Facebook Mom Groups Need to Stop

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
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  • loli89
    loli89 6 hours ago

    One word that derails most of the anti vax points, proof? Just say that and they will go on a tangent.

  • Kimmie Ann
    Kimmie Ann 9 hours ago

    I've lived with chronic autoimmune illnesses & issues for 20yrs. I put all my faith in the Drs in the beginning, & ended up doing experimental traumatic treatments that made me worse. Certain Drs/surgeons absolutely have God complexes, & have said i didn't want to get better when certain things didn't work. It was a number of reasons- there were a few underlying issues that contradicted the treatment, my body responded differently than others, + I didn't know the damaging effects depression had in my body. Since my biggest complaints are women's diseases/conditions, I've also had many men Drs tell me it couldn't possibly be as bad as I said.
    It's been 20yrs, and I've been thru it all. I'm not saying I know everything, but I'm pretty experienced w my body & symptoms, as well as a ton of research hours. I'm not saying me VS doctors, & only I'm right. I'm saying that we have to work together, not get our info from Facebook, & treat the whole person

  • MagnetoDorito
    MagnetoDorito 2 days ago

    Mom groups need to be stopped

  • Lily Buchanan
    Lily Buchanan 3 days ago

    1:29 "I brought you frankincense."
    "Thank you."
    "And I brought you myrrh... myrrh-dur!"
    "Judas, no!"

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 3 days ago

    A lot of those anti vaccine, anti big pharma parents are also the parents we see demanding antibiotics for their kid’s “fever” of 99.3 or colds. Most cherry pick and choose when they want to use western medicine.

  • MrMaelstorm
    MrMaelstorm 3 days ago

    Poor kids. Their moms didn't get enough sense slapped into them.

  • angie alvarez
    angie alvarez 4 days ago

    As someone who had a C-section baby, it’s true that when you have a baby through a C-section, they do miss out on a lot of microbes that grow in the vaginal canal, that are very important bacteria for your baby to be exposed to. However, your baby gets a lot of these microbes through breastfeeding anyway, so it isn’t overall an issue. I definitely don’t recommend putting your vag juice all over your baby’s face, especially because most of the “microbes“ are in your higher cervix/birthing canal, not just your regular old vagina.

  • wyrmofvt
    wyrmofvt 5 days ago

    10:45 Any influenza vaccine that a baby would get would be inactivated (ie, killed) or recombinant (ie, not actual virus). Any attenuated vaccine (ie, live, but weakened) would be when the child is a toddler or older. Also, even if it were live virus, that's a _very_ fast turnaround for catching it from the kid - you're pushing minimums at this point. So, coincidence.

  • Your Wayward Destiny

    I can't speak for the rest of the diseases presented, but no amount of vag goo is going to stop anyone from developing type 1 diabetes. If anything, the only thing you could do to prevent T1D is to just shut down the immune system since you can't stop how the immune system writes itself, it's either going to freak out and write a bad script or it won't. There's no lowering the odds of those genetics kicking in. If you have the genetics that say it's a possibility, maybe don't be so hot to have kids is also an option if you're that concerned with the possibility. Actually, if you want to wipe your coochie juices on your kid's face, probably just don't have kids regardless, you're fucking nuts.

  • James Skelton
    James Skelton 7 days ago

    2:28 how to properly season your baby

  • Ashley Galyean
    Ashley Galyean 7 days ago

    There actually bacteria the baby is exposed to during vaginal birth that they dont get during c section. This is good bateria. Theres not enough benefit gained to wipe your baby with cooter juice tho

  • Richie Brown
    Richie Brown 7 days ago

    But you can absorb acid through the skin

  • Richie Brown
    Richie Brown 7 days ago +1

    @ 0:18 say it with me(or not)this is a load of Bullshiiiiiiiïiîíiìii!iit

  • GerwantPlayGames
    GerwantPlayGames 7 days ago

    Blair, actually we DO absorb stuff through the skin. That's why for instance if you rub a creme or simply wash your hands, the skin becomes hydrated -.-
    ALSO I've heard somethin' about this mother in the last post was mentioning, and as far as I've heard, is that inside your womb, the baby is more or less sterile, and during the birth, some of the bacteria from your skin are spread to it's skin. The same bacteria we all have, but the freshly born baby does not because it's exposed to them only during and after birth. AND babies that were born by C-section are pretty much bypassing the stage when they are initially exposed to the bacteria that are supposed to live on your skin. Even through it might seem nuts, this plays some role in immune system development, or somethin'. Kurzgesagt - In A Nutshell made a video where they mentioned it. I think it might've been mentioned in either one of their immune systems video, or gut microbiome video. I'd recommend it to you.

