Judge Threatens To Hold Jeff Sessions In Contempt Of Court

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
  • Jeff Sessions has been a bad boy. Cenk Uygur, Francesca Fiorentini, Nomi Prins, and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. The wait is over: the TYT Plus app is now available for Android users! Download the app by searching TYT Plus in the Google Play store or by going to www.TYT.com/app
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    "A federal judge Thursday chastised Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration for attempting to remove a mother and daughter from the country in the midst of a court hearing appealing their deportation. As first reported by The Washington Post, D.C. District Judge Emmet Sullivan threatened to hold sessions in contempt of court as he halted the deportation process.
    The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit this week on behalf of twelve plaintiffs, challenging Sessions' decision to refuse asylum based on claims of domestic and gang violence. Attorneys for the ACLU and the Justice Department reached an agreement to stay one plaintiff's deportation until after the hearing.
    During a recess, ACLU attorneys learned that the plaintiff, known in court papers as Carmen, and her daughter had been removed from a detention center and were potentially on their way to the San Antonio airport, where they would be placed on a flight leaving the United States.
    Sullivan halted the deportation, and then reportedly called for the Justice Department to "turn the plane around."
    "This is pretty outrageous," Sullivan said after learning about the removal, according to the Post. "That someone seeking justice in U.S. court is spirited away while her attorneys are arguing for justice for her?"
    The judge continued that he was "not happy about this at all," and that the situation was "not acceptable."
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Comments • 460

  • John Lopes
    John Lopes 8 months ago

    That's right most of you know I shoudnt be alive and have a right to be cowards.

  • Ra Thesungod
    Ra Thesungod 9 months ago +1


  • rleb blco l
    rleb blco l 9 months ago


  • rleb blco l
    rleb blco l 9 months ago


  • Sandra Johnson
    Sandra Johnson 9 months ago

    Jeff Session should be in jail for lying under oath, when he recused himself.

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 9 months ago

    rule of law MY ASS!

  • Aaron Wantuck
    Aaron Wantuck 9 months ago

    Conservatives: I do not care as long as it does not happen to me.
    Liberals: I do not want it to happen to anybody.
    Which one is better?

  • Michelle Brown
    Michelle Brown 9 months ago

    More of the Right wing war on women, what a bunch of incel losers.

  • Long duk dong
    Long duk dong 9 months ago

    This entire administration is full of criminals.

  • Walt Schmidt
    Walt Schmidt 9 months ago

    Giant news story. A threat.

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 9 months ago

    on the one hand, sessions is supporting trump's anti-immigration stance. on the other hand, sessions is allowing the mueller investigation to continue unimpeded. not sure how hard to hit this guy...

  • stephanie cust
    stephanie cust 9 months ago

    I would of loved to see his face when the judge threatened to hold Jeff sessions in contempt of court... I think Jeff has the little dog syndrome ...a Chihuahua trying to be a pitbull...fun's over assholes.. karma is coming your way 🙋🖕🙊

  • Kevin Locks
    Kevin Locks 9 months ago

    The Administration should choose not to recognize the legitimacy of activist judges like this.

  • Evgen Bykov
    Evgen Bykov 9 months ago

    who is paying for the plane?

    • bcdhifi
      bcdhifi 9 months ago

      They are going to use your mothers whoring money.

  • first Impression
    first Impression 9 months ago

    The way Cenk says "android" is so weird...It is like he has no fuckin idea what android is...

  • G Macka
    G Macka 9 months ago

    Sitting on a branch over a river bank sucking on his corn pipe, that's exactly where Sessions should be. Maybe even if he were the one who was squealing like a pig, that would be more fitting.

  • A Pheonix
    A Pheonix 9 months ago

    Nomi "Coffee Breath" "I Smell Something Bad" "Oh Its My Own Breath" Prins

  • A Pheonix
    A Pheonix 9 months ago

    Hey Francesca - time for another upper lip wax. That mustache is coming back

  • Yoko Jacobson
    Yoko Jacobson 9 months ago

    Session reminds me of "Huckleberry Hound" everytime he says "I can't recall" lol 😂😂😂, or just SPEAKS in general I'm just saying 😁.

