Aftermath of Harley Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Crash

  • Published on Sep 7, 2016
  • Just a video of me explaining how I got into a wreck, what happened to me, and what happened to the bike. I am completely not at fault as the other person crossed into my right of way without looking. My bike days will most likely be over because although its fun, it is not worth your life when you someone else is not paying attention. I got lucky that nothing more serious happened to me cause rolling into a car at 30 MPH can cause some serious damage.

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  • Allen Sharako
    Allen Sharako 9 days ago

    CRAIGSLIST: 2012 Harley 883 one owner, gently used. Only minor scratches. $9,000 obo.

  • Phablo Phablo
    Phablo Phablo 25 days ago

    I had two crash long time ago. A guy ran a stop side and hit me on the side and the other time a used the front brake in a rainy day. But hell no. Never gonna stop. Gotta be carefully. Although I understand your decision and maybe you will change it. Never give up boy

  • William Dutton
    William Dutton 29 days ago

    Brother heal and then wheel again, don't give up its a way of life, the cagers do not look out for us, but I will be damned if they ever keep me off my Harley. Yes I have been hit as well, beat up bad and riding again. Peace to you brother.

  • CMJack Bauer
    CMJack Bauer Month ago

    Hey bro, did you get back to riding

  • j ma
    j ma Month ago +1

    i pray for your complete healing bro!

  • augnkn93043
    augnkn93043 2 months ago

    I searched for "harley davidson death crash" and got this shit.

  • DoNg SuY cHoW
    DoNg SuY cHoW 2 months ago +1

    Fake ass poser wannabe biker. Fuck off loser.

  • DoNg SuY cHoW
    DoNg SuY cHoW 2 months ago +1

    Its clearly obvious youre a dumbass who has very little ride expertise. You need to keep your gay ass in a car because you dont need to be out with the real bikers who know how to ride.

  • E Z
    E Z 3 months ago

    Another useful understanding of safety while riding with traffic is the Solomon study from 1964, where he found there were less accidents when you travel at no more than than 5.5 mph faster than the surrounding traffic.
    See section 2.1

  • E Z
    E Z 3 months ago

    Tough, and you are young. The way to look at it is. We ride because we like the dopamine. It is what intelligent humans do in their down time. You have the chance to see if there is another way of getting your dopamine. Just dont do it artificially. Understanding why you ride helps you accept the risk. A friend taught me a useful way of understanding traffic. The vehicles are like cattle, and you are moving among them. Try not to startle them, or panic them. Understand that in your vicinity their awareness of you ensures you are safe, because they have no intent to cause you harm. It's only when another vehicle comes into your group or vicinity that you have to make sure they are aware of you. It is your onus to make them aware of you. Loud pipes can help, as can a horn, but you risk panicking someone in your group, or making them agitated. The best thing to do is ride as though every new car in your vicinity has not seen you. Work out the mirror angles, and use lane position to advantage their chance of seeing you. You don't have to worry about the car that has seen you or is aware of your presence. It is only the vehicles that have not had the pleasure of your company. We all know that feeling of safety on the road when the vehicles around us are aware of us. Instinctively an aware vehicle will also accommodate you in their actions. Pulling over to the side of the lane, allowing you to filter, or looking before changing lanes.
    I understand exactly why I ride, I understand the risk and the reward. Minimizing that risk is every long term riders challenge, so that we can continue to get that dopamine. The dopamine effect is what makes us attractive to people. Our natural high has a beneficial effect on all those around us. Like any drug its addictive, and not getting addicted is key. If you ride too often , or it becomes an everyday part of your life, the need for dopamine will require you to take more risks. Being aware of that is key. More risks does not equate to more experience. But will increase the likelihood of an accident. While you are off your bike, monitor your need for dopamine and the withdrawal. Be aware of your moods, and have a go at substituting it without drugs. Study a new subject, join a social club, ask a good looking girl out on a date. Then rethink what the motorcycle's role in your life is. It's a medication. An access to pleasure, that benefits you and everyone around you. We dont abuse alcohol, or drugs, or sexual gratification without consequences. So treat your riding as a therapy for mental well being, and don't overdo it. Ride because you need to not because you want to.
    Sorry about the lecture, but you were brave to post this and we all learned something. So thanks.

