Random Staking talk about PIVX EmberCoin XGOX

  • Опубликовано: 21 окт 2017
  • Just some random crypto talk on what's going on in my cryptosphere.
    Coins talked about:
    xGOx (Joystick Coin ICO)
    3% off Genesis Mining Discount code: mfbMN0
    My addresses:
    B3 SN5iu5u8xvUKh94TPuWDBECSKueu1qE814
    Ember eDCJSwKKXZppp7Haf4TJfKu6AjesmPxaiB
    BTC 1BN6V8JXLYVhy2MkpZcpuNhWNixfe54yPa
    PIVX DSRG5pts3GfYbk26WdbtrFkiQwuu2y2n5P
    BitBean 2GSncgUyHiGDsT7Z13A5pa5uB7MA2qHpP4

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  • Layna Latham
    Layna Latham Год назад


  • Layna Latham
    Layna Latham Год назад

    And also tell adrill I said ha ha

  • Layna Latham
    Layna Latham Год назад

    And tell aunt Laurie that I love her and I said I said hi

  • Layna Latham
    Layna Latham Год назад

    Hey uncle Vince can you tell Matty I said hi this is Layna

    • NTKcrypto.News
      NTKcrypto.News  Год назад

      Layna Latham hey there! Mat says hello, I’ll tell Lori when she gets home.

  • MrHarrilasagna
    MrHarrilasagna Год назад

    Nice shout out to Andrew and the ember community. We're only a few months into a 2 year plan. People need reminding that this is just the beginning.

  • Spooling
    Spooling Год назад

    looks like you need an alignment

  • C 4
    C 4 Год назад

    Appreciate your videos brother! Keep 'em coming!