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REAL Tesla Tower in Texas CONFIRMED!

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • Zenneck Surface Wave transmission is being tested in Texas. This is called a “VIZIV Tower” based on Nikola Tesla’s original plans from his halted Wardenclyff Tower project. It is supposed to continue working and transmitting through the earth during an EMP. www.vizivtechnologies.com
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  • Electric Universe Eyes
    Electric Universe Eyes  10 months ago +7

    Holy moly… 24K views?! Y’all are crazy! 🤜🏼⚡️🤛🏻

  • vyger63
    vyger63 2 years ago +15

    I used to work in the lab for Peerless Photo in Shoreham Long Island which used the building (Wardenclyff) where Tesla worked and had his lab.. Our lunch table outside was on the concrete slab site where the 200 ft Tesla Coil stood. There was some steel remnants of it still in the large concrete base.Never realized the historical importance of where I was working at that time until years later . The lab where I worked was in the original brick building. Everyone lost their job there when They closed down the property and moved the operation to West Caldwell New Jersey.That was in 1989-1990. The property stood untouched for many,many years until recent interest in Tesla brought about the creation of the museum ..

  • Leandro Lima
    Leandro Lima 2 years ago +5

    Catching up on your channel, watching this 4 months late. As an avid RU-clipr I recommend you share with the audience what you know that makes this video interesting to you. Like: "some of you may already know Tesla, the great electrical scientist, was working on harnessing electricity from the sky... What we're looking at, looks like a modern day version of on of Tesla's last experiments. Cut short and classified by the powers that shouldn't be."

  • Death Valley Dazed
    Death Valley Dazed 2 years ago +12

    I would love to see inside those structures and understand their engineering.

    • Death Valley Dazed
      Death Valley Dazed Year ago

      Hybas - Who is the weirdo you refer to?

    • RioGamer
      RioGamer Year ago +1

      They got this idea from Nikola Tesla whom Nikola Tesla got the idea from the great pyramids

    • Death Valley Dazed
      Death Valley Dazed 2 years ago +4

      Electric Universe Eyes - OK, now your mission if you chose to accept it ... produce another of your great videos about the engineering of these mysterious structures!

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago +4

      Me too!!

  • Damon D Ramsey
    Damon D Ramsey 2 years ago +10

    LOOKS like the shape of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter but NOT a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (ie, a hybrid hemispheric/toroid aluminum antenna for low atmosphere EM propagation vs the hemispheric support structure for the TMT's non-EM reflective cups & horizontal toroid coil as part of a giant resonant wave condenser and "virtual ground" for non-EM Earth propagation.) This TX tower is a vertical EM wave transmitter to finally try and make, test and analyze potential Zenneck waves. (Zenneck did the theory & mathematical modeling only after horizontal EM radio propagation in use post-Hertz/Tesla/Marconi. Zenneck never discovered, created nor observed an actual "Zenneck wave", ie, intentional ground wave only). This tower has NOTHING to do with anything like actual "Tesla wave" (LMD, Teleforce, "wireless POWER", so called "scalar wave", etc) experimentation, discovery, theory and propagation. EVERYTHING you need to know about Tesla's work is already PUBLIC. The only items missing are his "chicken scratch" (obfuscation) research notes, formulae, analyses, and other unreleased documentation and blueprints. The trick to Tesla is understanding HIS unique choice, use and meaning of words at that time, not as we define & use them now in accepted common practice. Remember, he was not only an applied genius, but a master of language and his patents, drawings, lectures, interviews, articles and some released notes to date are all you need to decode and reconstruct the theory and propagation/use of "Tesla waves". Re-analyzing the pre-filtered/reinterpreted works of Faraday, Maxwell, Heaviside, Hertz, Crookes, and Steinmetz through the lense of Tesla's unique point of view, understanding and intent, one can reconstruct the math and complex theories of Tesla's work. Very time consuming, extremely expensive to replicate to scale, and difficult to publish now in this so-called modern quantum digital age. What I've come to understand is absolutely amazing (but now requires new language and standards for comprehension). I think Tesla's works should finally be completely decoded, reconciled, publicly understood and experimentally proven by 2030. Interpretation of "Energy, frequency and vibration" is the key! His work was picked back up in the 1990's after many resources became available and published online for all to see, but many, unfortunately, are still withheld or restricted by governmental authorities (Belgrade AND D.C.). It's sad to see Tesla Transformers & Condensors ("Tesla coils") be improperly wired and used as toys and speakers for EM sparks & near-field lighting. Like using a Ferrari as a living room couch to watch TV. Because of that limited understanding and application of his work, the Wardenclyffe tower and complex underground plant are completely misunderstood. Screw the old lab and Tower base on LI, the underground plant (10x12 "well" & attached tunnels) need to be completely excavated and analyzed (if the specifically designed stairs, cables, resonant coils, graduated rod and/or radial antenna segments weren't intentionally dismantled to hide it's design and then sold for meager scrap value). A US-based Museum in the old lab would be nice (but expensive!), but I think most of his genius will go unnoticed. The "Tesla" car company's profiteering abuse of Nikola's name is an affront and offense to his achievements and family. (Not to mention that rich, opportunist douchebag Elon admiring a like-spirited Edison over the superior human and genius that Tesla was).

