Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus Recreate Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's "Islands in the Stream"

  • Published on Oct 5, 2017
  • Miley Cyrus and Jimmy recreate Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's classic 1983 Grammy performance of "Islands in the Stream."
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    Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus Recreate Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's "Islands in the Stream"
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Comments • 1 918

  • Survivrs
    Survivrs 4 hours ago

    It's almost scary to see/hear how much Miley sounds/looks like her Godmother.

  • Casey Dorgan
    Casey Dorgan 12 hours ago

    Can't believe how many times I've watched this. Really good.

  • John Ingle
    John Ingle Day ago

    A+ for costumes and looking like the original. Miley has a great voice and Jimmy is musically talented, but the harmony together didn't quite work.

  • martti pent
    martti pent Day ago

    Something tells me Miley is using one of her God Mothers actual wigs...
    Jimmy looks like President Snow.

  • Sonar Fleet
    Sonar Fleet 2 days ago

    Perfect. Incredible. For who don’t know this is Barry gibb’s song.

  • Canuckmom1958
    Canuckmom1958 3 days ago

    Gotta say - not a big Miley fan, but she killed this - partly because it was all about the song and not about boobs. She did her Godmother proud, and Jimmy was great (more a tenor than a base, but still great).

  • Nicholas Sill
    Nicholas Sill 3 days ago

    Miley Cyrus is actually Dolly Parton’s god daughter

  • Thine Nguyen
    Thine Nguyen 3 days ago

    usually not a Miley fan but this was brilliant
    I always like Miley's voice. Her antics tho...
    Something tells me Miley is using one of her God Mothers actual wigs...

  • Poeta Tenório
    Poeta Tenório 3 days ago


  • Jeans In the Yard
    Jeans In the Yard 3 days ago

    Just love to see Miley carrying on with her heritage.

  • Aukarawit Laocharoensuk

    Fun fact: Dolly Parton is Miley's godmother.
    She did a GREAT job!!!
    Man Miley is incredible

  • Lamarr Avery
    Lamarr Avery 3 days ago

    Jimmy doesn't sound anything like Kenny. Miley did good, though.

  • Panmei Lungdaini
    Panmei Lungdaini 4 days ago

    Song shed me tears of joy.

  • M Wa
    M Wa 4 days ago

    It is a shame these talented people (Miley) don’t just share their talent... and not all the other

  • William Reed
    William Reed 4 days ago

    Very well done

  • Keeping Tabs
    Keeping Tabs 4 days ago +5

    Jimmy Falon u are so freaking talented. :)

  • Cristiane Abreu
    Cristiane Abreu 4 days ago


  • Elyza Delgado
    Elyza Delgado 4 days ago +1

    Omg!! 😆 this is awesome! I still love this song 🎤

  • TheBo
    TheBo 5 days ago

    Still nothing better than the original (even if Dolly flubs the lyrics a bit)

  • Douan
    Douan 5 days ago


  • lechusa linda
    lechusa linda 5 days ago


  • k pax
    k pax 5 days ago

    Go Miley!

  • In✞ro E✘✞rover✞


  • Paige Washington
    Paige Washington 6 days ago +8

    I always like Miley's voice. Her antics tho...

  • Gabriela Hernandez
    Gabriela Hernandez 6 days ago

    Miley..... wow I’m speechless

  • michael des londe
    michael des londe 6 days ago

    Horrible Kenny Rogers....

  • Marie-Louise Ottosson


  • Fred WoMo
    Fred WoMo 6 days ago

    Well done Jimmy! Love it

  • MIRIAM Garcia
    MIRIAM Garcia 6 days ago

    Are they lip sync?

  • G G
    G G 7 days ago +2

    Hahaha! This just made me so happy 😂

  • Ginger Jacques
    Ginger Jacques 7 days ago

    Jimmy so handsome

  • teppolundgren
    teppolundgren 7 days ago

    What was the point of this? They can't fucking sing this song properly. Just watch the goddamn original.

  • Donna Banks
    Donna Banks 7 days ago


  • Frank Tucker
    Frank Tucker 7 days ago

    Dolly and Kenny both have unique voices with distinct tonal and phrasing qualities. This was a pleasing rendition of an iconic performance by legendary artists. I have never been a CW music fan, just the opposite, but I know talent and quality when I hear it. Other than not being Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers I see no reason to disrespect a good effort by talented performers who are far above my level and I suspect above all you haters. You display your lack of character with your rude and disrespectful comments. Hopefully you may someday mature a bit to halfway decent human beings.

