Old table fan restoration | Restore 220v Japanese electric fan

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • Hi everybody. Today I "Old table fan restoration | Restore 220v Japanese electric fan" table fan my mother bought 20 years ago. It was very old and rusted. I removed it from each part and then cleaned, removed rust, applied grease and restored the engine. I have 2 days of hard work to complete the job. With my professional restore techniques, I succeeded. Restoration table fan is incredible. With a shiny coating and a standard motor, the fan works very well, blowing out cool breeze. I am happy to share with everyone this interesting thing.
    If you see my video something is wrong. Hope you leave a comment in the comment section under the video. We will try to learn more from your comments, so I can do better for the next restoration projects. once again thank you so much Wish you watch the video fun. DO NOT FORGET LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE.
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