Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce on "The Two Popes"

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • In 2013 the unthinkable happened: a pope resigned, and another became head of the Vatican. For the first time in six centuries, the Catholic Church had two popes. The new film "The Two Popes" imagines what conversations between the 85-year-old Pope Benedict XVI (played by Sir Anthony Hopkins) and Pope Francis (played by Jonathan Pryce) would have sounded like - and since both pontiffs disagreed on most everything, not all of that conversation is polite. Correspondent Tracy Smith talked with Hopkins and Pryce about their star-making movies, faith, and friendship.
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Comments • 514

  • persie PRINCE
    persie PRINCE 4 hours ago

    Jonathan Pryce deserve an Oscar win for this role absolutely brilliant ,the joker performance is all about the hype nothing original about it

  • Robin's Videobag
    Robin's Videobag 6 hours ago

    It's Hannibal Lecter and High Sparrow

  • Tony B
    Tony B 9 hours ago

    Brilliantly acted liberals’ wet dream. I haven’t met a single catholic yet who did hate this hatchet job against Benedict. Anyone who knows anything about what is going on in the church knows this film is utter crap. We know Benedict did try to remove the abuser referred to in the film as a cardinal and ultimately succeeded as Pope. The film doesn’t mention that Francis replaced a senior cardinal who Benedict removed even though he KNEW he was a serial abuser, and spent loads of money trying to impede an investigation into an Argentinian abuser. This film utterly has it the wrong way round. Poor Hopkins has been duped into this role.

  • Meenakshi Ghosh
    Meenakshi Ghosh 21 hour ago

    Marvellous 🙏

  • Elisa Peraza
    Elisa Peraza Day ago

    Why the face if Anthony Hopkins believes he had a divine intervention? Respect everybody's believes. Also why we go so much to their previous movies. They could have stayed more in this great movie.

  • The realist
    The realist Day ago

    I'm an ex-Catholic. Currently I don't believe in organised religion,although I do believe in some sort of God.. some sort of creator.
    This had me crying in places and I don't know why.

  • paula b
    paula b Day ago

    this is not the first time there were two popes.

  • Apelos Urgentes
    Apelos Urgentes Day ago

    "The day will come when there will be two thrones, but only in one will be the true successor of Peter."
    Subscribe to the channel Urgent Appeals:
    3,098 - Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, transmitted in 12/23/2008
    Dear children, I am your Mother and I have come from Heaven to bless you and offer you My Love. Be ye docile and in everything try ye to imitate My Son Jesus. Let ye the Grace of the Lord transform you. Do not retreat ye. Accept ye My Appeals and I will lead you to a high summit of holiness. Encourage yourselves and everywhere witness ye My Messages. I know your needs and I will ask My Jesus for you. Rejoice ye because you have a special place in my Immaculate Heart. Bend ye your knees in prayer. Mankind is sick and needs to be healed. Open ye your hearts and ye will feel the Presence of My Jesus in your lives. Do not stay ye stationed in sin. Ye are of the Lord and the things of the world are not for you. The Church of My Jesus will carry a heavy cross. The day will come when there will be two thrones, but only in one will be the true successor of Peter. This will be the time of great spiritual confusion for the Church. Stay ye with the truth. Listen ye to what I tell you and stand firm in the faith. This is the message that I transmit to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting me to reunite you here once more. I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay ye in peace.

  • Pietra Trovitz
    Pietra Trovitz Day ago

    Omg! I have a friend who was a big drug addicted and she went to church one day and was prayed on and wala! Her addiction was gone, no more cravings for drugs!

  • Jack Rabbit
    Jack Rabbit 2 days ago

    There is hope for my, just before 40 Anthony Hopkins stopped drinking and what a life he had and has

  • Michaelbos
    Michaelbos 2 days ago

    The movie is base on an incident, the pope leaving, but the entire movie is fictional. Entertaining, but that’s it, just holloywood.

  • Gaylyn Shay
    Gaylyn Shay 2 days ago

    what a wonderful movie!!! watched it a second time and will watch it again!!!

