• Published on Dec 21, 2017
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  • Rahul Soni
    Rahul Soni 36 minutes ago

    All correct

  • Amit Kumar
    Amit Kumar 2 hours ago

    It was so easy to recognise such Alphabet

  • janithw
    janithw 4 hours ago

    Too annoying to play, and the soundtrack is deplorable.

    LOST CAUSE 5 hours ago

    This reminds me of the paper with the little candy dots on them. When I as a kid I could eat 4 or 5 sheets in one sitting.

  • Dummies
    Dummies 8 hours ago

    Esto no es de súper humanos no más es saber cómo enfocarte en el dibujo

  • Dummies
    Dummies 8 hours ago

    13 minutes video and 12 of that is just trash

  • Leggs013
    Leggs013 8 hours ago

    OK, Where's my Prize?

  • himorry1
    himorry1 15 hours ago

    I did get all of 'em. In adjacent levels, sometimes 1 (or possibly 2) of the supposedly easier level was actually a bit harder, and vice-versa of course.
    I would guess that this is an inescapable problem; ie, differences in color discriminating ability amongst people may also differ depending on the color itself. IE, I would imagine that it's possible for a person to be better than another at discriminating shades of green, but not as good as the other in discriminating shades of red. IE (again), a given person's ability to discover shades of color may vary with different colors, and the variations may not follow the same pattern in other people. That's my guess.
    If my assumption's correct, you could still make the test a more precisely accurate one by standardizing the average with a much larger range of colors and perform them with different textured surfaces, etc. Just get huge amounts of results for a larger # of cases in each color category.

  • kathy bricks
    kathy bricks 15 hours ago

    YEA!!!!!!!I'M NOT COLOR BLIND!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Stanton
    Michael Stanton 19 hours ago +1

    I think that it would be much harder without the multiple choice clues...

  • Mohit Sinha
    Mohit Sinha 20 hours ago

    My eyes are of superhuman,wow now i can kill anyone by my eyes😁

  • Devendra Sonu
    Devendra Sonu Day ago

    This is 😎😬

  • Alexis Roberts
    Alexis Roberts Day ago

    Sorry, at what point was it supposed to become difficult?

  • Davian Griffiths

    It's too easy I got them all in like 2 second I'm a superhuman like this if you are a superhuman 👍👍

  • Mike Secuya
    Mike Secuya Day ago

    yes my eyes amezing

  • obvioustomost
    obvioustomost Day ago +2

    Only the truly color blind could not see these. Just a sham post to get their viewing
    time in.

  • Ozzy Guy
    Ozzy Guy Day ago

    Pppfftt!! Too easy.

  • S0upbone Feltersnatch

    All the way.. Every 1. So that's y Camo is easy 2 spot...

  • Marjorie Fugoso
    Marjorie Fugoso 2 days ago

    Lol...not human but short sighted ..what a waste. .

  • TheAbdr89
    TheAbdr89 2 days ago

    I got everything right but dont understand on 0.09 its say can you see A but i see E you guys the same ?

  • DrSadiq Shaikh
    DrSadiq Shaikh 2 days ago

    excellent ... i have amazing eyes .. only miss 3 level red one ... good exercise

  • Surya Adhikari
    Surya Adhikari 2 days ago

    I think - nothing about superhuman. Just simple check......LOL

  • Nilang Cholera
    Nilang Cholera 2 days ago

    yeah did all correct...i clear all level

  • saroj kumar777
    saroj kumar777 2 days ago


  • saroj kumar777
    saroj kumar777 2 days ago


  • saroj kumar777
    saroj kumar777 2 days ago


  • saroj kumar777
    saroj kumar777 2 days ago


  • Kanmani Roy
    Kanmani Roy 3 days ago

    Could see all ...

  • Imran h
    Imran h 3 days ago

    Guess im not human. Address me as mutant from now on guys!

  • Sawda Mohammadi
    Sawda Mohammadi 3 days ago

    I got all! Woo hoo!

