2019 BMW M5 vs Alpina B5 Jeremy Clarkson Reviews

  • Published on Feb 27, 2019

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  • Sanghoon Lee
    Sanghoon Lee 16 hours ago

    Alpina wheels are just exquisite. M wheels of the last 6 or 7 years have been ghastly.

  • Matty313
    Matty313 Month ago

    Finally an M car with awd 😍🔥
    Edit @4:05 😂👏👏 well said sir
    Which one is quicker 0-60? more than likely doing traffic light rips with a buddy than hitting laps at a local track

  • oily lampman
    oily lampman Month ago

    bought one, very fast! left a lot of boy racers miles behind ,very happy with that, wonderful car to drive. BUT ....after a few months l looked at it and thought.....wish i had bought a car with looks! max speed is 70 mph. yes acceleration is great and very handy. But in a traffic jam the m5 is such a boring looking four seat saloon car. sold it . may buy a lotus, maser or ?.

    • Lewis Dyson
      Lewis Dyson 17 days ago

      Ali Ahmadi I love it

    • Ali Ahmadi
      Ali Ahmadi 17 days ago

      @Lewis Dyson the new 8 series looks terrible

    • Lewis Dyson
      Lewis Dyson Month ago

      Go for an 840i with the v8

  • BPW PSU317
    BPW PSU317 Month ago

    Clarkson is the 🐐

    • Dougie
      Dougie 24 days ago

      Harris takes the top spot Im sorry.

  • abdalhady Sharif Alajaje

    Clarckson is the God of reviews

  • 0brand 0brand
    0brand 0brand Month ago +5

    What a wonderful dilemma some people will have. Me? I'd go Alpina but the Touring so that I can never regret the decision.

  • MIchael Krzyzak
    MIchael Krzyzak 2 months ago +1

    What watch is clarkson wearing



    • FINX W
      FINX W Month ago

      Stfu man

    • Medjed
      Medjed 2 months ago

      MR TRUMP MR FARAGE MR JOHNSON Why do i have a feeling that you are luying,you are a kind of guy who drives Nissan Juke and tells everyone that their cars are slow 😂

  • Sven J
    Sven J 2 months ago +5

    The two best cars on this planet in a video with JC. That it`s for me. No reason anyomore to see another youtube vid.

  • S M A R
    S M A R 2 months ago +28

    The M5 isn’t cheap.

    • Kyle Angeles
      Kyle Angeles 2 months ago

      Yeah I know the m5 competition is $130,000 us and the Alpina b6 is around $120-$130,000 us

  • محمد النعماني
    محمد النعماني 2 months ago +1

    BMW m5 😍😍

  • Mo David
    Mo David 2 months ago

    Amg will wipe the m5

    • Russian Badass
      Russian Badass 9 days ago

      Amg fanboy

    • D
      D 2 months ago +1

      @Mo David I did.

    • Mo David
      Mo David 2 months ago

      Do the maths mate

    • D
      D 2 months ago +1

      Yeah sure...

  • Mo David
    Mo David 2 months ago

    E63 is king

  • john smith
    john smith 2 months ago

    Id still take the "amg training shoe"
    Much more character
    Bmw is boring

  • Sary Heman
    Sary Heman 2 months ago

    The M5 DRIVER like a built, watch this ru-clip.com/video/mPD0SkFz4Bw/video.html,

  • Sarkozy
    Sarkozy 3 months ago +1

    the target alpina buyer just goes ahead & buys an
    e220 d / s500 instead

  • Vela van laack
    Vela van laack 3 months ago +1

    Clarkson is one and only car journalist

  • Shook One
    Shook One 3 months ago +34

    Try as they might, the BBC will never replace these guys...never.

    • jim mick
      jim mick 14 days ago

      @Shook One maybe in your own eyes. I for 1 think Clarkson is a complete bellend.

    • Shook One
      Shook One 14 days ago

      jim mick they’ve tried. They’ve failed.

    • jim mick
      jim mick 14 days ago

      They allready have replaced them.