  • Edmond Flocco
    Edmond Flocco 4 months ago

    My superglide did the same thing i replaced the tank and spliced some wires and i re threded some broken shit on the cpntrols and i ride that bitch today

  • Big H
    Big H 4 months ago


  • R C
    R C 6 months ago

    Needed to brake and the “bike fell over” that means he smashed the front brakes because of zero riding experience. This is what happens when you have no experience. Go buy a 250honda learn how to ride then later buy a Harley

  • Ben Jover
    Ben Jover 6 months ago

    Very few will bear their soul like this guy, just to help others be aware of the risks and danger from other drivers.

  • Mike Partridge
    Mike Partridge 6 months ago

    Not too bad! Just cosmetic damage. Just kidding bro, if u don't laugh you'll cry. Don't let this put you off of riding? Get back on the saddle live and learn! I know you obviously have friends or family saying stupid shit like, I told you motorcycles are dangerous. Atleast u had balls to get on one! Take a motorcycle safety course bro.......

  • D_99s D
    D_99s D 7 months ago

    В Россию поедет?)))

  • Mike Ehrmantraut
    Mike Ehrmantraut 8 months ago

    all the videos you were riding holding handlebar with one hand only, I think you were way overconfident. I am happy nothing happened to you.

  • dominic coscarelli
    dominic coscarelli 9 months ago +1

    Also crash bars help you from messing up the tank and bars. Get some their cheap and worth it.

  • dominic coscarelli
    dominic coscarelli 9 months ago +1

    Always wear a jacket boots and gloves and full helmet. Also your bike can be fixed . Harley's are rock solid bikes as long as you don't bend the frame or damage the engine. Every thing else can be replaced for cheap and put back on with only little effort and tools. That being said go buy a set of Allen and star sockets you'll need them.

  • Mike Shook
    Mike Shook 10 months ago

    What are going to do with the bike?

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho 10 months ago

    So what your saying is your a bitch and wont get back on after a wreck and it sounds like you wrecked do to not paying attention to what you where doing. Sell the bike and stick to 4 wheels

  • Alias
    Alias 10 months ago +1

    To hell with those negative comments. It takes a lot to share your experience with others who could learn from you. Thanks for sharing. My heart goes out to you. You said your doctor told you not to lift anything over five pounds; well, I had a back injury and was told not to lift anything over ten pounds. So, I asked the doctor, how am I supposed to pee? GOD blessed you and HE will continue to do so.

  • Harley Davidson
    Harley Davidson 11 months ago

    who cares if u dont want to ride get three wheeler then im better on two wheel then 4 but did u die

  • bca45011
    bca45011 11 months ago

    Your crash info on what happened to you,& your bike is almost identical to mine

  • henree simp
    henree simp 11 months ago

    Glad ur ok dude stick to trucks

  • Chance1957
    Chance1957 11 months ago +1

    I’ve been riding 40 years and never been down. It is called defensive driving, and road awareness. I’ll be doing my second ride across the country and back at the end of July. Why am I writing this? Because I believe you can ride safely, with minimal risk. It just takes being aware, and riding within your skills. And just a tiny bit of luck.

    • E Z
      E Z 3 months ago

      stay safe

  • Cynthia Davis
    Cynthia Davis 11 months ago

    Hey shout out to you> You did everything right and I love your video showing damage to you and bike. Don't stop the blogging tho. I know you can't ride yet but keep talking and telling about alll the fixing and healing. Don't stop. Like your videos.

