SNSD Tiffany - Perfect Man


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  • 허밀
    허밀 Month ago

    와 붐레기 진짜.. 양심없네

  • 유지연
    유지연 3 months ago

    다좋은데 붐레기~짜증~~

  • JB,s Wife GOT7 AHGASE
    JB,s Wife GOT7 AHGASE 4 months ago


  • 김띠용
    김띠용 9 months ago

    붐새끼가 퍼펙트맨을 감히? 다신 TV속에서 보는 일없길

  • 2123
    2123 Year ago

    오 티파니 잘한다 생각했던 것보다 잘 어울림!

  • Stan BTS
    Stan BTS Year ago +1

    Is he cosplaying Gu Jun Pyo? This is funny

  • 퓰미[ 방탄소년단 ]

    붐이 누구예요? 저 아저씨예요? 쨌든 아저씨분 음이탈나고 노래망쳤네요

  • 리아마
    리아마 Year ago


  • Zhijaya Ahotaha
    Zhijaya Ahotaha Year ago

    Ever since Im still loving this song

  • 강이
    강이 Year ago +6

    애 싀벌 붐새끼 보고 토할뻔했네 아 ㅡㅡ 붐 챙놈아 니가 신화노랠 왜불렄ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Nolan Cummings
    Nolan Cummings Year ago +1

    fashion has changed so much...for the better...

  • adriana lj
    adriana lj Year ago +2

    Taeyeon was fan girl-ing over Tiffany hahahaha #taenyisreal

  • Camelia WKY
    Camelia WKY Year ago +1

    What show

  • Stan Women
    Stan Women Year ago

    when i first saw this I WANTED SNSD FULL COVER

  • esvete
    esvete 2 years ago +5

    if i ever learn korean, the first thing i want to do is sing perfect man in karaoke

  • kpop stan
    kpop stan 2 years ago +16

    This happened waaaaay before BTS even existed but people are talking about BTS here lel

    • Orphan Fan
      Orphan Fan 2 months ago +1

      Yeah... fucking 12 year olds who always bring BTS into everything not related.

  • 뎅장찌개
    뎅장찌개 2 years ago +14

    에휴 지가 진짜 전진인줄 아나보네... 진짜 죄책감도 없나

    • aid cas
      aid cas Year ago

      아 진짜 그니까요ㅠㅠ
      저렇게 뻔뻔하게 노래하는 거 보면..😡😡
      ㅂ 진짜 별로ㅠㅠㅠ

  • Cold Hearted Cadet
    Cold Hearted Cadet 2 years ago +6

    Who else remembers BTS because of this?

  • ever N
    ever N 2 years ago +3

    원래 가사가 내 품에 니가 이젠 쉴 수 있도록 인데..

  • K S
    K S 2 years ago +1

    what show is this?


    My bae eating the CD like groceries!

    SONE X ARMY X CARAT 2 years ago +17

    so good Fany

  • 최유진
    최유진 2 years ago +42

    붐은 진짜 죄책감도 없음?

  • Nadia Villegas
    Nadia Villegas 3 years ago

    La voz de Tiffany era muy encantadora, ahora,no sé si es por los años, pero no me gusta mucho. It's my humble opinion xd

  • dstyle94
    dstyle94 3 years ago +3

    SHINHWA Manse~~~haha...just SHINHWA can sing this song well when the part of opening...hear wheather how Dongwan sing on opening...Boom so cute...and miss Boom oppa too....

  • smol potaeto
    smol potaeto 3 years ago +1

    what show is this?

  • 뀰이
    뀰이 3 years ago +32

    저미친 붐레기새끼 왜저기서서 신화노래부르고앉았냐 니가뭔데

  • Nora
    Nora 3 years ago +249

    I'm totally in love with this song after BTS

  • ARMYss
    ARMYss 3 years ago +1

    so good

  • Panda Moomoo
    Panda Moomoo 3 years ago

    what show is this?

  • Princess
    Princess 3 years ago +182

    Bts + tiffany 😻😻

    • Orphan Fan
      Orphan Fan 2 months ago +1

      Stop bringing fucking BTS into EVERYTHING, this song belongs to SHINHWA and many idols cover this song as well!

    • maria duran
      maria duran 9 months ago +1

      Everybody cover the shinhwa Song , Not only BTS

    • Mariana Rangel
      Mariana Rangel Year ago +1

      Shinhwa + Tiffany

    • 문현빈Moon
      문현빈Moon 2 years ago +3

      Speaking about BTS everytime this song is playing is really direspectful for shinhwa. BTS weren't even a group when this show was filmed.

    • TOP the pumpkin
      TOP the pumpkin 2 years ago +4

      jjang jjang man bbong bong true lol.I actually ship them too,but with a concrete member of bts.

