Are Man Utd going to sign a striker following Marcus Rashford's injury? | Good Morning Transfers

    All the latest transfer news and rumours from Sky Sports News. We'll bring you updates on Bruno Fernandes, Christian Eriksen, Olivier Giroud and Victor Moses! Plus, do Manchester United need to replace the injured Marcus Rashford?
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  • Yohanes Negash
    Yohanes Negash 2 months ago

    Sign jemmenez Raul or Bruno Fernandez whatever they costs , otherwise we'll keep losing so we couldn't even participate in the champions league for next year so be fast we still have a chance

  • Usman Rafaqat
    Usman Rafaqat 2 months ago

    We got James


    1:47 🔥💛🔥
    19 december?

  • Wong Adward tuck hoe
    Wong Adward tuck hoe 2 months ago

    We wont sigh any player and they plain ole to leave.

  • waqar Hussain
    waqar Hussain 2 months ago


  • waqar Hussain
    waqar Hussain 2 months ago

    Is Bruno Fernandez comin mufc

  • Maka Musamba
    Maka Musamba 2 months ago +1

    AHH how the tables are beginning to turn

  • John Masterson
    John Masterson 2 months ago

    TBH as a Man Utd fan i tink Edinson Cavani wud fit in VERY VERY well at Utd, trust me, he'd be ALOT better than fukin Lukaku aswel tbh (and his top class 1'st touch, haha ye rite) IMO ofc ... ;-)...PEACE!!!

  • John Masterson
    John Masterson 2 months ago

    @ 10:58 "Why did they let Lukaku go?"... CAUSE HE WANTED TO GO AND DIDN'T WANT 2 FUKIN BE THERE...that's why...SMFH!!! PS: these SO-CALLED f/ball expert's, IMO sumtime's they just spout out sum crap just 2 win an argument, when they know themselves deep down that what their sayin is absolute BS,...f/ball expert's my bollox...SMFH!!!

  • jerry royce
    jerry royce 2 months ago

    Ole should have taken zlantan free.Arrogance !!!

  • jerry royce
    jerry royce 2 months ago

    I wish there was a way we could get the glazers out .If the other share holders could gang up and sell to Arab moguls .

  • AudiAliasTT
    AudiAliasTT 2 months ago

    Which Prem clubs are interested in signing Terell Thomas from AFC Wimbledon.

  • kosar fatih
    kosar fatih 2 months ago

    Since when Man United had money issue ole out ed out glazers if you not spendinig then you do one to

  • tanmay chopra
    tanmay chopra 2 months ago

    MUFC forever

  • Inago Ollisbouris
    Inago Ollisbouris 2 months ago

    It's so funny this pundit says how Scottish clubs should take bigger transfer for developing these players... Does he think van dijk came through the Celtic academy?

  • True United
    True United 2 months ago

    Its pogba’s fault

  • Scott O'Dell
    Scott O'Dell 2 months ago

    Can't stand these new lads on transfer talk. Kaveh and Dharmesh are my guys!

  • Jin J
    Jin J 2 months ago

    Woodward is an idiot! How do you loan out sanchez, pay for his wage and can’t bring him back when you need him. Can’t make a decent deal and is just full of himself.

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 2 months ago


  • Jason George
    Jason George 2 months ago

    This team gets my pressure high every weekend

  • Rahim Uddin usman
    Rahim Uddin usman 2 months ago

    Just sign anyone decent and please stop playing Pereira, fred, lingard and lindaloff they are not worthy of wearing a United shirt....

  • Ian Mansfield
    Ian Mansfield 2 months ago

    Bring in Costa or son

  • greeklishmanc
    greeklishmanc 2 months ago +1

    diverse bunch of nobody's earning a diverse crust on super diverse sky sports.

  • [sic]
    [sic] 2 months ago

    Trade Pogba for Neymar.

  • Chris Marrison
    Chris Marrison 2 months ago

    Woodward and the Glazer's are just toxic and have poisoned the club to its core. Get them out!!

  • Rahul Horeesorun
    Rahul Horeesorun 2 months ago

    0:11 Eweerer

  • anthony wilson
    anthony wilson 2 months ago

    Rasfords stress fracture means he cannot for fill his potential fractures in the spine are seriously bad any person saying anything other than that are lying or stupid he should think about retiring

  • Lee Soulsby
    Lee Soulsby 2 months ago

    Sick of hearing about man u same old sky man u arnt a top 4 team anymore but sky must not of got that memo

  • R R
    R R 2 months ago

    I DON’T GIVE A SHITE ANYMORE. You’ve lost me as a fan Man Utd. I’m not sure who’s making the decisions but the product on the pitch says it all... MEDIOCRITY. F**K YOU MAN UTD.

  • Cool dued Bro
    Cool dued Bro 2 months ago

    Chelsea should sign ndidi and draxler

  • Jake Mulhern
    Jake Mulhern 2 months ago

    Look at Palaces injuries

  • tee tee
    tee tee 2 months ago

    My dad: Is she on Facebook? My Mum: Is she on Twitter? My sister: Is she on insta? Me: Is she on PornHub?