    • EndofMusic
      EndofMusic Year ago

      @Damon D Ramsey there's a video where a guy points his meter at this tower and gets high radio frequency readings

    • Free Dom
      Free Dom Year ago

      @Damon D Ramsey thanks Damon. The only place that I found is in New Zealand altered-states lots of different things. So lot's of research. I bought a basic unit on Amazon for 30 or 40.

    • Damon D Ramsey
      Damon D Ramsey Year ago +1

      @Free Dom "Also, is it all hype that trump is bringing in a 'watered down' version of fg in your opinion? How are you protecting yourself?" Can you restate or elaborate?
      Regarding Schumann freqs, this is a good place to start: www.vlf.it/sven/schumannunderground.html
      Keep in mind, most DIY boards or schematics require advanced electronics, radio & antenna experience/skills. I haven't seen any off-the-shelf recievers or complete kits that satisfied my fancy. I was lucky to have access to all band digital and/or analog recieve-only radio recievers (incl ULF/ELF/VLF!) and specialized sea, air & land antennas during my service in the US Navy as a Cryptologic Technician, Collection (CTR) working on behalf of a 3 letter agency. During downtime or off shift time, I did a LOT of learning, practicing and research ("radio hacking"). My initial interest in Tesla came from those activities back in the 1980's. ;) My advice: learn electronics & soldering, amateur radio and use ARRL resources to build up skills/experience. My spinal injuries and resulting disability has ended my radio & electronic "hacking" hobbies but expanded my reading and historical research and understanding. If/when I come across info & gear that applies to Schumann freqs, I'll share on this thread. I still have to research my bookmarks next time I can sit at my computer.

    • Free Dom
      Free Dom Year ago +1

      I'm looking for a schumann resonance device or something for the home and car. Any recommendations? Also, is it all hype that trump is bringing in a 'watered down' version of fg in your opinion? How are you protecting yourself? thanks for contributing your knowledge. If you can keep it in layman's terms I'll be more likely to understand it, lol! :)

    • Damon D Ramsey
      Damon D Ramsey 2 years ago +3

      @Electric Universe Eyes I'm not a fan of high density microwaves at the surface/human level. I have not seen any studies after searching for them. There's a reason P2P microwave towers are on top of buildings and ship masts. Not safe for human in duration nor strength. Why density matters BIG TIME. 5G must have more density due to shorter tx distances. I'm against 5G, personally. No need with common gigabit fiber appliances, routers/switches, Cat 6+ & adapters. I prefer wired, not wireless. Faster and more secure. BIG TIME.

  • Barbu Vulc
    Barbu Vulc 2 years ago +6

    This could be used to propel electric vehicles.
    It could be useful for long-distance freight and passangers transport vehicles, without wires, WITHOUT BATTERIES.