  • john clark
    john clark Year ago

    I crashed like three bikes I am still riding been through two car accedents still walking I am lucky to be alive let alone walking through what I have been through just finishing up my custom bobber will be riding it to California from Henderson Nevada

  • john smith
    john smith Year ago


  • Geovanni Castillo

    Damn bro you herniated a disc.... Good luck with that shit sticks around for years

  • david matney
    david matney Year ago

    Too much front break bro.... Glad you lived to tell the story, but get back on and ride...

  • Wild Bill
    Wild Bill Year ago

    I said the same thing after my spill didn't ride for a little while and that's ok.


    Who cares about the damn phone, your alive!

  • Hair Razor Detox
    Hair Razor Detox Year ago

    Shit that will polish out 🤭

  • Muhammad kadwa
    Muhammad kadwa Year ago

    The damage is not major

  • maiseydoodle
    maiseydoodle Year ago

    Were you riding like a typical ass. It totaled dude. Don’t get another bike.

  • Brock Carpender
    Brock Carpender Year ago

    Damn man good to see you're still walking around hope you get well soon and get that Beast of a bike running again

  • Anthony Preece
    Anthony Preece Year ago

    At least you still work. Lucky and I'm sure we are all happy and wish you don't have long term problems. You're young so hang in there. Be safe.

  • Zeus0008
    Zeus0008 Year ago +1

    I recommend the channel of MC Rider

  • Zeus0008
    Zeus0008 Year ago

    Everything in your bike is replaceable but not you Take good care of yourself

  • Zeus0008
    Zeus0008 Year ago

    Before this I wast watching 5 reasons why bikers stop 🛑 riding motorcycles and accident it’s one of those reasons. heal first and then ride.

  • Buck Otte
    Buck Otte Year ago

    Perhaps it will 'pay for' the consider....this gives a nice warning to remember 'rider's gear'..!!

  • Gabusai
    Gabusai Year ago

    that could be now a good modern art piece

  • Brandon Bellah
    Brandon Bellah Year ago

    Lol I’ll take the seat off it, I have a sportster as well but doesn’t have a nice seat like yours.

  • Shane Hawkins
    Shane Hawkins Year ago +1

    I’ve been hit twice and still riding. You’re not a real biker until you get back up on the bike. Take a motorcycle safety course, you shouldn’t have laid down your bike. If you were properly trained you wouldn’t have gotten hurt so bad. Can’t stop your momentum if your sliding or skidding. Traction is what reduces impact. Riding a motorcycle without training is no different than owning a gun without being trained

  • Kenshi LeNinjah
    Kenshi LeNinjah Year ago +1

    Sick bike tho, glad you’re ok man I hated seeing that crash

  • Mark K
    Mark K Year ago

    I crashed my sporty on the edge of Highway in Tucson. My sporty looked like yours. Just haf it painted also....Sucks! No helmet...missed highway sign by a foot. Thank God for Jesus...Glad your alright bro

  • Dreyn 77
    Dreyn 77 Year ago

    I'm on the other side of the planet and I could predict it was a woman who drove out infront of you, without even hearing your description of what had happened. Does that tell you something? This problem is WORLDWIDE! It's therefore, FAMOUS as a problem! Humans STILL call the object a cycle. A motorcycle. Cycle means pedal object. It's never outgrown what it always was. It's just a bi cycle with a motor, and that means its just a tiny delicate thing. You got fooled by the size of the population, which influenced you into thinking the MOTORbike turns a bloke into superman! A superman that CAN DO the speed limit. You're extremely lucky you've got a second chance at life! And now you can tell your mates and the public to go away cause you're going to make up you own mind from now on and NOT be focusing on other drivers terrible behaviour. Humans are MAD at this point in time. You could have bought the bike and never ridden the thing. Making an investment in something is a good option to have. Most people buy into companies that they NEVER do anything with it. Most people are liars and completely insane! Stop listening to people! People want $70,000 now for 1970's Datsun cars for example! People from all groups are equally insane!