  • E R
    E R 9 months ago

    I'm ike, because I said so, Jedi mind tricks.

  • Dee Lish
    Dee Lish 9 months ago

    Thank goodness somebody did something! Now, what about the change to the asylum laws that the little prick made?

  • jacksparrowismydaddy
    jacksparrowismydaddy 9 months ago

    thank you ACLU and Federal Judge.

  • jacksparrowismydaddy
    jacksparrowismydaddy 9 months ago

    just what I'd expect from Revered Kaine's demented house elf.

  • Ringo Flamingo
    Ringo Flamingo 9 months ago +1

    people forget how dangerous El Salvador & places in Central America are.

  • M. Roman
    M. Roman 9 months ago

    “We can be just as bad as those gangs”. Yes, that IS what they’re saying. Also, I know it’s opening a huge can of worms but how about talking about US interventions and activity which were conducive to the current violence in these Central American countries: Honduras, San Salvador, Guatemala?

  • crv
    crv 9 months ago

    I do love how there are just some people in politics that *everyone* hates, such as Sessions and Betsy DeVos. If only mutual hatred could work on other things like war.

  • lisa houk
    lisa houk 9 months ago


  • aaron klingler
    aaron klingler 9 months ago

    I never understand why conservatives come to a channel such as The Young Turks just to attack people like damn

    • bcdhifi
      bcdhifi 9 months ago

      What else do you expect from self-righteous scumbags?

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 9 months ago +1

    Men are on purpose beating their wives to get them freedom. That's true love.

    • bcdhifi
      bcdhifi 9 months ago

      Is that what your daddy told you?

  • uhadme
    uhadme 9 months ago

    too bad media isn't punished immediately for lying.
    don't be scared.. maybe forever doesn't exists and you won't have to pay forever.
    you claim refugees are cowards and should stand and fight for their homeland.. not run from evildoers.
    and then take side of cowards running from evildoers and letting the lawless rule their villages.

  • Don roussy
    Don roussy 9 months ago

    Have all the boarder children been reunited with their parents yet or have they been forgotten about? worse yet, have they disappeared to a sex ring, and if so, will the Trump administration be help culpable for it?

  • freedom1234573
    freedom1234573 9 months ago +2

    nothing scummier than an American Conservative, nothing

  • PipsKay
    PipsKay 9 months ago

    please please please Your Honor please hold thid jerk in contempt! Please!

  • Left Is Best
    Left Is Best 9 months ago +2

    Sessions is a KKK Grand Wizard Gnome

  • lindy919
    lindy919 9 months ago +1

    Shittiest administration ever

  • UberNoodleX
    UberNoodleX 9 months ago

    But, is the way the US government is going right now really a surprise? The right wing in the government has been showing it's fascist tendencies for a very long time.

  • wilmar han
    wilmar han 9 months ago

    Isn't it a crime to try and make witnesses disappear? Isn't it a crime to unlawfully carry someone away and confinement against their will.

  • Carl Wells
    Carl Wells 9 months ago

    This is pretty disgusting... he was trying to pull a oops too late sorry.

  • Dennis Richardson
    Dennis Richardson 9 months ago

    Islam today is the result of worshiping a misnamed being. There is no such being as allah, but Satan is his real name. Damnation is the result. Do not wait for me to shed a tear for you.

  • Awol991
    Awol991 9 months ago

    This will get interesting given that Trump is now tweeting that Sessions is not doing his job, by ending the Mueller investigation. The contempt charge is just the leverage Trump needs. Come on GOP yank those Trump reins hard before the constitutional crisis blows up even more.

