Meet The World's Most Spoiled Teen (Insta Famous)

  • Published on Dec 22, 2018
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Comments • 24 455

  • Marco Petro
    Marco Petro 15 seconds ago +1

    Is my dog he sleeps around doing nothing and gets anything he want pls get him of our house •~•

  • Roy Sang
    Roy Sang Hour ago

    9:45 i wouldnt want to see that nasty face

  • Zoey W.
    Zoey W. 2 hours ago

    I'm spoiled but I'm not ungrateful though in an only child for the most part so it's easy to get spoiled

  • Mary Parles
    Mary Parles 5 hours ago

    LOL great vid

  • Sasha Chenski
    Sasha Chenski 7 hours ago +1

    Girl: I’m thirteen and I have three k followers. Me: I’m ten and have ten thousand subs and 5 k followers

  • jen Cabz
    jen Cabz 10 hours ago

    If that was my douther i will grounded her in 19 years and cut her hear bould thats wold i do and delit oll her instergrame thing shes so spoild ugh

  • Gladys Smedley
    Gladys Smedley 10 hours ago

    U wanted 3k like the vid got 400k

  • Fortnite king Luffy
    Fortnite king Luffy 10 hours ago

    If she doing that in real life im going to let her cry from one punch 😼😅

  • Shadow.Spirit Dog0814!!

    That moment when you think your not recoding 6:37

  • CalebGames - Any request!

    Im almost 21, and i can't afford pants.

  • Phyllis Nichols Minecraft

    I punched the like I cracked the screen(not really)

  • Debra Beaulieu
    Debra Beaulieu 16 hours ago +1

    I'd smack her so hard the earth would flinch

  • Bluelight Gaming
    Bluelight Gaming 16 hours ago

    The draffef man

  • Mac T
    Mac T 22 hours ago


  • Johnston Apple
    Johnston Apple 23 hours ago

    lol I have the same phone case she has, but pink. It was like $5 xD

  • Felony Bliss
    Felony Bliss 23 hours ago

    I like you tal

  • Telibert Hilliman

    Whoa ugly

  • Coolrobot Playz fortnite

    She only has 129

  • ZOOM
    ZOOM Day ago

    If I had a daughter like this....


  • Nathan Clyde Larida

    When I have a spoiled child on the future. I would whip my child with a belt 1000 times!

  • Shadow L
    Shadow L Day ago

    He played fre Elise

  • Midnight Stars
    Midnight Stars Day ago

    I’m 13, I’m respectfull, I’m kind, but I’m not spoiled(well kinda but not like that)

  • Anuska Waiba
    Anuska Waiba Day ago

    But I am 12

  • Anuska Waiba
    Anuska Waiba Day ago

    Ewwwwwwwwww spoil brat I have spoil brate



  • Isabella Payan
    Isabella Payan Day ago

    If that spoiled brat was m uh daughter i will get my flip flop and slap her with it! PEOPLE DO DA SAME THINGG IS FEELS GOOOOOD!!!!!!

  • Bruce Gentle
    Bruce Gentle Day ago

    U 2 Tal I’m Ashley and I’m 10 years old and you guys are AWESOME!Lol Alfredo Imma toast a tasty fish man lol

  • Bruce Gentle
    Bruce Gentle Day ago

    Yes!!Alfredo the hedgehog is so LIT!

  • Carlos Sangabriel

    Stop talking

  • FLOG_clan
    FLOG_clan 2 days ago +1

    Lol im only 10 and with all my requests accepted imhave 2.23 k followers lol oh. Wonder how Manu i have now 1.6K

  • Maddy Harrisson
    Maddy Harrisson 2 days ago

    I’d call the police in that brat

  • Strange Things
    Strange Things 2 days ago

    Why you done that to Shane bro?

  • Rich Miller
    Rich Miller 2 days ago +1

    This is how many times Ava took a selfie

  • SANS
    SANS 2 days ago

    american kids......

