New Brain Computer interface technology | Steve Hoffman | TEDxCEIBS

  • Published on Aug 29, 2017
  • Brain Computer interface technology opens up a world of possibilities. We are on the cusp of this technology that is so powerful and has the potential to so radically transform our lives and existence! After starting three venture-funded startups in Silicon Valley, Steven Hoffman, known as Captial Hoff, launched Founders Space with the mission to educate and accelerate entrepreneurs and intrapreneur. Founder Space has become one of the top startup accelerators in the world with over 50 partners in 22 countries. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Jérôme Chauvet

    How to turn humans into dreaming vegetables.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers Day ago +1

    This technology could explain alot of these mass shootings. " you could be controlled and you wouldnt know".17:00

  • ivanbarbosa81
    ivanbarbosa81 2 days ago

    This sounds a little sci-fi yet

  • Skillz 78
    Skillz 78 2 days ago

    If you like to be controlled, then that's the pill for you. No, thank you. Your body dies but your brain lives due to a micro chip, no way. Sounds like a shadow of the mark of the beast. 👎😎

  • warren smith
    warren smith 2 days ago

    The end of the travel industry, schools, Universities...

  • John Paulos
    John Paulos 2 days ago

    Have several lives?, outofmemoryexception

  • John VW
    John VW 3 days ago +1

    A global body-less hive mind: the Singularity. Kiss your Self goodbye..

  • John VW
    John VW 3 days ago

    We have no idea "where we're going", we're just running as fast as we can and all we can see is possibilities. The future is never what it used to be.

  • John VW
    John VW 3 days ago

    "Old Brians" ??

  • Justin Hall
    Justin Hall 4 days ago

    What do you think manipulation is

  • Chris Roberts
    Chris Roberts 4 days ago +1

    They will never put the mark of the beast on my head or my arm this is crazy talk the end is near

  • G Savo From The South

    This guy seems to be looking forward to these ideas.

  • Orlando Is Not Blooming

    Alright, guys. Hit me up when ya'll wake up in a tube. I'll probably be right next door.

  • Polly Wog
    Polly Wog 5 days ago

    He thinks he's screaming now WAiT until he gets that chip in his head. Lol 🤣😂🤣😂

  • Matt Macintosh
    Matt Macintosh 5 days ago +2

    I want togo back to 80's now!

    • Polly Wog
      Polly Wog 5 days ago +1

      Ive been sayin the same thing the last 10-15 years lol 😂🤣

  • Cheryl Adamson
    Cheryl Adamson 6 days ago

    The sixth sense

  • Vissybabii
    Vissybabii 6 days ago


  • William Lagerström
    William Lagerström 7 days ago

    Lets say you download the experience of drugs... wouldnt you think of it in the same way as the person you downloaded it from? Not only could the admin control people easy, but people could also control people easy...

  • Balakrishna Prasad
    Balakrishna Prasad 8 days ago

    If any one connect brain to the internet what is the use of naturality .

  • Ju Drew
    Ju Drew 8 days ago

    what kind of jobs would there be if everyone has a brain chip

  • Beach Senpai
    Beach Senpai 9 days ago

    I lost it at the "Old Brians" on 1:30🤦‍♀️😂

  • Dread-Head Shinobi
    Dread-Head Shinobi 10 days ago

    Seems Like We Won’t Be Doing Much Of Anything In The Future...

  • Danielle Everhart
    Danielle Everhart 10 days ago

    This guy is Crazy!😲

  • David Camacho
    David Camacho 10 days ago +1

    Key words, if Elon Musk allowed you to. What about the people that are being experimented on with complete disregard to human rights. Sad this started off so shady to begin with. If only you knew!
    Follow Targeted Individuals plea for help and you'll see what I'm talking about.

  • Liviu Melioth
    Liviu Melioth 11 days ago

    Why is it that every time I think I am the only one dreaming this big and taking action towards making this future possible I find someone that is already implementing it? This feels so goddamn Truman-like...

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 11 days ago +1

    just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water...
    the insanity multiplies by a trillion

  • Brian Helmetag
    Brian Helmetag 13 days ago

    Old Brians

  • Wild Rose
    Wild Rose 15 days ago

    Sounds wonderful. All of humanity as one single robot hive mind. No individuality. No privacy. A world where nothing is sacred, not even your experiences or thoughts. He acts like you would have the choice to share your thoughts and experiences. Do you not think that this could be hacked by criminals just like everything else has been? Or your own government or other governments? Nobody should have this kind of power. They'd have access to your most intimate moments, all of your ideas, passwords, financial information. Basically everything you think about. This is beyond sick and this guy yells like he has zero social abilities. Maybe he has Asperger's or something. Sure acts like it.

