From Clutter to Clarity | Kerry Thomas | TEDxAshburn

  • Published on Apr 19, 2017
  • Clutter is not just “stuff.” Clutter can be physical, digital, mental, emotional or spiritual, and each type can be overwhelming. Learn the number one cause of clutter in any area of your life, and how to bust through for lasting results.
    Kerry Thomas attended the University of Florida where she received her Bachelor's and Master’s degrees in Special Education. After teaching for eight years, a career change brought her to Professional Organizing, and Conquer the Chaos, LLC was launched in 2007.

    After years of organizing "a little of everything" from closets to kitchens to offices to garages to classrooms, Kerry decided to further combine her two passions (teaching and organizing) and specialize in helping small business owners with ADD create and maintain order in the midst of their disorder.

    Kerry completed a rigorous training program, and is now a Certified Productive Environment Specialist™. This certification adds another dimension to her organizing and productivity consulting services.

    Kerry enjoys helping others find the peace of mind and increased productivity that come from and organized workspace.
    This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Jennifer Haynes
    Jennifer Haynes 9 days ago +1

    Postponed decisions,is procrastination.

  • Penny Noneman
    Penny Noneman 15 days ago

    The stress of surgery will often bring up a surge in your viral load. I would beg you to read the Medical Medium books by Anthony William and learn about your health. Your story sounds like an example in one of his books. He has been doing compassionate healing for about 35 years now and has 5 best selling books now. You can also find his information on Facebook, RU-clip, and Sound Cloud radio. Please check into it and feel better.

  • Shawna Oliver
    Shawna Oliver 21 day ago +1

    I'm a new fan of this woman after hearing this. Great talk Thanks! 😊

  • Anne Felice
    Anne Felice 21 day ago

    Thank you TEDx Talks, for posting this video. Thank you Ms. Kerry Thomas, for sharing your knowledge and experience regarding clutter. God bless us all.

  • All Things Mary Poppins
    All Things Mary Poppins 24 days ago +1

    did you ever visit an older house and see how small the clothes closets are? that tells you something!

  • Jen Cozy
    Jen Cozy 29 days ago

    I'm postponing the decision to start an essay that's due in less than 24 hrs and watch this video instead.

  • Douglas Wallace
    Douglas Wallace Month ago +2

    "Change is the result of action and action is the result of a decision."

  • Thankful Lally
    Thankful Lally Month ago


  • Gerry Wilson
    Gerry Wilson Month ago +10

    I’m doing the “FlyLady” method. Scheduled small amounts daily. Then 15 minute “hotspots”. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get to it. Just get to it next round.

  • Julie Eiler
    Julie Eiler 2 months ago

    It feels amazing to let go....set a timer. Start time and end time...what ever is bothering u write it down.set time.conquer.repeat

  • Lynnette Jennings
    Lynnette Jennings 2 months ago +1

    Such wisdom in an easily understood format! Lots to ponder on in the coming days. Thank you!!

  • RiverRat RVR
    RiverRat RVR 2 months ago +2

    Loose everything, become homeless...that'll get your life in perspective

  • Jrbrainsludge
    Jrbrainsludge 2 months ago

    Really fantastic

  • Wanda Yonder
    Wanda Yonder 2 months ago

    My clutter is postponed actions, not decisions.

  • SleeplessinOC
    SleeplessinOC 2 months ago

    I am so disorganized and messy . I dream of a clean and well organized apartment .i spend so much time looking for lost and misplaced things .

    • Jen Cozy
      Jen Cozy 29 days ago

      Did you start decluttering yet?

  • Winds of March Journey/Perry tribute band

    I want to smack the guy on the mixing board because he doesn't know WTF he's doing. The board is flashing like crazy with pre-feedback. I can hear it and it's extremely annoying.

  • Rose Bud
    Rose Bud 2 months ago

    She never address how to go from clutter to clarity. Just quotes and blah blah.

  • Cal Commercial Insurance

    I really like this lady's vulnerability, humility and honesty.

  • Jean Cimler
    Jean Cimler 3 months ago

    Kerry Thomas was so good I am going to replay this every morning. I need to unclutter more than stuff in closets and around the house.Thank you Kerry Thomas. You're my new best friend.

  • T AG
    T AG 3 months ago

    Postponement...decisions decisions decisions...anxiety can creep in quickly bringing along worry and fear!!
    Reading the Bible gives me rest and joy!

  • Kimberly Kremer
    Kimberly Kremer 3 months ago

    Bravo. Very true. Very concise. Thank you. You sound like you come from my region. I wonder if it's a cultural thing as well !

  • Kari Soto
    Kari Soto 3 months ago

    Why does this only have 590K views?!

  • Puneet Shrivastava
    Puneet Shrivastava 3 months ago

    She spoke quite a lot of clutter, though!

  • A .L.L.
    A .L.L. 3 months ago +1

    Mine is Fear of Failure. :/ so much stuff ive missed out on and could be doing right now.

  • Momma O
    Momma O 3 months ago +1


  • Jenny Herzog
    Jenny Herzog 3 months ago

    Wow I loved this talk! I recently decluttered my clothes and also people from my socia media and some friends! It feels great!

  • jenny taylor
    jenny taylor 4 months ago

    Mine is projects: half-completed! Other than that, intentions - to do stuff for myself and others.

  • Tina
    Tina 4 months ago +1

    Word SILENT also scrambled spells LISTEN ❤
    INNER PEACE 🙏 iS WHAT let's GO of mental clutter
    GREAT video 👍
    Thanks for sharing!

