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Michael Myers Shopping at Icebox 😳

  • Published on Oct 28, 2021

Comments • 550

  • Slick
    Slick Year ago +1

    Michael Myers runs into Lil Baby while buying a iced out mask

  • bad bihh
    bad bihh Year ago +92

    LMAOOOO “okay next time dont bring it like this” 😭

  • Codm_lover
    Codm_lover Year ago +76

    Y’all see Michael with them “ MCQUEENS” on 🤣🤣

  • Shameka Johnson

    I never saw MICHAEL shop for a damn watch nor growl. He is silent and cool

  • T
    T  +6

    Did Michael just try to run at the end🤣 I can’t be the only person who saw that🤣

  • Luh Runt
    Luh Runt Year ago +324

    Them perks got mike growling

  • Sicario 🐼
    Sicario 🐼 Year ago +285

    Mike needed that bustdown to kill in style 💪🤣

    MOSCHNO. Year ago +42

    Mike done hit on the ppp 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • ItzJaySouls
    ItzJaySouls Year ago +95

    He would realistically just look and point instead of Jason grunting


    Him: next time don't bring the money lik-

  • Marcus H
    Marcus H Year ago +23

    Well that's the first time I've heard Mikey make a noise like that.

  • Fleeb
    Fleeb Year ago +70

    he doesn’t grunt

  • MandoingWell
    MandoingWell Year ago +84

    The real Michael would slowly walk up quietly punch the glass through take the watch and look at it while tilting his head sideways 😂

  • x iDropKillz x
    x iDropKillz x Year ago +6

    Actually funny icebox skit +mikael with the McQueens on lol

  • Doova
    Doova Year ago +8

    Michael myers with a iced out watch and some Alexander McQueens on. Seems about right😌

  • Richie Rich
    Richie Rich Year ago +151

    At least he paid. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Shelia Watts
    Shelia Watts Year ago +6

    I love they got the sound effect too just like in the movies

  • Jerrie Adams
    Jerrie Adams Year ago +30

    Anyone realize that Mike Myers doesn't carry a machete in the first place, Jason Voorhees does. Mikey=butcher knife Jason=machete

  • Erick B
    Erick B Year ago +25

    Think he said he dropped the money in Jello

  • Jozae Jones
    Jozae Jones Year ago +6

    The micheal responses was on point ! 😂😂