  • maymakvm
    maymakvm 2 days ago

    I was really happy to see the High Sparrow's death.

  • Garox
    Garox 3 days ago

    Two fine Welsh actors right there

  • clamour incessant
    clamour incessant 3 days ago

    Great movie. I'm not surprised an American show would try to shill for the existence of God.

  • Blessed Mama
    Blessed Mama 3 days ago

    I wonder... How true is this film???

  • Micheleina Charles-Hazelle

    I cried twice

  • Computrones
    Computrones 4 days ago

    They all together just do not make a single one f.... Pope. Just kidding

  • MimM
    MimM 4 days ago

    It should not be a surprise, but it is hard to get over how great of an actor Anthony Hopkins is. I enjoyed every line he said.
    It all felt so "real worldly" and even familiar. It was caviar.

  • christina wallace
    christina wallace 5 days ago

    Absolutely loved the movie. And it even gives you a glimpse of what both Benedict XVI and Francis may have been thinking before, during and after each of them became pope.

  • Miles North
    Miles North 6 days ago

    I'm waiting for the sequel...Three Popes: The Throupling.

  • Gabriela Simionescu
    Gabriela Simionescu 6 days ago

    Y love you!!!!Kiss!!!

  • Dina M
    Dina M 7 days ago +1

    loved the movie and i'm a muslim..loved it performance wise and directing
    but i know that most of the details and the story is fictional..c'mon it's netflix ppl??
    ofc they would never do Benedict justice

  • 160rpm
    160rpm 7 days ago

    3:53 So that's where I've seen him before hahaaa

  • rubymeagher1005
    rubymeagher1005 8 days ago +1

    One of the best, most beautifully acted films I have ever seen!

  • Jazz Mags
    Jazz Mags 8 days ago

    Just watched the movie and here I am watching the interviews of these great actors and the footages of the people they were playing. The movie encapsulates all sorts of emotions in a great way. Best movie I've seen for quite a while. 👌

  • Anna C. Sahlstrom
    Anna C. Sahlstrom 8 days ago +9

    I adore them both! The Two Popes is absolutely magnificent and a masterclass in acting.

  • juancho peralta
    juancho peralta 8 days ago


  • hollywood anatomy
    hollywood anatomy 9 days ago +2

    While watching got i was surprised with jo pryce resemblance with pope. He surpriced me when i saw him do the pope in two popes

  • Your Grace _
    Your Grace _ 9 days ago

    The conversations in this movie 🎥 🍿 were so good.

  • michelle Gomes de Sousa Leite

    I cried and laughed throught the movie! I still don’t know how.

    • Jobs mine
      Jobs mine 6 days ago

      it was a brilliant brilliant movie. Beautifully shot, great acting by both, cinematography and score was mesmerizing. I hope they win their Oscars nomination.

  • Sandra Pisu-Jocic
    Sandra Pisu-Jocic 9 days ago

    Post for the ever Jung. Junghell

  • Louise Haley
    Louise Haley 10 days ago +3

    One of my favorite Anthony Hopkins roles of all time and probably one of his most underrated; Captain Bligh in the 1984 Dino De Laurentis production of “The Bounty”.

  • Cristian Caiola
    Cristian Caiola 10 days ago +3

    Good movie, but highly politicized and historically inaccurate.

    • Cristian Caiola
      Cristian Caiola 9 days ago +1

      @Milo Schenfeld oh I'm well aware. I was referring to the movie writers antagonizing Benedict XVI and presenting Francis as the salvation (or correction as used in the movie) of the Church.

    • Milo Schenfeld
      Milo Schenfeld 9 days ago

      If you knew about Bergoglio you'd know he's extremly political, popular guy and... progressist.

  • FoolserWisely
    FoolserWisely 10 days ago

    Just to pedophiles - perhaps in real life?

    • David Mortimer
      David Mortimer 9 days ago +1

      FoolserWisely what in the name of god is that supposed to mean ?

