What Happened To Everyone Who Held The Infinity Gauntlet?

  • Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • A brief history of those who wielded the power of Marvel's Infinity Gems.

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  • James Daniels
    James Daniels Day ago

    Stark gave the stones to the Illuminati? WTF was he thinking??? The Illuminati are evil.

  • superkami guru
    superkami guru 4 days ago

    The infinity gauntlet could give you more power and including the ability to handle it’s power.

  • Ignore Me
    Ignore Me 5 days ago +1

    Ironman died...

    *His hair blue*

  • Gino Lorenzo
    Gino Lorenzo 5 days ago +1

    You forgot to mention Robin Hood used it to slap the Sheriff of Notingham

  • Angela Reyes
    Angela Reyes 7 days ago

    In an Christmas special Santa wields it

  • film theorists
    film theorists 7 days ago

    Iron Man held the infinity in avengers endgame

  • Misfitism
    Misfitism 7 days ago


  • Jeffstone17
    Jeffstone17 8 days ago

    A fine video. One grammar police comment: it is incorrect to say "were comprised of". It's just "comprised," as in "six stones comprised the infinity gauntlet's power."

  • Leif Moak
    Leif Moak 8 days ago

    Man, you bungled the Secret Wars storyline.

  • JCAH1
    JCAH1 8 days ago

    If a person had the infinity gauntlet, why would he need to fight anybody, ever? Why would he even need to move? Laying in bed literally anywhere in the universe, he could instantly and effortlessly will all of his enemies, wherever they were, to die, or to dissolve, or to go back in time, or to turn into ducks, or to lose their memory, or to go to a different dimension, or to go insane, or to become his worshipping ally, or, or, or, or...…….. Perhaps the comics explain why he has to personally and repeatedly engage in direct hand to hand combat with his many super powered enemies. But if that is explained, I missed it.

  • samuel turner
    samuel turner 11 days ago

    why is your logo a juul pod

  • Ashaun Walwyn
    Ashaun Walwyn 11 days ago

    they got burnt

  • Some random THOT on the internet

    Me: *Reads title*
    ....okay but what if they put it on?

  • Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost

    Now that there’s a Death Stone, we need a part 2

  • jake nguyen
    jake nguyen Month ago

    Wow I didnt realize how much I hate the Hulk

  • Emiliano Herrera
    Emiliano Herrera Month ago

    Umm Black Panther did not overpower God Doctor Doom... Please get your facts straight

  • Joya Lewis
    Joya Lewis Month ago

    Man, comic books are insane. So many storylines and crossovers and plot details!

  • DerpDaTurt
    DerpDaTurt 2 months ago

    But how does it fit everyone the same

  • Iago Todesco
    Iago Todesco 2 months ago

    oh no! the worst villan ever, t-hanóss!

    POOPYRYANS 2 months ago +3

    Title:"What happened to everyone who held the infinity gauntlet"
    Video Every person who held it

  • Travis McNasty
    Travis McNasty 2 months ago

    Wow, comic books sure are convoluted and terrible.

  • [redacted] [redacted]
    [redacted] [redacted] 2 months ago +4

    There's like 10 weapons more powerful than the gauntlet
    Probably more

  • YoYoDudeGuyMike
    YoYoDudeGuyMike 2 months ago

    Can’t believe they left out Santa Clause smh

  • The Winner
    The Winner 2 months ago

    I wish Clint put the gauntlet on 😔

  • Jeremiah Smith
    Jeremiah Smith 2 months ago +1

    Dude, Earth’s hero’s were killed in the original infinity gauntlet except for Dr. Strange and Adam Warlock, Silver Surfer is not from earth. Adam Warlock used the rest of Earths hero’s as cannon fodder. Thanos’ pride when he usurped Eternity as the living embodiment of the allowed Nebula to remove it from his physical hand.

  • Davidfails
    Davidfails 2 months ago

    9:54 welder of the missing time can reverse and take them back if wanted...but probably wont 😂

  • Caroline Loewer
    Caroline Loewer 2 months ago

    ThanosCar 8:20

  • Johan Westin
    Johan Westin 2 months ago +5

    6:08 - "The gems themselves cannot be destroyed by the gauntlet"

  • Gamer mations
    Gamer mations 2 months ago

    They Die

  • Stonersloth Hughes
    Stonersloth Hughes 2 months ago +1

    5:07 funny you should mention that

  • Delphine Zhu
    Delphine Zhu 2 months ago

    Not only fed half of the universe...With a snap of finger, everyone can accomplish ANYTHING with "this infinity gauntlet". ru-clip.com/video/EHEehfQEGSE/video.html

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson 2 months ago +2

    I hope you’re having a good day!
    Jesus loves you 😊

  • Lando Wilson
    Lando Wilson 2 months ago


  • Jacob Schultz
    Jacob Schultz 2 months ago

    No one put on the gauntlet. They just held it

  • J G
    J G 2 months ago

    Gamora went for the head

  • kaduroy12
    kaduroy12 2 months ago

    Thanks for the spoilers on infinity watch!