    • Sean Moore
      Sean Moore 16 days ago


    • Nhlanhla gaseitsiwe
      Nhlanhla gaseitsiwe 22 days ago

      Chris Harris is doing an amazing job

  • Sebastian R.
    Sebastian R. 3 months ago +71

    "The cheap, heavy, 4 door saloon, just beat the sportscar... That's an M5's job..."

    • S. G.
      S. G. 4 days ago

      Cheaper relative to the AMG GT which starts at £118,000

    • Nazim A.
      Nazim A. 6 days ago

      @SebastianR , you would say it is cheap cause definitely you cant afford one

    • Russian Badass
      Russian Badass 9 days ago

      Lol if it's "cheap" I'd get one right now

  • Maks Boetefuer
    Maks Boetefuer 3 months ago

    Proud to be German

  • alphabetaxenonzzzcat
    alphabetaxenonzzzcat 4 months ago +2

    I think making the new BMW M5 4 wheel drive is perhaps a mistake. It needs to be a pure rear wheel drive car.
    Alpina is a bit of a cult brand, but they do make some excellent cars.

  • Lucky Albanoti
    Lucky Albanoti 4 months ago +1

    They lost two world wars, but their engineering will always win.

  • Lucky Albanoti
    Lucky Albanoti 4 months ago +13

    Jeremy hates superior german engineering, but he can't help admire it.

    • john smith
      john smith Month ago +4

      Lot of it is sarcasm he really loves german cars

  • Hidajet Kovačević
    Hidajet Kovačević 4 months ago

    Don't look If y don't have 5 $ to send 40580097000 unicredit bank then send 20.000$ for m5 e 60 💙💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • KartSport_Nico
    KartSport_Nico 4 months ago +1

    Mein Papa hat nen b10 3.3 alpina und wir haben heute nen c63 amg easy zerstört

  • oxid alpha
    oxid alpha 4 months ago +31

    Alpina isnt a tuner alpina is a car company

    • Denzi DK
      Denzi DK Day ago

      @Markulator Sweet as you become insulting, but good to know that you don't get what philosophy Alpina has. Then Alpina is just a tuner for you although it is not.

    • Markulator
      Markulator Day ago

      Denzi DK I know everything that you have told me already. You just don’t want to listen. I don’t care about a plaque or a vin number, in essence what car is an Alpina? It is a BMW with changed characteristics. I can go and buy a VW right now, modify it and call it whatever, still remains a VW in essence. If you still disagree with me, then there is nothing that I can do that will convince you, so just mind your own business you Alpina loving bastards.

    • Denzi DK
      Denzi DK Day ago

      @Markulator Alpina does not tune or copy BMWs. The engineering and the production of high-end automobiles based on BMW models is the core of our business. Every year, between 1,200 and 1,700 automobiles leave the manufacturing plant, destined for the whole world. Every single BMW ALPINA is fitted with its individual production plaque in the interior along with an ALPINA specific VIN, which classifies the car as a product made by an officially registered automotive manufacturer.

    • Markulator
      Markulator Day ago

      Denzi DK OK. It's a car brand that either, copies BMWs, or they tune BMWs.

    • Denzi DK
      Denzi DK Day ago

      @Markulator Alpina is not a Tuner thats a carbrand.

  • Jon Godfrey
    Jon Godfrey 4 months ago

    The Alpina was 1.6 seconds slower... I appreciate in motorsport that's the difference between winning and losing but, otherwise, if you actually give a flying fuck, you need to rethink your life.

  • Steve Birmingham
    Steve Birmingham 4 months ago +49

    Alpina every time no question, Alpina are just pure class

  • baterie srl
    baterie srl 4 months ago

    did they use NFS underground effects on this presentation or is just me ???

  • Keegan b
    Keegan b 4 months ago

    The bmw m5 competition is my dream car what about you

  • Nabirun Muntakim Chowdhury

    That glide at 6.46 😍

  • fizywig
    fizywig 4 months ago +1

    The f10 M5 competition would have crept up to 1 to 2 srconds behind the f90 m5 performance,

  • Jeruelle Apigo
    Jeruelle Apigo 4 months ago +2

    Some Say, that she used to be a boy, and that she drinks baby’s milk. All we know is, she’s called Abbie Eaton

  • Yusuf K
    Yusuf K 4 months ago

    The only car I can trick my parents into getting when I’m 17. It doesn’t look fast, it’s a sleeper of a car.