  • Kyle Gabriele
    Kyle Gabriele Year ago

    Glad your okay! Bikes totaled😉 I’ll buy it for 500

  • Patrick bennett`
    Patrick bennett` Year ago

    this is why i will be gettin anti lock brakes, thanks for the video. glad youre ok, sorry about compression fracture though

  • dsbmwhacker
    dsbmwhacker Year ago

    Bike is definitely toast.....Better stick to driv'in your pickup......

  • Eduardo Duarte
    Eduardo Duarte Year ago

    Got my first bike a 2017 iron 883 this August a month later some asshole on his phone cut me off the road in curve..luckily where I was cut off to was grass but everything happened fast from what i my bike to the HD shop and about a little over a month later got my bike back and I'm riding again, upgraded the exhaust to Rinehart and Rinehart air filter! Love the way it feels.

  • chris melvill
    chris melvill Year ago

    Who cares you sad little millenial. MAN UP

  • Stan
    Stan Year ago

    Well you're alive

  • gemini232003
    gemini232003 Year ago +1

    I got my licence 46 years ago, and have dodged all kinds of people trying to kill me. It doesn't matter if you are in a car or on a bike, defensive driving/riding will keep you alive a well. They'll kill you in a parking lot or crossing the street, if you give them the chance. Keep your eyes open and be ready for anything that can happen.

  • souleternal7
    souleternal7 Year ago

    Damn man sorry to hear this. Wrecked my 883 in 2015 going 60Mhz in HOV when an idiot driver jumped/stopped right in front if me totalling my 2014 883. I came out quite lucky with only a few muscle tears in neck, back, left hand almost broke but just major sprain. Left shoulder went out of socket and that sucked but Im ok at least. I'm glad you're, for the most part, ok. I know how it feels man hang in there. Im getting the urge to drive a bike again and you will too. I'm just not going to do it as a daily driver but just on weekends taking it very easy. Heal up and take care.

  • Adrian Rubi
    Adrian Rubi Year ago

    If you rolled off the throttle the engine braking would've let her clear you right?

  • Rennie Smith
    Rennie Smith Year ago

    it's been 11 months so I am pretty sure you havent replaced or fixed your bike? I got ran off the road many many years ago borken wrist 3 ribs and collar bone. but I refused to let that stop me I was back on a bike before I should of been and I am still riding today!
    I hope you made a full recovery and you are doing well?
    it's time to get back in the saddle again though.


    Are you riding yet? If not I unsub 😑

  • alberto flora
    alberto flora Year ago

    grasas a deus gue tu esta bem amigo o resto é de menos

  • jazzridez
    jazzridez Year ago +1

    You look like the Vespa type anyway, LOOSER.

  • Sheedy Motorsports

    You'll be ok, Dont give up!

  • John Kirk Jr
    John Kirk Jr Year ago

    I want parts off it for mine

  • aakash pardesi
    aakash pardesi Year ago Bro is this your accident video?? 😳😱

    • Harley Hoonigan
      Harley Hoonigan  Year ago

      At first i though it was, but its not. This was the exact same situation i was in. But i reacted a little sooner than that guy and i was already off my bike before i impacted the car.

  • Martin Guitars
    Martin Guitars 2 years ago

    There a saying among riders , after a big wreck you'll be always safe riding afterwards...

  • Sweet Daddy
    Sweet Daddy 2 years ago +2

    You should have taken cyclecruza lessons... Cyclecruza says you launch yourself off your footpegs just before impact... you saw the accident coming you should have launched yourself off the bike... And while launching you should have grabbed your phone and took a picture while flying thru air... Landing softly on left knee.. On right foot supporting yourself with left fist... Like how superheroes land in some action movie.

    • koosh
      koosh Year ago

      NINJA DAVIDSON i saw your name and now i wanna she a ninja with a harley v rod motor in in...

