When You Can't Understand Lisa Blackpink Kpop [NL]

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
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    When You Can't Understand Lisa Blackpink Kpop [NL]
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  • Elijah Dulatas
    Elijah Dulatas 2 days ago

    hello im smith so you want me

  • Mishaal Fatima
    Mishaal Fatima 2 days ago

    Lisa you are going to be more famous year by year

  • Naomi Craft
    Naomi Craft 3 days ago

    Lisa gajelas

  • Гульназ Батыркулова

    Оо Лиса такая лапочка милаха ана мая самая любмая

  • Vince Mangrobang
    Vince Mangrobang 4 days ago

    0:06 lisa reminds me of camelcoups~~~

  • Shrek’s Side chick

    2:41 immediately thought of Danny Devito 😳

  • Marcia Garcia estefanero

    my bias lisa

  • Sherrina Putri
    Sherrina Putri 6 days ago +1

    I MEAN search on google (KPOP IT GIRL) (THE BEST FEMALE RAPPERS IN KPOP) (THE BEST FEMALE RAPPERS OF 2019) (THE BEST FEMALE KPOP RAPPERS ALL OF TIME) (BEST GIRL GROUP MAKNAE MEMBERS)(WHO IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MEMBER OF BLACKPINK) (WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE BLACKPINK MEMBER) (THE BEST NON-KOREAN KPOP IDOLS) (LISA WON AN AWARD for CHARACTER OF THE YEAR by MBC) (LISA WON PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD by THE STANDARD) (LISA #1THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN by @tccandler asia and #2 for international) (blackpink's firecracker rapper) (blackpink's rap kill girl crush)Super Model+ WEIBO QUEEN + #QUEENOFSOLDOUT + VIRAL VIRAL VIRAL + LIMARIO + HEDI'S MUSE🔥👑@celine🔥[Billboard: LISA IS A QUEEN | eNews: Lisa is FAMOUS FABULOUS | America news:Lisa is AN ICON | eNews bbf: Lisa puts the POP in kpop and she puts the BOOM in boombayah] remember when @moonshot_korea only known byKorean n YG Stan? Now they has moonshot Thailand,Indonesia,and china👋Sokor:Reallife Barbie, Japan: Asia's miracle, china:Everyone's favorite, USA:QUEEN, France:MEGA STAR, Egypt:EgyptianGoddess THAILAND'S PRIDE👑 "LISA IS THE MOST SKILLED IN OUR TEAM" -jisoo,Jennie,Rosé on dddd countdown vlive (you can watch it on RU-clip)Jennie Once Said that "When Lisa Joined The Agency She Shocked Me And The Other Trainees" I've watched this on RU-clip the title is "Lisa manoban shocked me" Also for billboard interview Jennie said "monthly evaluation we got the point like A, B,C and the results will be stuck on the wall..Lisa always get As straight for everything" If Jennie said Everything then it's EVERYTHING, the way Lisa's " dance " Performance video made it to "the first ever dance performance video that trends #1 WW on RU-clip" Record breaking Queen indeed👑

  • KTN Gamer
    KTN Gamer 8 days ago


  • first paradon
    first paradon 11 days ago

    Lisa is little angel ☺

  • Katherine Lok
    Katherine Lok 12 days ago

    Never a dull moment with lisa! Lol!

  • Heewon S
    Heewon S 13 days ago

    Lisa is seriously cute!

  • Foxy_TH XD
    Foxy_TH XD 14 days ago +1

    I thailand like lisa i understand lisa all 1หนึ่ง 2สอง 3สาม 4สี่ and i cut hair like lisa lisa my idol love lisa
    รักพี่ lisa ที่สุดเลยยย

  • TaeLice is My bias
    TaeLice is My bias 14 days ago

    My bias is Jisoo and bias wrecker Lisa💜💜💜😘😘😘

  • Rakesh Tombera
    Rakesh Tombera 15 days ago

    Someday her brightness will run out 😋

  • Shaerys Santiago
    Shaerys Santiago 15 days ago +1

    1:26 - 1:29 she’s so cute♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Shaerys Santiago
    Shaerys Santiago 17 days ago +1

    6:38 always fuckin kills me 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trifosa Irawati
    Trifosa Irawati 18 days ago

