Family Feud: Oscar Nominees - SNL

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • Host Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson) welcomes veteran and newbie Oscar nominees like Spike Lee (Don Cheadle), Glenn Close (Kate McKinnon), Sam Elliot (Beck Bennett), Olivia Colman (Cecily Strong), Lady Gaga (Melissa Villaseñor), Bradley Cooper (Kyle Mooney), Rami Malek (Pete Davidson) and Mahershala Ali (Chris Redd).
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Comments • 2 819

  • Crystal George
    Crystal George 3 hours ago

    I'm going to nit pick but they totally messed up the order in family feud. Lady Gaga guessed. She doesn't get to go first when it's her team's turn. 0/10 not realistic

  • Justin Blair
    Justin Blair Day ago

    Am I the only one bothered that there are 6 answers, but the 2 answered so far already add up to 98 points?

  • Queixada
    Queixada 4 days ago

    I came for Lady Gaga but stayed for Glenn Close. 🤣

  • Aditya Mandhane
    Aditya Mandhane 4 days ago

    THAR OLIVIA COLMAN IMPRESSION! Even her humour is on point. Cecily is a queen.

  • mk81
    mk81 5 days ago +1

    I love how the answers add up to at least 110 points.

  • Lloyd Darnell
    Lloyd Darnell 6 days ago

    That Gaga here is gorgeous! Vanessa is so hot.

    BAMnKLL 7 days ago

    So two out of the six answers added up to 98. Math check steve.

  • Si Chi
    Si Chi 8 days ago

    Gotta be honest, when I first saw Olivia Coleman, I immidiately thought of Cecily. Googled their resemblance and ended up here.

  • Mikyla Wilfred
    Mikyla Wilfred 10 days ago

    I feel the pain from Olivia Coleman. I love her

  • dan west
    dan west 10 days ago

    That was great seeing Tim Meadows in action again! I always liked his delivery.

  • Amahl Dunbar
    Amahl Dunbar 11 days ago

    Did Kenan write this sketch? There is some layered comedy in this one.

  • rockandlock Gunsmithing

    Fingers where?

  • JimShore
    JimShore 13 days ago

    That Olivia Coleman impression is incredible! Now I think about it. It was the only thing that worked in this skit.

  • YoofCraft
    YoofCraft 13 days ago +1

    anybody else hear the crew member whisper "oh fuck" at 4:37 lol

  • hi
    hi 15 days ago +1

    Kate McKinnon slays every role.

  • hi
    hi 15 days ago

    Kenan lookin slim

  • RadMartigan
    RadMartigan 15 days ago

    Kate McKinnon is perfect in every role ever

  • Our Uncle
    Our Uncle 18 days ago

    Kate McKinnon is a national treasure. Too bad she's gay.

  • Grace Deakin
    Grace Deakin 18 days ago

    Kenan's lost weight! Good for him

  • MrSirHoppus
    MrSirHoppus 20 days ago

    Don Cheadle didn't try here

  • Travis Grooms
    Travis Grooms 22 days ago

    Mic check 12 ( three ) still pull on Ariane Grande me, pulling up next to a taco bell stand ( she is? Italian ) Hot.

  • Whiskey and Cigarettes

    Dan Soder’s Sam Elliott is a 10000 times better

  • JTorres 17
    JTorres 17 23 days ago

    I’m crying 😂😂😂

  • K
    K 24 days ago

    I hate Gag Gag.

  • Nehemias Colindres
    Nehemias Colindres 24 days ago

    Some of these impersonations were weak...

  • Gizem Akkus
    Gizem Akkus 27 days ago

    The Lady Gaga impersonation was amazing

  • Maryanna Norton
    Maryanna Norton 29 days ago

    I can't get over Don Cheadle back in the day, on Fresh Prince of Bel-aire!!! Whattttttt!!!!!

  • JagBrit
    JagBrit Month ago +2

    Show me Mary Poppins talking that nonsense
    He didn't ;)

  • oliver browne
    oliver browne Month ago

    That Olivia Coleman impression was piss poor

  • udit gupta
    udit gupta Month ago +1

    Damn! The Olivia Colman-Cecily Strong impression was spot on. Reminded me the step mother who wasn't evil but cunt.🤣

  • Zen Der
    Zen Der Month ago

    Monique is waiting for me in the parking lot.... I loved it.

