Celebrity Jeopardy! Kathie Lee, Tom Hanks, Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds - SNL

  • Published on Sep 12, 2013
  • Kathie Lee Gifford (Kristen Wiig), Tom Hanks, Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) and Burt Reynolds (Norm Macdonald) take on Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell) in a new round of "Celebrity Jeopardy!" [Season 34, 2009]
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Comments • 3 149

  • IIIlllBravo
    IIIlllBravo 5 hours ago

    Who wrote this sketch .. a 9 th grader

  • ilovebrandnewcarpets
    ilovebrandnewcarpets 7 hours ago

    Tom Hanks borrowed his opening line from French Stewart's opening line (played by (Jimmy Fallon) years earlier.

    Source- I.....I watch too much TV and youtube...

  • RK Barbo
    RK Barbo 9 hours ago

    I miss celebrity jeopardy. Black jeopardy is good, but let's be real....

  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel Day ago

    Tom Banks being stupid is brilliant!

  • Greg Loyd
    Greg Loyd Day ago

    Famous Chinamen for $200

  • Mister X
    Mister X Day ago

    The Kathie Lee portrayal was too hard to watch.

    AGENT X SECURITY Day ago +1

    STILL FUNNY 😄 😂🤣👍❤️ !!!!! .

  • Adan Lehner
    Adan Lehner Day ago

    that guy playing Tom Hanks

  • Callie Oxendine
    Callie Oxendine 2 days ago

    Are all the contestsants real celebrity impersonations? If so then there are ALOT of celebrities that I know nothing about.

  • April Br
    April Br 2 days ago

    But I want a pickle lmlao

  • Binford8100
    Binford8100 2 days ago

    Trebek, suck it long and suck it haaarrrd...

  • i Marven
    i Marven 2 days ago

    - we can’t keep playing if you don’t let go of the pickle.
    - that’s what your mother said last night.

  • Mumble rock land
    Mumble rock land 2 days ago

    I like this one, i remembered it yesterday and they recommended it today, thanks.

  • Steve Taylor
    Steve Taylor 3 days ago

    F*ckn funniest of all time.....
    Pat Morita..... LMMFAO

    • Steve Taylor
      Steve Taylor 3 days ago

      Where the fuck did Burt Reynolds go

  • nokie bokie
    nokie bokie 3 days ago

    This is like being a teacher.

  • Trent Robey
    Trent Robey 3 days ago

    Why would they knock Tom hanks

  • Daryl Dan
    Daryl Dan 3 days ago

    Tom Hanks sucks!

  • Alicia Millett
    Alicia Millett 3 days ago

    This ain't a comedian show

  • Alicia Millett
    Alicia Millett 3 days ago


  • Nicholas Cultrara
    Nicholas Cultrara 3 days ago +4

    I've noticed that Potent Potables is the one recurring category in all of these sketches. Am I missing something?

    AGGROBERLIN615 4 days ago

    Kristen Wiig is not funny at all

  • Douglas Larson
    Douglas Larson 4 days ago

    Unfunny smut

  • Basic Coding With Adam

    5:45 that’s such a first world problem. Lol

  • norwich37
    norwich37 4 days ago

    This is piss poor comedy

  • Madrrrrrrrrrrr
    Madrrrrrrrrrrr 4 days ago +17

    Norm’s idea! Wished there was an episode with him as Burt and the real Burt though.

    • disaster
      disaster Day ago +1

      My name is earl little chubby in episode 2 balls one strike is the exact character even played by norm McDonald

  • oldrrocr
    oldrrocr 4 days ago +1

    Lorne! You need to rehire whoever wrote this skit.

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 5 days ago

    This is too damn funny!

  • Dave Jansen
    Dave Jansen 5 days ago

    When SLN was actually funny.

  • MintArcade
    MintArcade 5 days ago +3

    Kristen Wiig is a real gem when it comes to improv :D

  • Kel Green
    Kel Green 6 days ago

    Why do they KEEP letting Connery on here when they know he's going to be crazy? I think they want to fail! 😜 These are so very crazy.👄

  • Haz Mat
    Haz Mat 6 days ago

    4:20 😁

  • Moe Guzman
    Moe Guzman 6 days ago

    I freaking love Tom Hanks yo !