    I like lisa and rose ILove you

  • Nattiya J
    Nattiya J 18 days ago


  • Alka Saini
    Alka Saini 19 days ago

    I think Lisa love Taylor Swift a lot

  • mafe river
    mafe river 19 days ago

    I LOVE LISA ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Italobruno Martins
    Italobruno Martins 20 days ago +1

    tão fofa love eu Lisa

  • Fofinha Souza
    Fofinha Souza 21 day ago


  • Creastila Playz
    Creastila Playz 21 day ago +1

    Late night everybody:good night
    Lisa : Yo! I'm Lisa!

  • kamnong jaikamsa
    kamnong jaikamsa 23 days ago


  • wynneski
    wynneski 23 days ago

    Too adorbs😊

  • Siti Rafikha
    Siti Rafikha 23 days ago

    Ya Tuhan,,lucu bgt ank ini,,lisaaa imut bgt sich,liat tingkahmu,,sakit perutq ketawa melulu love u lisaa

  • laika hortezano
    laika hortezano 26 days ago

    6:05 So bautiful😍😘

  • Lill Nadhyss
    Lill Nadhyss 26 days ago

    I love lisa because she always be herself and always make me laugh with her funny sometimes hahahahha she really made my dayy!!😘💓❤️💗🖤❣️💕💞✨

  • Olivia trianiza
    Olivia trianiza 26 days ago +4

    Lisa 💖 Jungkook😄☺

  • Ajeng Ajeng
    Ajeng Ajeng 27 days ago

    04:02 rose says "ih apasih" ?🤣

    YONG CHEN SENG 28 days ago +1

    😂U are not at Lisa's lvl. That's why your don't understand.

  • M Mandetwit
    M Mandetwit 29 days ago


  • Phanraphat Saenia
    Phanraphat Saenia 29 days ago


  • فوفو
    فوفو Month ago +1

    Love lisa😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Arthur Gente
    Arthur Gente Month ago

    I try so hard not to fall for her.. but i failed. 🥰

  • Lavin hana
    Lavin hana Month ago

    Lisa aaaaaaaaaaaaa me

  • shining star
    shining star Month ago

    She is the youngest and the naughtiest🤣🤣

  • Napat Anantakikosol

    lisa is thailand people

  • ns ns
    ns ns Month ago +1

    3:44 OMG lisa 555555

  • TheMysteryCookie Oreo

    *I chose the right memeber*

  • Fredy xD Gaming
    Fredy xD Gaming Month ago +1

    She is my girlfriend #Lisa

  • Atjima Suraphon
    Atjima Suraphon Month ago

    0:10 ลิซ่าน่าร๊ากก

  • Name eye
    Name eye Month ago


  • Rocker ROSE
    Rocker ROSE Month ago

    6.05 Hahahahahahahhaahhahhahaha

  • Dikila Bhutia
    Dikila Bhutia Month ago


  • Mariana 11
    Mariana 11 Month ago

    ❤ lisa

  • กัลญาณี สุวรรณน้อย


  • Sabina Yesmin
    Sabina Yesmin Month ago +2

    Lisa is the best 😍😍

  • PvM M
    PvM M Month ago +4

    I can understand Lisa as she is my master at dancing for her I am learning Korean .Anyway I am an Indian and I live in Kerala.l can't understand Lisa in one case who can one be so cool while dancing the main part I love her is of this

  • Nicole Anastasia
    Nicole Anastasia Month ago

    Cutie Lalisa manoban :°

  • Mina penguin
    Mina penguin Month ago

    This video makes you want to learn korean

  • chizna april canete

    gogo blackpink

  • User Mitra
    User Mitra Month ago

    Anueong blackpink

  • blackbangtan lisa kookie love

    At 6:25 which game or which episode is this please anyone tell me plssss

  • Nancy m lakra
    Nancy m lakra Month ago

    Love you lisa she is the only reason that I love kpop God bless you lisa 😍😙😗😘😚

    ХИТ ХИТ Month ago +1

    4:05 😂😂😂

    ХИТ ХИТ Month ago +1

    0:47 😍😍😍

  • Nur nur
    Nur nur Month ago

    I love you blackpink