  • Cerebral
    Cerebral 3 years ago +8

    It's also built on an aquifer, like Tesla's. It's not about transmitting, it's about harnessing ambient power. The bedrock and aquifer act as a receiver. Why do you think we ground things at all?

    • Reece Wilmott
      Reece Wilmott 2 years ago +1

      It also has the same principles of the giza Plato

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +1

      Cerebral - thank you! You are absolutely correct. For those interested, it’s located just north of Milford, TX on the west side of I-35 called the Trinity SubCrop aquifer region - www.twdb.texas.gov/groundwater/aquifer/major.asp

  • diveflyfish
    diveflyfish 3 years ago +4

    Curious. “Jonathan Zenneck (1871-1959) was one of the first known scientists to study electromagnetic wave propagation over the surface of the earth. ”
    Will be interesting to see if a relabeling of longitudinal wave technology from Tesla is the operating modus. The surface of the earth as a wave guide........

  • Stone Wall Research - budcat7

    Looks look like a "free energy" set up to me.....If I ever get out to Wardenclyffe out east from me here on Long Island, I'll make a video of the Tesla museum there and see what they're up to....no good I bet (misinformation) maybe, I don't know but it's not far from where I am. Very strange set up there...looks like a score!! Excellent "man on the street" video, thank you for this!!

  • Joe Deglman
    Joe Deglman 2 years ago +1

    Warden Cliff Tower is rumored to have been built on an underground water aquifer. "Speculation on the tunnels ranges from them being for drainage, acting as access ways, or having the function of enhancing ground connection or resonance by interacting with the water table below the tower, maybe via being filled with salt water or liquid nitrogen. "
    This is strange, people speculate that Tesla was trying to imitate the Great Pyramid, But I think that The great Pyramid drew power off of the ocean currents, by drawing charge from the north and south oceans across a charge build up across that land bridge there. So that is a puzzle to me, more likely he was working on a cell phone, wireless telegraph, or radio transmission tower.
    This actually does not match any of his radiant energy devices, as far as I can tell.
    What ever it is it is drawing two full 3-phase power draws off of the grid. 4:15

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago +3

      This is built over a major aquifer called the Trinity Subcrop that spans from Austin up to the North Texas border.

  • MarcusDaNoobGamer
    MarcusDaNoobGamer 2 years ago +3

    Awesome, Tesla technology in this day in age. Thank you for sharing. It was amazing.

    BIRDS i VIEW Year ago +18

    The Roaring 20’s are going to be Phenomenal.

  • Jan Adhikaar
    Jan Adhikaar 2 years ago +11

    This is the R&D facility of NuPower Development Bahrain LLC. The company which shall soon be supplying the wireless electricity throughout the world. The transmission losses are just 5% and it propagates through surface waves called "ZENNECK WAVES" at 18 KHz. Nothing new. The secret is already out long ago.

    • Alx Milot
      Alx Milot 2 years ago +5

      @Electric Universe Eyes Absolutely. With people llike you that are now able to reach and teach other people without filters, we're on the edge of the right way to evolve. My opinion. (I still secretly hope for a moneyless world... how naive....)

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago +3

      Alx Milot I don’t expect anything will ever be free, however it is interesting to see how the future pans out with our technological advances and understanding of our electric universe / electric earth.

    • Alx Milot
      Alx Milot 2 years ago +3

      @Electric Universe Eyes I knew. They don't hide. But they are here for $$. Not for giving off free energy..

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago +7

      Jan Adhikaar It was new to me! Looks like 1.4K others that watched my little journey probably didn’t know either.... 😎

  • Howard Ewing
    Howard Ewing 2 years ago +5

    That is so awesome... Good find, man! I'm stoked!

  • BonSang
    BonSang 4 months ago

    i seen something similar in Quebec, south-east of Montreal island. its a place owned by Hydro-quebec. its directly fed by a 735 kv power line.

  • John Swartz
    John Swartz 4 months ago

    I am so glad to see Nicholas work finally coming out!

