World Biker Build-Off | Episode 1


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  • Allan Hobba
    Allan Hobba 10 hours ago

    Suicide shift gears? 100% FAIL!

    REBEL MONK 3 days ago


  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 days ago

    I really like the Australian Team. They seem like good guys, and they obviously know what they are doing.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 days ago

    The English Team should be called The English & UPS Team

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 days ago +1

    36:14 That dude has a straight-up yakuza tattoo. Seems kinda phony if you ask me.

    • swag check
      swag check Day ago

      I bet his nutsacks will shrivel once he encounters with a legit Yakuza member. He’s a wannabe badass.

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith 4 days ago

    32:43 Is that Mark Wahlberg?

  • Gary Stratton
    Gary Stratton 7 days ago

    I personally like the long curved springer. I think it looks great on the bike.

  • T T
    T T 11 days ago

    Knucklehead Harley? Pretty sure that's American. Build your own and earn respect.

  • Anthony Dorner
    Anthony Dorner 14 days ago

    Fuck Russell Mitchell, comes to our country to make money and talks shit about us, skinny fuckin weasel

  • Chris Duke
    Chris Duke 14 days ago

    This show sucks! Has always sucked! RR's suck!

  • Robert Ekis
    Robert Ekis 14 days ago

    I will never understand why so many people think that a motorcycle with a POS air cooled engine with one cylinder behind the other with an unbelievably unsafe front end qualifies as a "World Biker Build-Off". Pretty much any other bike in the world is a better bike than these pieces of crap. If they are built just to look at, why not just draw a picture or make a clay model?

  • GETFUX 55
    GETFUX 55 15 days ago

    After watching all the Indian Larry builds none of these bikes even come close 2 dependability and style and yes Indian Larry does order some parts just like they all do but his she always looks right and runs top notch R.I.P the legend

  • Barry
    Barry 20 days ago

    Put Billy Lane in this completion and he would smoke all of them!

  • Michael Vinson
    Michael Vinson 25 days ago

    I want to go for Merica, but the Aussies knock it out of the park here. Brits can suck a fat one, guys a joke.

  • Mike D
    Mike D Month ago

    Ads.... 1.6 million views, and ads..

  • Jason Powell
    Jason Powell Month ago

    I know a good 3 way bike build off..Paul Yaffe, Joe Martin and Billy Lane.. that would be the best biker build off

    • Joseph Winkler
      Joseph Winkler Month ago

      My brother-in-law gifted me a Paul Yaffe custom i about shit myself
      The bad thing is he has like 60 grand in it and you’re lucky to get 10 or 12 for them now but I’ll never get rid of it

    • Joseph Winkler
      Joseph Winkler Month ago

      Yeah that was a good one I like Billy it was unfortunate what happened to him it’s hard to believe it was that long ago

  • Angel Rosario
    Angel Rosario Month ago

    freaking ads - thank u U tube for all the ads.

  • Dave Builds It
    Dave Builds It Month ago

    6:01 Censors "screwed" to appear edgier.

  • Richard Binder
    Richard Binder Month ago

    Along with tribal armband tattoos.

  • Richard Binder
    Richard Binder Month ago

    So glad this stupid fad is over. Overpriced, non handling, poser machines. Worse depreciation ever. That is also one of the worst bands ever. You hear nothing from any of these builders anymore.

  • Clark Babin
    Clark Babin Month ago +3

    While it's cool to watch these guys who do this for a living I'd rather see amateur build competitions

    • Jim Bartosevich
      Jim Bartosevich Month ago +1

      I agree. A bonus to watching amateurs is that they might produce a bike that people actually ride. I love watching the craftsmanship as it's happening, but ultimately always hate what these show bikes turn into

  • dgibson1313
    dgibson1313 Month ago

    Reality Show Producers: People don't care about backstories. Viewers watch these types of shows for the technical aspects. Spend more time on the engineering and less on the "personal interest" crap and your shows will stay on the air longer. Also, stop thinking that the viewers are utter morons. The type of people that watch these specialty shows understand the damn basics of the subject matter.

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez Month ago

    Todas esas motos son una puta mierda!!! Están hechas para ir a 80 km/h, no más, no tienen geometría ,ni reparto de masas ,como las hacen los ingenieros de las grandes marcas... todo esto es postureo, motos horteras, pero como una moto de estas la pongas a 120, si es que llegan, en la primera curva tienes la hostia asegurada

  • traffic czar
    traffic czar Month ago +2

    Triumph had oil in the frame back in the seventies although it was not in the front tube.

  • Brian Curry
    Brian Curry 2 months ago


  • elguitarTom
    elguitarTom 2 months ago

    Sorry, but it looks retarded.

  • Marco Santiago
    Marco Santiago 2 months ago +1

    Exile is garbage and talked to much as if he’s the best lol

  • kyle stewart
    kyle stewart 2 months ago +1

    if they wanted to have a true builders challenge they should actually challenge these so-called builders to build an actual drivable fully functioning motorcycle ,you can actually daily commute on . a bike that had Honda standards. my guess would be all these guys would totally fail.

