Chilean Army deploys vehicles to Santiago streets as death toll in riots mounts

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • The Chilean Army has declared another curfew as it struggles to contain violence that was triggered by transport fare hikes in Santiago, but has since spilled over beyond the capital, fueled by outrage over social inequality.
    To prevent looting and arson attacks, thousands of armed troops have been patrolling the capital over the weekend, under the state of emergency introduced in Chile for the first time since the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Following another day of clashes with protesters, the general in charge of security in Santiago announced an extension of the curfew until 6am on Monday morning.
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Comments • 53

  • 5 flapjacks
    5 flapjacks 23 days ago +1

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  • Samantha Govea
    Samantha Govea 23 days ago

    el fascismo a lo que da en america latina!! pinoshit 3.0

  • greg berndt
    greg berndt 24 days ago +1

    Not on MSM in America.. what’s the deal

  • Ross Harris
    Ross Harris 24 days ago

    The weak, always resort to military aggression. Lucifer lies, to deceive, if that doesn't work, he resorts to violence; even murder. John 8:44/ 1Peter 5:8

  • beo wulf
    beo wulf 24 days ago +3


  • Peter Scherling
    Peter Scherling 24 days ago

    They should be leaving on fire! So exactly how is nay palm made? Petroleum jelly or gear grease mixed with kerosene and limited magnesium or ground down magnesium products!

  • LombardMilitia
    LombardMilitia 24 days ago

    Come on Piñera, you're not like that mental of Xi, don't slaughter your citizens. Chile is not China!!!

  • Raymond
    Raymond 24 days ago +5

    i am starting to get suspicious that a lot of third world nations army isn't created to fight other nations, lol.

      MEDIA ANARCHY 24 days ago

      news is all fake, at the 0:03 mark, the soldier on the bottom left is fricken SEE-THRU. you stop the vid and you can see the tank clean thru his body .....W.T.F.

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl 24 days ago

    Troops won't do any good unless they're willing to employ extreme, violent force against the rioters and anarchists.

  • Katrina S
    Katrina S 24 days ago +8

    Flashbacks to the "good old days" with Pinochet.

  • Tubsy malone
    Tubsy malone 24 days ago +3

    great idea! set your own army on your own people!

  • jeff schumacher
    jeff schumacher 24 days ago +5

    Capitalism kills. Down with right wing hierarchies, up with democratic egalitarianism. Good luck freedom fighters, the police and military are THE problem around the world protecting the corporate and political classes from economic and legal consequences.

  • Black American
    Black American 24 days ago

    So many protest I can't keep up

  • Dam Big Foot
    Dam Big Foot 24 days ago +3

    Bring back Augusto Pinnochet

    • bismuth1985
      bismuth1985 24 days ago

      Piñera was a backer of Pinochet.
      His brother was a member of Pinochets government.
      He never left.

  • Sandor Bronn
    Sandor Bronn 24 days ago +3

    Funny how these are riots, but the wanton destruction and looting in HK were 'protests'.

    • Sandor Bronn
      Sandor Bronn 24 days ago

      @bismuth1985 Gotcha, thanks for taking the time to post clarification, apologies for my thickness :)

    • bismuth1985
      bismuth1985 24 days ago +1

      @Sandor Bronn that's literally my point msm sees China as communist and Hong Kong as a bastion of the free market rising up against their communist overlords.
      So they see what is happening in Hong Kong as favourable.
      In Chile el pueblo is rising up against the corporate elite most of which were backers or members of Pinochets government.
      So the MSM sees these as riots.

    • Sandor Bronn
      Sandor Bronn 24 days ago +1

      @bismuth1985 Your categorisation of China as 'communist' is a super-narrow, MSM-view of what is actually a very complex arrangement and compromise between the two systems.
      It's like saying "well, the US is a democratic republic", when this is merely what the signs say. It's more of an oligarchic kleptocracy, just like every other bloody government since the farewell to kings.

    • bismuth1985
      bismuth1985 24 days ago +1

      Chile has a right wing government. China is communist.
      Corporate media will always paint the left as bad guys.

