Kristen Wiig's Funniest SNL Characters

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • Here are some of Kristen Wiig's hysterical characters she embodied during her run on SNL. Her hilarious clips as Penelope, Shana, Kathie Lee Gifford, and so many others proved there were no bounds for her comedic talent. Kristen Wiig as an obvious pro at improvisation, and more importantly, was not only willing to take risks with her outrageous characters, she relished the opportunity.
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  • beaglybeagle
    beaglybeagle 6 months ago +251

    Love your clips Eric, esp. the opening sequences with the varied shots of Kristen Wiig, like it was the real opening of a show.

  • localmeanderer
    localmeanderer 27 days ago

    wiig's point of reference for a number of these characters is quite unique. they are more than just imagined "impressions." they seem more like characters created around some type of human idiosyncrasy or certain kinds of abstract concepts. who knows where she's pulling all this from. we would not actually know people like many of these people in real life but they are a display of what people do . . .

  • Angel
    Angel 28 days ago +5

    2:51 "I wish I was a lesbian so I wouldnt have to carry a purse" hahahahahahah

  • Acting Out Loud
    Acting Out Loud 28 days ago

    Awesome sauce 😎

  • Yaneth Montes
    Yaneth Montes Month ago

    Bill! Bill! Bill!

  • something interesting2thinkabt

    She's freaking amazing

  • Eian Richardson
    Eian Richardson Month ago

    What was that scene with Katy Lee and Bill Nye?

  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano Month ago

    Kathy Lee is her all time best. Susie Orman is pretty spot on too

  • Jason kH
    Jason kH Month ago

    Am I the only one who is insanely attracted to Ms. Wiig? Sexy as hell and funny af 😎

  • Jon Ross
    Jon Ross Month ago +1

    "When we educate ourselves were educated" I screamed

  • Trev0r98
    Trev0r98 Month ago

    Bill Hader looks cartoon-monstrous in the skit with Scarlett Johannsen. Spooky.

  • Sondra
    Sondra Month ago

    I'm a pirate, because I am from way back when "acting" wasn't a was all about being in PICTURES

  • Karl Hungus
    Karl Hungus Month ago

    She's shagadelic.

  • john noe
    john noe Month ago

    Very talented lady.

    EEVEE Month ago


  • Sheryl Rae
    Sheryl Rae Month ago

    Kristen and Hader are GOLD. Watch skeleton twins for an amazing twistvto their chemistry

  • Von_Nightmare_ Luciferian

    She is so funny, and I never heard of her until this year.

  • David Liddle
    David Liddle Month ago

    Man, women like Kathy Gifford are every typical suburb woman who never worked n drank wine until her mouth drooped into that slurred speech stage forever.

  • Diane Lynn
    Diane Lynn Month ago


  • David Liddle
    David Liddle Month ago

    This is awesome

  • Jonah Atwood
    Jonah Atwood Month ago

    what episode is the sketch at 3:03 on?

  • Kelly Devries
    Kelly Devries Month ago

    Who's that last actress ? That old timey one ?

  • David B.
    David B. Month ago

    I am dyin laughin - Kristen is awesome

  • ABLAZ X (Armaniblast)
    ABLAZ X (Armaniblast) Month ago +1

    I love her way better than any post 90's castmember.
    She smokes em all! Leaves everyone of them in the dust. Roflmao

  • Esther Ganzon
    Esther Ganzon Month ago

    I want to be her when I grow up

  • mike ryan
    mike ryan Month ago

    The funniest female of SNL

  • peter7960
    peter7960 Month ago


  • joe hodge
    joe hodge Month ago

    Glad she’s not on that trashy SNL anymore

  • Barbara Weekley
    Barbara Weekley Month ago

    Love her she's great so so funny

  • Malia Laguisa
    Malia Laguisa Month ago +3

    Thats the best hair ive ever seen on scarlett johansson. Loved it!

  • Benjamin Lundbäck
    Benjamin Lundbäck Month ago

    I didn't even notice that it was Bradley Cooper

  • floydglenn
    floydglenn Month ago

    that was outstanding - really well put together.

  • Sunny Wakefield
    Sunny Wakefield Month ago +1


  • Gunz Addams
    Gunz Addams Month ago

    2:06 that's my mom

  • steven pa brown
    steven pa brown Month ago

    She is my favorite!!!!!

