi covarde.
    As agressões por trás são as mais graves,podem acabar com a carreira de um jogador.
    Esta zaga joga sempre desta forma.
    Agora temos o VAR que irá proteger os craques.

  • K S
    K S Hour ago

    The title should be "12 players that really HATE Lionel messi because hes much better💯"🤭

  • Miguel R. Castro
    Miguel R. Castro Hour ago

    Grande Messi, la envidia ni los golpes le afecta.

  • Mik No
    Mik No 2 hours ago

    Ni que Messi o Cristiano os diera de comer. IDIOTAS

  • Calvin Racing
    Calvin Racing 2 hours ago

    Lo que tiene que aguantar Messi por ser bueno , que mala es la envidia y ser malo peor

  • Leofrnco o mensageiro Franco

    Pura inveja vem Sérgio Ramos crebar o Felipe Melo do Palmeiras 😃😃😃

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 2 hours ago

    Ramos Vs Pepe 😀😀👍👍

  • Adriano Luis
    Adriano Luis 2 hours ago

    Pra ser melhor do mundo, primeiro tem que ser humilde,esse Sérgio Ramos é um cuzao

  • xMans -Bra
    xMans -Bra 4 hours ago

    Cr7 doesn't hates him, cr7 is alway loyal and not angry.....

  • Julien Léonard sarr Sarr ne s'arrête jamais

    Majority haters are a Real Madrid players 😂😂😂

  • Ceu N Lian
    Ceu N Lian 5 hours ago

    They hate him because he is to good

  • Rock - Star - Teddy
    Rock - Star - Teddy 5 hours ago

    Messi is the BEST

  • Ismael Marin
    Ismael Marin 6 hours ago

    Es solo la frustración de no ser como el .

  • Usuario Usuario
    Usuario Usuario 6 hours ago

    ¡Qué 'cerdo' es el 'gitanuzo' de Sergio Ramos!

  • Erwin Susatyo
    Erwin Susatyo 6 hours ago

    Bcoz messi always humiliated every defender againts him...theres no way to stop la pulga except fouled him

  • Эльвин Мамедов

    Я и без этого знал что рамоз черт

  • 青鬼ファイター
    青鬼ファイター 8 hours ago +1


  • bas Wong
    bas Wong 9 hours ago

    Sports aimed at destroying the rivalry

  • 옴팡
    옴팡 9 hours ago

    나였어도 ㅈㄴ 씨게 담궛을듯 ㅋㅋ

  • more1099
    more1099 9 hours ago

    Love the channel but cristiano doesnt hate messi

  • Favio Busconi
    Favio Busconi 9 hours ago

    Nadie en Uruguay odia a Messi boludo que posteas idioteces

    EL DESTRUCTOR345 10 hours ago

    Por esto odio el madrid

  • Jorge
    Jorge 10 hours ago

    Cuando alguien habla a tus espaldas, esta en el lugar correcto!... DETRAS DE TI !!!


    And these two jajajajaja

  • Demonio Hip-Hop
    Demonio Hip-Hop 12 hours ago +1

    Sergio ramos nunca se la kito, solo con faltas pudo detenerlo.

  • Phil Enemy
    Phil Enemy 13 hours ago

    Почему не назвать видео : "Реал ненавидит Месси!"??

  • Mister K
    Mister K 14 hours ago

    Messi es y será el mejor siempre

  • Kingsley Ogbonna
    Kingsley Ogbonna 14 hours ago

    Messi will be de best of all time

  • Paulo eduardo leite
    Paulo eduardo leite 15 hours ago

    Só assim pra esses pernas de pau parar o Gênio messi

  • By Gena
    By Gena 17 hours ago

    7:47 yes yes, you hitted him with your shoulder

  • Darth Maul
    Darth Maul 17 hours ago

    sergio ramos doesnt hate him he even said that messi was the best argentinian footballer of all time

  • מתן איזיקוביץ

    people hate messi because they know that messi is better than pele, fat maradona and the violet ronaldo.

