Kashmir tensions increase as nine killed in fighting

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
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Comments • 35

  • Let's Know
    Let's Know 6 months ago

    Do you know about "Kandahar passengers Plane Hijack"?
    If yes then make a Short Video on this.
    * For the knowledge of these people who don't Know about.
    * Expose both terror funding country. and where is this terrorist are living and enjoying ?

  • sam7748
    sam7748 6 months ago

    Not militants---but FREEDOM fighters!

  • Emz emz
    Emz emz 6 months ago +3

    Hindu terrorist are on the rise... white colour and political means are used.... wake up people..

    PAK DRAMAS 6 months ago

    un beliveble in kashmire the indian army killing innocent kashmiri the video is waked arround social media while here it saying and show that these are terrorest i think international community surrounder to india

  • Mr. Khan Jadoon
    Mr. Khan Jadoon 6 months ago

    India will have to pay for the atrocities and brutalities on innocent Kashmiri people.
    Shame on UN and global community !!!😭
    Shame!! Shame!!! Shame!!!!

  • Rajen R
    Rajen R 6 months ago

    Wipe out these Pakistani militant dogs.

  • The Revealer
    The Revealer 6 months ago +4

    India Is Killing Innocent Kashmiri people For Over 70 years

    • Abdul Farook
      Abdul Farook 5 months ago

      @Hack The Devils show proof u idiot other races living under islamic country live happly but under u cow worshipers no way. RSS. Is a terrorist grope .

  • Sahir Malik
    Sahir Malik 6 months ago +1

    India blamed fake video about palwama attack.mudi doing this just for elections.and he is killing many of muslim kashmiri,s.shame on you india and mudi...mudi is a big enemy of religions.shame on u mudi...

  • v for Vendetta
    v for Vendetta 6 months ago +1

    Endian radical terrorizing Kashmir

    I M FROM PAKISTAN 6 months ago +3

    Radical Hindus extremists organization RSS is becoming threat for peace in this part of world

  • HayenK BoroK
    HayenK BoroK 6 months ago +6

    🇮🇳India, 🇮🇷Iran, 🇦🇫Afghanistan all r saying 🇵🇰Pakistan is the mother of Terrorism in south Asia region. Biggest proof- Laden. Pakistan = Terrorist

    • Sahir Malik
      Sahir Malik 6 months ago

      @HayenK BoroK ajmal qisab is also faked because he was speaking hindi in video not urdu.and 2nd thing when pakistani team came in india for meet with ajmal qisab why india was not giving permission to pakistani team???

    • Sahir Malik
      Sahir Malik 6 months ago

      Kalbushan yadav big terriorist from india he killed many of fc forces nad also balochs.

    • HayenK BoroK
      HayenK BoroK 6 months ago

      Ajmal Kasab who involved in 26/11 Mumbai Attack was also Pakistani.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 6 months ago +8

    Everybody hates dirty india, cow dung eater

    • Red Eagle
      Red Eagle 6 months ago +3

      Bhosdike ek hi barr gand marege na
      Jine bhuljayga randve

    • Red Eagle
      Red Eagle 6 months ago +2

      Tera baap hai cow dung eater

  • Ryan
    Ryan 6 months ago +8

    Indian and Pakistan war will result more refugees towards Europe, in fact there is no militants at all. Most of local been given name of militants due to protests and up coming election.

    • R Monish
      R Monish 6 months ago +1

      We will invade Pakistan

    • Avasui Liam
      Avasui Liam 6 months ago

      Civilians with guns to be precise

    • Naishadh K.V.
      Naishadh K.V. 6 months ago +3

      They are locals? They are radicalized and lives on fake Indian currency provided by Pakistan

  • Razzi65
    Razzi65 6 months ago +6

    Modi trying to impact elections by using his old tactics.

    • Tarun Kumar Singh
      Tarun Kumar Singh 6 months ago +1

      Why not 26/11 , parliament , Uri, Pathankot were all attacked due to modi's conspiracy.. Get a life moron.

    • H J
      H J 6 months ago +1

      You are fool

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 6 months ago +4

    China hate India 😂😂

    • Siddhartha Choudhury
      Siddhartha Choudhury 6 months ago

      Remember what the brave Uighurs are doing to your CCP backed goons

    • Siddhartha Choudhury
      Siddhartha Choudhury 6 months ago

      China 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 is a joke 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    • Mahesh Reddy
      Mahesh Reddy 6 months ago

      India hates China , u support to pigistan. U jealous about india development right😂🤣😄💥💥💥