  • Eric Padilla
    Eric Padilla 15 days ago

    connected to one another transfer thoughts weird jajaja they will never find nothing

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    Anh Crush Anh ex Wife

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    Like when they fools Anh!!!!and WHEN THEY look Anh being ASSASIN

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    U wake up...and they talk and CRY ALOOOT

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    U can feels they CRYING

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    Just ask Justin bui Yellowstars

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    Trust me!!!!! THEY HAVE THIS hi TECH

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    They can be USE 4 EDUCATED STATSPEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    U dont seE Bloomberg

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 17 days ago

    Who owns 🤖🗣️🗼💬

  • You_need_MONEY Money
    You_need_MONEY Money 18 days ago +1


  • SpicySpeed
    SpicySpeed 18 days ago

    Cyberpunk incoming

  • Renee Barnes
    Renee Barnes 19 days ago +2

    I like my thoughts and knowledge private.

  • joe morais
    joe morais 21 day ago

    Very exciting very dangerous - clearly no one is taking human traits and personalities into consideration - humans cannot be trusted so now we share ! BEWARE ......

  • Chetna Patel
    Chetna Patel 21 day ago

    What software was used?

  • micheal moiseiwitsch
    micheal moiseiwitsch 23 days ago +1

    It would be nice to just download a skill like linguistics and instantly be able to speak write and understand a specific language.
    If that becomes possible education will be obsolete.
    The question is what will happen to other parts of the brain will they become weak withering away due to lack of use. Brave new 🌎

  • Russell Khawlhring
    Russell Khawlhring 25 days ago +1

    Beta Male

  • Logan Cappo
    Logan Cappo 26 days ago +1

    Mark of the beast.

  • bSkwair
    bSkwair 26 days ago +2

    Catch phrases:

  • Isabelline Art
    Isabelline Art 26 days ago

    can a scientist put a chip in my brain so i never have to study again and can just google answers during tests?? that would be great

  • Phil Waddington
    Phil Waddington 27 days ago +1

    Connecting human beings to machines should be banned completely internationally and anyone doing it should receive the death penalty. This technology is dangerous and it is affecting world peace.

  • Raymond Lao
    Raymond Lao 27 days ago

    You can also hack other people then kill someone even you don't like.

  • Los Santos Police Departament

    we can hack humans now 😑

  • Rosebuds
    Rosebuds 29 days ago +1


  • Mather Focker
    Mather Focker 29 days ago

    If someone transfers a skydive memory, where they didn’t remember to put on a chute, (it happened) I wonder if you could die too?

  • boneman538
    boneman538 Month ago

    If the minds can access the internet, the internet can access the minds. Teaching rats at a distance via networking is cool, but all you need is one switch - called Order 66 - and bam...all the Jedi neurons die and you are effectively a hive mind for Big Corp. Oh, but just one more bite of the apple hyperboloid toroidal field of information? “You could be like God.”

    • Zosia
      Zosia 6 days ago

      You are absolutely right. This technology is a trap.

  • boneman538
    boneman538 Month ago

    1:24 Old Brians

    Stewie is among us

    ASH MAN Month ago

    sounds like jose delgadoe s dream work.

  • Алексей
    Алексей Month ago

    We will be a robot on Mars...
    With 8 days ping.

  • Jesús Mendoza
    Jesús Mendoza Month ago +1

    Brain talker=Control mental

  • AF Gacha [Gaming]
    AF Gacha [Gaming] Month ago +1

    we getting closer to SAO xD

  • K A
    K A Month ago

    What a manic psychotic wack job

  • Anas Mousa
    Anas Mousa Month ago

    Someone drank one too many red bulls before the presentation.

  • BoatPickers
    BoatPickers Month ago

    This is the end of the human race people... Wake up!

  • Rey Lumban
    Rey Lumban Month ago

    Scary world. Don't like the negativity of this technology.

  • Kinley Tenzin
    Kinley Tenzin Month ago

    Great movie script.

  • Jossy Mateo
    Jossy Mateo Month ago

    That’s what V2K gangstalking is

  • Jose Vega
    Jose Vega Month ago

    If the monkey can drive the wheel chair that means that if you put the chip on you too will driving the wheel chair that's amazing!

