6 Taylor Swift Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
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Comments • 13 041

    DAME DOLLA 54 minutes ago

    I just want to say thank you to the hater

  • kernduh
    kernduh Hour ago

    Watching the Taylor fans and everyone is sad about voting people out, watching Beyonce fans and everyone is attacking each other

  • Ellie Matera
    Ellie Matera 2 hours ago +1

    I knew it was her right from the start

  • Neve Villegas
    Neve Villegas 3 hours ago

    I’m a Taylor swift hater

  • d_e_v_i_ n
    d_e_v_i_ n 4 hours ago +2

    She just agreed with everyone while smiling and never really said anything about her it was pretty obvious

  • vanessa selena
    vanessa selena 4 hours ago

    Should do 6 Ariana Grande fans vs 1 hater bc that woman is controversial

  • Stuart A.M
    Stuart A.M 5 hours ago

    Ariana Grande hater please

  • Austin Anderson
    Austin Anderson 5 hours ago

    Red is the best album you scrubs

  • TheXtremeRecker Ftw
    TheXtremeRecker Ftw 6 hours ago

    U should do one with drake fans

  • Braylon Roberts
    Braylon Roberts 6 hours ago

    When they fan girl for half of it 😂😂😂

  • Shelby B.
    Shelby B. 6 hours ago

    Okay butttt...isnt alisha the one from 😂 catfish??? Orrrrrr?

  • Shodiya Umarova
    Shodiya Umarova 6 hours ago

    Was that supposed to be a woah 😂

  • Shodiya Umarova
    Shodiya Umarova 6 hours ago

    Annie made me die on the floor 😂😂

  • Kylee Brown
    Kylee Brown 7 hours ago

    i called it from the beginning.

  • BigBodDan
    BigBodDan 7 hours ago


  • Nick Alex
    Nick Alex 7 hours ago

    Shes so ugly ofc shes the mole. Way to obvious

  • Wolfy Cake
    Wolfy Cake 7 hours ago

    I knew it was her from the start. I think it’s even easier from a view that also isn’t really a fan of Taylor. It was interesting

  • Liberty Morgan
    Liberty Morgan 7 hours ago

    I knew it was her from the start Oml

  • slavin manov
    slavin manov 7 hours ago

    When was Taylor against people of color and LGBT+ I didn't remember that Taylor.

  • K. John
    K. John 8 hours ago

    I love and admire Taylor as a person, though I haven't listened to her music in ages but these people are obsessed and ridiculous.

  • nyacem
    nyacem 9 hours ago +1


  • Cute Gaming :3
    Cute Gaming :3 9 hours ago

    I knew it since she said “Im a Taylor Swift fan.”

  • αяι
    αяι 9 hours ago +4

    They know her cats names the seem like stalkers more than fans

  • Anico The Writer
    Anico The Writer 9 hours ago

    Okay i guess its weird for a black girl to smile wow

  • Your Uncle With Viagra
    Your Uncle With Viagra 10 hours ago

    aleisha looks like female lil tecca

  • Kelsey Ricks
    Kelsey Ricks 13 hours ago

    Every time the mole is revealed, everyone else: "I knew it!!!"
    Did you, though?

  • Charlie Palm
    Charlie Palm 16 hours ago

    Well if you don't know the 16th cat Taylor Swift had well goo luck getting any cash.

  • Joana Marques
    Joana Marques 17 hours ago

    Aleisha: like like like like like something like like like

  • My only one
    My only one 17 hours ago

    Take a shot for everytime aleisha says "like" in the video

  • Ebony Lo.
    Ebony Lo. 19 hours ago

    The one with the blue dress looks like the actress from shameless

  • charley holmberg
    charley holmberg 19 hours ago

    it’s so annoying how at the end they all act like they knew who it was but at the time they all had doubts

  • Leon Au
    Leon Au 20 hours ago +2

    No one said “all too well” as their fav.
    Y’all cancelled

  • Sonam C
    Sonam C 21 hour ago

    2:14 pahaha wat

  • Sonam C
    Sonam C 22 hours ago

    If I was the liar I would get so stressed out and probably just tell them😂

  • melody ou
    melody ou Day ago

    The last 4 were kinda annoying

  • Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer

    As a non-fan of most of Taylor's music, I'm gonna go with Fallon. She doesn't seem to say anything that isn't general knowledge.
    Edit: I've watched almost all of these and have yet to guess one right. The moles, including this one, are really talented.

  • Suh Du
    Suh Du Day ago

    I hate the fact there is only one hater

  • dat bitch
    dat bitch Day ago

    I love how close she got to winning tho

  • Yo Dawgu
    Yo Dawgu Day ago

    Can you do this but with BTS fans and a BTS hater.

  • America Rosales
    America Rosales Day ago


  • John Gottschalk
    John Gottschalk Day ago +4

    They talked about Taylor swift more than they actually asked questions

  • The C00l J
    The C00l J Day ago +1

    No offense, but when Aleisha said she’s not inclusive to lgbtq+; Tailor made a whole part of her music video about lgbtq+ pride

  • Mckenna Van Horn

    Her music went to crap so

  • Zachary Richter
    Zachary Richter Day ago

    the most disturbing video ive ever watched

  • Savie Snapped
    Savie Snapped Day ago +1

    .......”successful white woman”

  • mohanad mourad
    mohanad mourad Day ago

    A bunch of overacting ppl

  • Faolan Frain
    Faolan Frain Day ago

    Black people have an amazing taste in music I knew it was her from the start

  • Mia Hwang
    Mia Hwang Day ago +1

    who is a model and who is the mole for the next episode

  • Malyzsa
    Malyzsa Day ago +1

    You should do 6 Trippie Redd fans and 1 Hater pleaseeee!!!!!!! ❤️❤️btw I love this channel and series

  • Audrey Do
    Audrey Do Day ago +1

    between 11:38 and 12:01 Aleisha said "like" over 20 times i counted omg

  • Sponge boy me Bob

    There getting brazzers subscribtions after this

  • Seth Wood
    Seth Wood Day ago

    Jeremy and scot are exactly how I picture her dude fans lmao

  • Different Kid
    Different Kid Day ago

    Why are they all so spazzy and annoying?!

  • Popular PopTart
    Popular PopTart Day ago

    Fallon looks like the crush i had last year.

  • Cristina Rodriguez

    I laughed too hard when the girl hit the woah at 4:50

  • Emil EM
    Emil EM Day ago +4

    You reslly don’t have to know the name of a celebrity’s three cats in order to be considered a fan.

  • Freia Andersen
    Freia Andersen Day ago


  • Jason Stewart
    Jason Stewart Day ago

    im not a hardcore fan but i love her so much so i would be out just for that one thing

  • Gacha wolf-
    Gacha wolf- Day ago

    And I'm the hater

  • Jack Colver
    Jack Colver Day ago

    11:50 why should any of that matter?