  • Nathan Guymon
    Nathan Guymon Year ago +1

    Yep. I live right by here. The Zemmerick Wave, or WardenClyffe tower. Actually built less than 20 miles in distance to this Ellis county Supermarket

  • Darth Xeno
    Darth Xeno 9 months ago +3

    So cool! It looks almost... Alien. In a way. I've also enrolled for the BETA for Starlink. So excited for the future. But first: Biden needs to go! And the Three Gorges Dam must fall!

  • tnix88
    tnix88 2 years ago +1

    Astonishing. What is that weird buzzing sound that starts near the equipment?

  • Hold my ARK
    Hold my ARK 2 years ago +4

    So I have a #coolstorybro I used to work for a company that distributes industrial piping systems and components. I was out to lunch with a manufacturer rep for a brand of piping system. Well I had just recently learned about this technology being developed in Texas and mentioned it to him in casual conversation. His butt puckered a little bit and basically said “yes” he was familiar with it and moved on. You can tell he knew too much! He stopped himself and did 180 instantly.

  • Scientific Lee
    Scientific Lee 3 years ago +8

    They almost have all they need to survive...by the "testing" they expect "it" to happen in the next 20 years....Is my belief.


      I don't understand what this is. Would you please tell me?

    • James Morgan
      James Morgan Year ago

      Fear you are right there! 'They've' sat on this tech for many decades to be merely testing it. It's certainly not for 'our' benefit.

  • Scientific Lee
    Scientific Lee 3 years ago +7

    We should be shocked ...but then I think we all knew the lies and so expected it but never thought we would see it....wonder what the weapons are like.....almost alien I think :)...I pray to my God all stays good for you brother

    • Jason Robertson
      Jason Robertson 2 years ago +2

      Since i always knew, but tired of being 20yrs ahead, it's been a waiting game in the lateness of the hour.
      I'm secretly hoping this is the last iteration, by fire.
      But there's nothing new under the sun.
      The thing that has been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.
      Stay well and strong Lee.

  • max marrero
    max marrero 2 years ago +1

    What would happen if you fly an rc plane between both antennas.

  • S RC
    S RC 3 years ago +4

    Thanks for going and filming this

  • Nick Melancon
    Nick Melancon Year ago +4

    Infinite power for underground bases..no free energy for the society

  • max marrero
    max marrero 2 years ago +2

    the secundary antenna always need a power source so the coil can work.

  • jon pob
    jon pob 3 years ago +2

    What a find,outstanding

  • TR33
    TR33 5 months ago +2

    I definitely think there's an underground facility down there. The shack is probably an entrance cover.

    • TR33
      TR33 5 months ago

      @Electric Universe Eyes Interesting. Thank u. 👍

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  5 months ago +2

      The southern loop goes just north of Milford, TX and south of Italy, TX

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  5 months ago +2

      There is… it’s called the Superconducting Super Collider. Look it up :)

  • Dixe Normus
    Dixe Normus 2 years ago +4

    I am from the town Italy right off of highway 35 if you go down that same road a little bit farther up there is a big red metal building that mysteriously popped up and no one in town knows what it's for

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago +2

      The same road the tower is located on? Maps/Satellite doesn't show it (or I'm not looking in the right place). By the way, have you noticed anything strange ever? Any sky anomalies, mini-quakes, sounds, etc?

    BIRDS i VIEW Year ago +2

    Building Tesla coils at the new Tesla facility in Texas? What does the wall have to do with Tesla energy? Remember when Trump said they were going to electrify the border wall, and the media freaked out!


      Yeah! I've also heard the tesla towers and the wall are connected to providing free energy to both countries...a safe current that provides energy for all. Much like Tartaria tech that has free energy towers all over those ancient beautiful structures! Towers with spires and domes harnessed tesla energy... the advanced tech of the past will finally be unleashed on the world!!

  • Edwin ARCENAL
    Edwin ARCENAL 2 years ago +2

    the first radio tower made by tesla.

  • sharon jenkins
    sharon jenkins Year ago +1

    Why in Texas??? Could it be about the longitude and latitude?? Will it give energy to the world???