  • Trudy Hines
    Trudy Hines 3 days ago

    I got them all right! Awesome

  • Sandrick Silverio
    Sandrick Silverio 3 days ago

    Very interesting

  • kanhu Charan Jena
    kanhu Charan Jena 3 days ago


  • sahara alfie
    sahara alfie 3 days ago

    ***..WEIRD .. misted 2 at third degree .. but saw all at fourth degree ( do I have superhuman eyes w/ colours or what !! ) ***

  • Melanie Bremner
    Melanie Bremner 4 days ago

    yeah not too hard.

  • Trace Miller
    Trace Miller 4 days ago

    I love it I got it. a'll.right👍👍🎊😊😊😃😃😘🐭🐭🐱🐶💒💒👻🎅🎒🎆🎆🎇

  • Choung Pham
    Choung Pham 4 days ago


  • Guy Moquin
    Guy Moquin 4 days ago

    To easy. Superhuman. Must be a joke or there control group where kids 3 - 10 years old

  • camieabz
    camieabz 4 days ago

    Utter shite. (Yes, the test and the noise that someone thinks is music.)
    Go back to school kid.

  • Eltzu Maki
    Eltzu Maki 4 days ago

    Im superhuman easy

    MEHA VISUALS 4 days ago


  • Louis Baker
    Louis Baker 5 days ago +1

    EASY PEASY LEMON SQUISY!!!!!!!! 100000000000000000000000000000000000000% EASY

  • SusanBrooklyn
    SusanBrooklyn 5 days ago

    Has anyone not been able to get them all? Maybe only color blind couldn't.

  • diego gomes
    diego gomes 5 days ago

    must be the Pineapple Crack it's some good sh@t

  • alex dahn
    alex dahn 5 days ago

    This is as much a test of lateral thinking as eyesight. Probably more so.

  • Hari Kumar
    Hari Kumar 5 days ago

    Nonsense. Levels 3 & 4 are very easy.

  • Nigelnightmare
    Nigelnightmare 6 days ago +1

    I had more problems with the first 4.
    Seemed to get easier after that.

  • katsuki bakugou
    katsuki bakugou 6 days ago


  • Ganga Bhavani
    Ganga Bhavani 7 days ago

    I solved all the problems in the time limit

  • Ron Grant
    Ron Grant 7 days ago +1

    I got all of them, even the "super human" ones, yet I've been diagnosed as having impaired color vision since I was 16 years old!

  • Jeffrey Bonner
    Jeffrey Bonner 7 days ago

    These ridiculous quizzes are a waste of time!!

  • Ullah Manik
    Ullah Manik 7 days ago

    I saw a letter it was E.

  • Emilyfool ya
    Emilyfool ya 7 days ago +1

    IM A SUPERHUMAN NO WAY I COULD BE THAT GOOD... I MEAN THAT WAS EASY AF! well atleast i know im not human😑

  • Rod Ellestad
    Rod Ellestad 8 days ago

    I always knew I wasn't human

  • Jassim Asif mansoor
    Jassim Asif mansoor 9 days ago

    All ive completed

  • steven butler
    steven butler 9 days ago

    Superhuman !All

  • Agustin Lopez
    Agustin Lopez 9 days ago

    To easy

  • dolly Arora
    dolly Arora 9 days ago

    Yes i pass the super human level.

  • Lokendra Kumar meena
    Lokendra Kumar meena 9 days ago +4

    I'm colour blind but..I can easily find out alphabets in your video...😂😂

      ANYAT NASIR 3 days ago

      According to this video you are also super human beings

  • annel ronel
    annel ronel 9 days ago

    very easy,means i'm super human?hehehe

    RAMA RAO 9 days ago


    RAMA RAO 9 days ago

    The letter is "E"

  • Khemara
    Khemara 9 days ago

    Oh my good i wrong one.. its on medium xD

  • Jonathan Fairchild
    Jonathan Fairchild 9 days ago

    Easy they need to put 2 more dots on the letter k

  • talha tauha
    talha tauha 9 days ago

    It was easy, I did it in front of Army doctor without any hint

  • vishal Kumar
    vishal Kumar 10 days ago

    I am a super human
    Who else here super human

  • Bruce Krall
    Bruce Krall 10 days ago

    Too easy! Saw them all!

