Joe Rogan Experience #1269 - Bryan Callen

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast. His new stand up special "Complicated Apes" is now available to download on iTunes, Amazon, and various other platforms.

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  • cortorr
    cortorr 2 days ago

    Would love to see Chris Titus or Bill Maher on here, just to see them get into some shit.

  • Bearded Elder
    Bearded Elder 2 days ago

    There's a lot of ignorance here regarding Putin. It is easy to see you don't invest much time in global politics and especially internal topics of Russia.
    Every country should wish for Putin. He is working for the interest of his country. He is definitely not happy about mob inheritance and foreign elements spreading lies plus uncontrollable banking sector held by globalists.
    Regarding "Gay" law, it is right on point. In the west you don't even have kids and you appreciate having a dog more. No wonder number of white people is dropping in EU and USA.
    Regarding tech and commodity, you showed amazing ignorance. Where most of the international space launches happen? Under which flag? Russian. Whose rockets are used? Russian! They built new cosmodrome. Medicine, shipping industry, nuclear, aggroculture, etc. Russia leading. They practically started from 0 just 20 years ago since your banks ruined the Russia in '90s.
    The only right thing you understood is that Russia needs a strong type leader.

  • surfjitsu
    surfjitsu 3 days ago

    This fuckin circle jerk

  • Merecir
    Merecir 5 days ago

    Sweden made slavery illegal in 1337.

  • Madison Clawson
    Madison Clawson 8 days ago

    The drug that can cause colorblindness is Ethambutol. 1 of the 4 primary TB drugs

  • ghostscantkill
    ghostscantkill 8 days ago

    Bryan was funny as hell in the hangover!

  • Josh Lyons
    Josh Lyons 9 days ago +1

    Joe.. Lets see how he looks when he takes his shirt off
    My prediction, joe caught a chubby

  • DMac Fishing
    DMac Fishing 19 days ago

    In reference to the bass Fishing portion ... you guys should get
    Michael iaconelli (Ike) on the podcast think that be a great conversation

  • G Kells
    G Kells 27 days ago

    I'm here because of Coach Anthony

  • Gireesh Sharma
    Gireesh Sharma 29 days ago

    @powerfulJRE Hi Joe your show is really nice. Have you heard about "Kushti" before? It's an Indian style wrestling. Check it out I think you will like it.

  • rusty wood
    rusty wood Month ago

    I am so out of it, I though this said "Bryan Cranston" I was thinking "how the fuck did I miss this?" then I realized it said "Callen" and I got really depressed.

  • chipsthedog1
    chipsthedog1 Month ago

    I honestly think Bryan is under rated, he is a humble dude always lets people rip on him to make themselves look better but I always think it takes a strong dude to just suck that up. Positive about almost everyone as well, I just fell like he could be anybody's friend.

  • Marauder Shields
    Marauder Shields Month ago

    1:07:00 of course Usman wants you to believe Ben Askren didnt submit Lawler.. it wasnt a typical blood choke.. Robbie was on his way out. Prove me wrong. Good stoppage

  • KenROCK1330
    KenROCK1330 Month ago

    I could listen to this for hours I love these two together.

  • 33WAVVY •
    33WAVVY • Month ago

    Im convinced Bryan gotta be a historian or sum shit😂

  • justin nichols
    justin nichols Month ago

    Hey im 12 years old I had to get surgery and about i week later i got staff infection and then a couple days after that i got merca

  • Johan Berggren
    Johan Berggren 2 months ago

    Get Stephen West on!!!

  • TheSuperballer
    TheSuperballer 2 months ago

    “That’s not a blah blah blah” 😂😂😂

  • Kayden Hardcastle
    Kayden Hardcastle 2 months ago +1

    Bryan "If I push too hard when Im pooping I grow a mustache" Callen

  • Brent Williams
    Brent Williams 2 months ago

    Love me some Bryan Callen!

  • Eric Talkington
    Eric Talkington 2 months ago

    Dude, I'm convinced that Bruce Jenner only became a "woman" because he wasn't on their TV show anymore and became irrelevant again. So, he made up some shit because apparently identifying as the opposite sex is the current "in" thing so he would be relevant again. After that's all dead and gone he'll come out and say no he was wrong he really is a guy and be a so called "hero" again. Fuck that dude. He's as fucking worthless as the Kardashians. I hope they all die in a plane crash. Even their kids.