  • Vanesa Gonzalez
    Vanesa Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Messi 100% argentino!!!!

  • 2006canna
    2006canna 18 hours ago

    Sergio Ramos és el mas grande hijo de puta. La concha de su madre. Como puede ser Capitano del RM???

  • Jagdish raj
    Jagdish raj 19 hours ago +1

    tottally real Madrid don't lik messi chng d title 😂😂

  • Hester Hiraola
    Hester Hiraola 21 hour ago +3

    Leo dice la concha de tu Madre a sergio ramos Jaja

  • Twizzy Flizzy
    Twizzy Flizzy 21 hour ago

    Muthafkin sergio sukaa ramos and he aint even close to good neither better nor best

  • Elizabeth Ibanez
    Elizabeth Ibanez 21 hour ago

    Messi grande forever!!!!
    Como persona como profesional. Un gran ejemplo para todos!!!!
    Messi is # 1 forever and ever.
    As a person as a professional.
    The best soccer player ever !!!!

  • Cloudy 81
    Cloudy 81 22 hours ago +1

    5:24 u know someone hates you when they touch ur cheek

  • Freethickies Official

    Just cuz you tackle someone hard doesn’t mean you hate them

  • Cristiane Polasse

    Os caras não tem futebol pra parar ele

  • BlueMoonLightDreams

    Pricks attract pricks hahahaha

  • Abdulrahman Tawil

    What a dick
    If u r from his fan doesn't mean u'll make all madred hate him
    Stupid video
    And I'm not a madred fan

  • Alonso Gazo
    Alonso Gazo Day ago +1

    lo más vulgar del fútbol Sergio Ramos

  • Leo Eriksson
    Leo Eriksson Day ago

    Ramos: plays ugly dives like a bitch

  • Ch Kim
    Ch Kim Day ago

    Ramos i real gangster

  • Erick Melendez
    Erick Melendez Day ago

    Messi is the best.... and the others player are jealous cuz all the people said that Messi is the best😁😁

  • Rs R
    Rs R Day ago

    You're messis bitch ✌😂

  • Metro Vader
    Metro Vader Day ago

    I understand why real madrids backs hates Messi😄

  • German Squilaci
    German Squilaci Day ago

    Que Messi no tiene personalidad? Sos un hipócrita Diego, me decepciona que hables así

  • Diana Ramirez
    Diana Ramirez Day ago

    They just hate him, because Messi is unique and rich. Bunch of jealous losers 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • Mariano Murruni
    Mariano Murruni Day ago

    Sergio Ramos la re concha de tu madre !! Horrible!! El enano te caga a bailes!!

  • Toiness Boss
    Toiness Boss Day ago

    Sergio Ramos is just a dick in general

  • José Rubén Cadenas Romero


  • Die Penispumpe
    Die Penispumpe Day ago

    CR7 i See him always 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Vinicius Santos
    Vinicius Santos Day ago

    Ever Like The Sergio Ramos

  • Albert Lijo
    Albert Lijo Day ago

    Nothing can stop him...!!

  • 정대우
    정대우 Day ago

    최고의 공격수는 마킹한번 살벌하네 ㄷㄷ;;

  • lucy kim
    lucy kim Day ago

    Bc he’s better than them

  • Andrey Pavlov
    Andrey Pavlov Day ago

    Ну пепе гандон тот еще.... 😀

  • A T
    A T Day ago

    Ramis, pepe and carvalho = sport combats not football
    Red card directly ,

  • Jan Gruzdz
    Jan Gruzdz Day ago

    Ramos, pepe... The Biggest son of bitches ever....

  • Christian J
    Christian J Day ago

    Sergio Ramos and Pepe the best !!! Messi F.... Crying baby , he likes to hit ,but no one cant touch him ....coward !!!

  • Wilson Resendes
    Wilson Resendes Day ago

    WTF cristiano ronaldo don't hate him

  • Ginuwine Blade
    Ginuwine Blade Day ago

    Enfant de putain de ramos.. Tu es jaloux de Messi car tu sais que tu auras jamais son niveau sale grosse pute

  • romaios632 Gkaraklidis

    Messi 👍

  • E. Weis
    E. Weis Day ago

    Messi overrated as fuck.
    Diving champ, like that whole theatre team called Barcelona.