  • Cesae Sepulveda
    Cesae Sepulveda 7 days ago

    fantastico miley cyrus tiene una hermosa voz

  • AJK always needs more info.

    Miley looks like she can bite a wall

  • Summersblues1
    Summersblues1 7 days ago

    THATS GREAT!!! love this song!!!

  • Brian Landers
    Brian Landers 8 days ago

    Miley didn't look like Dolly at all, but she does look like she stepped out in front of a Mack truck, and her voice sounds like a contestant on the Voice trying to sound like Miley. LOL

  • Tonilamby Nguyen
    Tonilamby Nguyen 8 days ago

    miley can really sing.love her

  • Annette Ellis
    Annette Ellis 8 days ago +1

    Good job.👊👏👏

  • charmnGUY
    charmnGUY 8 days ago

    This is awesome, the team building that set also

  • tishabyte
    tishabyte 8 days ago

    Miley did the damn thing here . Better not botch her Godmother's song. Her voice isn't bad but not a fan of most of her stuff.

  • nigel mahabir
    nigel mahabir 8 days ago

    Miley is gorgeous and awesome. Huge fan

  • bumper321
    bumper321 8 days ago +1

    Wow! This was great. Their impressions were spot on. It couldn't have been easy for Miley to hit those notes while imitating Dolly, but she did an incredible job! I love all the Jimmy Fallon music skits. They are very well done.

  • ryan quillen
    ryan quillen 8 days ago +5

    Jimmy looks like President Snow.
    Incredible, every time you two get together and sing it's a great time. Kudos to the pair of you.
    If Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton came out this would have been even more awesome. 💖

  • mmt1976
    mmt1976 8 days ago

    She didn't "act" like Dolly. Too bad.

  • M Bulac
    M Bulac 8 days ago

    Amazing voice

  • Injun D
    Injun D 9 days ago +4

    Incredible, every time you two get together and sing it's a great time. Kudos to the pair of you.
    If Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton came out this would have been even more awesome. 💖

  • empeeps1971
    empeeps1971 9 days ago

    Miley took over that performance x

  • jestonnie abadilla
    jestonnie abadilla 9 days ago

    Such a tremendous performance!❤️❤️❤️

  • Bryan Powell
    Bryan Powell 9 days ago

    Miley looks a little psycho and overreaching them notes. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head. LOL

  • sidnei441245
    sidnei441245 9 days ago

    Miley Cyrus is so hot !

  • Cyn Rod
    Cyn Rod 9 days ago

    I love it!!

  • Michael M.
    Michael M. 9 days ago +4

    Incredible, every time you two get together and sing it's a great time. Kudos to the pair of you.

  • Will Warden
    Will Warden 9 days ago +7

    I appreciate the effort that went into that. Thanks 🙏

  • Evgen Batg
    Evgen Batg 9 days ago

    Хорошо,что вас любит весь мир))))Вы прям улыбательны)))

  • sierrabianca
    sierrabianca 9 days ago

    Do yourself a favour and watch the original..this is nothing.

  • Daisy Cassidy
    Daisy Cassidy 9 days ago

    A terrific performance by Jimmy and Miley.

  • Trapier Jervay
    Trapier Jervay 9 days ago

    Made respect for Miley; she even got Dolly's bewbs right!

  • Nick Hadi
    Nick Hadi 9 days ago +16

    Good Job Miley...I'm sure Dolly enjoyed see her goddaughter remake her classic performance...

    • Nick Hadi
      Nick Hadi 6 days ago

      Yes she did..she showed that she watched & practice enough to be close in moves & way of singing similar to Dolly

    • Dan Scharnau
      Dan Scharnau 6 days ago +1

      She nailed it.

  • Say What?
    Say What? 9 days ago

    Jimmy sings pretty darn good.

  • Valeria Rios
    Valeria Rios 9 days ago

    Amazing 😀😀

  • Susie English
    Susie English 9 days ago +1

    Miley - stop taking your clothes off and let your talent speak for itself

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen 9 days ago

    Who's that singer with the blonde wig?

  • MignonneFille
    MignonneFille 9 days ago

    Miley has to do homage to Dolly because it’s her godmother.

