Surviving 24 Hours Straight In The Bermuda Triangle

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019

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  • Brodie Tyler
    Brodie Tyler 7 hours ago

    Did you go from Florida into the Bermuda Triangle?

  • Gamer Goose
    Gamer Goose 7 hours ago

    *Mr Beast’s tripod goes missing*
    All the people, boats and planes that went missing: are we a joke to you?

  • Pepijn Kerkdijk
    Pepijn Kerkdijk 8 hours ago +1

    Kill a person and surprise his family whit a new one

  • Abim Erdous
    Abim Erdous 8 hours ago

    If bermuda triangle sees ur vid then its gonna get angry and will cause more bad stuff then some one who is basically a half loser,winning streak

  • Tingorilla
    Tingorilla 10 hours ago

    Mark drowning at 4:19 bottom left

  • Muhammad Izwan
    Muhammad Izwan 10 hours ago

    how dare you ........unbelieveble

  • GunnarGunz
    GunnarGunz 10 hours ago

    Mrbeast: some disturbing stuff
    Conner jumps on Marcus

  • hollow ichigo
    hollow ichigo 10 hours ago

    The field spell
    Bermuda triangle:When this field spell is activated,chandler will win all challenge

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 10 hours ago +1

    chandler won?!!!!

  • Mrafa 2002
    Mrafa 2002 10 hours ago

    Cu'thulu just cant handle their vibe it is just to much for him

  • ryan thounaojam
    ryan thounaojam 11 hours ago

    This ain't the real place.. lmao xD

  • Rowan Buchanan
    Rowan Buchanan 11 hours ago

    at 6:56 you can see someones foot on the left

  • Réalta Rua
    Réalta Rua 12 hours ago

    5:30 the ocean gives off more oxygen than trees lmao

  • manionet Magsino
    manionet Magsino 12 hours ago

    It's that true u go in Bermuda triangle

  • Colby Galland
    Colby Galland 13 hours ago

    6:41, These are good blokes, but you can see the lights on the coast.

  • Sunflow
    Sunflow 13 hours ago

    i could never swim in the ocean IN the bermuda triangle AT night ON a surfboard WITH sharjs

  • Ultra blackboy vision Sugar

    My mom donate 50 ringgit to the team tree mean 10 trees

  • roland balo
    roland balo 14 hours ago

    Chris is covered by QBCC home warranty insurance

  • Faze A
    Faze A 15 hours ago

    Literally 5 guys in their
    Underwear playing in a boat in the Bermuda triangle 😂

  • hero nuggets
    hero nuggets 15 hours ago

    somthing is wrong here, chandler keeps wining

  • BakeFace
    BakeFace 15 hours ago

    I love your videos so much. I'd love for you and Mykie from glam and gore to collab

  • Joey Patrick
    Joey Patrick 15 hours ago

    At least they know how to have fun during these challenges

  • [GD]TheUnrealDeath
    [GD]TheUnrealDeath 15 hours ago

    chandler got mad cake

  • oh shoot a rat
    oh shoot a rat 16 hours ago

    *You should do "last to get off marygoround wins $1,000,000"*

  • D 0 P E _
    D 0 P E _ 16 hours ago

    Mrbeast: *In Bermuda Triangle*

    Morgz: *Five steps away from Bermuda Triangle*

  • Oreo Orca Gaming
    Oreo Orca Gaming 16 hours ago

    Lol Chris has a wife?

  • mick jagger teodoro
    mick jagger teodoro 16 hours ago


  • Stephen Angeles
    Stephen Angeles 16 hours ago


  • Johnny Cruise
    Johnny Cruise 16 hours ago

    come to Hawaii lets smoke weed at waterfalls.... sail around the island.

  • Thorin Mason
    Thorin Mason 16 hours ago

    I wish I could’ve gone.

  • YHVERSON Great Vlogs
    YHVERSON Great Vlogs 16 hours ago

    2019:plant 20 milion trees
    2020:help 20 milion people

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez 17 hours ago


  • ChiLancePoi Muncal
    ChiLancePoi Muncal 18 hours ago


  • Ethan Toh
    Ethan Toh 18 hours ago

    Would you come over to Western Australia?

  • Charlotte Waring
    Charlotte Waring 18 hours ago

    Well they had to lose something, it is the Bermuda Triangle!

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose 18 hours ago

    Chandler is so cute! How is he single?!

  • Heather Life
    Heather Life 19 hours ago +1

    8:00 that face is priceless XD

  • Cassandra Mitchell
    Cassandra Mitchell 19 hours ago +1

    I read a book about the Bermuda Triangle

  • LA
    LA 19 hours ago


  • Marisol Martinez
    Marisol Martinez 19 hours ago

    People say that people going missing in that place

  • Cringe Content Forever
    Cringe Content Forever 19 hours ago

    “Yea I’ll go on a raid”
    Raid yacht 69

  • GLaDOS
    GLaDOS 19 hours ago

    People: die from falling into volcano.
    Mr beast: YES

  • White Out
    White Out 19 hours ago

    Idea, Play Minecraft for 24 hours straight or the last one to get out of Minecraft wins $10,000

  • corvette drivers
    corvette drivers 20 hours ago

    I can’t believe they proved the Bermuda Triangle GG mrbeast

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 20 hours ago +1

    Fun fact: the Bermuda triangle actually has emp fogs in the sky causing planes to disappear.

  • Yeet That fetus
    Yeet That fetus 20 hours ago

    I love how beast says “survived” but they’re having so much fun lol

  • Pastel_Bright
    Pastel_Bright 21 hour ago

    Chandler has a dog?! HE NEEDS TO BE IN A CHALLENGE

  • Ya Boi Parkie
    Ya Boi Parkie 21 hour ago

    8:31 Chandler got booty

  • Wolfyowlz Mobile
    Wolfyowlz Mobile 21 hour ago +1

    *the reason why Mrbeast survives is because he had done nice things.*

  • Daemon Slayer Playz
    Daemon Slayer Playz 21 hour ago

    Press read more

    Read more

  • Lenny
    Lenny 21 hour ago +1

    1:20 why was it blurred 👀

  • Chainz Exaydrian FLORESTA

    That's a stupid idea I mean you could die and there's a lot of mysterious creature there

  • L Steg
    L Steg 22 hours ago

    6:40 what were those lights out in the water

  • Yo random Girl
    Yo random Girl 22 hours ago

    4:00 cracked me up so bad

  • KittenBitten Kitty
    KittenBitten Kitty 22 hours ago

    At 0:37, why is Chandler so cute? ;-;
    And at 3:44, I love how it says... *7 hours... SURVIVED.*

  • Carrilee Kindheart
    Carrilee Kindheart 22 hours ago +1

    I’m afraid of deep water I can’t do that 😂

  • Aurora The Eevee
    Aurora The Eevee 22 hours ago

    "bUt mY oStriCh iS a FrEe mAn"
    -Chandler, 2019

  • Thea Ayyad
    Thea Ayyad 22 hours ago +1

    This is How Much money Mr. Beast Has Been Giving Away To People

  • Andrew McDonald
    Andrew McDonald 22 hours ago

    Chandler be lookin THICK

  • Coy Fujimoto
    Coy Fujimoto 23 hours ago

    News report:a bunch of adult males with a yacht in the bramuda triangle gets attacked by a shark