  • Greetings Друзья!
    Greetings Друзья! 24 days ago +1

    Respect to Chilean military for trying to contain rioters.

  • willipep13
    willipep13 24 days ago +1

    Et voilà sa commence pareil dans le monde entier... Bientôt

  • Janet Baker
    Janet Baker 24 days ago +13

    Typical call out the military before you even stopped and talked to the people.
    Governments across the planet have got to understand they are on the way out. That the people are fed up and enough is enough!

    • bismuth1985
      bismuth1985 24 days ago +1

      President Piñeras brother was a member of Pinochets government. The president was a backer of Pinochet.
      This is simply fascists being fascists.

  • 123 456
    123 456 24 days ago +3

    When will they bring out the helicopters to give commies their well deserved free helicopter rides? 😅🤔

    • Bình Nguyễn
      Bình Nguyễn 24 days ago +1

      And I think the chinese should bring in the tank to give the hongkong protester a free tank massage

  • Jason Poole
    Jason Poole 24 days ago +1

    Set fire to the buildings all over.

  • Михаил Абдулов

    Imagine in Russia or China, the fake news would have a field day with this,
    CNN: “Watch Russian/Chinese soldiers preparing to kill protesters” but when police brutality end protests in France, US, or any country with the “right” leadership then there’s no problem.

    • Михаил Абдулов
      Михаил Абдулов 24 days ago

      S. Biswas I didn’t mean right-wing I meant their chosen leadership which doesn’t matter if they are antifa or neo-nazis if they do the bidding of the US government then all media in US supports them.

      MEDIA ANARCHY 24 days ago

      news is all fake, at the 0:03 mark, the soldier on the bottom left is fricken SEE-THRU. you stop the vid and you can see the tank clean thru his body .....W.T.F.

    • SK BI99
      SK BI99 24 days ago

      Russia is not leftist. Russia is right wing conservative country you buffoon.😂😂🤣🤣

    • carmen vargas
      carmen vargas 24 days ago +1

      Михаил Абдулов
      "Imagine in Russia or China.." You are right! west double standar, as always

    • Gela A
      Gela A 24 days ago

      Democracy is free to kill anyone anywhere, that is what democracy is for.

  • Peniup Wisel
    Peniup Wisel 24 days ago +4

    Poor them. Those army are taking orders from the anti-christ

    • TheBigNewGamer vaca
      TheBigNewGamer vaca 24 days ago

      Sebastian Piñera is the anti christ.

    • Gela A
      Gela A 24 days ago

      US government does take orders from Jew$, but the real boss is Freemason.

    • club4ghz
      club4ghz 24 days ago

      @ross g manley888 And who is the juden messiah ?

    • ross g manley888
      ross g manley888 24 days ago

      @club4ghz JUDEN!

    • club4ghz
      club4ghz 24 days ago

      @Gela A And from who US government is taking orders ?

  • Shaun Moller
    Shaun Moller 24 days ago

    Time to listen to "Refuse Resist" by Sepultura

  • Greeb Man
    Greeb Man 24 days ago +29

    First view, first comment. Like if you're in your country and watch RT news more than your local news.

  • Ryan George
    Ryan George 24 days ago +61

    Modern slave are not in chain .....they are in debt and poor financial condition..... Hit 👍if you agree

    • Omar Garcia
      Omar Garcia 24 days ago

      Completely agree with you. Greetings from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷....

    • nobluesky
      nobluesky 24 days ago +4

      People all around the world are fighting against those banksters

    • Greeb Man
      Greeb Man 24 days ago +2


  • Lei Tinwai
    Lei Tinwai 24 days ago +7

    This is extremely dangerous to our democracy (media would say it if it happens in Hongkong

    • Gela A
      Gela A 24 days ago

      CIA troll.

    • smitemeomightysmiter
      smitemeomightysmiter 24 days ago

      50 cents

    • Gela A
      Gela A 24 days ago

      Only democracy has freedom to kill protesters.