  • Jack Kemp
    Jack Kemp 2 months ago

    Now you have to add the Geico Gecko to the list.

  • I’m an Egg
    I’m an Egg 2 months ago

    Smh “infinity gems”

  • Chappie
    Chappie 2 months ago

    Sorry, the Illuminati exists in the Marvel comicbook universe? Well, one of them?

  • Arzhel Playz
    Arzhel Playz 2 months ago

    What would the Snap remove if you did it? Me:All Evil Me & The Gauntlet. Leave a comment!

  • Cyril BLed AnimationNation

    Wow Thanos snapped half the universe to get laid

  • nuggetboi 23
    nuggetboi 23 2 months ago

    It are not infinity jems infinity stones they are the infinity stones

  • Rob E
    Rob E 2 months ago +10

    Endgame spoiler:

    *Joe Swanson stands up*

  • LionRS2014
    LionRS2014 2 months ago

    The Iron man once came true in the mcu

  • Angello Gonzalez
    Angello Gonzalez 2 months ago

    I cannot keep up. Why are there so many different comics from different times that seem to be Canon. Can someone point me in the right direction.

    • AluTheHungryGhost
      AluTheHungryGhost 2 months ago

      1) technically all the comics are canon, since everything in Multiverse, aside from intercompany crossovers, is canon 2) if you want main continuity stories , series like “Avengers”, “New Avengers”, “Amazing Spider-Man” and etc take place there. Depending on what do you want to read, I can tell you which comic tells that story.

  • Toxic AsianGamer
    Toxic AsianGamer 2 months ago +1

    Thanos: I am inevitable *snaps
    Iron Man: And I...i...I am iron man snaps

  • On Jah Homie
    On Jah Homie 2 months ago +1

    *T H A H N O S S*

  • Block buzerker123
    Block buzerker123 2 months ago +2

    Thanos litterally - read more for spoilers

    Destroyed the stones with the stones. Comics contradicting movies

    • Julian Laborde
      Julian Laborde 2 months ago

      Think of the mcu as some other alternative universe, like the comics always do

  • Pierry Gabriel
    Pierry Gabriel 2 months ago

    English please

  • Gyro
    Gyro 2 months ago

    They turned gay

  • Jason Ocampo
    Jason Ocampo 2 months ago


  • Argus Night Stalker
    Argus Night Stalker 3 months ago +2

    0:32 thanos sans?

  • VOID
    VOID 3 months ago +1

    If you hate fags like this comment

  • VOID
    VOID 3 months ago

    Heart of the universe

  • HazWolverine
    HazWolverine 3 months ago

    Why in the MCU, using the gauntlet harms you greatly??

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ 3 months ago

    Not even in the MCU is thanos the only one to wield the infinity gauntlet

  • Sef Heinrichs | LLN
    Sef Heinrichs | LLN 3 months ago

    if black panther would hold the gountlet his suit would absorb the power so his suit is the ultimate weapon

  • Kohen
    Kohen 3 months ago



  • pricken2000
    pricken2000 3 months ago

    Infinity gems...

  • SmashPortal
    SmashPortal 3 months ago

    Thanos hired Deadpool to steal the cosmic cube, not the infinity gauntlet.

  • Veer Chasm
    Veer Chasm 3 months ago

    They got EVERYTHING they ever wanted

  • TheLegit Youtuber
    TheLegit Youtuber 3 months ago +1

    Ask Iron man
    Oh wait........

  • NFJ Productions
    NFJ Productions 3 months ago +2

    What about the geico gecko

  • Bacun Puncayks
    Bacun Puncayks 3 months ago

    "I am..inevitable."
    "And i......am...iron man."

  • scottyCZ
    scottyCZ 3 months ago

    They are stones, not gems, retard.

    • AluTheHungryGhost
      AluTheHungryGhost 3 months ago +1

      They were originally called Infinity Gems, read the comic books.

  • Box
    Box 3 months ago

    The living tribunal is not the head honcho its the one above all

  • A Microwave
    A Microwave 3 months ago

    you're saying thanos wrong, it's supposed to sound like oh, not aw

  • Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost

    I love Nebula with all my heart, both in the comics and the MCU

  • Dick Butt
    Dick Butt 3 months ago

    I love how he says infinity gems

  • Kensho Mo
    Kensho Mo 3 months ago

    8:35 Thanos flies a helicopter.

  • Dj Etha
    Dj Etha 3 months ago

    Who is here after iron man death??

  • No one
    No one 3 months ago

    Darkside had it

  • Mistrex
    Mistrex 3 months ago

    Thanos (Infinity War, Endgame) : The side that the gauntled was on has done some serious damage to half of his head and arm, his skin has become violet toast and im sure it's worse underneat the gauntlet
    Hulk (Endgame): Same thing
    Tony Stark (Endgame): Same thing + death since he is a human

  • Julian Monette
    Julian Monette 3 months ago

    Strange glove kills several quadrillion

  • Griffin Kohrherr
    Griffin Kohrherr 3 months ago

    I dont think you did your research on secret wars 2015. you got nothing right