  • arwin krishnan
    arwin krishnan 2 months ago

    I just wonder why everyone is wasting time giving attention to Man Utd. These team is milking money with poor football yet owners are lavished with profits that revolves around everything else besides football. Commercial revenue etc .
    Stop living in the past .. Appreciate teams whom are doing well ..purely just for the beauty and love of this beautiful sports .

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    Agents fees should be capped at $1000 per transaction - just maggots who do nothing useful.

  • United We stand
    United We stand 2 months ago

    Stop it sky we ain’t buying anyone. We needed a striker in the summer not after losing a player due to injury that plays on the wings.

  • The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

    Raheem Stirling's non-binary brother got dressed in an old folks home again this morning I see....

  • Melih 7777
    Melih 7777 2 months ago

    United right now has three attackers. Martial, Greenwood and James. Guess what? Those three have to play EVERY game for months. It's physically impossible!

  • Cladrastis
    Cladrastis 2 months ago

    Ha ha ha ha you kicked Lukaku to the curb almost *_9 MONTHS AGO_* and United *_STILL_* doesn't have a striker 🤦🏽‍♀️.

  • Dylan Healy
    Dylan Healy 2 months ago

    They are they all Scottish?

  • mark lloyd
    mark lloyd 2 months ago

    God she’s soooooooo fit

  • PandaBrookie
    PandaBrookie 2 months ago

    I hope they sign a quality sticker and Midfield.

  • Prashant Mishra
    Prashant Mishra 2 months ago +2

    yeah they will probably land Haaland cause Ole knows his famil......oh wait!!

      DNC ISKKK 2 months ago

      Safe assumption for brits to make. But the fact is that he did not make Haaland into the striker he is, and did not really make him a better finisher. He misfired alot in molde, even struggled with tap-ins. . And he wasn't good at positioning himself either. He was faster and stronger than all centrebacks in Norway, so sometimes he ran past a few and stumbled in a goal or two. He knows that Ole is not good at producing strikers. Ole was for some reason good at organizing defence, even with cheap and subpar players. But he could never make attackers work, even if he did spend 10 times as much on players as the third highest spender did, and most of that went to vacume the other teams for their top strikers. Then he got them, and they started missing 100% chances. Molde became much better when he left, the reserve coach that took over bought cheaper strikers and assembled a team that he qualified for europa league. That Ole could take over and win the group with, against Ajax, Celtic and Fenerbache. Then they sold some of those strikers, and once again Molde could not score with the costly replacementstars Ole bought.

  • Dinos Fearon
    Dinos Fearon 2 months ago

    So we potentially ruin a young strikers career because we don't want to buy players. Rashford paid every game for the past 2 years and I can see his career coming to an end by time he's 28. It's sad that as a club we are overplaying and destroying our talent.

  • Christian Dorman
    Christian Dorman 2 months ago +4

    We didnt let him go...he chose Dortmund over us

  • Brian Whitehead
    Brian Whitehead 2 months ago

    Well if we don’t we want get no goals martial not good enough

  • Ole is at the wheelchair lol

    Spoiler: bruno was a anfield in the stands holding ole out sign.

  • Talk and Reaction
    Talk and Reaction 2 months ago

    welcome to the man u chanel

  • Leon Palmer
    Leon Palmer 2 months ago

    No and their not getting bruno either

    • Leon Palmer
      Leon Palmer 2 months ago

      @Lovinglife forreAal you telling me to shut up are you stormzy? Rather than rumours have united been active in the transfer market .

    • Lovinglife forreAal
      Lovinglife forreAal 2 months ago

      Shut up

  • LeMan 02
    LeMan 02 2 months ago

    Only Captain Tsubasa can save Man united

  • Winston Craig
    Winston Craig 2 months ago

    Yes Blythe Spartans have a promising 17 year old we can get him for £100 quid a week and petrol money eds over the moon👍

  • everynamewastakenomg
    everynamewastakenomg 2 months ago +1

    Is that guy related to Raheem Sterling? Looks quite a lot like him

  • Samsung J3
    Samsung J3 2 months ago

    Gotta love it! Man Utd and Bruno Fernandes story still alive since when? How many months has it been? Cool story!

  • Poisoned Bytoxic
    Poisoned Bytoxic 2 months ago

    Petition to get two women and two males on transfer market for the future

  • ZiNgZ ZiNgZ
    ZiNgZ ZiNgZ 2 months ago

    Ole lied all throughout the summer saying 'we're Man United' the money is there.. LIES! The money was never there the owners have sucked us dry

  • ZiNgZ ZiNgZ
    ZiNgZ ZiNgZ 2 months ago

    I said this in the summer, we have NO MONEY...