      NINJA DAVIDSON Year ago +1

      Sweet Daddy that's hilarious. 😂

  • Julio aka Pyro Covarrubias

    hope you get better asap bro u will be missed on the rode with that sweet ride but to each his own just be safe

  • Nathan Sheffield
    Nathan Sheffield 2 years ago +1

    woman pulled out in front of me 8 months ago... i hit a guardrail with my road kind at 50 trying to avoid her car. I and my bike went flying. i don't know how but i managed to not break anything. my right foot got crushed between my bike and the guardrail because i hit the guardrail sideways. tore the all the tendons and ligaments in my left shoulder and ligaments in my left knee. took me two months to be able to walk again. i had my bike rebuilt. whole new compete front end, had to have the frame straightened... body work and paint... lots of other parts. $6,500 and I'm back on the road. man i know the feeling of wanting it to be one and done but if you want to ride... ride. fix or replaced but get back on. i fixed mine because it belonged to my dad who passed away so i had to fix it. don't be scared to do what you love. it's all about the ride man.

  • The VANDAL
    The VANDAL 2 years ago +1

    careful with the pain killers, remember addiction does not discriminate

  • Mid-day_ Light
    Mid-day_ Light 2 years ago

    can you say it was avoidable if riding more defensively ?

  • Patriot -503
    Patriot -503 2 years ago

    I don't know if you can see that or not... uhhhhh. Ya bud we see it! Primary cover.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 2 years ago

    Headlight modulator, denali soundbomb horn. gotta keep ridin' man.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 2 years ago

    gay as fuck

  • Ed Willyard
    Ed Willyard 2 years ago +2

    don't worry nobody really cares...

  • Sandy Mitchell
    Sandy Mitchell 2 years ago

    man some duct tape and superglue youll be good to go!

  • squishydafishy
    squishydafishy 2 years ago

    is it not a thing in the U.S. when buying a new car that you can pay a bit more but then if something like this happens your car payments get made for you? if not that kinda sucks but her insurance, if she had any, should be making your car payments in any event. glad you're ok, well mostly ok, and able to have a bit of a chuckle about it.

  • mrstupid
    mrstupid 2 years ago +1

    I did a similar thing in 1979.$ years off work learning to walk then went back to work and bikes again.Just a bit more careful these days in retirement,so i just have 3 bikes now but one is a Triumph Rocket 111 for a little speed.

  • Gixxer983
    Gixxer983 2 years ago

    Sorry you crashed dude.. Get rid of that pile of bolts and get something with 2 front rotors and can handle .. Rode a mans Harley once.. Came back ,shook his hand and told him that i am in awe that his still alive., Cant stop, breaks are iffy as fuck, cant corner cuz you bottom out and fly on the other lane, heavy as fuck.. Constantly 3/4 throttle to even get moving that pile of bolts. Your legs are somewhere infront. Totaly non ergonomic position, unstable bike.. If you want to live and be comfy get a GS 1200 , KTM Adventure 1190,, V Strom 1000 and blow any harley away . Real bike and shit, that cant do anything but make noise and make you polish some chrome ...

  • padelis giagk
    padelis giagk 2 years ago +1 friend i sympathize...had an accident on my 15 48 and i know the feeling.... my sporty was pretty worse than yours and i fixed it..5000euros,,,fuk me....dont sell the bike as it can be fixed...its mostly cosmetic from what i and the prices waaaay less in relation to Europe.....fix it,,have some time off and start riding are more experienced now as a driver you know the bike a little better and what it can and cant do...take it easy. P.

  • lemon fish
    lemon fish 2 years ago

    I survived 3 bad wreaks in 3 weeks back in 80's. One was my fault the other two wernt my fault. I dodged death 3 times in 3 weeks. I decided after the third time never to ride a bike ever again in my life. I have kept my promise to myself ever since 1983. I'm alive and health and happy and 58 years old. I made a good decision.

  • William Gaze
    William Gaze 2 years ago

    Glad your ok bro.

