Conan Learns To Wrap Holiday Presents - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Conan went down to Bloomingdale's to learn how to wrap ANYTHING. Watch more from 25 Days Of #ConanClassic @
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 269

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats Day ago

    bring back the beard!

    ANG GANDA 3 days ago


  • Andrew Kutis
    Andrew Kutis 5 days ago

    Holy crap! Conan has a beard.

  • Erika Linn
    Erika Linn 18 days ago

    I want the Conan Santa paper.

  • Buddhadiane28
    Buddhadiane28 28 days ago

    Loving this facial hair!

  • gypsyrose90
    gypsyrose90 Month ago

    That’s why I always use bags.

  • jay 99
    jay 99 Month ago +1

    Tbh I bet it's a blast having conan as a boss

  • M P
    M P Month ago +1

    In this country and every other country we call it "Christmas" presents, not holiday.

  • Hannah Louise
    Hannah Louise Month ago +2

    “We can work our way to a real present”
    Actual proof that Conan is a child in a mans body

  • Oscar Hectic
    Oscar Hectic Month ago +5

    "I've learned absolutely nothing and wasted alot of people's time." -College life

  • Jess S
    Jess S Month ago

    I thought he was smart and went to harvard….he can't giftwrap a box??? Is the only requirement for graduating from Harvard being a homosexual?

  • Brandon Hickman
    Brandon Hickman Month ago

    They are called Christmas presents.

  • Shane Herrera
    Shane Herrera Month ago +2

    Anyone else saw that cute girl in 1:57 at the back of conan

  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff Month ago

    3:21 That's so me XD

  • ET Racing
    ET Racing Month ago

    I dont care who you are, that there is funny!

  • sarah hajarunnisya
    sarah hajarunnisya Month ago

    still not get used to seeing Conan with beard! :D

  • louisssa ok
    louisssa ok Month ago +1

    the fabulicious guy is literally rob lowe in parks and rec im dyinfggg

  • Je s
    Je s Month ago +1

    You wasted my time too with this boring remote!!!!!

  • skinny legend
    skinny legend Month ago +2

    okay but the girl in the background when he was showing robin the wrapping paper

  • No No
    No No Month ago


  • alexiel axel
    alexiel axel Month ago +9

    "you're lucky to have a job" i hear that everyday from my boss

  • ohannes
    ohannes Month ago +3

    I generally like conan a lot; but the background laughter track and intentional "inability to wrap" is so cringy

    • B. Jr.
      B. Jr. Month ago

      ohannes It’s not a laugh track you idiot, it’s the audience that night they play the clip to on the screen

  • Londa1027
    Londa1027 Month ago

    @ 1:17 a man who asks for consent 😂

  • agnaeus
    agnaeus Month ago

    wait the desk and suite are back?

  • TheKijib
    TheKijib Month ago +1

    Conan is a sellout, BERNIE 2020

  • bleep
    bleep Month ago

    Why is he sweating?? XD

  • melvina628
    melvina628 Month ago

    So many people actually don't know how to wrap gifts. This is needed.

  • Eliana Robinson
    Eliana Robinson Month ago +1

    The beard is beautiful.

  • Scarlett Loi
    Scarlett Loi Month ago

    But really tho where can i buy that wrapping paper

  • someoneonlylol
    someoneonlylol Month ago

    How is this classic? it looks pretty recent

  • zabnat
    zabnat Month ago

    I just checked his wikipedia page and there was a picture of him when he was a writer for the Simpsons. So some big shot came to him and said lose *** ****** and **** ** **** and you'll be a loved late night show talk host and make millions.

  • Nervoz_1
    Nervoz_1 Month ago +188

    Conan is the only person that looks younger with a beard

    • Pambudi Wardhani
      Pambudi Wardhani Month ago

      The yellow-skinned Asians do. The 40 year olds with beard and stubble are looking 20-ish.

    • Edelplastic
      Edelplastic Month ago +1

      Yes he looks much better with a beard and less Make-Up.

  • Avda
    Avda Month ago

    1:58, close the sweatshop door.

  • juicerll
    juicerll Month ago +23

    the man really do well on his job of making customer satisfied.

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B Month ago

    It’s lit Conan

  • 맥스조지아
    맥스조지아 Month ago

    Conan's remotes never disappoint me

  • Hamanie Cheenibass
    Hamanie Cheenibass Month ago

    Didnt realise how tall Conan is

  • durbnut145
    durbnut145 Month ago

    Fapalicous OMEGALUL

  • Robert Grubb
    Robert Grubb Month ago

    I'd love to unwrap the second gift he wrapped ;)

  • Robert Grubb
    Robert Grubb Month ago +1

    WTF is a holiday present? You mean Christmas present right? lol

  • Jonathan Teran
    Jonathan Teran Month ago +2

    Man y’all forget that this dude used to write for the Simpsons! Best host!

  • What MadeLikes
    What MadeLikes Month ago

    Why does he look like Lucifer?

  • Rose Dawson
    Rose Dawson Month ago

    I want that wrapping paper of Conan 😂🎁

  • nobody survives even one bit

    Beard looking good

  • looyn
    looyn Month ago

    Too Conanie,parody of itself

  • KydSyster
    KydSyster Month ago +5

    Okaaaay Conan giving them “Zaddddy” vibes with that beard 🧔😂😉

  • solo ist
    solo ist Month ago +2

    Why do we thoroughly enjoy Conan harassing his employees? There's something wrong with us. Lmao😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Bugden
    Ryan Bugden Month ago +3

    Haha that karate chop on the sticky-tape had me in stitches 😂

  • Senor Gato
    Senor Gato Month ago

    I have the same wrapping paper as Conan. I wonder where he gets his from.

  • arnas784
    arnas784 Month ago +1

    dude is sweating like a madafaka

  • arihant7000
    arihant7000 Month ago +1

    *Beaded Conan* > Conan

  • Raphael Fortich
    Raphael Fortich Month ago

    The beard is back. Nice

  • Saitama
    Saitama Month ago

    I wouldn't mind having The woman Conan wrapped up under my tree 😍

  • Sam T
    Sam T Month ago +1

    a true professional wouldn’t tape the paper directly to the box...

  • C G
    C G Month ago

    Conan here looks like an older version of Jason Gray of Studio C. Jason sometimes grows his beard the exact same way and he has blonde hair. Jason was also featured on the show.

  • just4feeds
    just4feeds Month ago +1

    I wish Conan still did more remotes like this. His travel series is great, but it seems like there are so many more opportunities for small scale random remote situations that he’d undoubtedly be able to make hilarious.

  • SupaBitch
    SupaBitch Month ago

    Do you guys remember that picture of the teddy bear with obscenely long legs? That's what Conan at 3:25 reminds me of. Here it is for reference:*

  • Thecooltransition
    Thecooltransition Month ago

    I love Conan

  • oleandersmoothie
    oleandersmoothie Month ago +1

    "And I actually hire people to throw them out of the building." Brian Stack and Brian McCann!

  • oleandersmoothie
    oleandersmoothie Month ago

    the way his present turned out🤣🤣🤣 how does conan manage to mess up such simple tasks so gloriously?