  • ImPeanutbuttaboy
    ImPeanutbuttaboy 10 days ago

    im colorblind, not sure what i expected but i uh, struggled to say the least

  • theo chaffee
    theo chaffee 10 days ago

    .....Now, here's a cool trick. What words do you see? >> bu!ppnd wn|d

  • harsahay mahawar
    harsahay mahawar 10 days ago

    Yes , GOD Does Really Exist for evidence visit

  • Birgit Pischel
    Birgit Pischel 10 days ago

    Sorry, mir dauert die Auflösung immer zulange tschüss 👋

  • Tl Patton
    Tl Patton 11 days ago

    i'm 55 years old. No glasses. and I saw them all within a few seconds.I don't think this is very accurate

  • carlos tamayo
    carlos tamayo 11 days ago

    Super easy!!

  • coral candy
    coral candy 11 days ago

    Im not a human? Lol 😆

  • Nur Annisa
    Nur Annisa 11 days ago

    Yeah...i got the superhuman

  • Tina ArmyBlink!!
    Tina ArmyBlink!! 12 days ago

    Extremely easy...superhuman, Thank you, next!!!!

  • eric randolph
    eric randolph 12 days ago

    got all of them and I'm sure everyone else did

  • Miriam Schiro
    Miriam Schiro 12 days ago

    I had #10, 12, and 15 wrong 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Cheryl Mosley
    Cheryl Mosley 12 days ago

    easy, hole the picture at a distance.

    • Miriam Schiro
      Miriam Schiro 12 days ago

      Cheryl Mosley ...I’m near sighted 🙄

  • cndmapping inc
    cndmapping inc 12 days ago

    Why the hell is everyone saying this is easy when the first level was giving me difficulty!!

  • Jasim Ck
    Jasim Ck 12 days ago

    That was not so hard for me as a teenager

  • Chris Kirk
    Chris Kirk 13 days ago

    i got all of the super human ones but not expert

  • maharashtra mahrashtra

    It's very easy

  • Saharin Cuker
    Saharin Cuker 13 days ago

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  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar 13 days ago

    I have answered all of the questions you asked

  • Senda Tambidore
    Senda Tambidore 13 days ago

    I am surhuman.....;)

  • Nathan Jacobs
    Nathan Jacobs 14 days ago


  • Ian Senior
    Ian Senior 14 days ago

    2 errors out of 16

  • May BRITT Rønningen
    May BRITT Rønningen 14 days ago

    I make IT unless 2.My eyes Are not so.bad as i thought.This was a exiting Challenge. Funny.😂

  • Creative Missu
    Creative Missu 14 days ago

    Everyone is superhuman.

  • sagar sambhare
    sagar sambhare 15 days ago +1

    Not superhuman but supervision....

  • Phil Schuler
    Phil Schuler 15 days ago

    100% very easy, im surprized they were not trying to sell something.

  • kurt king
    kurt king 15 days ago

    level 4

  • colin reid
    colin reid 15 days ago

    Very good test. I reach the end of level 4. Thank you

  • Pramod Maheshwari
    Pramod Maheshwari 15 days ago


  • Pramod Maheshwari
    Pramod Maheshwari 15 days ago


  • Pramod Maheshwari
    Pramod Maheshwari 15 days ago


  • Pramod Maheshwari
    Pramod Maheshwari 15 days ago


  • NS Samurai TV
    NS Samurai TV 15 days ago +7

    What I had to do is going on skipping 30 seconds. And it was too easy for me!!!! 💪

  • Ahmed Rezk
    Ahmed Rezk 15 days ago

    I reach super human eyes