  • That_boy _daniel
    That_boy _daniel 2 years ago +1

    Glad your okay but that bike is not in bad shape its an easy fix lol and ik someone who lost their left leg to a girl texting and still rides and shifts with a fake leg 58 years old and could care less, dont give up biking cause of 1 accident

  • mc1dash1b
    mc1dash1b 2 years ago

    You really trashed that piece of crap. Time to move up to a Hayabusa.

  • upside downdog
    upside downdog 2 years ago

    Have you ridden again yet?

    JOSEPH JAKUBEC 2 years ago +12

    Been riding over 50 years. You need to quit riding. One crash, you don't have a stomach for it. Be safe.

  • hatersaywhat
    hatersaywhat 2 years ago

    If you haven't sold it yet, I got 1500 cash money right now! Reply to the comment and we'll go from there

  • Jack Lowe
    Jack Lowe 2 years ago +1

    I got my back broke 4 compressed & one ruptured - most of L5-S1 removed in pieces & surgery - Tore up knee/ ripped meniscus cart. /a year healing & lot of therapy - I ride almost everyday now - Dont let that person rob you of something you enjoy! Get back on that horse & ask the Lord to ride w/ ya!!

  • Ike Oliver
    Ike Oliver 2 years ago

    you can do it

  • Ike Oliver
    Ike Oliver 2 years ago

    next bike you get please get insurance on it please

  • Ike Oliver
    Ike Oliver 2 years ago

    I am gonna keep your channel be it sounds like you really will miss it's so, it's just gonna take a little bit of time brother you can do it I've be waiting OKAY SO GET BACK IN INTO IT PLEASE! !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ike Oliver
    Ike Oliver 2 years ago +1


  • Ike Oliver
    Ike Oliver 2 years ago

    wait still you can afford another one it might be able so I'm gonna still keep you, good money into this, so PLEASE give it some time because motorcycle ridings is fun you will miss it you have license SO GET ANOTHER ONE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE AN NEW ONE GET A GROM THEY ARE VERY TO MOTO VLOGS WITH OK IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU WANT TO SO IT IT PLEASE AND MAKE THAT MONEY MAN YOU CAN DO IT..........

  • jackwednesday
    jackwednesday 2 years ago

    "My battery cover.....I don't even know where it is..." Many people have said this mate and they didn't even have a crash!!! Get well soon.

  • Eagle1
    Eagle1 2 years ago

    You're gonna quit riding? WTF!! Dude, I flew 50 yards through the air when I crashed my R1. I fucking broke everything, shattered my hip, broke 7 ribs, broke my collarbone, fractured my wrist, I was FUCKED UP!! Took me a year and a half to be able to walk right again. Soon as I was able to walk again I immediately bought a CBR 1000RR, fuck this pussy quitting shit.
    Anyway, how's the Harley, is it totalled? You gonna fix it? Don't be talking about quitting riding, buck up and get over it, I did and now I've got two bikes and I fucking love em. Just got the Low Rider S and it is one sweet bitch. Ride on brother, never say never again.

  • DukeWoodstock Rivers
    DukeWoodstock Rivers 2 years ago +3

    a little down time....fix her up and RIDE....until u lay one down thats when the respect of a HD comes to play. Your alive #1. Good Job on the Vid. ow road rash hate that. Peaceout

  • sqd8r
    sqd8r 2 years ago

    Glad you're safe. Go with your gut. If you don't want to do it anymore, don't.

  • Ronald Swafford
    Ronald Swafford 2 years ago


  • Michael Caltrider
    Michael Caltrider 2 years ago +1

    get better. fix your bike and keep riding. don't be a bitch.

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 2 years ago +1

    Thankfully you survived!
    My God father had a "close encounter of the vehicular kind" in 1975. Somehow he managed to avoid being hit & swerved away & ended up striking a concrete lamp post, (this was at an intersection not on open Highway) flew over the handle bars & head-butted the post, breaking the Helmet in 2 pieces.
    Walked away from it but never rode again.

  • amandeep bajwa
    amandeep bajwa 2 years ago

    Three times got accident and changed forks 2 times, headlight, 1foot surgery and still love riding.