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +2

      Much of the land was to be used for the super hadron collider. That got nixed. Also there are lots of aquifers in the area. Water is the key to conductivity if heavy metals are *not present. I’m sure there’s more to it... just what I’ve put together.

  • kevin lee bailey
    kevin lee bailey Year ago +1

    Atmospheric energy harvesting running Tesla tower in reverse. Instead of making sparks and EM energy but receiveing EM energy static , lightening , natural radio frequency's etc.

  • Butterfly Lady
    Butterfly Lady 4 months ago +1

    Awesome there were chirping birds so no fear of the energy😂🥰🎉🤍🤍🦋🦋🦋

  • Abc Abc
    Abc Abc 3 years ago +1

    Is this a joke? If not, thank you and thank you a thousand times. Nikola Tesla was right as usual

    • Abc Abc
      Abc Abc 3 years ago +1

      @Josh Gibladar Good to hear! just don't go away from RU-clip, both of you. If I have questions then I will definitely ask you guys. I am absolutely not new in looking for hidden information. My brain is looking for things constantly whether I want to or not. When I stop looking, I dream about it instead, so there is no point in giving up 🗝️ I have been stuck in trying to explain psychology at a deeper level for most of life but now it has shifted to other issues. Thanks for all the tips and I hope you find more interesting discoveries and that you share with us others. May happen that I contact you through messenger if I come across files I need to share 😉

    • Abc Abc
      Abc Abc 3 years ago

      @Josh Gibladar Discord?

    • Abc Abc
      Abc Abc 3 years ago +1

      @Josh Gibladar If you have a website / links / books, please send me them. My brain is starving to death for good information.

    • Abc Abc
      Abc Abc 3 years ago +1

      Thanks for the reply! You are the best wonderful man

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +2

      Mr. 2 Mr. 2 Definitely not a joke - here’s the website the lady pointed me to - vizivtechnologies.com. You are welcome a thousand times!

  • CoruscantMe
    CoruscantMe Year ago +1

    The company here is Vizivtechnologies.com They are working at getting the zenneck wave to do work.

    • CoruscantMe
      CoruscantMe Year ago +1

      The receiver stations which is the one you were close to at 4:30 into the vid are placed so they can detect energy density at distance from the point source thats setting the surface wave into oscillation...

  • Vugicix
    Vugicix 2 years ago +1

    Please man can you tell us the in which way on compas is if you look straight from smaller tower to bigger?

    • Vugicix
      Vugicix 2 years ago +1

      @Electric Universe Eyes I think the biggest problem is that convencional science use waves from hertz and they have bad geometry and also physics don't do researches on ether....

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  2 years ago +2

      The smaller tower that I was closest too would be roughly due west. There is another one further away due north. There are several other small ones on the north side of the property.

  • 8Bit Evolushroom
    8Bit Evolushroom 3 years ago +1

    huge man, nice proof

  • Edwin ARCENAL
    Edwin ARCENAL 2 years ago +1

    that tower is the first radio tower

  • Alexandra Seyfried
    Alexandra Seyfried Month ago +1

    It has been there for many years or decades.

  • Freeman Vashier
    Freeman Vashier 3 years ago +1

    as you can see from the link below, that's hardly a secret

  • bipola telly
    bipola telly 3 years ago +1

    I think you should watch the road....and yes, it looks like a Tesla tower.

  • elias zerano
    elias zerano 4 months ago

    You ever knocked their door and asked how it goes ?

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  4 months ago

      No, I haven't been back by this way since. Plus, looking up all the guys that run the company, they are all ex-military. I tend to stay away from people with behind the scenes power ;) Pun intended!

  • Sarah Hefner-Hayes
    Sarah Hefner-Hayes Year ago +1

    I found it, Milford, Texas. Around DFW area

  • Munky Park
    Munky Park 7 months ago +1

    Is this Vizif Technologies? It's definitely a Tesla tower of it is.