  • Joe Barr
    Joe Barr 9 months ago

    If their was real justice Sessions would be dragged onto the plane and abandoned in a desert somewhere

  • Rainbow Doodler209
    Rainbow Doodler209 9 months ago

    Jeff Sessions? Yeah, just send him to jail.

  • Chris Ashcroft
    Chris Ashcroft 9 months ago

    Jail the elf!

  • Walter 3579
    Walter 3579 9 months ago +1

    Jeff Sessions is a Elf, Mitch McConnell is turtle, Donald Trump is orangutan.

  • kevrev0
    kevrev0 9 months ago +1

    These are the "law and order" people

  • Zurround100
    Zurround100 9 months ago

    I love how WHITE and MALE and OLD and CHRISTIAN the guy is. We definitely need more people like him and less young progressive people with the wrong skin tone.

  • harDCore aTheisT
    harDCore aTheisT 9 months ago

    So this the U.S. under Trumpy. _"Give us your poor, your tired and your weak. We'll send 'em right back to their certain death."_

  • Marvin Tookes III
    Marvin Tookes III 9 months ago

    Jeff is a monster

  • Dirt Flyer
    Dirt Flyer 9 months ago +2

    I am really glad these two asylum seekers were returned to the United States, but why just threaten to hold Sessions in contempt? Why didn't they actually charge him with contempt since he so blatantly ignored a judges orders? So basically all Sessions got was a slap on the wrist, and nothing will become of it other than a little bad press. Sessions, along with all of Trump's administration, are testing the waters to become fully authoritarian. They need to be held accountable immediately when they do this kind of shit!

  • Nalidus
    Nalidus 9 months ago

    Sessions should've been held in contempt of court and sent to jail.

  • Ingo Vollmer
    Ingo Vollmer 9 months ago +1

    Jeff Sessions is he scum of the earth, just like the rest of the SWAMP in Washington on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE.

  • delinda6865
    delinda6865 9 months ago

    Did Session go into hiding?

  • Judith Osorio
    Judith Osorio 9 months ago +1

    Who are the criminals abusing and breaking our laws? Is it the Republican Party or those seeking asylum? Republicans gain control of all branches of power and the whole country falls apart.

  • Greg Kelmis
    Greg Kelmis 9 months ago

    Libtards at it again

  • Everything Cool
    Everything Cool 9 months ago

    wow we had something like this happen in england
    Amber Rudd ‘in contempt of court’ for deporting asylum seeker against judge’s wishes The Home Secretary is ‘in contempt of court’ after an asylum seeker was deported to Afghanistan, despite a judge ruling against it.

  • Craig Bartel
    Craig Bartel 9 months ago

    Sessions is a total pos , how did he get the job in the first place ??
    Throw him in prison !

  • Sergio Flores
    Sergio Flores 9 months ago

    This makes me happy to donate my money every month to the ACLU.

  • golden taco
    golden taco 9 months ago

    We are a sovereign nation. We need to change the laws so we arent obligated to accept any claims of asylum.

  • ScraftyPants
    ScraftyPants 9 months ago

    They should have held Session in contempt of court, I would have thrown his ass in a cell and had charges of obstruction brought against him.

  • XAnthos Earthkeepers
    XAnthos Earthkeepers 9 months ago

    How about name the REAL PROBLEM! Even saying it's "gangs" isn't naming the problem. Women and children are not the problem. Women are not "just as bad". MALE VIOLENCE, MALE DOMINATION, MALE SUPREMACY AND PATRIARCHAL RELIGIONS ARE THE WORST PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD.

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 9 months ago

    Little mouse, Sessions, should have been put in her airline seat and deported. Our country would be better off without him.

  • Darbin Wofford
    Darbin Wofford 9 months ago

    Asylum should only be given if they are seeking asylum from actions that do not occur in the US, such as war.