  • edumuco
    edumuco 10 days ago +1

    Do not forget that most of the movie is fiction and is not based on any deep knowledge of the Catholic Church or the Catholic faith.
    Therefore, it is neither a documentary, nor is it a loyal representation of both Popes, nor is it a verified interpretation of the transition from one Papacy to the other.

  • On This Day
    On This Day 10 days ago +5

    The youngest Pope in history was Pope Benedict IX who was 11 years old at the time of election. He is also the only person to have been the Pope more than once.

  • Eric East
    Eric East 11 days ago

    It's carefully constructed PRopaganda that the ruling elite likes to put together in attempts to sway public opinion for despised people, like these Popes, the Queens and Kings of England, and Iron Witches. They also hope to win awards. These types of films are specifically made for those 2 things, PR and academy awards.

  • Renatenha
    Renatenha 12 days ago +5

    "Do it. It's your job" ahahahahahaha

  • ChristianVS
    ChristianVS 12 days ago +3

    Beautiful movie. The biggest message is forgiveness. So good I felt I should have paid admission.

  • theFANDOMrealm
    theFANDOMrealm 12 days ago

    Check out my quick review of 2 popes.

  • Gwyn Williams
    Gwyn Williams 13 days ago

    Two great Welsh actors

  • K Keller
    K Keller 13 days ago

    Benedict XVI and Francis are/were very evil antipopes: they teach universal salvation, praise false religions and deprive people of one true faith, the Catholic faith. See more here:

  • Heba Madi
    Heba Madi 13 days ago

    Lovely old couple 💝👏🏻👍🏻😂

  • p k
    p k 13 days ago +9

    Better movie than once upon a time in hollyshit

    • HappyDane
      HappyDane 11 days ago +1

      Lucas Sampaio Good comment.

    • Lucas Sampaio
      Lucas Sampaio 11 days ago +5

      I liked both. Art is not a race

  • Peg Chandler
    Peg Chandler 13 days ago +1

    Hopkins was outstanding in "Remains of the Day", "Howard's End" and "Shadowlands". The Lector character, while mesmerizing, is not his only acting achievement. And I've only mentioned a few of his fabulous character portrayals.

  • Eb Cy
    Eb Cy 13 days ago +1

    This is a Netflix creation, coming from nothing and based on nothing true nor verified... an amusement to entertain you :)

  • Me Crazy La La
    Me Crazy La La 13 days ago

    Who cares.

  • mgmy ch
    mgmy ch 13 days ago

    that movie is full of lies against Benedict.

  • rick m
    rick m 14 days ago

    What a tragedy!!! two filthy men

  • Laura Finocchietti
    Laura Finocchietti 14 days ago +2

    Watched it and was impressed. Two very fine and classy actors.

  • Greg Edmonds
    Greg Edmonds 14 days ago

    Don't forget Jonathan Pryce played the equally evil Mr. Dark in _Something Wicked This Way Comes_ .

  • Rohan Chaudhary
    Rohan Chaudhary 15 days ago +1

    The interviewer just blew me away. she is vivacious. 😘
    Her laugh, her taste in fashion, her hair. Maybe it's just my fascination with older women but she could give an 18 year old a run for their money.

  • BJ JA
    BJ JA 15 days ago

    Oh I'll really love to see this one

  • RocketKirchner
    RocketKirchner 15 days ago

    saw it tonight . stunning . deep . very human . very divine . got to see it again . intense.

  • SaiwanTV
    SaiwanTV 15 days ago +12

    Jonathan Price real accent is so different. He is a great actor.

    GIF CANCEL 15 days ago

    You can't just make up words and put words into the mouths of the most dignified and significant persons on earth. Knowing the wickedness of Net flicks, this is wrong.

  • Maurício Rios Caputo
    Maurício Rios Caputo 16 days ago

    Trash movie. Fake.

  • New account
    New account 16 days ago

    Great performance and script....a combination of every marvelous facets in life of from everyone who made this film

  • Paul Hamilton
    Paul Hamilton 16 days ago

    It’s a great show.