  • drifty Boiii_458
    drifty Boiii_458 4 months ago +1

    M5 vs Prius

  • Rachid Saidani
    Rachid Saidani 5 months ago +1

    Tatmanyak bina ya zabi mercedes ga3 marahch maksirili

  • Anymation
    Anymation 5 months ago +155

    Clarkson is actually one hell of a driver

    • Sansat Epki
      Sansat Epki 10 days ago

      He once did drift while reading a book. Not long ago :)

    • B.Eduardo
      B.Eduardo 28 days ago

      @Refiloe he does yes, but only because Jeremy doesn't have time to do it all for the camera, he can in-fact drift quite well. But yes Chris Harris is a step above, love his reviews of old 80-90s m cars

    • Mart Getliffe
      Mart Getliffe 2 months ago

      @Anymation I don’t think he’s always been that way.......it’s come over the years........he is good though......Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire...

    • Mart Getliffe
      Mart Getliffe 2 months ago

      I don’t think he’s always been that way.......it’s come over the years........he is good though......Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire...

    • Refiloe
      Refiloe 4 months ago +3

      @Mr. Kohy In his prime perhaps, yes. However, all his shots are taken from just straight line driving of just taking a normal turn. There are no shots of him performing the drifts from inside the car. If you watch any Chris Harris vids you will know what I'm talking about

  • Malte Laurids Brigge
    Malte Laurids Brigge 5 months ago +10

    That AMG GT is an amazing car - with an appalling driver it seemed.

    • Malte Laurids Brigge
      Malte Laurids Brigge 2 months ago

      ​@Andrew I have thousands of cars now, all the same, a rather hideous two-tone, but I have a driver waiting in each one. It's a good deal, though, I just call up the nearest one and pay for my time being driven from place to place each time. Haha
      I actually live in a country now where the tax on new cars is roughly 250%, and very few old cars due to history getting in the way. Plus no roads worth driving at speed unless a form of dental repair. Sadly, I am thus carless. If I do get something it will have to lean more toward comfort than the zippy little yellow SWB 250 of my dreams.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 months ago

      Malte Laurids Brigge very nice what have you got now

    • Malte Laurids Brigge
      Malte Laurids Brigge 2 months ago

      @Andrew I fully agree, I've always felt nothing for them - except this one. I'd love to own this car. A wicked motor, great on most points - and the 1/4 view is gorgeous.

    • Andrew
      Andrew 2 months ago +3

      Malte Laurids Brigge Mercs are not drivers cars

  • _MPOWER_
    _MPOWER_ 5 months ago +1

    1 like just for the bmw and not for this 3 English idiots ....

  • Lexx1976
    Lexx1976 6 months ago

    Alpina is a car manufacturer (in the registration papers it says "ALPINA" not BMW) not a tuning company.

  • Ali
    Ali 6 months ago +2

    How is this 2019 when he has been sacked from the show? Lol

    • aceysaid10percent
      aceysaid10percent 2 months ago

      @MG read that in mad max voice :))

    • Ali
      Ali 4 months ago

      Le Bös oh right I don’t watch that shit

    • MG
      MG 4 months ago +1

      Ali mmmmmmm that’s bait

    • aljohn tabion
      aljohn tabion 6 months ago +16

      Dumbest comment i have seen

  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao 6 months ago

    M5 always beter than an Alpina

  • Carlos Brazao
    Carlos Brazao 6 months ago +13

    Golden shower aroma :-)

    DADDY BUSA 6 months ago +17

    Faster than GT3 RS And skyline GTR ? Damnn in damp??

  • Tetta Zwo
    Tetta Zwo 6 months ago +14

    "...a golden shower of fiery aromas..."

