LeBron is going to finish his career as the greatest player of all time | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Nov 28, 2019
  • Nick Wright and Bart Scott talk about the Los Angeles vs New Orleans Pelicans game and discuss how impressive Anthony Davis was in his return to New Orleans. The duo also discuss how impressive LeBron James is in joining the 33,000 points club. Lakers beat the Pelicans 114-110 on Wednesday night.
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    LeBron is going to finish his career as the greatest player of all time | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First
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  • First Things First
    First Things First  2 months ago +67

    How impressive was Anthony Davis in his return to New Orleans last night?

    • tanainlarnae Bale
      tanainlarnae Bale Month ago

      All your numbers don’t mean a thing nick when lebrone played an extra 7 years on Jordan plus we watch games not numbers lol

    • Charm301
      Charm301 Month ago +1

      Just became a Subscriber Nick Right aka Numbers don't lie " always uses stats and numbers to prove his point 👍👍👍👍👍😎🔥🔥

    • Edward brabson
      Edward brabson Month ago

      Shows no good without Chris.. No disrespectt to Nick and jenna...but they had a good thing with those three

  • Mikey Gray
    Mikey Gray 13 days ago

    Lebron is the 51st greatest basketball player all time.

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me 24 days ago

    Not even close Squidward. MJ is the GOAT.

  • HemanParkFilms
    HemanParkFilms 24 days ago

    When it comes to stats. Not when it comes to actually winning titles.

  • Artistic Skillz
    Artistic Skillz 25 days ago

    What is with nicks hair? That a piece?

  • jomark palacio
    jomark palacio Month ago

    At the end of the day nba legends and around the globe people saying jordan is the goat.

  • TheGodOfKaos
    TheGodOfKaos Month ago

    I wonder how many excuses Nick is gonna make for LBJ when the Lakers don't win a Chip.

  • miguel salazar
    miguel salazar Month ago

    Kobe is better than LBJ

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Wilt is the best athlete not even close

  • Aravindan Balakrishner

    I love how Lebron haters think Nick doesn't make sense. Everything he states is fact!!!

  • Roger Roger
    Roger Roger Month ago

    Lebron greatest of all time cmon nick. You need to be banned clearly for your stupidity. Lebron had a lost a year last year. That counts. The guy is buddies with lebron that why he takes his side. This guy is not objective. Fox should replace this clown. I mean look at his hair. He clearly looks like a mongoose.

  • Krishna sidhartha Potluri

    Jordan never faced a great wing defender in his life ,not one.He went against little guards and flat footed bigs and Boomers gloat about him. Only Pippen had the size ,skill and athleticism to stop Jordan and he was on his team. Guys like Kawhi, Iggy would shut Jordan down with their length and athleticism because Jordan was smaller and was not necessarily stronger or faster than them. Mike was certainly one of his kind in that era and very much ahead of his time with his skill set and work out routine but certainly not the greatest of all time. Basketball nowadays is so high skilled that 90% of the players back then won't even make the league now. He didn't play enough seasons or even score ,rebound or assist enough to be even in the discussion. All he has are rings which are a team achievement in an era where guys didn't team up to upstage dynasties. Even LeBron played in a weak NBA until the 2010s when too many good players started to come up at a time like KD, Steph,Westbrook, Harden, AD,Giannis, PG, Kawhi,Dame etc changed the league in different ways with unguardable KD ,scoring machine Harden, most versatile big man ever AD, Triple double king Westbrook, greatest shooter and defence stretcher ever Curry , all time high skilled two way wings Kawhi ,PG. The Draftees are way better nowadays with such high skills that the rest of the older NBA is unable to keep up with sophomores like Luka putting up MVP performances and Trae scoring at will which shows the NBA is still improving and very good older guys like Melo and Dwight are fighting to stay in the league at age 34 while in the past these kinds of guys would start at that age and skillset. The NBA has an unprecedented number of all time great players at a time and not one can dominate with too many rings because of the competition and the next generation guys like Giannis and Doncic seem to get better than most of these guys when they reach their primes ,especially Giannis.

    • Ultimate Paine
      Ultimate Paine 7 days ago

      Krishna sidhartha Potluri also ask Iggy how well he shut down Kobe.

  • Arturo CASTRO hijo
    Arturo CASTRO hijo Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 Nick Is a proud bromosexual 🤣🤣🤣

  • Drilon Sylejmani
    Drilon Sylejmani Month ago

    He is still dreaming

  • Christian Cullen
    Christian Cullen Month ago

    LeBron will NEVER be Jordan. It's irrelevant if Nick or anyone else disagrees

  • Matt Cooper
    Matt Cooper Month ago

    Is there a notification bell to click for when they bring Chris Carter back?

  • frank white
    frank white Month ago

    A loser can not be the greatest player

  • LakeShow Dax
    LakeShow Dax Month ago +3

    i’m in tears lolol dude said the “level of difficulty” was much higher in jordan’s time

  • Raymond Ragbar
    Raymond Ragbar Month ago

    Nick fan boy.

  • Raymond Ragbar
    Raymond Ragbar Month ago

    Nick wrong.

  • RaurMan
    RaurMan Month ago

    No he won't...simple as that.

  • Richard Worthen
    Richard Worthen Month ago


  • Ploni Almoni
    Ploni Almoni Month ago

    Exactly. Those that look only at the numbers might conclude Lebron was better than Michael. Those that actually saw games and especially finals performances, know better.