  • D. b.
    D. b. 9 months ago

    Nothing will happen to Jeff, you've seen how our government works,

  • Shayne O'Neill
    Shayne O'Neill 9 months ago

    Oh to have a judge ball up Sessions into cuffs and oranges for contempt. Best part is, the president cant pardon contempt. Treason and Contempt are specifically excluded from executive pardoning powers

  • mriddley
    mriddley 9 months ago

    I always thought elves were supposed to be friendly

  • SamWizeGanji
    SamWizeGanji 9 months ago

    Yes!!!!!! Amazing

  • Raymond Garlick
    Raymond Garlick 9 months ago

    the judge should be really p.o.ed about Jeff sessions attempting to circumvent a sitting judge's order.
    Your Honor, I, as a citizen, know better than to so disrespect the Bench. wtf is up in America today?

  • Michael Daniel
    Michael Daniel 9 months ago

    Jeff Sessions: "Damn! I almost got two more brown people out of 'Murica. Stinking woman Marxist Judge!"

  • Joseph Van Zandt
    Joseph Van Zandt 9 months ago

    Sessions is definitely contemptible but not for the reasons you think. He refuses to indict anyone connected with the Deep State. Reason? He is being blackmailed.

  • Lorena Taia
    Lorena Taia 9 months ago

    ACLU, is the best :)

  • Mario Quade
    Mario Quade 9 months ago

    Something similar just happened in Germany. The city of Bochum was charged to pay a fine for turning over a man, suspected to be a former member of al qaida and still being active in the radical scene, to the federal police who deported him to Tunisia. But there was still a case pending in court about the question if he could be deported at all since he, as a terror suspect, as which he was already held in prison in Germany, might have faced torture when returned to Tunisia. The original date for the deportation was cancelled before the court took on the case. They were informed about it but not that he was then book on another deportation flight the next day. On Wednesday evening the court issued their sentence, which was a denial of deportation, but it was already late in the evening, the sentence only reached the responsible agencies in the morning and the deportation took place at night. The executive has cheated the judiciary and they got away with a slap on the wrist. Do not make the same mistake in America. Make the executive pay for not following the rule of law.

  • Preet Dhami
    Preet Dhami 9 months ago

    TYT, can we get Francesca her own show already?!
    Come on Cenk! She’s very charismatic, smart and funny. It’s a no brainer!

  • Preet Dhami
    Preet Dhami 9 months ago

    The GOP is the party that supports law and order!
    ... only exception is anytime the “law” goes against anything they want to do in any way...
    Other than that one, tiny exception they always support law and order!

  • Hearsheyboi *
    Hearsheyboi * 9 months ago

    What?! The chief law enforcement officer dose not respect due process!

  • People eating Tasty animals

    TYT is where truth and fact go to die! More lies and deceit than Alex Jones ever has spewed. TYT should be banned for spreading hate! They hate the truth!

    • People eating Tasty animals
      People eating Tasty animals 9 months ago

      ANony Mouse I'm not sure You are even sure that you are a loser that swallows TYT leftist propaganda. Have fun losing in November with your blue ripple

  • ferretsnax
    ferretsnax 9 months ago

    send Sessions back to Oz where he belongs

  • Kristian Veijola
    Kristian Veijola 9 months ago

    Rape is wrong. But if Sessions will become the girlfriend of an entire prison justice is done.

  • Bill Fauber
    Bill Fauber 9 months ago

    Why do we allow these people to use unproven lies to support and justify mistreatment of thousands of fellow human beings. If you would believe the lies coming from the administration and FOX news, every other family arrested are terrorist or gang members using kids to gain entry into the US (The facts shown “NOT” one proven case, where this is true). Further we see ICE Agents breaking down doors with 20 + agents with machine guns in hand pulling people from their homes when there hasn't been a proven case where an "emigrant family" has pulled a gun during an ICE Raid. Then why are we allowing these "GESTAPO" methods to be used, we should all be really pissed at these policies. We need new laws, procedures and some human compassion and behavior that conforms to accepted standards of morality and respectability towards other human beings regardless of their situation..