  • BJ방장
    BJ방장 Day ago


  • Donnie Darko1980

    Certi giocatori io li avrei esclusi dal calcio giocato bastardi

    UNIQUE PLAYER Day ago +1

    Fuck those people

  • ardian junior
    ardian junior Day ago

    Perasaan banyak CB real Madrid

  • Born Yesterday
    Born Yesterday Day ago

    Tackling someone in a game dors not mean they hate the guy. Its part of the game. Ramos is well known for being a dirty player.....does he hate everyone he tackles. All this shows is footballers playing, its NOT hate.

  • CNN cnn
    CNN cnn Day ago

    MESSI est le premier au monde

  • CNN cnn
    CNN cnn Day ago

    De toute façon MESSI est meillor que vous salopé

  • CNN cnn
    CNN cnn Day ago

    Sergio Ramos avec Pepe bâtard ét merdé

  • ThoOneAndOnly PencilCase

    Even at a young age Ramos and Pepe would foul him even though he still young

  • Александр
    Александр Day ago +2

    Я смотрю почти весь Реал его ненавидет!!! Ps-это просто зависть!!! 🤬👎

  • mayara mayara
    mayara mayara Day ago

    Ramos is UN HIJO DE PUTAAAA.....

  • かーるあれん

    Messi is God

  • emanuel mendez
    emanuel mendez Day ago

    Pobre de messi porque debe que sufrir

  • Furqan Saify
    Furqan Saify Day ago +1

    Lol most of them are Real Madrid players but I don't think that CR7 hate Messi

  • m&f
    m&f Day ago

    Aparte de Odio es Envidia al mejor jugador del mundo

  • Victor Galicia
    Victor Galicia Day ago

    Mesi ese si es un jugador un verdadero ejemplo ala juventud

  • Victor Galicia
    Victor Galicia Day ago

    Ese pinche adicto matiguano es una verguensa lastima de paiz una Copa mundial con trampa eso abla muy mal de la Federación al dejar que un tipo asi averguense a todo un país

  • Red oan
    Red oan Day ago

    I'm a christiano ronaldo fan.but i find nothing to hate Messi, he is very humble guy and amazing player 💚💚

  • Samurai Pro
    Samurai Pro Day ago

    They are envious of messi, I love Messi

  • TNT310supralover

    They all haters cause they CAN'T be MESSI !! 😎🖕 THEY DON'T LIKE THEIR OWN MAMA. PUSSY'S🔴🔴

  • jiro song
    jiro song Day ago

    I dont like Messi, but Ramos plays so dirty.

  • Sc_xHydra
    Sc_xHydra 2 days ago

    5:31 Alonso just touched HIM en 4 clips of the same thing

  • Alex Özil Franquiz Gorrin

    Q video tan estupido... 0 criterio

  • Adelina Pinto de Sa
    Adelina Pinto de Sa 2 days ago

    Fuck you Messi

  • shahid world
    shahid world 2 days ago

    Thats means Messi vs Real madrid 😂
    All real mardid players are hate Messi
    Fuck Real madrid 😠😠

  • Dr Samer Salem
    Dr Samer Salem 2 days ago

    The proof that Missi a Gentleman

  • Team JRubio
    Team JRubio 2 days ago +1

    A Leo todo real Madrid lo Odian por ser el mejor!!! Se temia k desir y es dijo!!!!!!

  • DJ Pałkerson
    DJ Pałkerson 2 days ago

    MESSI TO POLAK!!! 1:10 mówi "ch*j ci w d*pe*

  • レモネード
    レモネード 2 days ago


  • Karlo
    Karlo 2 days ago +1

    Messi GoaT⚽️👍

  • Dool
    Dool 2 days ago

    I hate that fat fuck Maradona but I have to agree with him.