  • chris Jacks
    chris Jacks 5 months ago +1

    I'm about 17 miles from that Tesla Tower.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  5 months ago

      @chris Jacks wow, that’s crazy! 🤜🏼⚡️🤛🏻

    • chris Jacks
      chris Jacks 5 months ago +1

      @Electric Universe Eyes Oh yes! The sky around here rumbles with this super low frequency every other day or so, sometimes a few times a day. Its the deepest sound. Old folks can't even hear it. It sort of vibrates the house, can go on for 3-5 minutes and the it stops instantly. My kid can hear it with head phones on while hes playing video games. Its really has no origin direction, its just everywhere up. I bet elephants in Africa can hear it. I can really hear it with a sonic hearing headset listening device, but that thing is broken right now.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  5 months ago +1

      Curious if you ever hear, feel, see anything out of the ordinary?

  • awoken V
    awoken V 2 years ago +1

    Super cool.

  • Daniel Gervais
    Daniel Gervais Year ago +1

    Around 1;02 when you say is that a tesla tow-----An imge blinks over the tower...

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago

      WHOA! I see it now... hmmm, could be a reflection from the inside of the window? Or maybe Nikola was saying hello... lol ⚡️👍🏻👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿⚡️

  • Nathan Grundler
    Nathan Grundler Month ago +1

    How is it powered ?????

  • seachangeau
    seachangeau 3 years ago +3

    Cool they are on twitter @VizivTech

  • Bertha Castaneda
    Bertha Castaneda 3 years ago +2

    Why is tesla like that in 1901 it looked better

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago

      Bertha Castaneda You mean you liked the Wardenclyff Tower design better? Me too!

  • lizzyfizzy2
    lizzyfizzy2 Year ago +1

    Why texas no ppwer during outages right now. Free energy not for the people this is proof

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  Year ago +2

      You can’t accept a transmission without a receiver...
      The technology is still be tested. Doesn’t mean it’s functional and available to the masses yet.
      Lastly, nothing is ever free, especially when there is a cost + interest involved

  • PresidentElectPressure609

    Hhhmmm... My spidey sense tells me many interests are DESPERATE to stop these. Only question.... Why? What are they willing to do? We are living in biblical times. Games changing forever.

  • meamverysmart
    meamverysmart 2 years ago +2

    So whats the deal? Someone contact me please , or how do I contact you ?

  • Kronos -
    Kronos - 3 years ago +15

    Congrats the NSA is now rifling through your entire digital history and likely contemplating your demise.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +2

      Josh Gibladar Yup!

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +2

      Josh Gibladar With great power comes great responsibility. Some abuse power, but I’m not worried about it :)

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +5

      I blame “Electric Universe Eyes” on my father... just sayin’. They’ll never find “him”.

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  3 years ago +4

      Kronos - Hahaha probably. I may have been on their list for a while now...
      I think a sizable group of folk in both established science and religion has a bone to pick with my views and philosophy.

  • Eleonora DoppiaE
    Eleonora DoppiaE 2 years ago +1

    ❤️Finally ❤️

  • Why?
    Why? Year ago +1

    Viziv technologies

  • Glenn Bryan Bacus
    Glenn Bryan Bacus Year ago +2

    311th Approved !!!
    Watching From Barangay Suarez , Iligan City , Mindanao , Philippines !!!!!!!!

  • Jerri I Goldstein
    Jerri I Goldstein 4 months ago

    New Jersey also

  • Moku Shih
    Moku Shih Year ago +1

    free anergy

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  11 months ago

      Harnessed energy… but it will never be “Free” unfortunately, otherwise JP Morgan wouldn’t have torn down Wardenclyff towers

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 5 months ago +1

    end 2021 ....Whats happen ?

    • Electric Universe Eyes
      Electric Universe Eyes  5 months ago

      Someone said they live close to it. Hear loud noises in the sky all the time. Not sure myself what’s happening at this time.

  • Johnny Woodstock
    Johnny Woodstock 2 years ago +1


  • Erik Westrheim
    Erik Westrheim 2 years ago +1

    Mall scale Mr Carlson's Lab

  • Christian Leonardo Vergara Marin


  • Riley G WizzardCreamySugarMC