  • Tamika Lang
    Tamika Lang Month ago

    You scared Monique gone whup that butt...😂😂😂

  • Snailey Kaylee
    Snailey Kaylee Month ago

    89 people for the #1 answer, 9 fo the #3, there are only 2 left, yet 3 that weren’t answered

  • Owee Go
    Owee Go Month ago

    I've watched this many times because of Melissa & Kate 🤣

  • Jhunified With Love

    That Glen Close deserves an Emmy

  • Daya Ryelle
    Daya Ryelle Month ago +5

    "You're a cheeky little crumpet!" Yes. Yes, she is!

  • jedi1967
    jedi1967 Month ago


  • #theofficial_ kami
    #theofficial_ kami Month ago

    Kenan don't play steve
    Steve plays kenan

  • Kersensaus
    Kersensaus Month ago

    Pete and melissa are hands down the most underrated cast members change my mind

  • Treyworld
    Treyworld Month ago

    Monique joke killed me.

  • Adedayo Peters
    Adedayo Peters Month ago

    Glenn Close.......lmaaaoooo

  • Myles Carlson
    Myles Carlson Month ago +1

    "Mary Poppins talkin' that nonsense" XD

  • Stephan Reinhardt
    Stephan Reinhardt Month ago

    at 4:37 you can hear somone whisper "oh f*ck"

  • Nikitha
    Nikitha 2 months ago +3

    Cecily strong often gets overshadowed. Her olivia coleman impression is spot on!

  • Ardit Nreca Reacting
    Ardit Nreca Reacting 2 months ago +3

    The gaga moment 😂 i can't when she started with if 99 people 😂😂😂

  • Panta Rei 83
    Panta Rei 83 2 months ago

    Sam Elliot is the coolest guy in Hollywood! Road house forever!!

  • Chase Carda
    Chase Carda 2 months ago

    I am tired......

  • Robert Chambers
    Robert Chambers 2 months ago +1

    "Show me, gettin freaky to the wrong stuff". LOL 😂 🤣🤣 🤣

  • Zakk Woodcock
    Zakk Woodcock 2 months ago

    God i hate bradley cooper. The guy thinks he can do everything

  • Discolored Light
    Discolored Light 2 months ago

    "Show me mary poppins talkin that nonsense"😂😂

  • Alexander Panayi
    Alexander Panayi 2 months ago

    Kate McKinnon impersonation of Glenn Close was spot on.

  • Wayne Fields
    Wayne Fields 2 months ago

    Spike Lee: Come on steve. I bought court side tickets to the Knicks games for 24 years. Do you think I care about winning?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤣

    D1NGUS D4NGUS 2 months ago

    Sam Elliott sounds half way like Nick Cage

  • Oliver Cotran
    Oliver Cotran 2 months ago

    6:13 Pete giving a death stare to the camera

  • Kriss Kross
    Kriss Kross 2 months ago

    All three ladies did great.

  • Gaurav Sastry
    Gaurav Sastry 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice the wrong math? How is romance movies number 3?? The number one answer(getting rich) was given by 89 people and the number 3 answer was given by 9 people... That leaves just two more people, for a Maximum of two more answers. This also means that there can only be a maximum of 4 answers and not 6 with getting rich being number 1 and romance movies being number 2

    Now I know that you are not supposed to look too much into technical details for something that is meant to be a comedy skit. But just wanted to raise attention to another funny detail within the skit, because I found this funny too.

  • Jijo Mathew
    Jijo Mathew 2 months ago

    She looks so much alike Lady Gaga

  • Ana Beatriz Duarte
    Ana Beatriz Duarte 2 months ago

    Cecily impression of Olivia Colman is more Olivia Colman than Olivia Colman herself lol

  • Olivia Skidmore
    Olivia Skidmore 2 months ago

    The Olivia Coleman impression was great but her accent was kinda shit lmao

  • Denis Escobar
    Denis Escobar 2 months ago