2018 Harley Davidson Club Style Softail Street Bob

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • We finished the 2018 Softail Street Bob project, and couldn't be happier. We set out to give the new Softail a Club-Style Dyna feel, and we feel we accomplished that.
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Comments • 28

  • Chef Panhead
    Chef Panhead 3 months ago

    Great bike

  • Henry Kreyger
    Henry Kreyger 6 months ago

    What did u use to flip the mirrors down

  • Ron Wissinger
    Ron Wissinger 8 months ago

    Dyna was a nice bike I had one performance and handling far better with the new soft tail yes let it rest in peace "

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia 11 months ago

    How did you invert the mirrors?

  • Nicolai Gabrielovich

    Nice looking bike and ride, great shots!

  • h bansal
    h bansal Year ago +2

    A rear shocker on a 2018.............I am scratching my head ???

  • Jorge Rivera
    Jorge Rivera Year ago +1

    Wtf thought was a soft tail title say 2018. Wait it is a soft tail . Wtf was the shock about

  • StreetBobberVlogger

    Looks sick!! What is that seat????

  • madfzr
    madfzr Year ago +2

    Wow it went from stock monoshock 2018 fxbb to a dual shock sportster shot then back again to monoshock in one video wtf lmao

  • niconjones
    niconjones Year ago +2

    R.I.P. Dyna. You will be remembered. This new monstrosity is just going to accelerate the decline in sales. You might as well buy a VMAX for way less.🤮
    HOT BIKE: Take this video down. It infected my iPhone with lameness.

    • Jared Vanaelstyn
      Jared Vanaelstyn 10 months ago

      I have had both . My newest bike is a 2018 Street Bob ..way better ride than a dyna and the Milwaukee 8 has torque for days ! Go test one

  • Anthony Aguila
    Anthony Aguila Year ago +2

    how high is the riser and the bar??? Are those stock cables???

  • FastEddie760
    FastEddie760 Year ago +4

    Should be ashamed... Unsubscribed

  • Keller Kustums
    Keller Kustums Year ago +3

    Pretty curious how it went from a soft tail in the beginning to having Dyna or Sportster style shocks while riding... and then back to a soft tail at the end. Clown.

  • Jose Cuevas
    Jose Cuevas Year ago +5

    Not even close. RIP Dyna

  • Dan Berkel
    Dan Berkel Year ago +5

    Bars and a quarter fairing? That's it? Do something with that exhaust. Fatbob is a better choice to do an actual club style build. That's one of the lowest new bikes. Oh, and why did you cut in a video of a dual shock swingarm?

    • madfzr
      madfzr Year ago

      Dan Berkel high five😎👌

  • CJ
    CJ Year ago

    Much better than stock. My 2018 Iron 1200 looks the same.

  • Danny
    Danny Year ago +1

    What shock upgrade is that, I thought the shock was underneath the seat

  • Aaron Anglin
    Aaron Anglin Year ago +23

    Why was there a clip of Sportster shock at 00:30?