  • RabRabNZ
    RabRabNZ 2 months ago

    i love how joe says lbgt like its a sports cat designed by lebron. Reminds me of mgbgt

  • sfuture08
    sfuture08 3 months ago

    1:35:30 20%-30% 100%

  • Eric Morrison
    Eric Morrison 3 months ago

    Not to nit pick, but the "cradle of civilization" 51:00 refers specifically to the 'fertile crescent' from Egypt to Mesopotamia (and also the Indus river valley in Pakistan) where humans settled down and developed agriculture and expanded into cities. Homo sapiens hunter/gatherers had been leaving Africa for hundreds of thousands of years prior to civilization, and during, and after.

    JMEJNOVOTNEY 3 months ago +4

    "Looks at Jamie for approval"

  • Twin 562
    Twin 562 3 months ago

    Is this the podcast where he talks about healing and psoriasis?

  • B H
    B H 3 months ago +1

    Rogan socialist Jew confirmed

  • Sikisan
    Sikisan 3 months ago

    If you have to read lyrics while preforming you should get off practice and memorize then thennnnnnn go back and preform...... boi....

  • O T
    O T 4 months ago

    Thought I was liking these guys, then they started talking about modern medicine and praising it. Just a side note guys try some natural elements like Iodine and Boron for your health. Pharma is pure evil!

  • bass daddy
    bass daddy 4 months ago

    Lol we are in a Infinite solar flare and we haven't been hit in 12000 years and ppl have been here only for how long? Literally proves God is real. Wake up.

  • Aggro Monk
    Aggro Monk 4 months ago

    So happy to hear Alonzo Bodden is doing a special.

  • Dreamsic
    Dreamsic 4 months ago

    it's terrible to hear joe describe a grizzly attack. now i will have nightmares

  • Morics Murnieks
    Morics Murnieks 4 months ago

    Sumo is not ridiculous

    • Morics Murnieks
      Morics Murnieks Month ago

      ​@Roland Deschain Just as ridiculous as recent Habib UFC fights when basically all the fight is 2 grown man that warts and scours the octagon floor like to angry babies or cats.
      Yes, for a sport that has been around for atleast a thousand years, with last 300-400 of them recorded proffesionaly, it has a lot of traditions, many of them with serious cultural and even religious sigificans.
      Mayor heads of state could not give 2 shits about every other fighting sports event, but Sumo tournaments are regulary visited not only by The Emperor but as well by almost every major world leader that is officially visiting Japan at that time. How is thet for a ridiculousness/ significance?
      There is just as many hardships and ijuries for rikishi (sumo wrestlers) to endure as there are for boxers or UFC fighters, sometime perhaps even more.

    • Roland Deschain
      Roland Deschain Month ago

      Morics Murnieks kind of is though,
      Did you know the trainee sumos have to whip the arse of the professional sumos
      Talk about a bum deal 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • TallulahSoie
    TallulahSoie 4 months ago

    Joe really took a left turn after that toke.

  • TwiztidJuggla420
    TwiztidJuggla420 4 months ago +2

    Always nice to see Coach Mellor outside the gym for a change.

  • Aki Koivunoksa
    Aki Koivunoksa 4 months ago +1

    My boy Steven West finally getting some well-deserved recognition! I hope Joe gets him on the podcast soon

  • Kira MPD
    Kira MPD 4 months ago

    2 hours and 48 minutes of two dudes bullshitting each other. Love it.

  • ___blackpanther
    ___blackpanther 4 months ago

    Bryan "Yea, Good Luck" Callen

  • WitCh WitCh
    WitCh WitCh 5 months ago

    Joe “ It happens all the time “ Rogan

  • Тухлый Помидор

    just bought complicated apes on amazon

  • Xavier Freeman
    Xavier Freeman 5 months ago

    St. Louis squad shout out💪🏻🔥💩

  • Андрей Соловьев

    Bryan didn't have a brain. Most Russian citizens hate Putin and the fact that people see only dust in the eyes, image that was invented.
    You know that he was a staff and his nickname was a cigarette butt. Even when he was director of the FSB he was with the first mayor of St. Petersburg Sobchak stole state property and sold abroad. Here is an article on his criminal affairs of the past millennium, you can translate via google I think the main will be clear.
    He has been destroying my country for almost 30 years. His daughters live smartly in France. The official salary is 10,840 dollars a month. All the children of officials live and study in Europe, many who have stolen in Russia live in the US quietly. Their children learn with yours. Remember that their wealth is someone's death in Russia.
    And yes he is not only a thief, he is much worse, it is still unknown how many will die. I hope Google will not surrender me, you know, in Russia, he does not really stick to the rule not to be evil.