    SPENCER DID IT 6 months ago +1

    3 idiots who dont realise they dont matter anymore

    • Legolas
      Legolas 6 months ago +4

      Well the views don't seem to show that!

  • andgate2000
    andgate2000 6 months ago +9

    Alpina please....I like my fillings to stay where they are.

  • Harto Siahaan
    Harto Siahaan 6 months ago +12

    7:55 beautiful

    • Raja S
      Raja S 6 months ago +2

      yes soo good

  • Tex
    Tex 6 months ago +3

    I like everything about the M5 except the exterior 😂

    • Raja S
      Raja S 6 months ago

      for a four door, 2 ton super saloon, which can fit 5 adults, with a huge 4.4 lt v8 in the front, luggage in the boot and keep up with supercars... it looks fuckin amazing..

  • Kingwavy86
    Kingwavy86 6 months ago +5

    I currently own a 2017 m5 and have been considering purchasing the new m6. I just love the new body style of the m5 four door sedan. It's so sexy

    • Adnan Ahmed
      Adnan Ahmed 6 months ago

      Kingwavy86 how is the reliability ?

  • Bryan Mitchell
    Bryan Mitchell 7 months ago +10


  • J Da
    J Da 7 months ago +3

    You want comfort get an Audi S8. M5 is for one thing.

  • Geeth San
    Geeth San 7 months ago +24

    I fell in love the B5 BiTurbo after this review so much that it's on my top fav list. God, I wish had the cash.

    • Dougie
      Dougie 24 days ago

      B5 Touring is the ultimate sleeper.

    • Raja S
      Raja S 6 months ago +1

      lol have you heard about the f90 m5 comp?

  • Ismail haouach
    Ismail haouach 7 months ago +14

    jeremy you the best😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Isam Hussain
    Isam Hussain 7 months ago +4

    Alpina is the reason Mercedes teamed up with AMG. They both have the same principles - to be a subtle smoother M car.

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt 5 months ago

      @D. B. Cooper but still anyways daimler and mercedes benz are pretty much the same so what's the point?

    • D. B. Cooper
      D. B. Cooper 5 months ago

      @1990Thunderbolt Daimler owns AMG now, they didn't use to though.
      BMW created BMW M.
      AMG is still a separate company following their own philosophy. Much like Alpina.
      That's why we have both Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG names

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt 5 months ago

      @D. B. Cooper i mean doesn't mercedes benz owns amg?

    • 1990Thunderbolt
      1990Thunderbolt 5 months ago

      @D. B. Cooper then what is m then?

    • D. B. Cooper
      D. B. Cooper 5 months ago

      @1990Thunderbolt No. Mercedes-AMG GmbH is its own company. Just like Alpina is to BMW.

  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 7 months ago +10

    For those of you who have never owned an M car before, let me tell you cannot use it for daily driving. It wears you out. My friends are in their late 20s and traded in their M3s for civilized, luxury barges such as the Audi S5. The cars are fine tuned for the race track - and everyday isnt a track day. The tires, suspension setup, and transmission are so harsh they rid of it and did not recommend.
    So, Alpina it is. You'll know.

    • Glenn McCormick
      Glenn McCormick 4 months ago +1

      I have a 2019 m5 and I can tell you it’s not uncomfortable I actually enjoy going on long drives with it

    • Fatah Nasreddine
      Fatah Nasreddine 7 months ago

      @Constantin Anton for sure

    • Constantin Anton
      Constantin Anton 7 months ago +3

      I was just thinking that especially for m5v10 and alpina b5s 4.4 I think the alpina is so much more better when it comes to reliability.

  • Goodfellaz BushCraft
    Goodfellaz BushCraft 7 months ago +1

    I prefer the f10 M5 looks

  • zaro327
    zaro327 7 months ago +1


  • kubarro
    kubarro 7 months ago +3

    Alpina is better overall but i'd take m5 for exterior design.

  • Audi a4/s4
    Audi a4/s4 7 months ago +1

    The Alpina is not a diesel ?! What's the point of it then. The Alpina cars must be the fastest cars that diesel can be, not a petrol alternative of the ordinary 5 series !!!