  • 퓨들
    퓨들 3 years ago +9

    붐레기 ㅅㅂ존나 개싫다

  • Raphaela Mendoza
    Raphaela Mendoza 3 years ago +133

    Watching this at 2016 makes mw feel old

    • LeagueOfFangirls
      LeagueOfFangirls 3 years ago +8

      ikr!!😢 I remember when I first got into kpop and saw these shows. reminds me of middle school 😂😂😂

    • Blank MochaTae
      Blank MochaTae 3 years ago

      What abt me😂😂😂

    • Rian Coleman
      Rian Coleman 3 years ago

      Me too hehe

    • Kim Huynh
      Kim Huynh 3 years ago

      The good old time

  • injung im
    injung im 3 years ago +6

    at first I thought the guy who sang in the beginning is junjin. then it took a moment for me to realize he's Boom TT TT

    • S. Huang
      S. Huang 2 years ago +2

      Arinda Trisnasari He caused a huge scandal back then while pretending to be Junjin. Poor Junjin went into depression because of it at that time.

    • Ymir
      Ymir 3 years ago +1

      same omg. he looks like junjin alot

  • Koreadesu
    Koreadesu 3 years ago +43

    The start was so funny😂😂 Tiffany was great though😍

  • Julia .B
    Julia .B 3 years ago +22

    붐레기 우리신화오빠노래부름 짜증

  • istikbar mughni
    istikbar mughni 3 years ago +52

    Tiffany + shinhwa = [2015 MBC Music festival] 2015 MBC 가요대제전 BTS - Perfect Man, 방탄소년단 - Perfect Man 20151231 ^^ love when she singing

    • Ti Tran
      Ti Tran Year ago +1

      istikbar mughni bts < shinhwa

  • Saturnina Sumaylo
    Saturnina Sumaylo 3 years ago +6

    i wonder where are the other shinhwa i only see andy in tv show.kinda sad there already gone though andy oppa is my fave.

    • impressivefan0613
      impressivefan0613 3 years ago +7

      all of them are actually still active .. you can watch dongwan in i live alone .. hyesung recently made a comeback .. junjin hosting ISAC, eric and minwoo managing their company and i think they will have a comback feb or march ..

    MAE YAH 3 years ago +27

    wooooowww!!!! I love you Tiffany!!

  • Mihika Seal
    Mihika Seal 3 years ago +97

    woww her voice is amazinggggggg

  • 러브아이
    러브아이 3 years ago +22

    붐새끼 존나 꼴보기싫네;;; 전진 사칭해서 1나잇하고다니던게 ㅅㅂ

  • 성이름
    성이름 3 years ago +26

    시발 붐 새끼 뭐냐? 왜 신화 노래부름? 존나 언짢네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ낮짝도 두꺼운 새끼

  • רסמיה מריסאת
    רסמיה מריסאת 3 years ago +7


  • Mateja Savic
    Mateja Savic 4 years ago +97

    This song fits Tiffany so well, I got chills when she started singing!

  • MF NCN
    MF NCN 4 years ago +23

    boom looks like Minho in BOF hhh

  • 미아MIA
    미아MIA 4 years ago +60

    어디서 붐따위가 퍼펙맨을 부르고 있어

  • Agnes Por
    Agnes Por 5 years ago +17

    fany sing so well and so cute well her husband taeng is cheering for her

  • Kiwii Keny
    Kiwii Keny 5 years ago +3

    1:08 Tifanny unnie looks soo much like A pink's Eunji unnie :00

  • Erko
    Erko 5 years ago +1

    wait what. what are you saying.

  • OnlyloveKPOP
    OnlyloveKPOP 5 years ago +1

    who is the teen top who did not know

  • TheBunny'sWife
    TheBunny'sWife 5 years ago

    i knew that it's andy

  • Erko
    Erko 5 years ago

    a teen top fan that doesn't know that a shinhwa member is the head of their company XD

  • TheBunny'sWife
    TheBunny'sWife 5 years ago +1

    Thank You :)

  • Ruqa Shehab
    Ruqa Shehab 5 years ago +3


  • TheBunny'sWife
    TheBunny'sWife 5 years ago +1

    Who sings the orignal version

  • ellys lin
    ellys lin 6 years ago +1

    fany is shcj?

  • shimjung0618
    shimjung0618 6 years ago

    ugh boom ruins the whole video

  • loveshinhwa
    loveshinhwa 6 years ago +7


  • eplk pereyra
    eplk pereyra 6 years ago +2

    So cute Taeyeon!!!Singing all the song!!! SHCJ!!!!

  • minvetae
    minvetae 6 years ago

    I didn't know that Boom's voice is really good and he can sing so well.

  • tora33
    tora33 6 years ago


  • Tristan Tan
    Tristan Tan 6 years ago

    Boom's singing is actually really good!

  • rossainie
    rossainie 6 years ago +1

    What show is this?

  • Ivy
    Ivy 6 years ago +2

    yeah this was around the time of gee, u can tell from their hair and clothes

  • Hyukfied
    Hyukfied 6 years ago +1

    1:08 she''s suppose to sing "naega ijen" but she switched the words around. XD

    KYUHYUN4EVA 6 years ago

    which line? It sounded fine to me.

  • Tracy Gao
    Tracy Gao 6 years ago +1

    boom actually has a very nice singing voice! wow!

  • Ley Kim
    Ley Kim 6 years ago +2

    isn't it's "nae pume NIGA IJEN.." hahahaha.. but they switched the lyrics lol.

  • Ley Kim
    Ley Kim 6 years ago +1

    what era of SNSD is this? Gee?

  • archivepie
    archivepie 6 years ago +6

    붐이 이노래부르니까 왤케기분나쁘지 - -