  • Paxton Richter
    Paxton Richter 5 months ago +2

    Huge fan of Bryan Callen man
    He is such a chill funny dude

  • Этхан Савой
    Этхан Савой 5 months ago

    Joe you aren’t a sportsman. Don’t call yourself a hunter. You hunt ranches and private land and on top of that you only go on guided hunts lol that’s not hunting. Go out with just your bow in public land by yourself and see if you can track and kill and an elk. Doubt he even cleans the elk he kills, probably tips the guide to do it

  • Этхан Савой
    Этхан Савой 5 months ago

    Bryan, Joe, and Brendan all admire men’s body wayyy too much. They’re always admiring or talking about guys bodies.

  • Jacob Buxton
    Jacob Buxton 5 months ago

    Is Bryan callen supposed to be a tough guy?

  • 36 Freeze
    36 Freeze 5 months ago +9

    We need Hickok45 on JRE

  • Pedro Solis
    Pedro Solis 5 months ago

    People tried living in the Mammoth Cave system (Kentucky, USA) in some attempt to cure their tuberculosis. I went on a cave tour through the area, and there are eerie stone buildings remaining. If I remember correctly the experimental community failed and several people died.

  • Marco DuVall
    Marco DuVall 5 months ago

  • Jordan Church
    Jordan Church 5 months ago +4

    "High level Greco" yeah that's why the Kenyans dominate the Greco scene 😂

  • timmy timson
    timmy timson 5 months ago

    2:04:53 lmao

  • Estevan Gallegos
    Estevan Gallegos 5 months ago +1

    Pee Wee herman 2019! That's the guest. Pee wees playhouse

  • grimsgrind
    grimsgrind 5 months ago

    First 5 minutes and already discussing flat earth...flat earth shakes Callen to his core of beliefs lol pathetic, flat earthers don’t even think about it as much as he does

  • Fadogar91
    Fadogar91 5 months ago

    46:00 joe's health routine

  • Mad Squad
    Mad Squad 5 months ago

    'finish your coffe fckface' 🤣

  • S Crosmun
    S Crosmun 5 months ago

    I like what they're saying around the 30:00 mark, gun control IS complicated. Part gun quantity, part lack of mental health support for troubled people, part sensationalized media, part politics, part human nature. I think many of these issues in which people become reductionist have their roots in childhood when kids go through our educational system learning only how to memorize and regurgitate facts for standardized testing. We do not teach critical thinking at all in K-12 in America and it's leads to the stunting of Americans ability to analyze any issue. Flat Earthers, Identitarians, zealously religious people, partisan politics, anti-vaxers, internet echo chambers, ect. It all seems to stem from the inability of Americans to process foreign information and develop a calculus by which to evaluate the world without falling into some kind of black and white, one size fits all template or ideology...

  • Otto Beumelburg
    Otto Beumelburg 5 months ago +1

    I fucking hate Bryan Callen. Why am I here? Mainly to see why it has so many views and likes, lol

    • Roland Deschain
      Roland Deschain Month ago

      Otto Beumelburg that’s kinda sad don’t you think?

  • Stephen Wilkerson
    Stephen Wilkerson 5 months ago

    also (in texas at least), sports gambling is legal.

  • Stephen Wilkerson
    Stephen Wilkerson 5 months ago

    56:33 this is because i have to click on another video. I love it will automatically save from where i leave off but it never hurts to have a back up plan okay? thanks

  • Paul Letchworth
    Paul Letchworth 5 months ago +2

    Bryan your stupid dude , heard you say before that trump supporters are Mexican haters , that we are racists , etc... that the problem now false statements , we are sick and tired of them leaking across the border illegally , every president has always talked getting tougher on the border with Mexico but because trump is actually trying to really be tough on the Border you dumb ass , but you think your smart and funny neither of which is true