  • Dan the Man
    Dan the Man Month ago

    Still pushing this garbage? MJ is GOAT. End of story

  • Ahmad Turner
    Ahmad Turner Month ago

    He better win more championships then. When you come straight out of high school and you're that good you should have better numbers than other greats who went to college before entering the NBA

  • nate w
    nate w Month ago

    can't act like Nick isn't just laying cold facts in the end 3mins. there is no valid counter.

  • Rinoxp Gaming
    Rinoxp Gaming Month ago

    Haha good one 50 years from now unless Lebron wins two more titles nobody will compare him to Mj. People compare Kobe to Mj as Greatest Basketball Player nowadays nobody's talking about Kobe.

  • Darryl Thompson
    Darryl Thompson Month ago

    What do these guys think make someone "The Goat"?🤔

  • Im Sad
    Im Sad Month ago +1

    this topic is so tired please stop comparing players from different eras

  • Maurice Washington Jr.

    He was right, the Mavs was that bad team and shot the lights out against us

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett Month ago

    But wouldn’t it be harder to win a championship in a top heavy league lmao

  • Alex Odeh
    Alex Odeh Month ago

    Lol he already solidified as the goat

  • dara werner
    dara werner Month ago +1

    who is that clown who said "in the jordan era where more good teams"...

  • adriellao
    adriellao Month ago

    NICK WRONG STRIKES AGAIN. He be playing All Defensive 1st Team for Lebron.

  • KodiBrown
    KodiBrown Month ago

    Well nick was right 😂

  • for download
    for download Month ago

    Again its the stupid GOAT comparison..... How many NBA championship lebron won again vs Jordan???

  • Lionel Avila
    Lionel Avila Month ago

    Looking at the comment section..

    At least you MJ fans have some respect for Bron

  • joseph humphrey
    joseph humphrey Month ago

    MJ AVERAGED 28 points per game as a Rookie Nick!

  • Moses Malone
    Moses Malone Month ago

    Lakers just did this at home against Dallas they fooled around early and got to far behind and couldn't catch up in the fourth.

  • JP
    JP Month ago

    everytime they throw that LeBron being the GOAT I wonder how first off I don't believe in GOAT, but yes LeBron's stats great good for him, probably be a while before someone passes them, but he's lost to many times in the finals to be placed as this god of the NBA

  • Rock Whiteheaf
    Rock Whiteheaf Month ago

    Nick is my guy...... but his new hair cut makes his nose stick out.....

  • Starling Acosta
    Starling Acosta Month ago

    Nick knows what he’s talking about as usual, his statements are evident with that loss to the Mavericks

  • Joshua Burch
    Joshua Burch Month ago

    Where is CC?

  • Mike Leuty
    Mike Leuty Month ago

    Get’em nick

  • Pimp Dotcom
    Pimp Dotcom Month ago

    Lol the media can say what they want lbj is just a good player that had enough sense to at least put his mark on a game but the dude is not the truth he was and is overrated and over hyped like for kd to do him and his entire team the way him and gsw did lbj in his prime just proved to me lbj is not that guy lol

  • Jasmany Foch
    Jasmany Foch Month ago

    Lebron will be forgotten in time.

  • Greg Ramos
    Greg Ramos Month ago

    Nobody won a title in MJ's prime or let another country take the gold on his watch, Usa team had to go get Kobe to win gold back!!

  • kevin DeAndre
    kevin DeAndre Month ago

    2030 we will forget who micheal jordan is

  • kevin DeAndre
    kevin DeAndre Month ago +1

    I dont see lebron doing load management

  • Dtw Swayyy
    Dtw Swayyy Month ago +9

    That was a pretty good argument by Nick at the end LeBron isn’t as iconic but may be more effective 👏🏾

  • Its grave
    Its grave Month ago


  • Alacrityness
    Alacrityness Month ago +2

    Noone credits lebron enough for his contributions outside the basketball court.....

  • Broadstreet Flyers95

    Hahahaha Nick Wrong still won’t stop trolling. Why did he delete his KD is the best player he’s ever seen tweet from back a few years ago?

  • Mor Mordchaev
    Mor Mordchaev Month ago

    Nick is such a fan girl! every day he says the same thing as if its revolutionary. Lebron is not the best player of all times. I am pretty sure ISIS recruiting videos are less persistent or biased. chill out bro you have a sick job, you talk sports for a living.

  • MxMambaRaw
    MxMambaRaw Month ago +1

    Nick so mad bron is never gunna b the goat😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Luis Altamirano
    Luis Altamirano Month ago

    The funny thing is that lebron is not a scorer!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • ThePokerbrat626
    ThePokerbrat626 Month ago

    Another idiot lol. Lebron has 3 rings jordan 6 . Lebron 3-6 in finals. Jordan never had a game 7. 6 rings 6 mvp goat. Close this topic

  • King Cappo
    King Cappo Month ago

    Lebron had his chance to pass Jordan. 4 straight titles with the lakers and he can get it back

  • Marlon Cabrera
    Marlon Cabrera Month ago

    If mj didnt went to college 4 years doesnt retire 2 years between there championship run and doesnt retire another 2 years again he would have written the most monster stats the nba would ever know

  • Man bear pig Man bear pig

    Nick wright has the most punchable face ever