CHRISTMAS RECIPE: Christmas Beef Wellington

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • A Christmas take on a classic dish.
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  • avtech31
    avtech31 2 hours ago

    Why is he constantly moving as if he has to constantly pee?

  • Enh Beh Oh
    Enh Beh Oh 4 hours ago

    u nob thers peopl who cook beter than u so they cook besst in word and you not 😀🤣🤣🤣

  • DJ
    DJ 5 hours ago

    Not his best looking Wellington

  • k k
    k k 6 hours ago

    it's raw

  • Feadds
    Feadds 7 hours ago

    “Im ready to die and go to heaven.” Wow

  • Oscar S
    Oscar S 8 hours ago

    He's so easy to follow and damn that looks amazing.

  • ch0ng 6 14
    ch0ng 6 14 18 hours ago

    I hate youtube that recommend me this after christmas

  • haiqal haqimie
    haiqal haqimie 18 hours ago

    Its raw ur fucking shit.. now please can u give me 500k dollar?

  • Neel Narula
    Neel Narula 18 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Gordon Ramsay is high?

  • NicoNicoYEET
    NicoNicoYEET 19 hours ago

    Ah yes, the dish that kicked many 'chef' from Hell's Kitchen.

  • Авдотий Кингской

    Абломафф лах

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez Day ago

    Dam i got a boner from this lol

  • Andrew13
    Andrew13 Day ago

    Is it raw inside?

  • Anthony Pena
    Anthony Pena Day ago

    4:02 why?!?!

  • Steph c
    Steph c Day ago

    He’s so jumpy.

  • fuck the pauls
    fuck the pauls Day ago

    3:57 the main part of the video

  • Yasemin Gödelek

    Refikadan gelenler 👌

  • William Souaid
    William Souaid Day ago +1


    watch carefully

  • Fumziie snm
    Fumziie snm Day ago

    Gordon at 7:27: I’m ready to die and go to heaven
    God: Say no more


    Dişlerimle ısırdığım anda ağzıma kan dolar bunu yesem

  • exam hater 98K
    exam hater 98K Day ago

    Looks raw lol

  • Ariel Eulogio Rosado Martillo

    No entiendo una mrd pero sé que está bueno.

  • Legend Of The West
    Legend Of The West Day ago +1

    Its raw

  • Habibat Abubakar Sidiq

    He legit said wet water😂😂😂..... I love him

  • Mehmet Baştuğ
    Mehmet Baştuğ Day ago

    Suat durmuştan gelen

  • caberzikis
    caberzikis Day ago

    I would say he used an unseasoned blender, but he actually seasoned it.

  • Alexis González
    Alexis González 2 days ago

    Es un puto tamal estadounidense jajaja

  • Karumu
    Karumu 2 days ago

    I'm making this for a birthday party, can anyone recommend some side dishes?

  • erati
    erati 2 days ago

    "secret to this is it can be done the night before"- stuff that - the night before I'm out on the lash I'm just going to get a frozen one from Iceland and whack in in the oven while I nurse my hangover and watch telly. Done.

  • The Jolly H
    The Jolly H 2 days ago

    It’s raw.

  • who this fellow
    who this fellow 2 days ago

    me: okay lets do this
    gordon: we r not cooking the beef we r just searing it
    me:see's a flame
    also me:

    u know what, instant noodle is not that bad

  • manc018
    manc018 2 days ago

    Just watched Jamie Olivers wellington video and I can confirm that this one shits all over it

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 2 days ago

    Annoying music.

  • Dominick Smith
    Dominick Smith 2 days ago

    This video would have been 1000 times better if the cameraman and the editor weren't so retarded.

  • High Quality Channel 21+

    Не)), он не повор, он танцор диско))))Not)), he does not cook, he is a disco dancer))))

  • Freeze GG
    Freeze GG 2 days ago


  • IAm Terry
    IAm Terry 3 days ago

    His housemates won't go to any restaurant anymore

  • ElTioMarco xd
    ElTioMarco xd 3 days ago

    Te amo

  • The Eternal Youth
    The Eternal Youth 3 days ago

    Smells Like Christmas
    ~Gordon Ramsay, 2018

  • Nicolas Cora
    Nicolas Cora 3 days ago +3

    In Gordon’s house, getting an F in class has Gordon making you eat Mcdonald’s instead as punishment

  • Felix Wu
    Felix Wu 3 days ago

    “nice and tight” 100000 times,are you talking about pussy?

  • Felix Wu
    Felix Wu 3 days ago

    “nice and tight” 100000 times,are you talking about pussy?

  • Nassim Sana
    Nassim Sana 3 days ago

    Where is the written recipe???

  • dat girl who don't care

    Everyone that disliked can't cook

  • Claudia Duran
    Claudia Duran 3 days ago

    Holy moly, that's the leanest cut of beef I've ever seen. Zero white on that thing.

  • f b
    f b 3 days ago +1

    How many F*ck OFF for this Wellington?

  • Perdikos Grouse
    Perdikos Grouse 3 days ago

    Possible food poisoning

    SCHUMER DOD 3 days ago


  • パンダカンフー

    ന്റെ ഗൗമാതാവേ 😭😭😭

  • Mass Ever
    Mass Ever 3 days ago

    Chief 🙄

  • richard Castro
    richard Castro 4 days ago

    If I didn't know how anti drugs Gordon was I would think he just did a line of coke with all that jumping he's doing in the begging.

  • Manvel Levonyan
    Manvel Levonyan 4 days ago

    Gordon ROWsay🙄

  • Detachsoup60
    Detachsoup60 4 days ago

    The camera man probaly eats like a king

  • Ngoc Hoang
    Ngoc Hoang 4 days ago

    The beef looks raw, doesn't it?

  • pantacakbe
    pantacakbe 4 days ago

    Amigo eso sigue latiendo

  • superiorleokenedy
    superiorleokenedy 5 days ago

    I'm also ready to die, Gordon

    DINA JAE 5 days ago

    He look so impatient to cook

  • Firepenguin25
    Firepenguin25 5 days ago

    I love how he has a bulldog he is truly my favorite I want a bulldog so badly

  • Smell like a noob Spirit

    Perdonarán la ignorancia pero a eso se le diría termino medio???