  • M m
    M m 4 months ago

    Change is a result of action and action is a result of decision

  • Carolyne
    Carolyne 4 months ago

    Thank you, you are fabulous.

  • Raafat Al Shaikh
    Raafat Al Shaikh 4 months ago

    That's what I need to hear today

  • deepa priya
    deepa priya 4 months ago

    Change is a result of action and action is the result of a decision. Decide Nd get clean the mind

  • Megha D
    Megha D 4 months ago +2

    Clutter (digital) is screenshots and bookmarks
    Clutter (physical) is clothes, accessories and books

  • Rose Vroom
    Rose Vroom 4 months ago

    I never thought of all the types of clutter there are. Thank you so much for helping me to see it!
    I also lost my dad to pancreatic cancer. Hugs to you and your family💜

  • Louise Lobo
    Louise Lobo 5 months ago

    Lovely lady and great common sense.

  • @i.sindhu21
    @i.sindhu21 5 months ago


  • Marion Fiedler Music
    Marion Fiedler Music 5 months ago

    without forgiving yourself you are not free to go ahead and fulfill your dream. THANKS for sharing this! and thanks for boiling the huge problems down to the single decisions... decisions are powerful and if we make them, we rule them. if we do not, they rule us. THANKS! This is a great speech. And yes. I am happy for you that your apartment is immaculate!

  • Lou Rascoe Suggs
    Lou Rascoe Suggs 5 months ago

    I am all of those things...postponed decisions..

  • LetArtsLive
    LetArtsLive 5 months ago +2

    Clutter is procrastination at its finest I should know

  • Epsa Sharma
    Epsa Sharma 6 months ago

    Wow! Hands downs..Simple explanation for such a complex new age epidemic..Search for sanity

  • Margaret Meaker
    Margaret Meaker 6 months ago

    What a lovely lady..

  • dan mekeel
    dan mekeel 6 months ago +1

    Thank You, Good Starting point. You said Everything in a Nutshell.!

  • hot pepper
    hot pepper 6 months ago

    I came here to say I love your dress, is it handmade? Thanks 😊

  • Critstix Darkspear
    Critstix Darkspear 6 months ago

    Clutter - TEDx is the clutter that devalues what TED used to be.

  • remcat
    remcat 6 months ago

    I loved her talk, especially that we think more stuff means more fun. And especially that everything comes down to a postponed decision. And "give God something to bless". Great talk.

  • Passion Creativity
    Passion Creativity 7 months ago

    Totally agree, the physical clutter destroys lifes

  • WMae L
    WMae L 7 months ago

    Best I've seen yet.

  • Muhd Khaleef Izzaldeen
    Muhd Khaleef Izzaldeen 7 months ago

    Yes it's either postponed decision or too many options wrongly taken into consideration.
    Minimizing Options and Optimizing Priorities or Decisions Can Be The Answer.

  • Clo Medrado
    Clo Medrado 7 months ago

    This is a trend and troublesome topic that many people have to face to live better and happilly

  • salido nathalie
    salido nathalie 8 months ago

    Further than that, if you've got no clutter maybe you will have an empty place in your house, your schedule, your heart for welcoming what will eventually happen or come to you. Do not fear the void.

  • Santé Barley Business Owner / Wellness Advocate

    I agree in many points for I was in there and felt it, and need to do something about it NOW!

  • ss
    ss 8 months ago +1

    I dont think more is better or happier - I never wanted all the things I have - but I cannot waste stuff - anything

  • Joan Foglio
    Joan Foglio 8 months ago

    Vz Bb/

  • Monica Karam - Life coach


  • Simone
    Simone 9 months ago

    Overhelmed? Over what? I don't understand the word she say.

  • Barry Chandler
    Barry Chandler 9 months ago +6

    Thank you 🙏🏻 I could really use your help, everything in my life is a big mess, there is clutter everywhere but no one knows it but me.

  • Samra P
    Samra P 9 months ago +1

    Please help me.

  • Sterling Solomon
    Sterling Solomon 9 months ago +4

    She definitely conveys emotion in her talk, and it reminds us of our power to change as it simultaneously allows the feeling of "sinning" and missing the mark and the guilt that can disable action.
    I actually came into the video with a bit of judgement and now I have to say this is one of the best TedX videos I've ever seen.
    I'm working on a technology interface(app ecosystem) to allow humans to reconnect to natural law and natural interaction and reset/reconnect that attention/ dopamine /hormonal circuitry that has been hijacked by commoditized social networks.
    We are cluttered with concerns, and made impotent by our borrowed fears.
    I am dedicated to deep wealth solutions, and Kerry Thomas hit on so many of my motivations in this talk. She also poignantly hit how my arrow of intention has sinned, and I'm sitting right now in Bali in a room with far too much clutter, typing on a computer with far too much clutter and appreciating how she tied it all together in this moment..

  • Cody Polar
    Cody Polar 9 months ago

    The part about cluttered iphones makes a lot of sense. When I truly listened to some of the songs I had, I discovered that I didn't like them anymore, never did, or they made me feel emotionally like I didn't want. So, I deleted over half my large song library. The criteria for keeping the ones I kept was "does it make me feel good". Now, there are a few that make me feel sad, but those are ones that are written to do that.

  • i.tsune
    i.tsune 10 months ago

    'change is the result of action and action is the result of decision' loved that