  • lazy speedster
    lazy speedster 8 days ago

    2:35 lookin like a whole-ass rotisserie chicken

  • KT 218
    KT 218 9 days ago

    We need to start a gofundme to make a big enough button to FINALLY cancel cancer. Who knew it could be so easy!

  • Im Sketchy
    Im Sketchy 9 days ago

    God the "two drops of essential oils will prevent cancer" so much.
    Cancer isn't a fucking joke. It isn't a 24 hour things or just the sniffles. My grandad died of cancer a few weeks ago and these posts just really piss me off.
    Sorry for the mini rant, lol

  • ShawnDarkfire500
    ShawnDarkfire500 9 days ago

    11:30 I bet that if you ask the dad, he was up at two changing foil diapers, feeding the infant, cleaning up, dealing with Tantrums, all so the mother could have some sleep.

  • Cleve_rLamb
    Cleve_rLamb 10 days ago

    You do absorb things thru the skin the
    Otherwise why would literally any topical treatment or like..lotion or face cream...exist?
    Idk abt this "vaginal seeding" shit but girl..."we dont absorb things through the skin" lmao

  • kailani yates
    kailani yates 11 days ago

    When I was giving birth to my only child, I was having a difficult time and my sister kept saying how she didn't understand why because she had no trouble giving birth to her 5 kids. I actually turned to her and said, "Are you seriously criticizing me now? STFU!"
    The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and I was in the middle of a full blown panic attack. I would have happily strangled her if I could have.
    No one will ever read this but it feels good to vent.

  • Samantha L
    Samantha L 11 days ago

    This comment is so very late, but....the supplement industry is on track to make more money than pharma in the next ten years...so you gotta wonder who is behind Big Sups.

  • zac Tyrrell
    zac Tyrrell 12 days ago

    Wonder what anti vaxxers think about all the children they killed in Samoa

  • Dnote147
    Dnote147 12 days ago +1

    "My friend's 3 year old who is unvaccinated was just diagnosed with autism! How is this possible?!"
    ....Because vaccines don't cause autism. What a shock!

  • Gia Monic
    Gia Monic 12 days ago

    What stage of terminal brain rot do you have to have to immediately jump to "did the baby get vaccines" in response to hearing about someone's baby literally dying

  • Amateur Tailoring
    Amateur Tailoring 12 days ago

    What I find most disturbing is that the antivaxx movement was caused by one paper.
    Written by a doctor who was being funded by people saying "we think vaccines are damaging, can you prove it?" And you're not exactly going to bite the hand that funds you, right? So this doctor (Andrew Wakefield) does all this shit, manages to put his paper in the Lancet without it being peer-reviewed. And the press went NUTS over it.
    By the time the paper was removed because there were several unethical things in it, it was too late.

  • DaughterOfLilith08
    DaughterOfLilith08 12 days ago

    You do absorb things through the skin. Just one example is topical testosterone for men who have lower than normal T levels.

  • Sera the Educated Feline

    I’m pretty sure elderberries are toxic when eaten raw...

  • Klayton Adcock
    Klayton Adcock 13 days ago

    eh, love your stuff, but um you do absorbe stuff in skin. not like anti vaxxer level of absorbency, but you do. and the vaginal fluid thing is immediately after birth. it's a real and proven thing. i feel you might be a little ill informed, but then again baby science is fucking crazy lol

  • Dean Sims
    Dean Sims 13 days ago

    If ya wanna be mad at "Big Pharma", be mad they over charge for medications not that they provide life saving vaccines for your little heathen, Karen.

  • Kyle Ross
    Kyle Ross 13 days ago

    At 14:14 I'm gonna have to disagree, humans can absorb things through our skin. I learned in a level 3 college engineering course (in the UK) that there are three ways that a hazardous chemical or substance can enter the body: 1.Inhalation 2. Ingestion and/or 3. Absorption through the skin; this is why when working with potentially harmful substances one's protective equipment should always include gloves (latex or otherwise) and long, decently thick sleeves to protect arms. Other than that you're correct in saying this post is gross and ridiculous, keep up the good content.