  • Chaotic Peace
    Chaotic Peace 2 days ago

    I’m only 12, but I’m already at 3k subscribers! Ayyyeee

  • Lps Strawberry_Queen
    Lps Strawberry_Queen 2 days ago +1


  • Shinichi Izumi
    Shinichi Izumi 2 days ago

    Love you, tal 😘

  • MVPpydro 4TZ
    MVPpydro 4TZ 2 days ago

    Girl:im almost 13 and i have 3000 thousand followers

    Tal:im almost 21 and i cant afford new pants

  • Jasmine Secakuyva
    Jasmine Secakuyva 2 days ago +1

    14:48 to 14:50 i was like:😮👍👍👏👏👏💞 good job Alfredo. Everyone give Alfredo a round of a plause

  • Elizabeth Sara
    Elizabeth Sara 2 days ago

    that's a fish (swimming around in the water) TAL

  • Jordini Rocks
    Jordini Rocks 2 days ago

    You do know that she is an ACTOR for the what would you do show

  • Stupid_Omega a
    Stupid_Omega a 2 days ago +2

    Hedhog: *Dabs*
    TailFisherMan: *makes Hedhog slap himself*
    TailFisherMan: y u hitting ya self huh y ya hittin ya self

  • Brian Mateo
    Brian Mateo 2 days ago

    I’m linda

  • Paul Swinton
    Paul Swinton 2 days ago

    pfffft Instagram famous she probably still doesn't have 3k follows and my dad has around 5k follows

  • DiamondInferno
    DiamondInferno 2 days ago

    Dude 455k is way more than 3k

  • Otis Hanken
    Otis Hanken 3 days ago

    ‘They wish they were me’
    Ummm No, Not me

  • CoolToaster
    CoolToaster 3 days ago +1

    I'm 14 and I almost have -24 followers

  • bob monkey
    bob monkey 3 days ago

    0:05 almost 300 really

  • Dylz Dylz
    Dylz Dylz 3 days ago

    Im Only Ten. And I Have 10000 Followers. TAKE THAT YOU

  • David Ross
    David Ross 3 days ago

    Who wouldb jealous of A spoiled BRaT

  • David Ross
    David Ross 3 days ago


  • Victor Van Rossum
    Victor Van Rossum 3 days ago

    But do you can pay your special effects and a camera?

  • Sobeyda Araujo
    Sobeyda Araujo 3 days ago

    Do you know what is entitled parents !?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Hike The Best
    Hike The Best 3 days ago +1

    She is not famous because I don't know her...

  • Midhat Cinema
    Midhat Cinema 3 days ago +3

    In my country ( Pakistan) we have house maids and are sometimes homeless 😭😔. We give them 200 dollars a week

  • Aishath Riyasha
    Aishath Riyasha 3 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Can't stop laughing

  • Bryn Ditchburn
    Bryn Ditchburn 3 days ago


  • Bri Iglesias
    Bri Iglesias 3 days ago

    Who else saw him use Shane Dawson's picture

  • Abigail Polo
    Abigail Polo 3 days ago

    I would smack my kid in front of everyone

  • GamerGodDoesEverything

    I am a bit spoiled and ask for a lot of things, but I appreciate them all, and am thankful, but I don’t Ew something that isn’t perfect

  • tara johnson
    tara johnson 3 days ago


  • Revsツ
    Revsツ 3 days ago

    Me: omg I hit 14 subs
    Ava: 3000 followers!

  • Revsツ
    Revsツ 3 days ago +1

    Literally Nobody:
    Ava: I’m only 13, 3,000 followers!

  • Revsツ
    Revsツ 3 days ago

    Read the second line

  • Carsdaman D
    Carsdaman D 3 days ago

    I give my daughter and my son 100 dollars each every month I have two daughters and one son. I let them get want they want but not to the extreme. one time one of my kids wanted a alien gaming computer I told him that it would take three months off salary so he has to pay some too

  • Seeme Amir
    Seeme Amir 3 days ago

    This is fake from what whould u do

  • Family Tablet
    Family Tablet 3 days ago

    I have a friend who gets most of the stuff that he got but was extremely helpful and kind and respectful

  • xXCookie_PlayzXx
    xXCookie_PlayzXx 3 days ago +7

    I'm 13 and I almost have 3,000 followers!

    and I'm 21 and I can't afford pants!