  • bilbo baggins
    bilbo baggins 6 days ago +1

    Tom hanks is so funny!

  • Devin Holmes
    Devin Holmes 6 days ago

    6:20 Englishman, Irishman, Scotsman, Frenchman... these are all fine. Chinaman? Nope. It is offensive to be from China somehow. You suck Trebek!

  • Serious Shit
    Serious Shit 6 days ago

    always wanted to hit kathie lee with a crow bar

  • Mike F
    Mike F 7 days ago

    Too bad for a show that’s been on for like 30+years that Celebrity Jeopardy is the only good skit they ever did.

  • littlegoatgt
    littlegoatgt 7 days ago

    thumb down for ads. always

  • Bill Shuba
    Bill Shuba 8 days ago

    HANKS 2020

  • Absolutely godless
    Absolutely godless 8 days ago

    still waiting for Will Ferrell to be funny one time

  • Ramsay Bolton
    Ramsay Bolton 9 days ago

    Looking for penis mightier

  • Adrienne Flowers
    Adrienne Flowers 9 days ago

    Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • USNStalion
    USNStalion 9 days ago

    Lol people say Mad TV was better yes it was but some SNL skits like this one was better than a lot of Mad TV skits. I like them both. IDK how Will Ferrell can keep a straight face while doing this

  • Mjolnirs Power
    Mjolnirs Power 10 days ago

    Will- "Tom let's just go with you."
    Tom- "Well where are we going?"
    How am I like the only person who Laughs my Fuckin Ass off at that shit? I would've lost it in the audience.

  • The Great White Snark
    The Great White Snark 11 days ago

    Poor kristen. The absolute least funny.

  • Tapo EMT
    Tapo EMT 11 days ago

    Listen to those liberals cheer Presidents catagory.. smh

  • alert awareness
    alert awareness 11 days ago

    has will ferrell ever been funny???

  • Bryan Bokser
    Bryan Bokser 11 days ago

    C"catch the semen"

  • Daniel Baum
    Daniel Baum 12 days ago

    This is so weak. Too obvious, too American. Very disappointing!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 12 days ago

    Tom Hanks sucks

  • Austin Texas
    Austin Texas 14 days ago +21

    Never ever ever will these skits get old. I still laugh so hard every time I watch them. Oh my God, they are so hilarious.

  • Dwayne Anthony Gaither

    How did they get Kathy Lee Gifford on Saturday Night live to play herself? Awesome

  • Corbin Dallas
    Corbin Dallas 17 days ago +4

    Maybe the funniest SNL sketch ever mostly thanks to Tom Hanks! Lol

  • LegitLVBrony 2592
    LegitLVBrony 2592 17 days ago +21

    Tom Hanks is such an amazing actor. He actually has me believing that he's this dumb!! Props to you, sir!

  • Mason Horsley
    Mason Horsley 18 days ago +2


    Alex Trebeks mother: We can't keep playing if you don't let go of the pickle.


  • Shane G
    Shane G 19 days ago

    Wow, not cool today. Funny then, but not today.

  • DatBoiWiffDaChannel
    DatBoiWiffDaChannel 19 days ago +2

    take that you poltroon! - Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery

  • Denise Spurlock
    Denise Spurlock 19 days ago +2

    Tom Hanks for President 2020!

  • Bryan Bokser
    Bryan Bokser 20 days ago +4

    "Catch the semen" omg im dying

  • Tb Thomas
    Tb Thomas 21 day ago

    This is pathetic. They've outsourced the comments.

  • Net_dobra 187
    Net_dobra 187 21 day ago


  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop 22 days ago

    Catch the semen lol

  • Kenneth Connors
    Kenneth Connors 22 days ago

    when snl was funny now it sucks

  • Armando Broncas
    Armando Broncas 22 days ago

    4:25 😂😂😂

  • Sugar Wolf
    Sugar Wolf 22 days ago +2

    This is an excellent example of Tom Hanks' acting potential

  • Dan Paytas
    Dan Paytas 23 days ago +7

    How Will Ferrel can keep a completely straight face for these skits is absolutely astonishing.