  • B H
    B H Month ago +1


  • Ms. Clustin
    Ms. Clustin Month ago

    You can hear Lola Bunny out of her voice *-*

  • MegaHighway2hell
    MegaHighway2hell Month ago +1

    OMG this is Golden ♥

  • Markus E
    Markus E Month ago +1

    Kristen is pure epic and an outstanding living legend. The best SNL has ever had.

  • Iran Dude
    Iran Dude Month ago

    The hot chocolate 😂😂😂

  • Mélanie Gauthier
    Mélanie Gauthier Month ago

    Oh wow her Gloria Swanson / Norma Desmond is out of this world!

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob Month ago

    Gospel music

  • Erik Winger
    Erik Winger Month ago

    Judy G. was a hilarious drunk. Over the top.

  • Tina Davies
    Tina Davies Month ago

    (To the homeless people): I’m sure you see a lot of fireworks cuz you already live outside!??🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lyndsey Stang
    Lyndsey Stang Month ago

    And then the real Kathy Lee was there. Lol

  • Kaladhar Battepati
    Kaladhar Battepati Month ago

    "..Happy 4th of July...You get to see a lot of fireworks coz You live outside"... She is hilarious! :D

  • quints28
    quints28 Month ago

    lol I'm the other other bolin girl

  • christian herlihy
    christian herlihy Month ago

    One of the only hot women who is genuinely funny without being contrived.

  • 067542 800097651
    067542 800097651 Month ago

    I didnt know Kristen Wiig was sexually appealing

  • kamuelalee
    kamuelalee Month ago

    Love the passing of the torch from Kristen to Kate -- 1-800-flowers sketch

  • Little Flower
    Little Flower Month ago +3

    You can tell Kristen wasn’t expecting that slushy to be thrown in her face 😂😂😂

  • Meredith Ann
    Meredith Ann Month ago

    The 1800 flowers commercial I was dying laughing so accurate. My brother works there too

  • Morgan Olfursson
    Morgan Olfursson Month ago

    Damn this makes me miss Mad TV so much .

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill Month ago

    I've completely missed this era of SNL, so I've only learned of this woman through YT... absolutely hysterical, a true gift for funny!

  • bea kittelscherz
    bea kittelscherz 2 months ago

    Sir Waddle of gobbala ! lmao

  • grunge kiid
    grunge kiid 2 months ago +1

    "I was driving so fast I broke the sound barrier. I've been too the future and everybody in this class passed, congratulations."

  • Adri Mel
    Adri Mel 2 months ago

    “God I wish I was a lesbian so I don’t have to carry a purse.”
    Okay, Kate stole that scene

  • William Salters
    William Salters 2 months ago

    There’s a tall scary man outside with a big green hat!!

  • Tracy Schwab
    Tracy Schwab 2 months ago

    💖🦋💖 Respect!

  • UrsaMonkey
    UrsaMonkey 2 months ago +1

    What's with the random Kathy Lee/Bill Nye clip at 5:01? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • amiablehacker
      amiablehacker Month ago

      Because right after that, the video shows Kristen impersonating Kathy Lee. It's for comparison.

  • J. E.
    J. E. 2 months ago

    One of the few that makes me L.o.L.

  • Midwesterner
    Midwesterner 2 months ago

    We got a ho down! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • C3PO
    C3PO 2 months ago

    My dream woman 😍

  • wittyclips
    wittyclips 2 months ago

    Kristen Wiig would make a great talk show host because you have to be funny but not too funny like Johnny Carson, Jay Leno, or Conan O'Brien and she has kind eyes.

  • virgil masten
    virgil masten 2 months ago

    I'm 5150 and still get the joke . all 400 riddle,s

  • Penfold8
    Penfold8 2 months ago

    5:40 that is the first time I have ever seen a quadruple chin on a skinny girl!

  • sharkaclosey
    sharkaclosey 2 months ago

    bravo 👏👏👏👏👏

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander 2 months ago

    "you probably get to see a lot of fireworks cause you live outside." lol wow

  • Alan rinscheid
    Alan rinscheid 2 months ago

    Skit with Witt,Hader and Johansson.All three broke character.

  • T R
    T R 2 months ago

    I've always thought Kristen is hot .... attractive ...