  • darth john
    darth john 2 months ago


  • Paula Nascimento
    Paula Nascimento 2 months ago

    The portuguese press says blah, blah. The English press says blah blah. Now Bruno Fernandes is supposed to be desperate and anxious. I know that sky needs to fill air time but c'mon. Get a grip and chill.

  • Cillian Byrne
    Cillian Byrne 2 months ago

    How do you expect us to replace rashford when we won't even make a deal for fernandes who we needed for a long time now?

  • Stuart English
    Stuart English 2 months ago

    Lukaku wasn't the type of forward Ole wants at United which is the same reason why Cavani isn't going to go to United... Haland didn't happen because of the sell on clause in his contract... after 2 1/2 years he is available for 50mil... which is stupid to accept...

  • juice box
    juice box 2 months ago

    Lies lies lies

  • André Albuquerque
    André Albuquerque 2 months ago +1

    People please, you're supposed to be professionals... Sporting Lisbon doesn't exist

  • Liam Devine
    Liam Devine 2 months ago

    3 actual analysts on the laptops boyd playing x and o's with himself

  • Nightmarish
    Nightmarish 2 months ago

    We'll sign nobody in January.

  • Josip Peric
    Josip Peric 2 months ago

    United cant get anyone over the Line ,its actually sad . Does anyone want to play for Ole? After Haland departure for BVB instead of United and the guy was given his debut by him wtf

  • Abraham Legesse
    Abraham Legesse 2 months ago

    For all united fans we really really really need to sign bruno and the problem is the shitty Ed I'm tired of this man...see bruno wants come united everything telling us from his current situation is obvious

  • Jonathan Ball
    Jonathan Ball 2 months ago

    If you think Manchester United let anyone leave because they have a plan to bring someone else in, you're massively overrating the competence of this board..... The Glazers have abandoned the footballing project that is United and all we are now is their personal piggy bank!!!!

  • akib2542
    akib2542 2 months ago

    Man United aren't signing anyone this January... unless it's a bang average British teenager from the championship for £1.5m for a position that already had three players.. Glazers and Woodward have and continue to destroy United both as a football team and as a club.. they will sell Pogba for 100m plus in the summer and pocket all of it.. while Ole will be left praising the effort levels of our players after every defeat

  • keflar5
    keflar5 2 months ago

    These guys are all pretty offence.

  • Account User
    Account User 2 months ago

    We needed to sign a striker since Lukaku was stupidly sold. Putting too much trust in a 22 year old isn’t a good idea

  • Tanim Quazi
    Tanim Quazi 2 months ago +2

    Man Utd won’t even sign a post from the way things are going

  • SeeenR Dave
    SeeenR Dave 2 months ago

    If we sack Ed Woodward and appoint somebody of high class who Knows what they are doing that would be better than any signing in the world 7+ years of failure biggest Bellend in Manchester

  • Scotch V
    Scotch V 2 months ago

    Please do not compare a bush league to the premier league....

  • mab m
    mab m 2 months ago

    martial has never been a midfielder you dumbass. of course you wouldnt class him as one.

  • Gengchen
    Gengchen 2 months ago

    Mbappe maybe for Man U. I dont see them being back with average players. Idk how Man U couldnt get Haaland

    • severio nyamaropa
      severio nyamaropa 2 months ago

      They didnt like the buy out clause in Halaand's contract as they wanted longterm commitment

    • Gengchen
      Gengchen 2 months ago

      @Thomas Kendell Well, maybe Dybala, Man U needs players, the current squad just sucks xD

    • Thomas Kendell
      Thomas Kendell 2 months ago +1

      Mbappe isn't going to United 😂😂
      Your not going to sing the world's best striker outside the Champions League
      Haaland is a Leeds man he hates Man Utd

  • Mason Parsons
    Mason Parsons 2 months ago +2

    Why do they always talk about Scottish football and never talk about championship football

    • kiriakoz
      kiriakoz 2 months ago

      Mason Parsons because 60% of the panel are Scottish? That was an easy one.

  • David Silva
    David Silva 2 months ago

    Why do people say sporting Lisbon?

    • Paula Nascimento
      Paula Nascimento 2 months ago +2

      Porque são demasiado preguiçosos para fazer uma simples busca no Google. 😁

  • Yi Long
    Yi Long 2 months ago

    Man Utd should get Boadu from AZ. Shouldn't be too expensive, and considered as one of the biggest Dutch talents, already made his debut (and immediately scored) in the national squad.

  • Rich Kydd
    Rich Kydd 2 months ago +1

    Im sorry not gender bending guys but dont particularly like to see women in football in commentary or around the debating table. It seems the blonde lady leading the panel its a football debate.. guys dont know if u all feel the same but am old fashioned and likes my football masculine she jus making the debate less serious and more feminine😑

  • Stephen Zevon
    Stephen Zevon 2 months ago +1

    Why cant clubs put up an official statement. All there is, is reports, sources say, rumours.... Its so time consuming and a waste of time at that.

  • Richard Lawes
    Richard Lawes 2 months ago

    No one is taking Scottish football serious lol