  • snakechrmr
    snakechrmr 23 days ago

    Back when SNL was still funny.

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 24 days ago +4

    “I Turned Out Your Mother Last Night..”

  • Dean Smith
    Dean Smith 24 days ago +1


  • Sheeple Slayer
    Sheeple Slayer 25 days ago +3

    That sprint ad I was forced to watch, made me not want to switch to sprint.
    Can you hear me now?

  • 0407jsmith
    0407jsmith 25 days ago

    I only wish you the best. My Canadian brother.

  • 0407jsmith
    0407jsmith 25 days ago +1

    God’s Speed Trebek! Ah!

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 26 days ago +1

    I wanted these to go on forever I love the Sean Connery character so much

  • Steve_ En
    Steve_ En 27 days ago +1

    Who did connerys hair and makeup for this one? It’s fucking awful

  • Samuel Alexander
    Samuel Alexander 27 days ago +1

    Kristen Wiig is Terrible

  • rjsieboldtable
    rjsieboldtable 27 days ago

    Wouldnt Sean Connery be in 1st?

  • jetblacksaint
    jetblacksaint 28 days ago +1

    Hanks stole the show on this one

  • rtyuik7
    rtyuik7 28 days ago

    so in SNL Jeopardy rules, -22,000 is somehow Higher than -69...?

  • Nononom12
    Nononom12 28 days ago

    This video has something inside it. Anyone notice at 4:02 the frame changes

  • Thrust Johnson
    Thrust Johnson 29 days ago +1

    Kristen Wiig is terrible.

  • pleox
    pleox 29 days ago

    4:01 anyone else go back to this to make sure nothing was wrong with their pc?

  • JCSU
    JCSU Month ago

    Back before they werent openly communists

  • bossfan49
    bossfan49 Month ago

    Tom Hanks "syphilis". Throwback to Aerosmith's roadie on Wayne's World!! Love it!!!!

  • Phillip Ozia
    Phillip Ozia Month ago

    Sean Connery is hilarious

  • Trevor De La Rosa
    Trevor De La Rosa Month ago

    I've seen this video so many damn times and I just now caught that lady in the pink called will Ferrell treebark 😂😂😂

  • alucardfu2
    alucardfu2 Month ago +4

    4:26 *Sean Connery: I'll take Catch The Semen for 800..*
    5:17 *We can't keep playing if you don't let go of the pickle, That's what you're mother said last night!*

    KINGSMOMS AWESOME Month ago +3

    Sean Connery is the best !!!🤣😆😆🤣

  • Король лев Production

    "No one can't help Tom Hanks?"
    * i try to jump into the screen *

  • Chan B
    Chan B Month ago +1

    6:02 Burt Reynolds

  • LaGuerre19
    LaGuerre19 Month ago

    Kam Fong as Chin Ho, lmao

  • Chan B
    Chan B Month ago

    4:26 I'll take CATCH THE SEMEN for 800

  • Brian Landry
    Brian Landry Month ago +4

    catch the semen...makes me laugh out loud for the umpteenth time.

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts Month ago

    Catch the semen, Apetit, anal bum cover and a host of other funny liners by Sean and Turd

  • Andrew Roberts
    Andrew Roberts Month ago


  • 80's Girl
    80's Girl Month ago

    “This is the only state ending in Hampshire ...”

  • Ryan Sparks
    Ryan Sparks Month ago

    Anyone else catch the "sibilance" at 8:08? SNL easter egg.

  • Hey Dude!
    Hey Dude! Month ago

    4:37 will ferrel face haha

  • Wbbrigham
    Wbbrigham Month ago +2

    Yes it’s actually quite popular... and Tom Hanks is stuck in a dry cleaning bag
    Cuts to Tom flailing around in plastic
    Can someone help him? No. Ok

  • Prennt57 G
    Prennt57 G Month ago +16

    Having -69 to start would put Sean in first place....

    • verde
      verde 24 days ago +1

      they also literally said that wasn't his score

  • Ganiscol
    Ganiscol Month ago +8

    Oh fu..... hell! Sean Connery is killing me! 😂🤣😂 I'm dehydrating!