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  • Mr. Trump
    Mr. Trump 2 months ago


  • Kaleb Morrow
    Kaleb Morrow 2 months ago

    Scotty’s mate is on the gear for sure

  • 15 Seconds
    15 Seconds 2 months ago

    When has sag in 8 foot forks ever been a good thing? There's design and there's stupidity.

  • Jaroslaw Pierzchalski
    Jaroslaw Pierzchalski 3 months ago

    Joe Martin 🌴👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🥃

  • Ford Driver
    Ford Driver 3 months ago

    Don't handle, don't steer, look ridiculous & are owned by insecure short men with massive ego issues. Fact.

  • Honda Madness
    Honda Madness 3 months ago

    Why do all the americans call anywhere in australia the outback? Uralla is in nothern new south wales

    FÁBIO ASSUMPÇÃO 3 months ago


  • Just Barn
    Just Barn 3 months ago

    Exile learned how to build bikes in america, team america buys parts from exile and aussie builds everything except the wheels themself which they got from america.

  • Dede
    Dede 4 months ago

    "It doesn't look manly"
    He says that with a straight face, the face of someone who looks like Stings retarded cousin.

  • Andy Cuffs
    Andy Cuffs 4 months ago

    Tractor engine, silly long forks and a rigid back end......Been done a billion times before and they all look the same.

  • DB Cooper's MoneyBags
    DB Cooper's MoneyBags 4 months ago +1

    Aussie is a genius...ftw.

  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee 4 months ago +1

    The ozzy is a total artist, im impressed.I weld polish machine myself and use some titanium and aircraft spec metal and paints.

  • cuppateadee
    cuppateadee 4 months ago +3

    The brit dont do no welding polishing only design he seems up his own arse a bit. Im a ex london despatcher biker and been into bikes 40 years.

  • Pete Maloney
    Pete Maloney 4 months ago

    Martin..."when you see someone riding one of these he"s saying something...Fuck my back is killing do I turn this thing...fucking show pony !".

  • Pete Maloney
    Pete Maloney 4 months ago

    Martin..."when you see someone riding one of these he"s saying something...Fuck my back is killing do I turn this thing...fucking show pony !".

  • Ramon Tisdale
    Ramon Tisdale 4 months ago

    Will have to admit aussie real bike builder 100 percent..olso Joe Martin is a total package for the most part.but Joe's blke is to much take front end gets real squirrely to much rake not comfortable..Russell Mitchell same shit for 20 yrs nothing really diff but his bikes are always clean no wires

  • Scotty Lo
    Scotty Lo 4 months ago

    Martin brothers build a bad ass bike. Even though baggers are hot right now I still like his style and the fact that he pretty much does it all. ☠️

  • Rashhaba Elbey
    Rashhaba Elbey 5 months ago

    yep , thy order not build bike

  • sgtwylde1996
    sgtwylde1996 5 months ago

    The smoothness of that aussie tank is just heinous, I fucking love it

  • k p
    k p 5 months ago

    einfach geil

  • Evie Mckee
    Evie Mckee 5 months ago

    I like the looks of the exile bike... plius I think hes hot lol

  • Steve Mazz
    Steve Mazz 5 months ago

    Russel did say something true of almost every bike builder..... all their bikes look the same except for paint. That would include his also.... they all change up from time to time... but not often...

    • Steve Mazz
      Steve Mazz 5 months ago

      Sweet, later Scotty says the same thing.

    SOLDIER OF ALLAH.SWT. 6 months ago

    stupid fucking music every video i watch i gonna fucking vomit!!!!!!

  • Filip nieznasz
    Filip nieznasz 6 months ago

    the 'murican freedom in this video is too strong, can't watch that

  • Samson Staats
    Samson Staats 6 months ago

    Indian Larry would own em all

  • Shockme Sherlock
    Shockme Sherlock 7 months ago

    "I just hope it goes down the road good and i dont kill myself, but i think we gonna be alright" XD

  • chris sveen
    chris sveen 7 months ago

    Smarten brothers win cause they're blue collar Americans! Aussies rock at everything performance whise. Big fan and world of respect for Australia. And Russ Mitchell is still a little bitch!

  • chris sveen
    chris sveen 7 months ago

    Russ Mitchell is a little bitch!

  • Pokerface1337
    Pokerface1337 7 months ago +1

    Whenever I watch these Custom Build Contests, I don't care who wins, but I do respect their skills and simply watch how they build the bikes and often grin at the ideas they come up with :)

  • dave keim
    dave keim 7 months ago

    exile bikes just plain suck they are way over priced crap.the aussie bike they are what a builder should be they just don't assemble they build.

  • Loud Mike Media
    Loud Mike Media 7 months ago

    i like cars