  • Polar Playz
    Polar Playz 4 days ago

    Are you good at fishing 🎣 fish man

  • Gideon Tripp
    Gideon Tripp 4 days ago

    Did enyone else see the unicorn snot lip gloss😂😂

  • isla thorsen
    isla thorsen 4 days ago

    do you even have a daghter?

  • Ciara Cunningham-Bennett

    I’m almost ten, and I have a better phone than you, spoiled girl

  • Ava Doyle
    Ava Doyle 4 days ago +1

    My name is Ava and her name is Ava

  • maham gardezi
    maham gardezi 4 days ago

    My cousin is the most applied brattttttt and i

  • Kaylee Conn
    Kaylee Conn 4 days ago


  • Spicy Chocolate
    Spicy Chocolate 4 days ago

    Oooooh! These adults can ROAST

  • Yuki
    Yuki 4 days ago +4

    Lol im only 14 and im almost at 110k subs lol

  • Max Ngan
    Max Ngan 4 days ago

    If you minused the THE FACE YOU MAKE part of the memes they would be so much better tho

  • Carl boykin
    Carl boykin 4 days ago

    If she wants something cool, then she would look for her clothes

  • Tokisa-Sampai
    Tokisa-Sampai 4 days ago

    2:29 wow lol

  • Ghost Boy aj AJ
    Ghost Boy aj AJ 4 days ago

    I don't think she can even get a van LOL 🤣 😆 ok this the her 👧💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵 and this is me 👦💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • Alexis Bendickson
    Alexis Bendickson 4 days ago

    Dat intro do

  • Fe4r Kivy
    Fe4r Kivy 4 days ago

    Stop pausing the video every 3 seconds

  • Bruce Zhande
    Bruce Zhande 4 days ago

    When kids see Alfredo (v0v)

  • Grace Maxwell
    Grace Maxwell 5 days ago

    I would smack her with no hesitation

  • Xx_NightFusionYt_xx
    Xx_NightFusionYt_xx 5 days ago

    2:28 totaly not a voice crack

  • Xx_NightFusionYt_xx
    Xx_NightFusionYt_xx 5 days ago

    tryna get 3000 likes but instead he gets 454k likes

  • Kammy Love
    Kammy Love 5 days ago

    You should get a real live hedgehog and name him alfrado as well

  • PZ IX
    PZ IX 5 days ago

    Girl go to Gucci

  • _Johnny G_
    _Johnny G_ 5 days ago

    I’m vacing in 2019

  • Setayesh Shaygan
    Setayesh Shaygan 5 days ago


  • Doonny2009
    Doonny2009 5 days ago

    Bro disown Alfredo

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood 5 days ago

    “I’m almost 21 and I can’t afford pants” is wearing pants

  • Use code vmemez
    Use code vmemez 5 days ago

    Video: I'm 13 and I have 3k followers.
    Ig account: 180

  • Gervesio Orlando
    Gervesio Orlando 5 days ago

    im 2 years younger now

  • Stacy Chua Tze Yen
    Stacy Chua Tze Yen 5 days ago +1

    I couldn't find her on insta ......why ?

  • Nawar Adawi
    Nawar Adawi 5 days ago +1


    THAT'S WHAT SHE SHOULD SOUND📢📣 LIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like if you agree 👍🏻🤞🏻👌🏻


  • Jackson Sumner
    Jackson Sumner 5 days ago

    I’m only 13 and I’m a spoilt brat

  • Nacho Cheez
    Nacho Cheez 5 days ago

    One day she will become homeless doing no job being spoiled

  • Nerdy Girl
    Nerdy Girl 5 days ago

    Yo she's an actress dude