Removed my highway bar and I'll tell you why, also my thoughts on DK stealth pegs.

  • Published on Sep 27, 2017
  • Hey what up guys, lately I've seen a bunch of bikes come through the shop because of wrecks and noticed when I was writing up wreck estimates that quite a few bikes are getting totaled because of miner frame damage caused by highway bars "crash bars". Because of the price of a new frame and labor to install it, it can easily push the cost of damages over the bikes insurance "worth" especially if your bike is a few years old or isn't a bagger. For people like me who chose to use their motorcycle as their only form of transportation that could be something to think about when deciding whether or not you'd like to have a crash bar so I decided to remove mine. The Iron 883 could potentially be at risk for getting total Like the one in the video since it's a fairly inexpensive motorcycle to begin with. Ride safe guys! Thank for watching!

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  • Joseph Lamicella
    Joseph Lamicella 9 days ago

    I'm taking my crash bars off now. The safest way to ride is being aware and knowing your skillset.

  • biged3ff149
    biged3ff149 Month ago

    Drive it like u stole it!!!

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 3 months ago +1

    If my bar saves the bike, all the better. I have the bar to keep my leg from becoming hamburger.

  • Johnny Striple
    Johnny Striple 3 months ago

    From what I have heard is any wreck on a motorcycle the insurance will automatically total it.

    • Johnny Striple
      Johnny Striple 3 months ago

      @Fast-Action Jax A friend of mine wrecked while we were on a trip last year. He just ran off into a ditch and they totaled his bike. He just messed up the language on it and bent the bars. Here in Kentucky you don't even get a multi car insurance break for having your bikes insured with the same company. I have five bikes and one Subaru Forester. No discount at all.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  3 months ago

      Johnny Striple that's incorrect, motorcycles are insured just like cars, and it's just as much of a headache lol!

  • Tony Tarlano
    Tony Tarlano 5 months ago +2

    You have more invested in your legs then you do in your bike. Do yourself a favor and please put the multibar back on.

  • gregalot200
    gregalot200 10 months ago +2

    Ha! do anything to save the bike except driving safe.

  • Jacob Knapp
    Jacob Knapp 11 months ago

    Where did u get your Speedo Relocation kit?

  • Dent Gent
    Dent Gent Year ago

    What about how they prevent you from getting into tight corners? I was riding my Fat boy today and was running late. I came in hot to a corner and started getting low. Crash bars prevented me from getting low enough to make the turn... Off to the ER. Now, would I use crash bars again? Possibly. Would I use crash bars on a bike that I want to perform to the max? No way. Just an opinion.

    • Dent Gent
      Dent Gent Year ago

      Fast-Action Jax BRO, they totaled my bike! Exactly what you said. The bars fd my frame. A WEEK OLD! I'm fkn sick. I have to wait 2 months for the title change, so I can't even get another bike now! I'm so sick!!

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago

      I agree with you 100%, thats the entire reason I took mine off. If you tend to be more of an aggressive rider then I would recommend a crash bar, I would look into the stunt bars like the ones Bung King have.

  • FranBunnyFFXII
    FranBunnyFFXII Year ago +2

    Wait does an insurance company refuse to insure a "totaled" bike, even if it's still ridable? So that 2017 sporty would need an entirely new frame to be able to be insured and ridable again?

  • David Adiv
    David Adiv Year ago

    I think it looks great and it looks like you pretty comfortable with them

  • Super Fletch!
    Super Fletch! Year ago

    Just seen that sporty with pink all over it for sale cheap on a Craigslist ad in Dfw area lol. Was wondering why it was cheap. Now I know why it said salvage title too...

  • moises castillo
    moises castillo Year ago

    How does your bike runs so good? And still isn't a 1200?

    • meethed
      meethed Year ago

      that doesn't know how to use a signal light.

    • Joseph Lamicella
      Joseph Lamicella Year ago

      moises castillo because he's a good rider

  • Kevin Cheifer
    Kevin Cheifer Year ago

    you gotta check out stuff from the company Kinetic, top notch

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago

      Kevin Cheifer
      Yeah I happened across their website a few months and I do really like a lot of their stuff. I really like that faceplate they make but it wouldn't look right on my bike. They also have some really cool exhaust designs

  • Sharky 883
    Sharky 883 Year ago

    How did you go down the first time?

    • Sharky 883
      Sharky 883 Year ago

      Fast-Action Jax i never really think about hitting a raccoon or animals that size .. i always think deer..but damn i guess anything you run over or hit on a motorcycle is dangerous.. hey Jax is it normal to be kinda scared every time i hop on the freeway?..i just started riding about a 7 months ago... I've gone 90 on the iron jyst to see how it felt but i quickly let go of the even 70 seems really fast for me but i can do 70 for 5 or teen minutes then i get down to 65 and go up to 70 it the style of the bike or just me? Cause my brother just got a brand new road king and i rode it but not on the freeway and i thought this would probably be a nicer ride on the freeway... butt man. I just feel so good when i ride my sportser.. that iron is a looker everyone is always complimenting me on it...i love the look... sorry i have one more question..about all your stuff vibrating off..i didn't go to hd for my 1000 mikes service i did the oil change and tranny oil change myself but i still have to do the clutch adjustment.. do you think i should be worried about the bolts on the tires? Because of the vibration? Should i have those tighten? Or are those something i don't have to worry about ever coming loose? Thanks bro.. ride safe.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago +1

      the first time I went down I hit a patch of sand in a corner at about 30mph on my DRZ400sm (florida life) but it has never happened again, taught me to pay closer attention in corners. the second time, I hit the Raccoon at 60-65 and that was sucky

  • tom martin
    tom martin Year ago

    Truly love Your vids dude!

  • Scoot Jockey
    Scoot Jockey Year ago

    My RGS 2016 crash bars sit down in nearly all corners , which is shite!!!

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago

      Scoot Jockey they make a kit to remove it! Looks too. Google road glides without crash bar

  • Will TEN
    Will TEN Year ago +6

    Do me a favor and tell dk custom those suck. I reviewed something honestly and they talked shit about me giving them one star review so please tell them man. They think they can do no wrong and they need to be told

    • CMJack Bauer
      CMJack Bauer Month ago

      Fast-Action Jax hey bro, you still have your crash bar if so can I get? Lol🤣

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago +1

      Well I think their stealth highway pegs are made horribly, I normally wouldnt say it that way but if they treated you poorly because they didnt like the fact you didnt like one of their products thats awful. I have seen some good stuff by them but these stealth highway mounts are a bad design and could be dangerous and is going to get someone hurt, I've seen a few of them break. let one of them snap with a heavier guy on it and his foot fall and throw him of balance and I bet he'll go down. If they hadnt put the holes in them to try to make them look cooler they probably wouldnt have that really bad flex, and I'm a little guy. They should have a support either welded between the two or bolted, but I'm sure they were trying to cut their cost, but what do I know right.

    • Michael Tekin
      Michael Tekin Year ago +1

      I agree with the assessment - they look nice but they flex. I kept them on the bike since I am out of the money