  • delon callender
    delon callender Month ago

    damn! i was thinking more personal brain enhancement chip. Not me and the world to share. My wife would kill me lol

  • Mick G.
    Mick G. Month ago

    WAY too irritating to listen too.

  • Hammond Denzel
    Hammond Denzel Month ago

    I wish I experienced the good old days and maybe died in the 90s. Heck even the 2000s were good. I don't wanna see the sci-fi become reality. It's too depressing.

  • Coyote
    Coyote Month ago +1

    This guy is actually WARNING everyone to stay away from this technology. Especially at the end. His warning is disguised as a promotion. But he is really telling everyone that this new technology is very dangerous, and we should STAY AWAY!

  • Lee Jennifer Corlew Ayres

    This whole idea is psychopathic. Obviously they are not planning on asking humankind if it wants this. Yes, this has been done before. God has way better technology. These technocrats are destroying humankind not helping it.

  • Wayne Richard
    Wayne Richard Month ago +2

    End times.

  • ujwal kumar
    ujwal kumar Month ago

    In which year it will be implemented

  • Ru mex
    Ru mex Month ago

    So Human being will be protoss from starcraft

  • Misty Beebe, Lewis, Frith

    No thanks

  • Fun Play
    Fun Play Month ago +1

    what's the purpose of this video, he didin't explain anything about every experiment didin't give a single detail and he just look like he's been drinking some alchool before standing right there. i thought this could give a picture about brain machine interface but it's just nonsense

  • K SA
    K SA Month ago +1

    The comments are the best part of this talk.

  • Elvis Ciprian
    Elvis Ciprian Month ago

    Awesome and 👁🤖✍️

  • Martian Moon
    Martian Moon Month ago +3


  • Mark Stephen
    Mark Stephen Month ago

    Can we make sure that all software interface technology for the public and for private is available to people who are 50 and older and are wearing readers lot of the interface technology with 20/20 vision at 50 the software font is too small in readers are required in private organization such as work or public policy to can we make sure that the interface window is available for a 50 year olds to the readers are not pulled out

  • Mustang Gt
    Mustang Gt Month ago

    who comes here after watching science fiction moviee

    KING.NOVICE 0NE Month ago

    The Mark of the beast 😳😨

  • high def
    high def 2 months ago

    You can so tell that he usually speaks in a room full of students, with no mic xD Love it!

  • Yogi Smarts
    Yogi Smarts 2 months ago

    What is wrong with you. Do you have no common sense!!! It's wrong to access other people.

  • Patryk Kuś
    Patryk Kuś 2 months ago

    MAKE IT LIKE SAO PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patryk Kuś
    Patryk Kuś 2 months ago +2

    The most inportand question...
    How much it will costs?

  • Mariah Quarles
    Mariah Quarles 2 months ago

    Finally!! VR is coming.

  • Woodie Edsel
    Woodie Edsel 2 months ago

    Everyone talks pros and never talks cons !

  • Woodie Edsel
    Woodie Edsel 2 months ago

    Sounds like to me someone is playing GOD ! 🤬

  • I am the one targeted to try and stop it

    So tell them to stop using it on human beings.this is harrassment and tourture of American people and a war crime.Blessings

    SUUPA 2 months ago

    There is the thing.. If Elon musk allows it... When Google allows it... Smart grid-like

    SUUPA 2 months ago

    He is so unlike able and it exhaust me to listen to him... Please calm down

  • Jay Muzquiz
    Jay Muzquiz 2 months ago

    I'm part of the old world, and I shall die with the old world. Have fun kids.

  • Daniel Farro
    Daniel Farro 2 months ago

    We need to start the RESISTANCE ALLIANCE!!!!!!!!!!! This is the demise of human existence.

  • My Tigers32
    My Tigers32 2 months ago

    *old brians*...?? Lol

  • samithedood
    samithedood 2 months ago

    *Bangs table 3 time* "Blood Alone moves the wheels of history!" - Dwight Schrutes speech.

  • VideoMasterSword
    VideoMasterSword 2 months ago

    who wants 100% no privacy

    in his matrix world

  • Thanh Dang
    Thanh Dang 2 months ago

    It's better if he puts the chip into his head to see how its amazing :)

  • Егор Суриков

    2019 why I still can’t communicate with my neighbors by my mind

  • jesus lopez
    jesus lopez 2 months ago

    They have already did it to almost everybody, they didnt even need a chip, but they certeainly use the electromagnetic frecuencies to code and decode neurosigns. We have to find a way to garantee the free will of the individuals.