  • Brittney Zarwel
    Brittney Zarwel 13 days ago

    As a mother of a GERD baby I do have to say that there are docs with God complexes. It's not intentionally harming the child but lots of peds and GIs don't take infant GERD seriously and just tell you to let them outgrow it. But severe GERD can cause a lot of pain and issues and can take more than a few months to outgrow. And lots of doctors are not open to parents doing their own research or asking for specific treatment they'd like to try (like special formulas, using medication, swallow study) and instead tell parents it's not that serious. I'm not a crunchy mom and I vaccinate but I have experienced less than sufficient treatment for my daughter's silent reflux. In doing research into it I found that my daughter didn't get better because the dose of medication was too low. I increased it after more than a month of worsening symptoms, dosing using otc ppi meds, and told her ped. She wasn't a fan but didn't tell me to stop. We later found a new ped who agreed babies metabolize PPIs 3x faster than adults and many need higher more frequent doses. He has always been supportive and let me lead the way when it comes to her reflux and food intolerances. He's always impressed with how wrll she's grown and how she is doing. Not all doctors are created equal and some can be more egotistical and set in their ways than others. I haven't experienced that first hand but know of those who have been told that babies cry and their baby just has colic... Colic isn't a diagnosis. There are absolutely times parents need to research and advocate for their babies and find a doctor who will listen and not make assumptions. Just because reflux is common in infants doesn't mean it's not serious. I know of 2 moms w GERD babies who were sent home on low ppi dosing and later died as a result. It's deemed a result of SIDS and not reflux but the cause of SIDS is essentially unknown so when taken into account with severe GERD and babies who stop breathing as a result I think untreated severe GERD comes at a high risk. Lots of first time moms get brushed off when worried about their baby's feeding sleeping non stop screaming.. and it's by doctors who insist it's normal and refuse to hear otherwise. If you have a doctor like that then you need a new one. Your doctor should work with you as a team and not as someone who tells you what is BEST. Unfortunately many tell moms to stop nursing because they don't know enough about it and allergies and why formulas aren't always the answer.
    I was told to eliminate dairy while my daughter was in the NICU and to not give her Breastmilk for a few days (to see if removing dairy would help her tummy) while they continued to give her dairy based formula... That makes zero sense and this is the same kind of nonsensical advice reflux parents are given. Along with putting cereal in a baby's bottle to thicken it. That's actually quite dangerous and outdated advice but is such common advice that many older doctors will give because it's what they know. But it doesn't help reflux.

  • Jessie Y
    Jessie Y 14 days ago

    At 4:00 I find it funny that they think they can google it and know more that than the doctor because everything she will probably read will was written BY A DOCTOR

  • angel scheri
    angel scheri 14 days ago

    K the orphanage one made me laugh, but I dont have kids lmao

  • LichtdesMorgens
    LichtdesMorgens 14 days ago

    14:00 is actually correct. Being extracted directly from the womb instead of going through the birth canal makes you miss out on a great deal of bacteria that are crucial for your immune system. I don't know about the, smear it on your babys face, but the fact that the child needs the bacteria from the v-jayjay for a heatly immune system is true.

  • Next Stop- Everywhere
    Next Stop- Everywhere 14 days ago

    As far as I know the only risk a C baby MIGHT have is breathing/lung problems that are quickly fixed right there, as the baby hasn’t had all the fluids squeezed out of their lungs like they would have in a natural birth. Source- my sisters births (4 natural, 1 C)

  • Lord Krishna Stole My Heart

    As a mother, that last "seeding" thing is both horrific and stupid. Ya see, there's a clear fluid called colostrum that comes in before breast milk. THIS has been medically proven to contain antibodies from the mother to help baby's immune system develop healthily. I feel sorry for all the babies of nutjobs that haven't bothered to learn anything they should during pregnancy to actually help the baby.
    As for the black elderberry, it can be used to strengthen immunity but should be used in tandem with a flu shot. Now it CAN make viruses unable to reproduce if you take it at the onset of symptoms if your shot fails to protect you. Also note a flu shot can protect from multiple strains. Also I beg you if you have to go out while sick please keep your hands clean and wear a surgical mask. You can literally save someone's life!

  • Not Important
    Not Important 15 days ago

    what if there was a day where literally every emoji is changed to the syringe emoji

  • Hallows Synnh
    Hallows Synnh 15 days ago

    I had a Dr. Tell me to shut up and do as I'm told and to stop asking questions.
    Another Dr. Tried to switch my medication to another one and admitted he was getting a kick back after he argued for almost an hour and there was no reason to switch my medication.
    99% of all male Dr's I've had have done this shit.
    Also elderberries are really good for you.

  • Alex Golembeski
    Alex Golembeski 15 days ago

    Luckily this kind of stuff is going to go extict as more stupid and gullible parents keep killing their kids with home remedies and science denial...

  • Francesca Belle
    Francesca Belle 15 days ago

    I had guillian barre! It really is a very slight risk from flu shots, tho it can happen from a massive infection as well. The hospital thinks I was accidentally given two flu shots which triggered mine. Now I've had it, it's not safe for me to get flu shots as that can trigger a relapse. So please get your flu shots. I'm relying on hard immunity. And despite arguably actually being "vaccine injured" still very pro-vaccine.