  • Divo Divo
    Divo Divo 9 days ago

    This makes me want to watch the real thing

  • sidehatch69 -
    sidehatch69 - 10 days ago

    Its a hit

  • Laughing Gravy
    Laughing Gravy 10 days ago +2

    Miley is perfect, as usual. Fallon sounds more like Mister Rogers with a head cold than Kenny Rogers.

  • Scott Hale
    Scott Hale 10 days ago +7

    I always thought Miley was weak on vocals. I stand corrected. Outstanding job.

  • Jess N
    Jess N 10 days ago +2

    Dolly is actually Mileys god mother.

  • Brenda Tello
    Brenda Tello 10 days ago

    It's great, but they still need that "totally country" sound.

  • Gary Gibson
    Gary Gibson 11 days ago

    Nope. I like them both. Really. But Jimmy was flat the entire time and Miley's voice couldn't be more different, stylistically from Dolly's. A cute idea with poor execution in my humble opinion.

  • Sarah Leach
    Sarah Leach 11 days ago

    Really good

  • jorge rojas
    jorge rojas 12 days ago

    usually not a Miley fan but this was brilliant
    A terrific performance. What could have come off as parody actually feels like a heartfelt tribute.

  • Alexander Ilić
    Alexander Ilić 12 days ago

    Okay, this has changed my judgemental opinion of Miley BIG time. I have always liked Miley's voice, just could not cope watching her. This is awesome! lol :-)

  • Jessica Cutsforth
    Jessica Cutsforth 12 days ago

    Omg it’s president snow (aka if hunger games was set in the 80’s)

  • Timmy Conley
    Timmy Conley 12 days ago

    That was surprising good

  • Kenny Wilson
    Kenny Wilson 12 days ago +3

    Jimmy Fallon NO as Kenny Miley did great as Dolly and I dont even like her

    • Helen Pietrzyk
      Helen Pietrzyk Day ago

      Dont like Miley..but have to admit did a good job.Jimmy Fallon also .

  • Michelle Webb
    Michelle Webb 12 days ago


  • Marcos Leon
    Marcos Leon 13 days ago


  • Bas bzb
    Bas bzb 13 days ago

    the only one really amazes is jimmy

  • c'est pas nous
    c'est pas nous 17 days ago

    Damn, miley sang the hell out of it. She was really belting it. Awesome!
    They killed it. Great job. Jimmy Fallon has a great voice
    Miley did a great job...sounds like Dolly.

  • jjones202197
    jjones202197 17 days ago

    Wow this is almost spot on

  • Amanda West
    Amanda West 17 days ago

    Omg that's hilarious. Jimmybyou make an hilarious Kenny Rogers.

  • Jay See
    Jay See 17 days ago

    Soulless BS

  • philip blades
    philip blades 19 days ago

    Miley Cyrus is less annoying in this video

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 19 days ago

    Miley recreated Dolly beautifully...lovely duet 🙂

  • lowy Nail
    lowy Nail 20 days ago

    When Miley walks out in the shadows I actually thought it was Dolly for a moment

  • sincerelymajestik
    sincerelymajestik 20 days ago

    Jimmy was perfect 😂

  • jaybax begay
    jaybax begay 21 day ago

    Hate remakes!!

  • Henrik Mikkelsen
    Henrik Mikkelsen 24 days ago

    What a great funny crazy guy Jimmy Fallon 🙂

  • mark caine
    mark caine 25 days ago

    jimmy was not, not bad at all

  • turquoise770
    turquoise770 25 days ago

    song written by the Bee Gees

  • skarrambo 1
    skarrambo 1 29 days ago

    I hope Dolly and Kenny see this, and see how much people enjoy the song, and would be up for performing this together on stage, one last time :)

  • Orange H
    Orange H 29 days ago

    this is what yall call a TALENT.
    Miley = Talent

  • Ashlye Cordova Munoz

    Omg he looks like Tim Allen in Santa Clause 🤯

  • Born2Fight4PAIN
    Born2Fight4PAIN Month ago

    oh my almost 10% as good the originial. well done

  • M Kay
    M Kay Month ago

    Not bad... Not bad at all. Made me smile.:)

  • Sweet Cherry
    Sweet Cherry Month ago

    No one can sing as richly as Kenny Rogers.