  • Jos Tow
    Jos Tow 9 months ago

    If we go into a store and start steal everything we can. The police will called and we will be arrested. These people that are running the country are robing us right in plain site, why cant they be arrested? We can all see what they are doing.The law or the military should go in and arrest them and place computant people in charge.

  • holdmybeer
    holdmybeer 9 months ago

    big deal. he'll just get house arrest if found guilty. and im sure he has a nice house.

  • spartacus36526
    spartacus36526 9 months ago

    Francesca needs to sit on my face

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer 9 months ago

    Repugnicunts are so far more corrupt than Democrats. Yes, Democrats can be corrupt, but nowhere near the degree of Repugnicunts. Repugnicunts are also far more criminal.

  • Jam Man
    Jam Man 9 months ago

    Finally get to see my two favorite progressive gals together...

  • Eric Burkheimer
    Eric Burkheimer 9 months ago

    I would love to see him behind bars. And Trump. And most Repugnicunts, period.

  • Daniel Pupo
    Daniel Pupo 9 months ago

    He needs to get back to his tree and making cookies.
    Somebody needs to read and explain the Constitution to this little ferret.

  • Manuela Costa Lima
    Manuela Costa Lima 9 months ago

    Sessions' actions reflect the utter contempt the Trump administration has for human pain and suffering. Jeff Sessions was spared the long arm of the law when he lied through his teeth to the Committee. He should have gone to jail last year, anyway. But, should he attempt to go after this poor woman again -- or anyone who's still awaiting a hearing -- Sessions should be immediately cuffed and taken to jail. I'm sorry for sounding nasty, but I think Jeff Sessions is a weasel and capable of the most hideous and nefarious activities imaginable. He's a TAK through and through.
    TAK -- Trump Ass Kisser.

  • James Harris
    James Harris 9 months ago

    That racist little opossum is an embarrassment to the people of Alabama.

  • Satria Kurniawan Djaenal

    Nice to see there's still some people in America operating with logic instead of bigotry.

  • ilkhgs
    ilkhgs 9 months ago

    Now THAT'S how it's done! Gotta step up the pace of law getting better.

  • Qwasm Gasm
    Qwasm Gasm 9 months ago

    Precedence in a federal court. The elf is done.

  • Eyes wide open Are yours

    Move them into your house then cenk

  • Eyes wide open Are yours
    Eyes wide open Are yours 9 months ago +1

    This channel offends me . It should be banned... Ana kasparov and cenk. Are abusive

  • Freptboy
    Freptboy 9 months ago

    Only a moron and racist like Jeff Sessions gets a contempt to court.

  • Silent Trendsetter
    Silent Trendsetter 9 months ago

    There's a simple explanation for Jeff Sessions behavior. How would you feel if you had to go through life looking like Eddie the Elf, with a name like Jeff Beauregard Sessions? Beauregard? Me thinks the little elf should take a few hits of the ganja

  • Johnny Cates
    Johnny Cates 9 months ago

    And just in case anyone thinks it's highly unlikely sessions could go to jail I say this he ain't the first we've jailed an AG before there's not as much red tape and hoops to jump through as there is for the President sessions better remember that.

  • Ned Thumberland
    Ned Thumberland 9 months ago +2

    *Sending migrants out of the country when their asylum case is still pending in a court of law? What a shady move! So much for "the party of law and order"! Republicans' hypocrisy reeks to high heavens!*

  • This is MAGA Country
    This is MAGA Country 9 months ago

    These jihadist judges always get overruled in the higher courts.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 9 months ago

    Go back to your hollow tree and bake some cookies mr sessions.

  • Radwulf Eboraci
    Radwulf Eboraci 9 months ago

    It seems the Federal Judges are the only ones defending your Constitution. How long can they keep this up before the Mango Moron attacks them?

  • Snowme
    Snowme 9 months ago

    Lock him up