Making Hamburger Sized Skittles

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • In today's video we're taking the recipe shared by the channel Bon Appétit to make your own homemade skittles, and supersizing it! How will it taste?
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  • ღFαntasiα Blíssღ

    O O
    ll . ll
    ll ll
    ll ll

  • Jack F
    Jack F 2 hours ago

    The inside of a real skittles are white so the inside being purple is not a big deal

  • Hannah Montannah
    Hannah Montannah 6 hours ago

    If I was there, eitherthe purple or the red one would be gone. Or the green
    Or maybe just all of them

  • Keith Connell
    Keith Connell 6 hours ago

    7:00 "Let's talk about that".. What YT universe colliding sorcery is this??

  • Keith Connell
    Keith Connell 6 hours ago

    That the frack is with the hillbilly music? xD

  • mix maki
    mix maki 9 hours ago

    too many sugar

  • Krit thiu
    Krit thiu 10 hours ago

    Put the oversized skittles in the freeze dryer

  • Sean Bevis
    Sean Bevis 13 hours ago

    Video Idea, powderize smarties and try and make cotton candy

  • Toxic EdgeHeadR
    Toxic EdgeHeadR 21 hour ago

    Dont skittles have a white inside?

  • Daniel Peitchinis
    Daniel Peitchinis 23 hours ago

    Can you try to make a video with Claire

  • Fran
    Fran Day ago

    Two of my worlds combined!
    BA's gourmet makers + TkoR ☆♡

  • tone tertnes
    tone tertnes Day ago

    Calli is soo pretty like if u agree only if u agree

  • andy bruce
    andy bruce Day ago


  • Teejaay
    Teejaay Day ago

    I ❤️ Claire

  • Shya Gillus
    Shya Gillus Day ago

    The inside of a Skittle is supposed to be white

  • Tenisha Viveros
    Tenisha Viveros Day ago

    Yall should definitely put one of those in the freeze dryer😱🤔

  • Unicorn joe 1122222333

    What's up with the theam

  • Liv Shibuya
    Liv Shibuya 2 days ago


  • windsor lawrence
    windsor lawrence 2 days ago


  • PienThra P.K
    PienThra P.K 2 days ago +1

    Ok now put that in the freeze dryer

  • Master of the Universe

    You guys should Make a giant gumball

  • MrFunky ChickenDude
    MrFunky ChickenDude 2 days ago

    This video should have been 5 Minutes

  • Halen Mullen
    Halen Mullen 2 days ago

    That 70's intro though

  • IzziPotato_ Gaming
    IzziPotato_ Gaming 2 days ago

    next video: dehydrating a hamburger sized skittle

  • Shreeya Kulshreshtha

    Powdered sugar: " I believe i can fly "

  • kevin Gamez
    kevin Gamez 3 days ago

    Freez vacuum them to get them even bigger

  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago

    H A M B E R G U R

  • Chloe Oreo
    Chloe Oreo 3 days ago +12

    I have an idea:
    What if you freeze dry:
    Mash potatoes
    And bread

    • Chloe Oreo
      Chloe Oreo 3 hours ago

      This is the most likes I got

    • Kenzie S
      Kenzie S 14 hours ago +1

      Chloe Oreo genius

  • Alvin Aksel Kreutz
    Alvin Aksel Kreutz 3 days ago

    Skittles aren’t blue

  • Dakota Dick
    Dakota Dick 4 days ago +1


  • Pepita Kiernan
    Pepita Kiernan 4 days ago

    You guys should totatlly go on the masked singer!!!!

  • Jimmy The Pineapple
    Jimmy The Pineapple 4 days ago

    *Bone apple teeth*

  • Daren’s outdoor adventure's

    freeze dry it

  • Jett Young
    Jett Young 5 days ago

    Make a giant bubble gum tape roll by melting bubble gum or find a recipe online then make a giant bubble gum tape container everyone who likes this comment want to see the king of random make it

  • Natedog Blogs
    Natedog Blogs 5 days ago

    My name is Nate

  • ayyyuhyeez YT
    ayyyuhyeez YT 5 days ago

    green won crushed

  • Greenyy
    Greenyy 5 days ago +2

    Need a Bon Appetit and TKOR collab

  • Dantallica
    Dantallica 6 days ago

    I started watching them a couple days ago and then I saw this video what a coincidence

  • Maxson Stunts
    Maxson Stunts 6 days ago +1

    Me: you love giant skittles.
    Them: I really love big skittles!
    Me: you also like getting diabetes.

  • Kate Altman
    Kate Altman 6 days ago +1

    It’s like a cross between Claire on Bon Appétit and Barry Lewis!

  • Joshua Osuna
    Joshua Osuna 7 days ago

    I like the new hosts, but what ever happened to the original guy? Something Thomas

  • Ripn n Gripn
    Ripn n Gripn 7 days ago

    You guys should make a giant mike and ike

  • Elena Mc
    Elena Mc 7 days ago

    Now I just want skittles 🥺

  • the cool dude
    the cool dude 7 days ago

    99.99999% is sugar

  • honest Abe
    honest Abe 8 days ago

    You will be surprised what type candy you can make, just from different temps of sugar.

  • Paul Major
    Paul Major 8 days ago

    giant skittles! that's my dream right there!

  • The Lance Channel
    The Lance Channel 8 days ago

    Rip nates blood sugar 29

  • Still_Chill Yo_Tengo

    I would say skittle sized hamburgers but someone beat me to it

  • Nishita Bhowmik
    Nishita Bhowmik 8 days ago

    Nate has no tolerance for sourness

  • Weston Ramsey
    Weston Ramsey 8 days ago

    The inside of the skittle isn’t colored

  • Ion McKinney
    Ion McKinney 8 days ago +3

    1 Big Piece Costs:$5.20 For “Jumbo Skittles”!!
    This Happened..
    Be Carefully For Tooths.

  • Big Mans
    Big Mans 8 days ago +2

    Before it was a Sklittle, now it’s a Skbig.

  • Kachowzaa
    Kachowzaa 8 days ago

    Marshawn Lynch wants to know your location

  • Aleajae336 Wright
    Aleajae336 Wright 8 days ago

    In Australia we have
    Strawberry 🍓
    Apple🍏 in stead of lime🍋
    And grape🍇

  • ashton james
    ashton james 8 days ago

    anyone else notice now the clock at the beginning of the video said 11:47 and its dark outside are they doing this at midnight or

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones 9 days ago

    Messed up slightly with the green one by making it lime. Skittles changed green's flavor several years ago to green apple.

  • Maria's Workshop
    Maria's Workshop 9 days ago +1

    Please do this with M&Ms as well

  • scoobysnax
    scoobysnax 9 days ago

    therapist: it's okay, Skittle Tortellini doesn't exist
    Skittle Tortellini:

  • Thijmen Tol
    Thijmen Tol 9 days ago

    this is nate`s idea, so it has to do something with food

  • The Thin Bastard
    The Thin Bastard 9 days ago +2

    The King Of Random
    RU-clip recommendations
    Both are a complete mystery