Every Time Hannah Reveals Her Double Life! 😱 | Throwback Thursday | Hannah Montana | Disney Channel

  • Published on Sep 26, 2019
  • Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days! Count how many times Hannah (Miley Cyrus) reveals that she's Miley Stewart on Hannah Montana!
    Watch Hannah Montana in DisneyNOW!
    Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is a teenager living a secret double life as an average schoolgirl by day and as the famous recording artist Hannah Montana by night!
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  • Disney Channel
    Disney Channel  2 months ago +6092

    Sweet niblets! Comment below your favorite Hannah Montana reveal!

  • Fenian Milner
    Fenian Milner 3 hours ago

    3:00 - 5:46

  • Rodrigo Nogueira
    Rodrigo Nogueira 10 hours ago

    Hannah Montana Forever 💕

  • Amir Rasuli
    Amir Rasuli 15 hours ago

    Hannah removes wig: Insert Pikachu shocked expression meme

  • Embry Quintana
    Embry Quintana 18 hours ago

    Hannah Montana is my alter ego I'm embry Quintana without the wig because I took the wig off I have a double life a well be Michael Jackson is my god father

  • baby girl
    baby girl 23 hours ago

    My favorite child hood show of all time 😍🤣😂😂

  • Miss Madness
    Miss Madness Day ago

    This should be every time Miley reveals her double life you have to take a shot

  • Juan Pablo Robayo

    If this video came out only a year after the sho ended people would cry about spoilers

  • Manoj Kumar Srivastava

    Sometimes when this comes forward, i start crying. It was my childhood for 6 long years. Miley Cyrus was my HERO. And till today, I'm 17 now, she still is. She's brave, beautiful, and naturally-- uh, natural.

  • chronic day
    chronic day 2 days ago

    “i’m fine”
    “...uh oh”

  • Zeynep Uslu
    Zeynep Uslu 2 days ago

    But where is the Jackson's girl friend ? She is know I remember

  • Hassan Miah
    Hassan Miah 3 days ago +1

    Hannah Montana be like to miley: ight imma head out

  • Javier Ávila
    Javier Ávila 3 days ago +1

    9:35 the world was in shock

  • Maya Wane
    Maya Wane 3 days ago

    Why hannah montana sounds like jojo siwa?

  • Allison Lewis
    Allison Lewis 3 days ago

    When you talk about this show near your phone and then like a couple days after you start watching hannah montana, this is in your recommended. When youtube listens to you👌

  • no
    no 4 days ago

    My frnds once said that hannah montana was bald from the back and I was like oh cool wow

  • Breysh
    Breysh 4 days ago +2

    I swear they didn't look that young when i watched this as a kid

  • Darby
    Darby 4 days ago


  • Lezlee Henshaw
    Lezlee Henshaw 4 days ago +1

    You forgot when she told Siena

  • Cheddar
    Cheddar 5 days ago

    who else is here from disney plus

  • Little men
    Little men 5 days ago +2

    I’m actually going to miss Hannah Montana 😭 😭

  • Duke Ritevski
    Duke Ritevski 6 days ago +2

    2019/2020 #forever.

  • Marco De La Rosa
    Marco De La Rosa 6 days ago +7

    this is basically an analogy for coming out of the closet

  • TheMatrix1101
    TheMatrix1101 6 days ago +19

    6ix9ine: Miley Cyrus is actually Hannah Montana

  • Jenna Gardiner
    Jenna Gardiner 6 days ago +25

    You forgot about when she revealed it to that police officer’s daughter and him so she could get home

  • You are not the cause of my euphoria

    I read that as “every time Hannah reveals her double chin”

  • itai cataquet
    itai cataquet 7 days ago

    Is that the spy kids girl??

  • Tori Smith
    Tori Smith 7 days ago

    I Love It

  • HitMeWithALampshade
    HitMeWithALampshade 7 days ago

    I'm 20, what am I doing here

  • Bebo May
    Bebo May 7 days ago

    Hey, with Clark Kent, it was only sunglasses!

  • Ayah Jama
    Ayah Jama 8 days ago +1


  • karlie jeikowki
    karlie jeikowki 9 days ago

    You can see the reflection of the set and the stage lights thru her glasses, how did my 10 year old self not see that

  • Magic Dust
    Magic Dust 9 days ago +2

    I miss watching Hanna Montanna with my cousins. Those were the good old days. Why cant I be a little kid again and go back in time. agh

  • Trevor Boyll
    Trevor Boyll 9 days ago

    Her wig must be made of the same material as Clark Kent's glasses.

  • Vithun Illankovan
    Vithun Illankovan 10 days ago

    You missed the bit where she told the character played by China Anne Mcclain in the prison! Although I guess there was no wig reveal.

  • Sadan Suile
    Sadan Suile 10 days ago

    Tha nokia 3310 tho

  • Jhavonte Falkner
    Jhavonte Falkner 10 days ago

    7:15 Still the smartest in the series...

  • Almus Moruto
    Almus Moruto 11 days ago +1

    This gave me honey boo boo vibes

  • Rushikesh Tarlekar
    Rushikesh Tarlekar 11 days ago

    When she was innocent.!!

  • DFDvids
    DFDvids 12 days ago +1

    You forgot the scene from the movie where she reveals it to the entire population of Tennessee

  • MushroomZoom
    MushroomZoom 12 days ago

    I love Hannah Montana

  • Rebecca Watson
    Rebecca Watson 12 days ago +80

    Disney be like change the hair, no one will know, put a mustache on the dad, and no one will know. Put a hat on a blue platypus and have it walk on its hind legs... no one will know.

  • Rebecca Watson
    Rebecca Watson 12 days ago

    What about Hannah Montana the Movie?

  • Vincent Manalo
    Vincent Manalo 12 days ago

    Recommended to me on a friday, just saying

  • Reen Kaye
    Reen Kaye 12 days ago

    How old was miley when this show started ?

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    Now Miley has a blonde hair

  • Catrina Esteban
    Catrina Esteban 12 days ago

    I really like Her both❤

  • Sunset 2971
    Sunset 2971 13 days ago

    This was a quality show tho

  • Coon_byYah's Gaming
    Coon_byYah's Gaming 13 days ago

    why couldnt she still be like this why did she go full on feminist

  • peter parkour
    peter parkour 13 days ago

    2:17 the girl in the red shirt sounds like Ariana Grande mixed with Liz Gillies at that point

  • Koolaidria Minaj Jones

    They forgot one

  • Yamcha95
    Yamcha95 13 days ago

    The good old days 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Marcellus
    Gabriel Marcellus 13 days ago

    All the people complaining "i can't understand how nobody figured it was just a wig". A) it's was a tv show. B) in shows/movie you need something simple so the audience understands the plot. like just a wig making Hanna/Miley different. C) IT'S WAS A TV SHOW.

  • jahkwellin _
    jahkwellin _ 13 days ago

    omg wait, Miley is Hannah??!! thats so weird 😐

  • Inge De Kleuver
    Inge De Kleuver 14 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this? I have never even seen an episode of Hannah Montana

  • Denise Wow
    Denise Wow 14 days ago

    5:29 her lips

  • MrBaritone
    MrBaritone 14 days ago +5

    When she revealed everything on Jay Leno, all I kept thinking was, "Did the band already know??"

  • Zohar Reinstein
    Zohar Reinstein 15 days ago +15

    I don’t get how people couldn’t simply tell it was a wig, and since when does a wig change someone completely??

  • ElodieS
    ElodieS 15 days ago

    You forgot Sienna!

  • daisy
    daisy 15 days ago

    what about that little girl in the police station