  • Tilly Divine
    Tilly Divine 16 days ago

    The dermis (skin) is indeed the organ in your body which is most effective in delivering anything. This is why so many life saving medications are often topical creams. It is also why poisons and toxins such as snake venom can cause major injury of they come into contact with skin.

    I have no clue about the vaginal fluids claim, never having heard it anywhere and tbf it sounds creepy, weird and unhygienic but if you're going to base a video around the concept that you are a great deal more intelligent than the people you're critiquing, it might pay not to come out with a statement like "things are not absorbed through your skin" which is just massively fkn incorrect.

  • Patchwork
    Patchwork 16 days ago

    Is... Isn't that last one sexual abuse...?

  • Evan Fairbanks
    Evan Fairbanks 16 days ago

    s i l e n c e t h o t

  • Lauren
    Lauren 16 days ago

    My baby has had every vaccination and hes still kickin lmao

  • alycts
    alycts 17 days ago

    I got a relapse of the flu after i got my flu shot. I couldn't eat anything but ice. But I still am glad I got it because im building up my tolerance to it.

  • potato overlord
    potato overlord 17 days ago +1

    Looked like a Turkey bout to go in the oven

  • Jess you bitch
    Jess you bitch 17 days ago +1

    "Made in a lab/ not natural'' Um excuse me did you want it made in the middle of the forest with no way to control the environment idk like a lab?

  • JaggedBird
    JaggedBird 18 days ago

    This shit is awful...I know very few midwife treatments work such as 7up for helping when vomiting to keep sugar and salt balance good and baking soda with milk for trapped wind (yes these two work) Aside from common sense remedies? Insanity.

  • Ashley Patrick
    Ashley Patrick 18 days ago

    I wish I took time out of one of my busy days to get a flu shot because I got very sick. I even coughed up a bb sized ball of mucus. It also took 3 days for my fever to break. Long story short get a flu shot!

  • arxcylide
    arxcylide 18 days ago

    dihydrogen monoxide is so terrible for your health! in 2008-2020 it cause more than a million deaths,..this is terrible! the gov. is corrupting us!! no dihydrogen monoxide! no!!

    • arxcylide
      arxcylide 17 days ago


  • Miss Anthrope
    Miss Anthrope 18 days ago

    Mom of 7 here...we vaccine ALL of them and get our flu shots. We also all take Tamiflu if we get the flu. Soooooo....that bitch bragging about not doing 2 am feedings is starving her baby. New infants are supposed to eat often! So, yes sis, you're a shitty mom.

  • Melissa Spahr
    Melissa Spahr 18 days ago

    Babies are no exposed to all the hoohaa germs BUT in some cases I believe you get a c-section to protect the baby from the hoo haa germs.

  • Harper Hughes
    Harper Hughes 18 days ago

    Fun fact: Elderberries contain cyanide. Eating raw elderberries can lead to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
    While the amount of cyanide in elderberries is very small, so is the amount of these “heavy metals” in flu vaccines.
    In conclusion, vaccinate your damn crotch goblins, Karen. Ding dong, you are wrong.

  • TheTrueDiscord
    TheTrueDiscord 19 days ago

    With my lady literally having Cancer, I fucking hate Karen’s who say shit like that

  • Ariel Ruh
    Ariel Ruh 19 days ago

    I feel so sorry for snoop dogg, Karen stop just stop ok

  • blacksteve1992
    blacksteve1992 19 days ago

    The last one 🤢

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 19 days ago

    Breastmilk does contain good bacteria and enzymes that help new babies produce a healthy immune system, I can't say the same for vaginal fluids.

  • TumbleweedMK4
    TumbleweedMK4 20 days ago

    MMM i LOVE THIS VIDEO.They put the "flu shot" in evil font haha

  • MF99K
    MF99K 20 days ago

    technically we do have osmosis that can occur in our cells but our skin is specifically designed to prevent moisture loss. Not sure about moisture absorbtion though. The reason salt hurts snails is because their skin is not osmosis resistant and the water will leach out of their cells.

  • iSuperninja89
    iSuperninja89 20 days ago

    14:00 I do have to argue one of your points here: In the the womb, the baby is fed through the umbilical cord and its gut is actually pretty much sterile as it's never been in contact with microbes. The vaginal birth is indeed the first step in building up a gut microbiome which is very important to your general health. Little is understood about it so far but it is actually an up and coming field of research in microbiology. There is actual scientific evidence (please believe me that I am not a mom with a 5-minute google search, I actually have a master's degree in microbiology and I found several studies providing evidence for this) that children delivered by c-section have higher risks of allergies, respiratory diseases and several others. Just to point out where they possibly got this idea. But I do agree that this post is pretty mental and there have to be better ways to make sure they catch up, that's where us scientists come in.